2019 Christian Movie “The Sun Never Sets on Integrity” | Based on a True Story (English Dubbed)

Hi, good morning. Oh, it’s Xinyu! I’ll take 20 of this top. We sell whatever’s popular in the market. You’re here. Come take a look. Hi, Ms. Su. Come on in! Alright. Hey, Xinyu, look at this one. Compare it with that. They’re quite close in style
but the wholesale price is cheap, and you can mark it up. That lady there, she bought the same one. Look at it. Hey boss, I’ll take 10 of these. Oh. Okay. The quality’s not good. Is this a knockoff? Well, so what if it is? Most customers won’t see the difference. Take it, mix it in with the real ones. I swear, you’ll make some money. Boss, I’ll take 20 of these. Oh, alright. Okay now. Here you are. Okay. Hey, thank you, but I want the real one. Sure! It’s good material. The craftsmanship, it’s exquisite, and it’s very comfortable. It is great, how much is it? 218 yuan. Well you know, if you can drop the price to 150, then we’ll take it. Alright? We sell all genuine products;
the price can’t change. Forget it then. One moment, I’d very much like to make this sale, but I just can’t sell it for what you’ve asked. How’s this, I round it down to 210? Just listen. We’ve made our offer. For 150, we’ll buy it now. If not, we’ll go look elsewhere. But listen, you get what you pay for. Just compare it, the workmanship and material are superb. No, just forget about it. (Yeah.) Hey, let’s go across the street.
(If she won’t drop the price, forget it.) Hey. You’re back. So, how was business? That’s all we made? I’ll get the bike. Again? Is it broken? Get it fixed tomorrow. What’s going on? Oh, hey Lin! (Hi.) Scooter busted? Same old problem. Lin, your car, is it new? Just got it. Like it? Hey, you know what, come on in. I’ll give you a ride home. No, thanks. Why so polite? Come on in you two! Oh, no, no, thanks. Really? No, thank you. (Really. Thank you.) Then I’m leaving. Okay. Let’s go. Lin’s business just keeps growing. First, he bought a house, and now he has a new car. What about us? If we don’t think of something,
we’re going to have to close. Hey, take it easy! (Sorry, Ma’am, I’m in a rush.) Hey, Mrs. Liu, here’s your clothes. (Thanks.) Careful. Thanks so much. You’re welcome. Careful. Hey, Xinyu, (Mm?) how’s your business lately? Business is the same. Xinyu, (Yeah?) I know you and your husband are honest, but, being “honest” isn’t
such a good thing in business. I said this long ago,
being as straightforward as you are, you’ll never make much money. You must be flexible! Mrs. Liu, I do get what you mean, but selling poorly made items? I just don’t think my conscience will let me. Conscience? How much is conscience worth? In these times, doing business with a conscience,
that will bankrupt you. What is it that we work so hard for every single day? Isn’t it to make some money? We want to make more money too, but if we have to … Have to what? We’re not stealing from anyone, we’re just thinking of some ways to earn more. Now what could be wrong with that? Buying and selling’s like,
like Zhou Yu beating Huang Gai, one wants to hit, the other to be hit. In these times, true success is making money. Who cares how you get it? Xinyu, take a look at these bills. Which one did I earn with a clean conscience, and which one did I not? Can’t tell, can you? In the world that we live in,
this is what everyone does. You won’t survive if you don’t keep with the times. Jiajia is starting primary school. Just wait. You’ll need a lot more money in the future! Even if you’re not worried about yourself, you have to think about Jiajia. Thank you! Come again! Hey, excuse me. Oh, Xinyu! I’ll take twenty. Sure! As I said before, this should sell well. I’ll take this one! Thank you! Thanks! Have a good day! Mr. Tan! Come, let me introduce you. This is Director Tan. (Hello!) Chief Lyu. Allow me. I hope you’ll take care of us … Yes, we do! Here, take a look at this one. Welcome! Hello, madam. Fine. I’ll take both of these. It fits you well. You can pay right over here. And please give her forty percent off. So, with the pure cotton bedding, I can guarantee that you’ll sleep well. Yeah, okay, okay. Good. See you soon! Well, I’m off. And thanks! You’re welcome. Stop in anytime! Will do. This skirt is quite slimming, and every one of these stones
has been inlaid by hand. Do you have anything else? Oh, take a look here. I think this would be a very good look on you. This one is no better! This is the best design in the whole store. Don’t you know anything about clothes? You have awful taste! You have no idea how to sell these, do you? Just take a look at this one. This is the most popular design of the year. Hi. Pardon. You might like this one. It’s well made, and the material is high-quality, and it’s a limited edition! It’s quite unique yet affordable. Oh, I don’t care about price. (Come.) I just want unique clothes. You can rest assured, no one else has this. Here, hold it up. Your complexion is light, so this shade brings out a noble quality. Believe me. Go try it on! Okay. Here, this way. Just like I thought, it’s perfect! Doesn’t this top look like
it was designed just for you! Only someone with your figure,
and demeanor could bring it out. This piece is not for everyone. Alright then, pack it up for me. Sure. Come. Hope to see you soon! Mrs. Wang, you’re amazing! Here, please put these back. We have to learn how Mrs. Wang does it. You know the state of the down comforter business. Your condition’s tough. Haifeng, you don’t want this? I’ll give it to someone else. No, not so. You’ve taken care of me, of course I’ll do it. However, I need to make a profit as well. So then, how’s this? What’s this? If the price is this low, we won’t make any money! He wants such a high commission. What he told me is so long as the outer material is pretty, we don’t have to use that much down. But the quality will be awful. Were we to do this, I don’t think I could live with myself. Listen, this whole deal, it’s not a good idea. That’s easy to say, but business is getting harder and harder. We can’t afford to offend such an important client. Besides, this is how everyone does business. We don’t really have a choice. Hello! Welcome! I want to see the boss! Sir, what’s the problem? One moment, please. There! Hello, how may I help you? You sold this to my sister. You sell fakes! You’re asking to be shut down! (What’s going on?) So, what are you gonna do? Let’s go see what’s going on. They sell fakes? There must be some mistake. We just sell genuine products. Genuine? My college friend works in fashion. She knew at once it’s a knockoff! Of last year’s design! You sold it for 800? That is such a rip-off! Now ma’am, there are many fashion labels. Your friend just made a mistake. This is—(Now you’re lying to me?) What is this? You won’t admit it? Thank you, thank you. Shame on you! Hey, my friend, come calm down. I am not your friend! Who are you? I’m the boss here. You’re the boss? If there’s a problem, let’s talk, but don’t go and—(Do I get a refund or not?) I’ll destroy this place! Give me a refund now! Let’s go! No wonder their prices are so low. If you no longer want the clothes,
I’ll give you a refund, but you both should know, this impacts my business. Ha! Now you realize it impacts your business? Just what were you thinking? This happens when you sell knockoffs! She doesn’t look like she sells knockoffs. You can’t tell just by looking at them, you know. Don’t buy any of these stuff! They’re all knockoffs! They claim to be sincere
and then they go and rip people off. Let’s not come back here again. Why would we come here again? It’s just for years we have been lying to our customers. We have made some money, but I feel uneasy a lot of the time, as if I’m going against my conscience. In business, we still need to be honest. If we make money with tricks, we’ll not last very long. Over the long term, they’ll know, they’ll all see right through us, how can we stay in business? I’ve been thinking about these things too. We do business like everyone else, and my heart truly feels uneasy. But if we really do business honestly, we can’t make much money at all. And with the bribes we must pay officials, we won’t make anything at all. It’s hard. Captain Song. You sold it for 800? Are there lots like that? If not, I can’t collect much in fines, and that is not interesting. Come now, there’s much more. I know there’s a problem with those down comforters Chen Haifeng sold to Rongqing Company. And that would guarantee huge fines. Oh yeah? Then tell me some more. Hey, what’s this all about? I don’t know. Let’s go see. Captain. What’s going on? We received a tip that your store sells shoddy down comforters. Our finding is that it’s true. These are the results. See for yourselves. We also received tips that some of the other goods
in your store are knockoffs too. We must check it all. Everyone clear the shop. Official government business! Out! Out! Pack it all! All these knockoffs! Stop watching! Yes, you! Get everything boxed up! (Yes, sir!) Stop watching! Pack it all! Captain Song, there must be a misunderstanding. (Yes, Captain.) If there’s a tip, I must check it out. Might there be someone you’ve offended? Get those hanging over there! Hurry up! OK. Hey you, get those boxed up! Yes, sir. You two go upstairs. (OK.) Captain, help me out. (Please.) I promise I’ll make it up to you. (Indeed.) Just this once, help me! Just let this go! This is from the bureau. I’m just carrying out orders. Here’s your notice. Your business must close. Sign it now. Go take those hanging there! Grab their license now. Yes, sir! But … Get these boxes in the car. Yes, sir. Chen Haifeng, come with us to the bureau. Let’s go! (Haifeng.) Haifeng! Stop looking! Let’s go! It’s perfect for you! It really brings out your distinctive beauty. Hello? Jiaying? What? Are you back now? Oh, okay, then I’ll see you at the reunion. Cheers! Jiaying, Xinyu, have a drink. (No.) Next time. Don’t drink too much. Hey, Jiaying, shall we go talk outside? Tell me, how has business been lately? Well … If you really want to know how it’s been, it’s hard to tell it quickly. Well at first, we tried doing business honestly … Hi, Xinyu. (Mm.) We worked hard every day, but barely earned a thing, while others cheated their customers
and made quite a bit. It made us feel like the world was full of evil. Indeed. One can’t run a business without a few tricks. We didn’t want to stay poor, so we did what others in business do. These past years we’ve made some money, but I always feel so uneasy about it. When you add the intense competition
and industry squabbling, the arbitrary taxes, and extortion from officials, it’s been quite a frustrating, difficult journey. The last few years must have been so hard for you. In the past, when we were poor,
I admired people with money. I thought I would be happy once I had some. Now that I have money, I still don’t feel happy. Yeah. What I feel more of is emptiness and pain. Sometimes I wonder, how can I escape from this emptiness and pain? How can I live a meaningful life? Xinyu, all that you’ve said is true. I’ve had similar experiences. Oh? My husband and I opened
a shipping company and a restaurant, and we went through a lot. We saw the lack of justice wherever the CCP rules. Corrupt officials are everywhere, everything requires a bribe. Indeed. In China, putting food on the table
through honest work is just impossible. To make money, you must have the right relationships. You have to play tricks and bribe officials too. It’s hard for honest people to survive here. Back then I’d think, why is this world so filled with evil? Where is there fairness and justice? Later, I found God, and read a lot of God’s words. I discovered that God’s words clearly
and practically explain so much about life. I began to grasp the truth, and gradually I started to
understand the world of men. Oh my, you’re saying, belief in God helps us to understand life. That’s such wonderful news. Yes. Last year a friend preached the gospel to me. Really? (Mm.) She said that God created the heavens and earth, as well as all mankind. She said that God nourishes mankind, that God rules and presides over mankind’s fates, and will repay each person according to his deeds. When I heard those words, they sounded great, and I wanted to believe, but my business kept me too busy, so I thought I would later. Now I hear you’ve started first! (Yes!) Now, Jiaying, you said God’s words explain
many aspects of life in a very clear way. I’d love to read God’s words! I have some time today, can we talk about it? Sure. We can discuss it at my house. Great, I’ll bring Haifeng. Good. Let’s go. (Terrific.) Thank you. Xinyu, Haifeng, I’m glad you’re both here. You asked why people are so corrupt, and what the root of our pain in life is. To start, let’s look at God’s word,
and see what we learn. Great! Amen! And now, how’s this: we can look at two videos. They’re both readings of God’s words. OK. Sure, sounds good. Amazing! These words are so clear! (That’s right.) That is just how our society is. Most people will deceive and use each other just over money and their own interests. It’s true. Right. These words clearly express
the darkness in our society. But there’s some I still don’t understand, so I’d like you to explain it. (Yeah.) OK. The reason that the world is so dark, and that mankind is so evil and cruel has to do with Satan’s corruption. At first, Satan used lies to deceive people. People believed Satan’s lies, betrayed God, and lived under Satan’s domain. For many years, Satan has used
the absurd, theories and lies made up by kings of devils,
great men, and famous people to deceive and harm mankind, things like evolution, atheism, and so on, also, thoughts like “There’s never been a Savior,” “Your fate’s in your own hands,” and “Man can conquer nature,” “Each man for himself and
the devil take the hindmost,” “Man dies for wealth like birds for seed,” “Money is above all,” and more. These sayings are so popular in society. That’s right. Satan uses national education, media channels,
and the transmission of culture in order to inundate people with these evil theories. Once people accept these
satanic poisons and principles, they deny God’s existence, refuse to believe that God rules over all things, deny that God provides for and nourishes man, and can’t accept that step by step, God does the work of redeeming,
and of saving mankind, and leads man forever forward. Mankind hates the truth that comes from God, and so rejects God’s salvation, and instead follows satanic ideas and logic, which leads man to become ever more corrupt, to worship money, status, as well as fame. To attain all these things, man will fight man, scheme and squabble, and sometimes kill. Parents and children,
husbands and wives, even families will deceive and betray one another, or even become enemies. So tell me, when folks live like this, even if somehow they’re able to gain what they want, will they ever feel joy or happiness? No way. That’s right. When people won’t listen to God’s words, when they betray God, and instead live by Satan’s lies, then they come under Satan’s domain,
are corrupted, harmed by Satan. This is the root of mankind’s emptiness and pain. You know, in the past, I would think of those
popular sayings as personal mottos. But now I see there really is a problem with them. Indeed. Stated like that, these sayings are preposterous, they are sinister! It’s just like in business, people in the past would proclaim “Deal honestly with all,” they obeyed their conscience, but people today don’t value that. So long as it gets mice,
who cares if the cat’s black or white. Money equals power,
and it matters not how you get it. So the world is such an evil place because Satan has corrupted mankind! That’s right, especially in China. The CCP has always used lies and violence to govern, as in: repeat a lie enough times it becomes truth. Chinese society is chock-full
of lies, violence, and fraud. It’s a huge mess. Wherever you look, there is corruption, pay to play schemes, violence and strife. In the midst of all these evil worldly trends
guided by Satan and the CCP, people are inundated, people are infected, then blindly follow social trends, and ultimately they’re swallowed
and they end up being punished in hell! Xinyu, Haifeng, the Bible prophesies
great disasters in the last days, that will extinguish this fully corrupted mankind. Right now, we are in the last days, and God has come to express the truth
and to save mankind. God’s words open the mystery
of God’s management plan to save man and the mysteries of life
have been revealed to mankind. God will reveal how Satan corrupts mankind, as well as how God saves mankind, what’s most meaningful for man to pursue, and mankind’s final ending and destination,
as well as many other things. If we come before God and read more of God’s word, we can grasp the truth, and see clearly the true face of Satan. We’ll be able to reject
Satan’s evil and absurd sayings, and instead live by God’s word. We can gain God’s blessings
and protection, attain salvation, then we can survive the great disaster. Xinyu, Haifeng, are not the words and work of God in the last days such great news for us all as people? Indeed. Yes. Since I’ve heard you explain it, I understand. Our only path is belief in God. Or we’ll be harmed by Satan. Belief in God is better! (Thanks to God!) Yes. In the past, I felt certain that God does exist. Reading God’s words, I am now more certain than ever. God can save mankind from torment, and bring people light. I really have to believe! Thanks to God! What great news! Without faith, no matter what we may have, our hearts will be empty. I think believing in God is good too.
(Thanks be to God!) Wonderful! Jiaying, was the book you were reading really the word of God? Indeed. Here we have God’s utterances
and words for all mankind! These words are truly amazing! Can we borrow this book so we may read it? We don’t grasp much yet, but if we read more of God’s word, we’ll grasp things in the world more clearly, and better understand how to believe in God. Xinyu, you’re correct. If we believe in God, we must read God’s word. Only grasping truth can guide our belief in God, and teach us how to obey God’s will, and how to attain God’s salvation. Take the book, so you may read it at home. If you read it and understand, then you can keep the book. Perfect! That’s perfect. Thanks be to God! Perfect! Lately at meetings with our brothers and sisters, I’ve seen how they go
about being honest in their lives. If they should lie, they pray to God to seek truth. They can reveal themselves and correct their lies. They live with such ease and freedom. I admire them. Yeah. Since we’ve been believing, though we are a bit better, and don’t deceive like we used to, at times we can’t resist temptation. When I think of it, I feel ever so guilty. Hey. At recent meetings, the fellowship has been about honesty. I think this is important. Should you and I read and fellowship on it? Sure. When we fellowshiped these parts of God’s word, I was filled with a strong sense of self-blame, especially when I read this, I realized that God is faithful and holy too. God likes honest people and hates deceivers. God’s kingdom only accepts the honest. People who often lie and deceive
can’t enter God’s kingdom. It’s been years that we’ve earned our money through being deceitful. We’ve ignored our consciences
and cheated our customers. When our lies are exposed, we do nothing but argue to cover them up. We’ve been so shameless. Where is our character and dignity? Listen, if we do not make a change, we’ll be sent to perdition and extinguished. We can’t continue lying just to earn dirty money. We should be honest
and conform to God’s requirement. That way we can live in peace and security, and gain God’s blessings. What do you think? You’re quite right! God requires honesty and walking the right path, so we should accept and obey. (Yes.) To make money these last few years, we’ve both learned to lie and deceive others, and nobody should be doing that. I also think, if we believe in God, we should pursue honesty, but … Maybe we can be honest within the church, but I don’t think it’s possible
out in the real world. Society is so dark. Without some tricks up our sleeves, we can’t make any money. If I cannot be honest, I feel so uneasy, and God despises me, so I’m conflicted. I’ve also thought about those things. Doing business is hard these days. Let’s say we act according to our conscience. Money might be quite tight at times, but God will like and approve
of all that we are doing. If we strive to be honest and follow God’s word, we’ll shed our satanic disposition, escape Satan’s harms, and gain salvation. Don’t you agree? If we keep doing what we did before
in order to make money, if we’re dishonest, if we cheat and deceive others, then we’re failures as human beings, we won’t be purified; we’ll never attain salvation; we won’t enter God’s kingdom. That’s right. Honesty is required by our faith. If we’re not honest, we’re denied salvation, so why bother believing? Yes. Thanks be to God! Thanks be to God! Fellowshiping like this is very beneficial. If we both keep this up, I’m sure we’ll gain God’s approval. What are you so happy about? Good news, obviously. Here. The Weihua Factory wants 300 wool quilts? That’s right! That’s great! Look at this. Mr. Wei himself is sending the order. It’s a bit cheaper with him. We’ve never done business with Mr. Wei before. I hope he’s reliable. Haifeng, Xinyu, you’re here. Mrs. Liu. Have some coffee. Alright. You two can talk. I have to do inventory. (OK, go ahead.) Hi sir. (Hello.) Hey, Xinyu. (Yeah?) There’s a favor I’d like to ask you. What is it? Feel free. There’s a problem with
my last shipment with all the shoes, can’t sell them. It’s almost the October Golden Week. Can you help me get rid of them on your website? Well uh … What’s wrong? Is there a problem? Mrs. Liu, we don’t sell goods like that anymore. I still feel like we have to be honest in business. That’s how we’ll win our customers’ trust, and put our consciences at ease. Conscience? Xinyu, now that you believe in God, you’re sure getting some lofty ideals. Uh, Mrs.—(Forget it!) I won’t trouble you more. Mrs. Liu, your cough still sounds bad, shouldn’t you go to the hospital? We’re sorry, this … What’s going on with this Mr. Wei? What is it? He’s still not picking up? Let’s go see him at his shop. (Alright, let’s go!) How much do you want to bet that
all these people have been cheated? Hey, excuse me. Uh, sir, what’s going on? (Yeah.) Hey, you gave a deposit and got nothing? (Yeah.) I’m in the same boat. So what now? (You too?) Why won’t Wei open? What can I do? Open up! Open up! Hey … Stop knocking! Wei’s a gambler. He lost it all. He’s long gone now! What? He ran! … What’re we going to do? What’re we going to do? I don’t know what to do? So my twenty thousand is gone, like that? He owes me a hundred thousand! This Wei is a monster! Come on, you think that you got problems? You know Wei ordered hundreds of wool quilts from me, and he only paid a third! He really screwed me! What’d I do now? (Hey, excuse me.) I’m Chen Haifeng. Do you have any wool quilts in stock? (Yeah.) We overheard what you were saying. (Yeah.) Could we see them? Mr. Gao, how many are in stock? About 150. That’s not enough! See, Mr. Gao, we’ve a delivery tomorrow. Can you think of any way to make 150 more for us? Please. I’m sorry, I’m all out. Then do you have anything else?
(Yeah, maybe there’s another way?) Well, I do have another batch here that might take care of what you need. Listen, I still think we should take Mr. Gao’s other batch. It’ll get us out of a jam. But those are shoddy goods. We swore an oath to God to pursue honesty. This is falling for temptation. How could we attain God’s approval like this? We’ll just have to think of some other way. We have a delivery tomorrow. What other way do you think’s out there? It’s true that we want to be honest, but these are special circumstances. If we can’t meet the delivery deadline, we’ll have to pay breach fees. It’s just, you know that we don’t usually sell fake goods. Doing it once in a while, how could that hurt us? OK then, we’ll do it just this once. We can’t do it again in the future. Fine. Hello? Yes. What? Cancer? For years, I’ve been busy making money, living just for money. And I earned money. I never once thought … There there. I just earned so much dishonest money, and then I got this disease. Stay calm. Xinyu, (Yes?) once you’re on your deathbed, you understand everything. Earning all the world’s money is utterly useless! Hey, Xinyu, let’s go. You know getting sick, it made her speak the truth! Listen! Mrs. Liu’s cancer, I think it’s a warning to us. Yes. Here out we have to be more honest, and not violate our consciences. Yes. I really don’t feel secure about the way we handled all that business with Weihua. I know. Maybe we can take the goods back? How can we? We already delivered them. You really want me to tell the truth? We used shoddy goods
to fill the order and deceive them. We were not being trustworthy. How can we pray to God about this? But if we tell the truth, it’s more than paying money, Weihua could actually sue us, then we’d be in for it! For now, how about we do this: we pray and admit our sins, ask for forgiveness, and never do this again. Still awake? Haifeng, (Yeah?) I found some of God’s words
that we should look at together. Oh, OK. After reading those words, I see that God’s disposition is righteous,
holy, and brooks no offense. God repays man according to all his actions. We’ve relied on lying and deception to make money. It’s treacherous and dishonest. And God loathes these things. Those who often lie are really devils, so when they die, they are punished in hell. Hear this, we both need to repent. If we compromise ourselves, how can we escape our corrupt dispositions
and become honest people? I see you’re right. We knew the truth, yet we betrayed it anyway. That insults God’s name. It’s an even greater sin. We need to practice the truth and strive for honesty! Mm. Thanks to God! Let’s go to the factory and tell Mr. Liu. Yeah. I trusted you with my business. How could you cheat me with those shoddy goods? Mr. Liu, we understand, and we’re very sorry. So this time, we want to give genuine goods. We also want to give you this breach compensation. Yes. We accept responsibility for this. Right. Sir, the car is ready. Listen, we’ll talk some more tomorrow. I have urgent business to deal with. Sweet, crispy apples! Hey, we would like some. (Alright.) Brother, (Yeah?) there are lots of people at the meeting. Keep your eyes open. Yeah, OK. Here, thank you. (Thanks.) Fresh fruit, fresh fruit! Even though I don’t know what will happen, I feel so much better because I know
that I’ve told Mr. Liu the truth. Thanks to God. Practicing truth is a source of peace and enjoyment! It is. Through these experiences, I see that my spiritual stature’s too small. I know very well God likes
honest people and hates deceivers. We all should say what we mean and mean what we say, not trick God or other people. Yes. I swear before God to be an honest person. And yet, the moment when money is involved, why do I involuntarily deceive others? I’d like you to fellowship with me on this. Okay. Alright. If our views on what’s important
in life haven’t changed, and we still seek wealth and material things, it’s quite hard to practice the truth! Brothers and sisters, that is correct. It’s related to people’s views
on life and satanic nature. God’s word speaks very clearly about this, so let’s look at some of God’s words. OK. Alright. Good idea. Amen! Amen! Thanks be to God. God’s words have such authority. Almighty God reveals how Satan corrupts mankind. His words also show how satanic philosophy
and poisons become people’s nature. Agreed. It’s true. Why is mankind so evil and so corrupt? It is because Satan’s philosophy
penetrates the hearts of people, and then becomes people’s nature. Indeed. That is exactly what happens. Almighty God also speaks clearly about
how mankind has been fully corrupted. This lets us all see how we have been deceived
by satanic philosophies and poisons. Yes! That’s true. That’s really how it is! That sounds right! “Every man for himself, devil takes the hindmost,” “People die for wealth like birds for seed.” Then there’s: “Money is above all else,” and the expression: “Money isn’t everything,
but without it you’re nothing.” That’s right! Also, “Officials don’t make it hard
for those who come bearing gifts,” and there are others far worse! Yes. “To be without extra wealth is like
being a horse without extra hay.” Yeah. Right. Exactly. All of us, we all hear and even
use these sayings, do we not? We do indeed. Yes we do. I’ve said them more than I can count. (Me too!) This all proves that satanic philosophies and poisons have become mankind’s thoughts and natures, in turn, this has twisted
mankind’s views on life and values. This is how mankind is corrupted by Satan. That’s completely right! Today, all of mankind worships
wealth, status, being famous, and so wallows in sin. Everyone has become greedy, conniving and malicious. To get money and protect their interests, they’ll resort to whatever it takes, no matter what. True. Yeah. That’s completely right. How many today care about their reputation, not to mention conscience and character? Right. Yes. It’s all true! People will also say, “How much is a conscience worth?” “Poverty’s worse than prostitution.” Also, “If he gives money, he’ll be my father, if she feeds me, she’s my mother.” Indeed. That’s true. Exactly. This is the best proof of
the depth of man’s corruption. Yes. That’s exactly right. Even when people know that
it’s wrong to live this way, they are powerless to escape. When tested, they can’t help
but follow their fleshly natures, and go to any lengths for wealth, fame,
and their personal interests. And what is the result? They become ever more wicked, they lose their conscience and humanity, and live more like devils than humans. These are the consequences
of all the corruption in mankind produced by Satan’s philosophies. I understand. I couldn’t practice truth when I was in trouble, because I was bound and
constrained by Satan’s nature. How can I change my satanic dispositions? How can I get rid of my deceitful satanic nature? I’d like more fellowship on that. Absolutely. Yeah. We need some guidance on this issue. Almighty God expresses the truth
and does the work of judgment to resolve mankind’s satanic dispositions and nature. Right. Almighty God has expressed many aspects of the truth, such as what truth and fallacy are, what is positive as well as what’s negative,
and how God purifies and saves man, so that we can all understand the truth, tell good from bad, escape our satanic dispositions
and what comes from Satan, follow God’s word, and live like true men. (Amen!) Thanks to God! Many brothers and sisters
have experienced God’s judgment, they’ve gone through trials,
refinement, failures, and setbacks, and have seen that the reason mankind sins is because they’ve accepted
Satan’s philosophies and poisons, which made their satanic natures, which in turn make them
arrogant, greedy, and deceitful, and lead them to sin often
and fall into darkness. (Yeah.) Therefore, they do loathe Satan,
and despise Satan’s logic and fallacies. Amen. They see only truth can purify man
and become man’s life, only God can save mankind
and give a perfect destination. Amen! Thanks be to God! Amen! And so, they are able to accept
and submit to God’s judgment, enter the right track of belief,
and walk the right path to salvation. These are the effects of experiencing
the judgment in God’s words. Amen! That is exactly so. Thanks to God! Amen. Thanks to God! (Yes.) We’ve gone through the judgment
of God’s word and can see that we’re deeply corrupted by Satan. Our natures are deceitful, selfish, and greedy, but as long as we accept and practice truth, all of us can change our life dispositions. (Amen!) Thanks to God! As you all know, I was in the hardware supplies business. And then to make more money, just like everyone else I decided to
mix fake goods in with the genuine ones, and I did make money. After I believed in God, my very guilty conscience made me improve a bit. Reading God’s word, I recognized
God’s essence is faithful, God likes honest people, and only honest people can enter His kingdom. Amen! Yes. So I swore an oath to God that I would do all business honestly and never deceive people with fake goods.
(Thanks to God!) But there were huge orders, pushy customers, I feared losing customers over late deliveries, so I’d mix in knockoffs to make up the number. Each time, I swore an oath, then denied it, lying to God each time. Darkness grew in my heart, my conscience accused me,
and I was filled with blame, I had nothing to say in prayers. I’ve been through the same thing. What happened? Yes. Later, two customers found
some fake goods in my supply, so they insulted me and demanded compensation. I was extremely repentant. I realized God’s discipline had come to me, I betrayed my conscience and received payback, so I confessed all my sins, examined myself, and swore I’d never again do anything
that betrays my conscience. Thanks to God! That’s great. My brothers and sisters read me
relevant passages of God’s word. That gave me a path to practice. Really? Would you read it for us? Read it for us! OK. Sister Zhen, I’ll read it. OK. Amen! Thanks be to God! This is amazing. These words are superb. (It’s true.) After reading this, I reflected on myself. I knew that God likes honest people, just they can enter the kingdom of heaven, and I had sworn an oath that I’d be honest, so how come I couldn’t practice it? Why? I knew quite clearly God hates and even
despises deception and cheating, so why then could I not forsake the flesh? What values was I really living by? What was it that I really loved? What did I pursue? That’s when I saw “Money above all,” “Money makes the world go around,” these satanic philosophies and poisons
were deeply rooted within my heart, that I held these thoughts as my guiding maxims, that I put money above everything else, that I believed in God, but only to gain blessings and grace. I wasn’t focused on God’s word, nor on accepting or practicing the truth, and I hadn’t prioritized God’s commission for man. How could I be a believer in God? When I think of those years, I see my belief in God wasn’t important to me. I was still focused on my own interests and wealth. I did earn some money, but what did it all matter? I had more material items than before, but no peace in my heart. My conscience would accuse and blame me, and I lived in greater emptiness and torment. Right. I see. Look at all those government officials, celebrities, the rich, and famous. They have status, luxury cars, money, they live in mansions and have unimaginable wealth, but don’t they live in emptiness and torment? Yes. Yes, they do. And the more money and comfort people have, then the more depraved they are. They seek thrills, indulge in lust, or take drugs, and even they will kill themselves. All of those are facts. (Right.) I just think money, status, and fame, these bring people temporary and hollow enjoyment, they will never bring anyone true happiness, and they’ll never give you a perfect destination. That’s true. The great disaster is nearly upon mankind, and if I still can’t accept the truth, if I still pursue money, fame, and status, then I know I will be eliminated, and God will cast me into perdition. It’s true. That is correct. The more I think, the more I fear. I can see how deeply Satan’s corrupted me, how deeply Satan’s principles and logic have become rooted within my heart, and become my nature, and if I don’t pursue the truth, I’ll never purge myself
of these satanic dispositions. How will I ever gain salvation? I know. That’s right. That’s how every one of us should reflect. You’re completely right. I agree. We really need to do. After all that, I prayed again to God and swore an oath to remake myself. (Amen!) I consciously practiced honesty
according to God’s word, embraced God’s scrutiny, ceased the deception. People from other companies
would come and try to order fake goods, hoping to earn profits, and I was tempted, but then I prayed to God and I sought the truth, and I saw things by God’s words, and that gave me the strength
to overcome the temptation of money. Amen! Thanks be to God! Thanks to God. This is wonderful! Thanks be to God. This was all God’s guidance! My profits weren’t as high because I ran my business honestly, but I had more customers. More importantly, I enjoyed the peace that comes from practicing truth and from being an honest person. Amen! Being this type of person, I feel upright, I feel honorable. When you have God’s protection and blessing, that’s real happiness. Amen! Thanks be to God! Through experience I know God’s words can truly purify
and change people! (Amen!) If we practice God’s words and reject Satan’s philosophies and logic, we can escape being corrupted by Satan and gain God’s protection and blessings!
(Amen! Thanks to God!) To experience like this is so practical! Thanks to God. Thank be to God. This is God’s love. Thanks to God! Thanks to your fellowship today, I now know how to pursue the truth, and shed my satanic nature of greed and deceit. Right. Thanks be to God! God’s work is just so practical. That’s right. Just through accepting and practicing truth can we escape the control
and bondage of Satan’s principles and can our corrupt dispositions be purified. Amen. Only those who’ve gained truth and gained life have truly attained salvation
and gained God’s approval! (Yes.) Thanks be to God! I’ve also felt that only by living out the truth and God’s word can we ever experience true peace and joy. Attaining things like wealth, status, or fame doesn’t make us happy, our spirits remain empty and tortured. Thanks to God! That I have gained so much today is thanks to God’s guidance!
(Amen! Thanks to God!) Our spirits would be tormented
were it not for God’s guidance. I’ve benefited from our fellowship too. I realize that I accepted God’s work, in name only, for I still longed for the world and for wealth. I didn’t focus on pursuing the truth. But now I see clearly I must be sincere in my faith, (Indeed. It’s true.) accept the truth, and practice it to escape my deceit and become
an honest person whom God approves! Thanks to God! That’s great! Thanks be to God! If we’re honest and follow God’s word, we have God’s blessings! Amen! Yes. Now we have a path to being truly honest! Amen! That’s right. Thanks to God! Wonderful! Praise Almighty God! Indeed. Wonderful! We do have a path. I appreciate doing business
with those who value honesty. The fact that you admitted your mistake, and’ll take responsibility, is truly a rare quality. And so finding business people
like you is really difficult. Therefore, I will give you both three days. You replace the missing genuine items, and I won’t pursue this further. No problem. (Thank you, Mr. Liu.) Here on out, should we need anything else, we’ll come to you. Great! Thank you for your trust in us. Wow! Amen. I can’t wait
to start reading from the book. As we’ve practiced being honest
according to God’s word, we’ve told fewer and fewer lies. (Amen!) And we’ve been able to be more pure
with our brothers and sisters, and able to reveal what’s truly in our hearts. Yes. Unbelievers also say we’re honest, and so want our business. That’s right. Right. I feel tremendously more secure and at peace! Me too. Thanks be to God! I’ve truly experienced that God’s word is the truth. Amen! Living by the words of God is sublime! Amen! Thanks be to God! That’s utterly right. Indeed it is. Thanks to God. In the past, we both thought that being honest might not work in the world. Right. Now we know that view is absurd. It just doesn’t stand up, not even slightly! When we live by satanic philosophies, what we live out is demonic, not even human. Right! Total honesty is walking the right path, and it’s how we gain God’s protection! (Amen!) Thanks to God! Thanks be to God! God likes and blesses those who are always honest! Yes! Thanks be to God! Amen. Thanks to God! That such understanding and change can occur is all thanks to God’s salvation! Amen! Brothers and sisters, there are a few of God’s words, I’d like to read together. Alright. Amen! Thank God! Amen! Thank God! Thanks be to God …

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    Concerning the motive of the film, i.e., honesty. Excellently done, I, too, seek through grace of God, to be honest at all times, alas, I fall. But we must recognize that some notorious heathens are more honest, yea, cannot enter God's Kingdom. So then, I disagree with that phrase from the film 'Honest people attain salvation and gain God's approval.' A heathen (pagan) cannot be in God's Kingdom.

    However much our good merits and rules, we can never earn approval from God apart from believing firmly upon what Jesus Christ did upon that cross; for us, 'while we still sinners, Christ died for us' (Rom. 5:8). Saddened, the movie with good motives (and satisfactorily passed, i.e., honesty), has failed to share the gospel. Jesus Christ. God Incarnate in the flesh (John 1:1, 4). Jesus Christ is the only means for a depraved man to approach a holy God. Jesus Christ is the only means unto salvation; and shared from his written Word, the Bible. As we can see this in John's Gospel (John 3:16).

    We do not earn salvation by merits (works), works are good, but they do not save a man. If they did, many pagans would fill heaven. It is by grace through faith in Christ alone, revealed in Scripture alone to the end glory of God alone that a man is saved (justified); (Eph. 2, Rom. 1:16, 17; and Galatians). Am I therefore saying good works are worth nothing unto a Christian man? By no means. On the contrary, good works testify and accompany a man's salvation; but as it were, they do not save anyone. As we can read from Titus and James, yea, our Lord saying, "Ye shall know them by their fruits."

    We are justified in Jesus Christ alone. God is pleased to justify a man who believes on his only begotten Son for eternal life (John 3:16). We cannot satisfy God on our own merits, Christ satisfied God's righteous wrath upon that cross for you and me. The prophet Isaiah (53) says, it pleased God to crush his own Son upon our transgressions (sins). When God looks at a Christian who believes in faith that Jesus did all that he could not do for himself; that man is considered to be justified. He is counted righteous before God. And why is he counted thus? Christ has imputed our sins upon himself; and as Christians, he has imputed his righteousness unto us. When God beholds a Christian, he sees the finished work of his Son. But those who are not in Christ and consistently deny and resist him, we read from the Gospels, (John) the wrath of God is upon that man. God has no other Son to give for sacrifice.

    This is not to mean we are a sinless people. No. Our nature naturally seeks (craves) that which is evil and contrary to what is good. For Paul writes quoting from the Psalms of David, "No one does good, no, not one. No one seeks after God." He further says, "For all have sinned and have fallen short of the glory of God" (Rom. 3:23). Jeremiah says our hearts are covered in wickedness (Jer. 17:9). Isaiah reminds us that even our BEST works are as filthy rags in the sight of a Holy God.

    Jesus Christ is the only remedy to a darkened soul. He promises to welcome sinners unto him, and promises to never cast them out (John 6:37). It is through him only that we can approach the throne of God and obtain mercy in our time of need (Heb. 4). It is through therefore, the Holy Spirit, a man is regenerated unto the newness of life; and hence from there, sanctification begins, a conforming into the image of Jesus Christ. It is through this latter stage (sanctification) that all graces start to conform, and behold, honesty (integrity) is one of those. But later as John describes in his letter from 1 John: we shall be like him hereafter, only perfect this time, with no corruption of sin, death and the devil. For so promises the same apostle John in Revelation, "they (the saints) will behold God face to face."

    It is not through our own strength, but as it were, it is through his (Christ') strength we ought to hope, boast, and rely on. Like Peter, whilst we are sinking, let us cry unto him, and he shall grab us by the hand, lest we sink and drown.

    This is the gospel!

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