2019 Annual Member Meeting | MTAA Super

This year MTAA Super turned 30.
Established as the Industry SuperFund for the motor trades and allied
industries, we now drive the financial future of people from all walks of life.
We have over 200,000 members, 50,000 employers and almost 13 billion in funds
under management. MTAA Super has always been a market leader and an innovator. We
were one of the first funds to invest directly into infrastructure assets such
as ports and airports and to enhance standards of transparency and governance.
We believe in doing things right. That’s why we adopt best practice governance and investment standards. It’s a big reason we were voted the medium fund of
the year in 2015 and 2017. At MTAA Super we invest in your future, with a
focus on delivering strong returns over the long term. This year was another year
of strong return for our members, with 7.66 per cent per annum
for the My AutoSuper Balanced investment option, placing us in the top
ten of superannuation funds as rated by SuperRatings. Over the last 30 years our
My Auto Super the balanced option has delivered a return of 7.76 per cent. As an industry fund we exist solely for members. We don’t pay
dividends or commissions and all profits go back to our members. We provide value
to members. This year we cut our flat rate administration fee from a dollar
sixty to a dollar fifty across the fund, and our pension asset fee reduced from
0.15 per cent 2.10 per cent. These changes will save a typical accumulation member five
dollars per year in fees and a pension member up to $105
per year. A lot has changed in the last 30 years but our goal has stayed the
same to grow and protect your super savings so you can retire how you want.
It’s been a challenging year for the financial sector. The Royal Commission
highlighted a need for greater transparency and accountability right
across the industry. Proudly we’ve always put members interests first.
Our philosophy is simple if we see an issue we’ll address it. If we make a
mistake will tell you and fix it. And if we find a better way we’ll embrace it.
That’s what our members expect. We’ve achieved great results but like any
other thirty-year-old we’re still learning we’re still growing and we’re
still evolving. Recently MTAA Super entered into an agreement with Tasplan,
to investigate the possibility of a merger. If successful, this would create a
national superannuation fund with more than 22 billion dollars of funds under
management and 328 thousand members. Growth is essential for the
sustainability of the fund. This merger would significantly increase our scale
and allow us greater efficiencies to members, through competitive fees and
returns as well as improvements to our products and services. It’s early days
yet but we’re excited by this opportunity. Both funds are award-winning
with a strong focus on excellence in providing quality service. This is an
amazing opportunity for us to improve retirement outcomes for members of both
funds, now and into the future. At MTAA Super we champion the future of everyday
Australians. That’s why we’ve always got our eye on
the road ahead. We’ve built a robust resilient and strongly performing fund
and that puts us in a great position to keep growing and to continue delivering
excellent retirement outcomes well into the future.
We’re not the biggest fund out there but we work hard and we’re passionate about
what we do, I know that’s something our members really value. Thank you for your
support and loyalty over the last 30 years we look forward to supporting you
for many more to come.

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