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hi guys it’s not only here and today I want to do a recap 2018 together with you I guess when we are all focused on the daily hotel it is a bit of hard to remember how far we’ve come and just be happy for all that we have accomplished so far so today I want to take this video to review with you some great things both music and YouTube related that happened to me in 2018 and that I’m super grateful for so first of all let’s talk about YouTube at the beginning of 2018 I set the goal to myself to post two videos per month I’ve always had trouble being consistent on platforms and I believe committing to this girl really helps me to change that I guess I failed only in January but then I was able to keep the videos coming every month after that so I’m really happy with myself about it also we are now more than 60 thousand subscribers and I’m super thankful that so many of you decided to follow my musical journey here in YouTube and here are three videos you watch the most 2018 here on my channel [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] so thank you so so much for all the views likes and comments you guys are the best another awesome thing is that a plate on the rock truck at a carnival include two event 2018 in Burley it was really exciting an unforgettable experience I have a video on the channel with some of my best moments there you can check it out if you want another thing that I’m really happy about is that I started my own patreon page I had a lot of limiting beliefs regarding patreon but I’m super proud of myself that I did it anyways and because of some awesome people that decided to support this channel on patreon now I am able to spend more time creating content that I love for you all so I’m super grateful for all my patrons such a things to toss in and andreas for the unbelievable donations you guys are just great one of my dreams was to travel to play and concerts even though playing Berlin is already a dream coming through this year I had the pleasure to travel to YouTube bog Regensburg and cologne to play with my former band called a circle [Music] those were memorable moments and great experiences for me some super thing for about them and if you want to check it out here on the channel I have one video of us playing our very first concert and I also have one guitar played through video of our single addiction lick from the description I also had the opportunity to go to the studio and record a meet pe boots collet circle it was a very enriching experience and I definitely recommend you to check them out they’re gonna be releasing data peak real soon what cool discovered for me this year is that I love to live stream and the beginning I was not sure if I would like it but after my first live stream on Instagram I realized it’s just too much fun playing and interacting with you guys in real-time was just amazing for the war I don’t need to spend hours upon hours editing the videos afterwards so thank you for joining my live streams on Instagram I do intend to do more of them and explore other live stream platforms in 2019 lastly I finally had the guts to play war Peaks live at black lines open stage in Birdland believe it or not this was such a big deal for me war pigs is not only the song to play in an jam session with before you’ve never played before and it was super afraid to mess everything out but I accepted the challenge it was actually a great feeling to finally play that song live it is one of my favorite Black Sabbath songs and it really had a lot of fun so yeah guys 2018 was an amazing year for me but now I want to know about you let me know in the comments what are your biggest accomplishments this year I wish you all the happiest of holidays in a bright 2019 see you guys very soon ciao [Music]

79 thoughts on “2018 Recap | Noelle dos Anjos

  1. Pô, eu sou o guitarra do Flamenhell. Me arrependi de não ter trocado ideia CTG no Natal Brutal 🙁 Nunca achei que tu apareceria por lá, fiquei com vergonha kkk

  2. You’re more amazing each and every day, Noelle! I absolutely love listening to you play! You make perfection seem easy, although I know playing like you do takes practice, practice, practice! 😉 Have a blast in 2019 doing whatever you love best! <3

  3. Happy New Year everyone!! Hope you liked the video 🙂 I would love to know your greatest accomplishments this year too! Enjoy your day 😀

  4. I think "Orion" is my favorite video. I love it!!! And I still think: Kirk must be careful, Lars can watch this video and… Thanks by everything, Noelle;)

  5. Obrigado meu anjo..
    Que seu novo ano seja tranquilo e com muita paz e muito rock n roll..
    Saúde e paz a você e família.. Beijo sou seu fã..

  6. I just seen 2 clips .. and I have some suggestions. Do a more introduction why you like this song 10-15 sec before you "go on", 2 Do not "scroll in and out Zoom" in the video .

  7. Happy New Year Noelle!! Keep videos coming. The “Orion” video is also my favorite. It sounds so close to the real thing👍👍👍

  8. Happy New Year!!! Looking forward to more guitar stuff from you in 2019!!! 🎸🎸🎸🎸🎸🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘

  9. Une très bonne année à toi Noelle!!!! Plein de bonnes choses pour toi ! Et offres-nous beaucoup de super covers 😁☺🤘. Bisoux 💓

  10. Happy New Year Noelle!! Is there a video of that whole War Pigs live performance? If so, where can I find it? Sorry in advance if it's right here in your channel, I probably should have looked here 1st lol

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