2017 Student Track Finalist: Schtudy

The global national
demand for STEM graduates is growing at an alarming rate. Scientists and engineers are
the ones who change the world. These are the people who form
leadership roles in our society and drive change. But these jobs require
college degrees at a minimum, and only 40% of STEM majors
graduate from a STEM field. This is a problem because
high school students take advanced classes
to impress colleges but fail to master
fundamental STEM concepts. These same concepts are stressed
in intro level college STEM courses, like calculus,
economics, physics, chemistry, and more. Students enter
college not knowing that they aren’t
prepared and struggle. As a result, a lot
of students drop out or transfer after freshman year. This is a result of failed
academic preparation and lack of guidance on how to persevere
through difficult challenges. [? Schtudy ?]
solves this problem with this tool, STEM Ready,
an adaptive e-learning and mentoring prep platform
for freshman STEM students. STEM Ready’s a web application
where students complete a diagnostic test for the
selected STEM subject, and our instant feedback
system processes and displays the users’ test results
for each concept. The system’s adaptive
learning algorithm then presents the user
a personalized learning package to complete and improve
[INAUDIBLE] for that student. The student is then partnered
with a trained STEM expert mentor from our
mentor database, based on our artificially intelligent
matchmaking algorithm, based on preferences,
life goals, and interests. The mentor helps with
not only learning material, but also college
life and personal advice. STEM Ready is a solution based
on proven training methods that have been tested
by numerous universities and organizations,
strategically structured to effectively prepare
students for academic success. [? Schtudy ?] is
the educate– is in the educational
technology industry. Of 37 million global college
students in 2015, roughly 40%– or 14.8 million– were
enrolled in the STEM field. We’ll use personal
connections to our partners with sports teams and STEM
[INAUDIBLE] support groups, such as NSBE and more to help
develop our mentoring database and gain access to millions
of students and mentors. We expect to have 10 partners
by year two of launch and we plan to reach 10,000
students per organization by the end of year two. Our product is priced
at $80 per semester. Going to college is
a huge investment of money, time, and emotion. [? Schtudy ?] helps
students and parents get returns on their investment
and consequently improve our world for the better. Let’s [? Schtudy ?] together.

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