2017 Honda Civic vs 2017 Toyota Corolla | Car Comparison

what's up Honda fans on Honda Laura and today we have a really great comparison video a 2017 Toyota Corolla and a 2017 Honda Civic it's going to be a really close match up so let's get it going as always like to say thank you to her chambers on Dorothy console letting us take out the Civic we'd also like to say a special thank you to her chambers Toyota Auburn for letting us take out the Corolla today the Toyota comparisons are always our very favorite obviously because they are Honda's biggest competitor so today we have some of the more faced models in LX civic and in LE eco Corolla they're both price around about 19,000 so let's start off with the exterior features front end of the Toyota Corolla it's a really Toyota like widemouth piano black grille it features LED headlights and LED daytime running lights Honda Civics front end is really modern chrome filled featuring projector beam halogen headlights and LED daytime running lights moving down along the side the both cars are going to be featuring the body Co side mirrors and dwarf fold something that I really like Corolla has heated mirrors 16 inch steel wheels on the Civic 15 inch steel wheels on the Corolla Honda features a little bit of chrome along the windows down along the backside the Honda Civic is going to feature LED brake lights Corolla features the decklid spoiler both have backup cameras standard under the hood of the 2017 Honda Civic LX features a 2-liter four-cylinder IV tech engines with earth dreams technology an eeo 158 horsepower has a CVT transmission and a yield 31 city 40 Highway and a combined of 34 miles per gallon mine is the hood of the 2017 toyota corolla LE eco is a 1.8 liter four-cylinder engine with a valve Matic technology which produces 140 horsepower as a CVT transmission and it yields 30 city 40 highway in a combined of 34 miles per gallon from this point my opinion is that when Hyundai was building the Civic in Toyota was building the Corolla they use the MSRP to allocate it towards different things so as you can see the crooler has some things that the Civic doesn't and the Civic has things that the Corolla doesn't so that does not even stop when you get on the inside so let's take a look at the interior features first thing you notice when you get behind the wheel of the Honda Civic it's just all the high quality soft touch materials Honda uses throughout their is so just a lot of contrasting colors a lot of depth it makes it really close use a lot of brush metal accents so it just makes it high-end feeling there's a really basic gauge instrument cluster right up front steering wheel was redesigned super comfortable I like the 3-point connection Bluetooth cruise control options automatic headlights a big plus for me basic audio system right up front and FM and bluetooth streaming audio no CD players anymore automatic digital climate controls that's always a really nice plus to have in a base model love the new shifter knob right in the center Etan buttons further boost to rural economy electronic parking brake and the brake will system so if you're in traffic you won't have to hold your foot on the brake card doesn't go forward last thing is going to be the giant massive center console that has endless amounts of storage space very comfortable cupholders and then just look at that massive amount of storage space now let's take a look a back seat I'm always very judgmental of how the comfort of back seats feel these are very comfortable just like seeing new C RVs are super comfortable I think the key is having the seat come out far but lots of leg room back here lots of headroom shoulder room right in airy the trunk space on the Civic is very ample 15.1 cube beep and the rear seats fold down for a nice bathroom now let's go into the corolla server behind the wheel of the 2017 total Corolla this is the LE eco this was the first time I've sat behind the wheel of a 17 Corolla so I really did get very first overall impression they kept this sort of like really high steep dashboard not a big fan however they updated the audio so it's like a really modern queen touchscreen and it looks like it's really easy to use I love how modern it updated is also the automatic digital climate controls just looks really modern so I love all of the sporty styling they also did a lot of stitching a lot of different contrasting blue gauges really looks nice to have a very minimal information display right up front a lot of buttons on your arsenal automatic headlights a really nice feature the audio systems like I said looks very easy to use bluetooth backup camera center console is center consoles a little bit lacking I'm not a huge fan of it I like a little bit higher of a center console a little bit more storage space that this one is very equipped with cup holders and storage space the Corollas biggest selling point is going to be that toyota has put safety sense standard back seat of the Corolla definitely not as comfortable as the Civic but I do really like the design on the fabric it's really nice lots of leg room plus a Headroom shoulder room and the armrest with a couple just I like that now let's take a look at the trim space trunk space on the kroll is a little less than Civic it's 13 cubic feet however the Corolla has a 60/40 rear seat fold down so a little bit different I never was a fan of driving these civics until they've got the new redesign I really really like them they're very comfortable nice and peppy responds it's comfortable speeds and just like overall really aesthetically pleasing for me personally joining a lot of people like to be high when they drive finicky over but actually enjoyed being pretty low and sunken in so when I sit in the Civic I just feel really nice and cozy and enclosed and I just feel like it's kind of like an upscale car even though this is the LX base model the 2-liter four-cylinder engine it really packs a lot of power its responsive and quick so behind the wheel of the Toyota Carolla it's surprisingly really nice I wasn't always a big Toyota fan because I'm you know we always can describe them as flowy but I really don't feel that with this one I feel like it's a nice pretty solid ride it's just a little bit more soft this is pretty firm of a ride but no complaints I think it's a really great vehicle so like I was saying with the Civic you know it is a little bit more lower of a ride you know you're kind of like tucked in to the console and everything this is a little bit more wide open so it is a lot more knee room and arm room with this flat high dashboard I'm sure you can agree that that was a wicked close comparison for almost the exact MSRP both the Honda and the Corolla have totally different strengths in totally different places so if you were going to get either one of them it's definitely a win-win save you to her chambers Honduras you found for letting a take out the Civic and thank you to her chambers Toyota of Auburn for letting us speak of Cicero up don't forget to like our video and subscribe to our Channel I'm Honda Laura and I'll see you next time

24 thoughts on “2017 Honda Civic vs 2017 Toyota Corolla | Car Comparison

  1. The Corolla has always been a far better car than Civic. The new 2020 Corolla is out and makes the Civic look ugly and dated. I own a 2018 Corolla SE and it’s a great and fun car. The interior looks upscale and has a lot of room. It has full LED daytime running lights and headlamps. Safety features like Lane departure warning, radar cruise control, pedestrian detection are standard. The seats on the Corolla are very sporty looking and comfortable. The Civics are very narrow and thin. I’ve been told my car looks like a mini Lexus and it does. Not many realize that the Corolla also has standard driver knee airbag while Civic has none. Little details like that are what make Corolla the better car.

  2. I'm just gonna say as far at looks & style which isn't that superior than the Corolla, but it's still a cool spray vehicle, but I recently had the choice to get either & by far the Toyota Corolla is a far smarter & better choice. The safety features, the interior is more expensive & modern looking than the Civic. I just love it. Also I upgraded my 2018 Corolla with the all black wheels factory limo tint & it's a sharp looking car. My 2nd pick would be a Civic for sure tho.

  3. I like that American accent of yours Honda Laura. I wish I had one. Good review by the way.
    I would like to just add my opinion here about Toyota being so claustrophobic. Too narrow for my taste.

  4. Civic has direct injection that is known to create problems in the intake valves, Corolla has the bulletproof known Mpfi engine made to last for very long time with just the basic maintenance, Corolla is t best car for a student, drive around the city or a long trip, reliability, safety standard features and now the good looks makes Corolla the winner in its segment

  5. I mean, I am 17 and driving my Civic 10th gen for the LOOK. I don't care about speed or comfort as long as styling is good.

  6. Throwing words around like “upscale” and “modern” shouldn’t be what sells a car. Always do a lot of research on car reliability and safety.

  7. Not a fair comparison when you're getting paid by Honda!! She should stay with just facts. Both cars are great you can't go wrong with either one.

  8. I really like the Civic. Only thing is the Corolla has standard safety features which to have to get extra in a Civic and the Corolla has a better touchscreen rather than whatever that is on the Civic. I feel like Honda needs you to pay more for more quality things.

  9. The Corolla's headlights are very bright and better then the Civic's. Also,, Toyota Safety sense is standard on all trim levels including the base, but on the Civic some of safety features are optional. Corolla still has a CD player. Corolla is a few inches longer than Civic, so it has a roomier back seat. Toyota updated the touch screen for 2017. Their Etunes system is easy to use, but no Android Auto or Apple CarPlay that the Civic has

  10. toyota is very comfortable cars then honda but features wise honda comfort wise toyota better then honda i use both brands

  11. The civics back seat looks super cramped. The Corolla looked like it had a ton of room. Looks like the civic favored trunk space of rear leg room. I test drove both cars and actually proffered the Corolla because of the standard safety features and the passenger area seemed larger. Both are pretty dull to drive because of the cvt, but no one buys a Corolla or civic because they’re fun to drive.

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