2017 Honda Civic Si Sedan: Start Up, Exhaust, Walkaround and Review

what's everybody said today I'm a priority Honda taking a look at the all-new 2017 Honda Civic Si Sedan huge thank you to priority Honda for providing the vehicle for today's video has a link to their website in the description below definitely check them out and the model that were looking at today is finished off in Krista black and has an MSRP of twenty four thousand seven hundred underneath the hood is a 1.5 liter single scroll turbocharged four-cylinder engine that pumps out 205 horsepower at 5700 rpm at 192 pound feet of torque between 2100 and 5,000 rpm the engine is paired to a 6-speed manual transmission and sense of power to the front wheels through a limited slip differential this features the same engine in the turbo Honda Civic however the SI comes with a larger turbo with 3.8 more psi of boost and you can expect it to see 0 to 60 come in at 6 and a half seconds with 0 to 100 at 16.1 second quarter mile at 14.9 and a top speed of 137 miles an hour the overall wheelbase is 106 point 3 inches with a length of one hundred and eighty two point eight inches a height is 55 and a half and the which is 70 point eight inches and with a kerb weight of about 2,900 pounds expect to see 28 miles per gallon in the city with 38 miles per gallon on the highway all on a 12 and a half gallon fuel tank and for sedan the SI also has a pretty good weight distribution with 60% over the front and 40% in the rear the SI has an aggressive front end with a gloss black grille with your si badge each side of the bumper has some nice contours to it with some good-looking flares you have fog lights in the lower bumper a small splitter with aggressive mesh where you can see your intercooler very sharp lines all around given the front end of very beefy look moving to the side of the vehicle we get a set of 18-inch alloy wheels with a two-tone silver and gloss black finish 12-point three inch ventilated disc brakes up front with 11.1 in solid disc brakes in the rear the side profile is very similar to the standard Civic sedan nice clean line running through the center of the vehicle where the door handles are chrome trim along the top of the windows and very good proportions all around giving it a clean look the car also features a side view camera when you put your turn signal on it will show you who's in your blind spot we also get a Sun top shark fin antenna and leading to the rear of the vehicle we get a nice spoiler on all the SI models the coupe gets a little bit different shaped one aggressive taillights we saw in the new 2016 model more contours in the rear end similar to the front giving it some nice flare and we also get a center mounted exhaust tip and appending up the rear with the standard backup camera overall really sharp looks all-round for the car the center exhaust ties in very nicely with the sides of the vehicle it's definitely a subtle upgrade compared to the standard sedan basically we got the spoiler the exhaust the wheels and a little bit more flaring around the body and now to take a look at the interior keeping the smart key in my pocket grabbing the door handle will automatically unlock it the SI features a black interior we get some red stitching all throughout and looking at the door panel we get some nice black cloth with some more red stitching along it some dark silver trim with an ergonomic shaped door handle all your window and mirror controls and your trunk release a little bit of storage coming into the vehicle we get some black sport bucket seats very large bowl strings all around for your legs lower back in your shoulders we get si embroidered very cool looking two-tone colors more red stitching all manual controls and then up front we get your leather wrap steering wheel with red stitching now inside the car I'll go ahead and put my foot on the clutch start it up who [Applause] on the left side of the steering wheel we have all your Bluetooth and audio controls with your volume button right here and I'll even show it on the display you can change between the different sources by going up and down it will change on both screens and then left to right will change it and then your Bluetooth settings cruise control is on the right side very nice-looking soft leather I love the red stitching on it and then on the left stock if you press the button on the side your camera will pop up to see who's in your blind spot on that side has a nice digital display in the center with your a large tachometer you have your engine temperature on the left side and then your fuel level on the right your odometer exterior temperature throttle and then a boost gauge as well and then over on the left side we have your traction control button nice looking carbon-fiber finished your air vent on the left side more air vents in the center your touchscreen display go through all your various audio settings the volume is a touch sensitive button and then pressing the climate button shows all your climate control settings changing your fan speed different zones and different temperatures your dial switches for your temperature different zones and then your heated seat buttons a little bit of storage here you can place your phone and there is a little convenient area so you can actually put your wires because that leads down to another storage area with some USB outlets you get the nice six-speed manual transmission very nice shifter feel pretty short throw is really easy to get it right into the use gear then go all the way to the right and down is your reverse then we have your backup camera with your guide lines as you turn the wheel we have a brake hold your electronic parking brake and then your sport mode button will activate on and off and they move it to the center console of the car a more cloth on it you can slide this back which is your armrest and then lift it up we have tons of storage space down here everything slides you can move it all around we have more cupholders down here and then to look at the glovebox we actually have a lot of space down in here definitely consider many things more of a carbon fiber finish faux leather accents with some stitching on it really cool looking door panel with the red stitching the black cloth another look at the bucket seats two really comfortable it's nice to sit in them I feel like they go off your leg quite a bit so you have a lot of comfort the bolsters seem to do a really good job and hold you in place this car also does have the sunroof manual sunshade and then all your buttons on the top now to take a look at the rear seats of the car we'll go ahead and open up the door get a nice little armrest with your window control a little bit of storage down below some more red stitching back here sitting in the back seat you have a lot of room back here it's pretty comfortable legroom is really good I have about that much space where my knees are with the driver seat where I would actually have it Headroom is a little scarce I have about an inch or two up there so not too much Headroom but still pretty comfortable back here and now to take a look at the trunk space we can either use the key fob the button on the door or just a button back here we have fourteen point seven cubic feet of space back in here the rear seats do fold down flat we have levers on each side that you can pull plenty of space down here being front-wheel drive there's no drivetrain in the way so you can have a nice deep trunk definitely plenty of space five seater car and nice sized trunk so obviously a very practical car all right now to take you a really really quick Drive in the car just around the parking lot to kind of seal it out so shifter really really easy to do some gear the clutch there's practically no weight to it and then just idling here steering wheel is pretty easy so we'll go ahead and just give it a little bit of gas and start moving super easy to get going as far as a manual car goes again there's no weight in the clutch pedal at all it's super fluid as far as visibility goes in the car it seems really good you don't really have any blind spots all around you can easily look over your left and right shoulder very large pieces of glass in the front and the rear so you have really good visibility looking forward and looking in your rear-view mirror now something new the SI there's no more VTEC for the car it is now a turbo engine as you all know so that is something cooling out we now have torque in the car so before you really had a redline it make the VTEC do its job so now with the turbo engine just give them a little gas you can feel the turbo kick in well under 4000 rpm it'll just kind of get you going so at least for slow speed settings it'll get you up and going for this kind of drivetrain layout you can now get a little bit more power out of it's more linear low-end power you have and the higher end power you have it so overall pretty cool car obviously driving on some mountain roads and some real roads would be a lot more fun to test drive it to see what it's really capable of doing but overall though pretty cool car a lot of supportive features of it pretty easy to drive at least in a low-speed environment but definitely a nice upgrade over the previous generation Si and then another quick look at the interior from the passenger side pretty sporty over the overall Civic I really like the seats a lot great look to them that kind of carbon fiber color look to it very sporty looking the red stitching the bolsters are really nice some cars kind of missed the mark not putting any bolstering in a car like this but it is nice that you do get some bolstering so they're very comfortable to sit in and when you have some foam in the mountains with this car look that's going to keep you in place the manual transmission feels really nice to shifter a nice round design really easy to hold easy to pop it into each gear and then the clutch paddle is insanely light very easy to engage it so super easy car to drive a lot of cool features in it pretty sporty overall on the interior and exterior as well during everybody that is a full look at the all-new 2017 Honda Civic Si this is the 10th generation of the Honda Civic and the eighth generation of the Si so very cool to see the progress from the beginning to the current model year you can also get this car in the coupe form looks very sporty has a little bit cooler looking spoiler that is great that you can get the si either one you'd like so overall very sporty car cool looking on the inside and the outside really easy to use manual transmission at a turbo engine that there is tons of potential you can tune this car modify to be pretty impressive and once again huge thank you to priority honda hunter school for providing this car for today's video i'll have a link to their website in the description below definitely check them out so hope you all enjoyed the video give it a big thumbs up click that subscribe button down below thank y'all for watching and we'll see you all next video

38 thoughts on “2017 Honda Civic Si Sedan: Start Up, Exhaust, Walkaround and Review

  1. So the SI sedan has Red stitching in the back seat but my SI coupe DOES NOT! What the Hell Honda!!??

  2. Love the looks of the SI, the Type R is too cartoonish for me, almost like a caricature of a overdone car.

  3. Hate the rear end with those huge fake plastic vents. They should have made it look more like the coupe in the rear.

  4. Cant wait til i get my 2018 Honda civic si next month, i got it with most of the factory upgrades/accessories

  5. I'm not hating, I'm loving honda's new products, but my 2001 v6 accord has better power to weight ratio that this. Cars can't ever be as light as they used to, because of regulations.

  6. who's idea was on making the back of all civics and now accord look like that
    its hideous
    2011&2014 were the best Si

  7. THIS IS FUCKIN AWESOME PURCHASE!!!! BETWEEN COMPETITORS :O . i'D LIKE TO BUY THIS CAR with CVT. easy smooth moving to drive wherever you want. Nice design and visibility. . . ehhh
    my first car was civic 1992 ;D

  8. I bought my si in June, I have since put a few thousand miles on it. And I personally love the car. It is fun to drive, it has good pick up, gas mileage is great, shifting and changing gears is a dream. (although the clutch is extremely light, it took me a few weeks to get used to it) I have the coup version. I don't personally like the looks of the sedan. But I really feel this car and the engine is under rated by a lot. Which I expected going in when I purchased it. Is it loud? No but the sound you get is nice. It has a nice sound to it and is a bit more meatier then you expect. It also does not have that annoying whine to it that previous gens had. I really enjoy this car. And for the price I feel it is more then worth it. This is not a sports car. It's a car that packs a little more punch, will retain its value. Honda is known for makng cars that last well in to the 200××× mile mark. And that's exactly what this car is designed to do. They toned these cars (And the previous models down) for that exact purpose. You should give this car a test drive before you complain. Opinions are like assholes, everyone's got one. I am very happy with my purchase. I love everything about this car.

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