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you know you may have noticed the redesigned Honda Civic on the road lately as they seem to be popping up everywhere well we have five reasons to buy the reliable and attractive Honda Civic Coupe so the civics LED taillights and the rear is where you really notice most of the redesign Honda designers took it to another level you get standard LED running lights beautiful body lines along the side and a longer wheelbase now you do get a ton of features in base form however the ext trim level is outfitted very nicely now we are talking dual zone climate control a moonroof heated front seats and heated mirrors now you move on up to the Touring trim level which we have here you get LED headlights navigation a powerful 450 watt premium audio system and much more now Honda gave the Civic Coupe two engines the standard is a 2-liter four-cylinder good for 158 horsepower and is also good for 39 miles per gallon on the highway now the second is a turbocharged 1.5 liter 4-cylinder that kicks out of fun 174 horsepower yes a rear-view camera does come standard however middle trim levels get Honda's lanewatch blind spot camera now there is also a feature package called Honda sensing and is standard on this Touring trim level we have here now it has some innovative safety like Lane Keeping Assist and adaptive cruise control among others now keep in mind the Civic Coupe does offer a manual transmission that said though don't count out the CVT automatic as it has pretty smooth shifting and you know we have to say we really enjoyed putting the 1.5 liter turbo through the corners now if you haven't seen it yet you'll see it soon but this newer redesign is definitely appealing now you add on great technology efficiency and honda reliability and the Civic Coupe is a great choice

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  1. Stay away from the turbo direct fuel injection, big problems, fuel diluting oil, google it and Honda does not have a fix nor do they want to fix it. Was going to buy the ex t coupe with manual, but backed off when I started reading about the turbo problems! 2.0 with ported injection much better choice…just saying.

  2. Five reasons not to buy:
    1) sluggish underpowered acceleration.
    2) Gas mileage not as advertised.
    3) Bottom front end too low and scrapes pavement.
    4) Dealer service prices too high.
    5) Transmission performance.

  3. A small correction, the ex-t and ex-l has the same premium sound system as the touring on the Coupes. On sedans only the touring model gets the premium sound.

  4. I don't like that top line of taillights.. and the redundant window dome light.

    I mainly like it for the interior and the front and side designs.

  5. I love Jabari's and Amanda's reviews! Great job guys!! I always look forward to watching their reviews.

  6. I have this car. 2017 1.5 coupe. when he said the cvt has smooth shifting, he's kind of wrong. should've just said it's a smooth ride because the CVT transmission has no gears and does not shift. however, it can mock shift but those are just for feel. anyway its a great car for sure

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