2017 Civic Hatchback EX Replica Type R Spoiler Installation Tips

and you'll see install this replica type our spoiler but because the template for installation I received was pretty much garbage I'm gonna show you something real quick the spoiler actually sits I don't know between a quarter and half an inch from the edge of the hatch and you're gonna go by these two holes here to insert the screws that hold the spoiler because I had a terrible template I had to drill through there but depending on the angle it's gonna be off so I'm gonna try to develop a better template and hopefully that will help some of the guys that will have the same issue and here's the plastic cover that it's that attaches to the top I can walk you through the removal once I have it back up but anyways I just wanted to show you that I'm gonna see if I can create a better template for installation and let me show you something later also if you drop a screw through here don't worry you just have to remove this from here and the screw will be sitting somewhere in there so it's kind of easy to access so something something else that I bought was this rubber kind of like a rain thing to help prevent water getting inside a car I'm gonna seal it from the other end once I'm done and I also got these window air water seal for the bottom for the same thing to reduce water getting in and it also helps with the mating surfaces vibration and stuff like that I'm using these foam seal in every mating surface in hopes to eliminate vibration so once I'm done with everything I'm gonna drive it and see and let you guys know for the sight portion of the wing I'm using this sponge window seal at the bottom where it sits in the trunk or hatch I was using a thinner one last night but I was getting vibration when I was driving and it was kind of annoying so I went with this thicker one and I'm gonna install this one give it a try and see if it still vibrates the thicker foam did eliminate the vibration the spoiler had so let me show you closer look it's kind of like the cab you're gonna get when you install it before you remove this cover you have to take this piece out goes right in there that's what it looks like then you have to remove the plastic cover that goes there pop that out I have two screws inside then you have to remove this clip this clip and the same thing on both sides once you have that out you pull on this plastic cover while holding a year hatch cover because it's gonna come down – and you do that and go all the way around and it pops right off I want to show you the hatchbacks internal cover that way when you remove it you know what to expect so here's the final look of my hatchback I have aex trim with the sports underbody spoilers and I added a red stripe with some red tape I bought on Amazon

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