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File Item number 4, Mr. Secretary please read.>>Assembly Concurrent Resolution 1 by Assembly Member Mayes, relative to final adjournment of the 2015-16 second extraordinary session of the legislature.>>Mr. Pro Tem?>>Thank you Madam President. Colleagues, I rise to ask for your support of this measure, ACR number 1 that would adjourn sine die the 2015-16 second extraordinary session of the legislature at midnight tonight. Colleagues, we have had a very successful extraordinary session. We were able to pass a great bipartisan managed care organization tax reform package. And this MCO reform package enables us to take in nearly $8 billion from the federal government for critical health services and fund long, long overdue increase to develop me disable community services increased rates to better serve one of our most vulnerable populations. Madam President and colleagues, I want to take a point of personal privilege and especially to thank the hard-working senators who really pushed the envelope to make the developing disabled package actually happen. I want to give a very special thank you to Senator Jim Beall and also our Senator Cathleen Galgiani. Also a very special thank you to Senator Anthony Canella. And whose not here today, that is Senator Bob Huff. All were extraordinary in their leadership, I know that the Bellamy disabled community are well aware how this came about, and that’s why this is an incredibly extraordinary session. We were also able to pass a historic end of life option act. This measure ensures Californians have access to humane and compassioned options to limit suffering at the end of life. And as just witnessed today colleagues, we today passed the most expansive tobacco control legislative package in over a decade to improve public health and prevent kids from becoming addicted to smoking. It is now, colleagues, time for us to end this session and allow the successful legislation to take effect. Madame President as well as colleagues, I respectfully ask for an aye vote.>>Thank you, any discussion or debate? Senator Nielsen.>>Madame President, ladies and gentlemen of the Senate, I’m going to be a no vote on this. The End of Life Option is one of the issues of concern to me. And it would not go into effect if this special session continues, but more importantly, there were issues that were yet unresolved. Some of us did carry legislation that would have helped some of the providers. Of services to the needy that did not even achieve hearings that could yet be resolved in this special session were those hearings allowed, and I would rather see this special session continue so we could accomplish those. The Pro Tem spoke to some things that some are happy with, some are not but I just can’t accept it. A couple of other issues that we’re not even allowed hearing could not be resolved in this special session and I will be making my statement with a no vote today.>>Thank you very much sir. Any further discussion or debate? Seeing none, Mr. Secretary please call the roll.>>Allen? Aye, Anderson?>>No. No, Bates, Bill? Aye, Berryhill? Block? Aye, Cannella? Aye, De Leon? Aye, Fuller? Gaines? Galgiani? Aye, Glazer? Aye, Hall?>>Aye.>>Aye, Hancock? Aye, Hernandez?>>Aye.>>Aye, Hertzberg?>>Aye.>>Aye, Hill?>>Aye.>>Aye, Hueso?>>Aye.>>Aye, Huff? Jackson?>>Aye, Lara?>>Aye.>>Aye, Leno?>>Aye.>>Aye, Leyva?>>Aye.>>Aye, Liu?>>Aye, McGuire?>>Aye.>>Aye, Mendoza?>>Aye.>>Aye, Mitchell?>>Aye.>>Aye, Monning? Aye Moorlach, Morrell, Nguyen, Nielson, No, Pan, Aye Pavley, Aye Roth, Aye Runner, Stone, Vidak, Wieckowski, Aye Wolk. Wolk aye.>>Call the absent members.>>Bates? Berryhill. Aye. Aye, Fuller? Gaines?>>No.>>No, Huff? Moorlach?>>No.>>No, Morrell?>>No.>>No, Nguyen? Runner? Stone? No. Vidak? No.>>Aye’s 28, no’s 7. The resolution is adopted. Is there any further business?>>Yes.>>Senator Fuller, what purpose do you rise?>>Announcement. Caucus for the Republicans in Cox lounge immediately upon adjournment.>>Thank you very much. At this time, the second extraordinary session will stand adjourned sine die and the regular session will be reconvened. Privileges of the floor. Again colleagues, we have returned to regular session privileges of the floor. Seeing none. Messages from the governor. Oops, I’m sorry. Senator Runner. For what purpose do you rise?>>Adjourn in memory.>>Senator Runner, if you don’t mind, could we hold that off to motions and resolutions at the end of session? Thank you very much. Moving on to messages from the governor, they’ll be deemed read. Messages from the Assembly will be deemed read. Reports of committee will be deemed read and amendments adopted. Motions, resolutions, and notices Without objection the senate journals for March 7th through March 10th 2016 will be approved as corrected by the minute clerk. Consideration of the daily file. Governor’s appointments. File item 41. Mr. Pro tem.>>Thank you, Madam President, colleagues. One file item number one, Miss Valerie Shaw, a fellow angelino, is up for an appointment for the Los Angeles Community College Board of Governors. She brings a no nonsense approach to the community college district, or I should say the community college board of governors. She was approved on a bipartisan vote, five to zero. I respectfully ask for an aye vote.>>Please call the roll.>>Allen.>>Aye.>>Aye, Anderson.>>Aye.>>Aye, Bates. Aye Beall? Aye Berryhil? Aye Block? Aye Cannella? Aye De Leon? Aye Fuller? Aye.>>Aye, Gaines.>>Aye.>>Aye, Galgiani.>>Aye.>>Aye, Glazer.>>Aye.>>Aye, Hall.>>Aye.>>Aye, Hancock. Hernandez.>>Aye.>>Aye, Hertzberg.>>Aye.>>Aye, Hill.>>Aye.>>Aye, Hueso.>>Aye.>>Aye, Huff. Jackson.>>Aye.>>Aye, Lara.>>Aye.>>Aye, Leno.>>Aye.>>Aye, Leyva.>>Aye.>>Aye, Liu.>>Aye.>>Aye, McGuire.>>Aye.>>Aye, Mendoza.>>Aye.>>Aye, Mitchell.>>Aye.>>Aye, Monning. Moorlach.>>Aye.>>Aye, Morrell.>>Aye.>>Aye, Nguyen.>>Aye.>>Aye, Neilsen.>>Aye.>>Aye, Pan.>>Aye.>>Aye, Pavley.>>Aye.>>Aye, Roth.>>Aye.>>Aye, Runner.>>Aye.>>Aye, Stone.>>Aye.>>Aye, Vidak.>>Aye.>>Aye, Wieckowski.>>Aye.>>Aye, Wolk.>>Aye.>>Wolk, aye.>>Call the absent members please.>>Hancock.>>Aye.>>Aye, Huff. Monning.>>Aye.>>Monning, aye.>>Thank you. Aye’s 39, no’s 0, the appointment is confirmed. Mr. Pro Tem, for what purpose do you rise?>>Yes, Madame President, we can go back to Motions and Resolutions please.>>We’re returning to Motions and Resolutions, Mr. Pro Tem.>>Madame President and colleagues, I’m requesting unanimous consent to take up Senate Resolution 67 without reference to file.>>Without objection, Mr. Secretary, please read.>>Senate Resolution 67 by Senator De Leon relative to the standing rules of the Senate for the 2015-16 regular session.>>Senator De Leon.>>Thank you very much Madame President and colleagues. I arise to ask for your support of Senate Resolution number 67, which amends Senate Rule number 12, by increasing the membership of the Senate Budget and Fiscal Review Committee from 16 to 17 members. Our Senator, our colleague, Mr. Glazer has been appointed to the Budget and Fiscal Review Committee. With that, I respectfully ask for an aye vote.>>Any discussion or debate? Senator Anderson.>>Senators, I rise in opposition not because I have a, I don’t believe that the member in question isn’t capable of doing a great job on the budget. But when I review all of the committees, Republicans represent 35% of this body. Yet in all, but three or four of the committees, we represent as low as 22% of the committee assignments. And I would just ask that, we apply this more fairly and more equally, so that all Californians have a voice, not only on this floor, but also in committee. We have a couple of committees where Republicans represent 40%, which is 5% higher, but in most committees, we’re down to around 22 to 31%. So I would ask that you take this in consideration, when you’re voting to stack another committee. Thank you.>>Any further discussion or debate? Seeing none, Mr. Pro Tem would you like to close?>>Thank you Madame President. My colleague from San Diego find the argument somewhat disingenuous. The reality is there is a vote for all individuals here, irrespective of their political affiliation. We always consider every request that is made, if he has a particular request, he can surely make an appointment, and come see me. With that, I respectfully ask for an aye votes.>>Mr. Secretary, please call the roll.>>Allen.>>Aye.>>Aye, Anderson.>>No.>>No, Bates.>>No.>>No, Beall.>>Aye.>>Aye, Berryhill.>>No.>>No, Block.>>Aye.>>Aye, Cannella. De Leon.>>Aye.>>Aye, Fuller. Gaines. Galgiani. Glazer.>>Aye.>>Aye, Hall.>>Aye.>>Aye, Hancock.>>Aye.>>Aye, Hernandez.>>Aye.>>Aye, Hertzberg.>>Aye.>>Aye, Hill.>>Aye.>>Aye, Hueso.>>Aye.>>Aye, Huff.>>Aye.>>Aye, Jackson.>>Aye.>>Aye, Lara>>Aye.>>Aye, Leno.>>Aye.>>Aye, Leyva.>>Aye.>>Aye, Liu.>>Aye.>>Aye, McGuire.>>Aye.>>Aye, Mendoza.>>Aye.>>Aye, Mitchell.>>Aye.>>Aye, Monning.>>Aye.>>Aye, Moorlach.>>No.>>No, Morrell.>>No.>>No, Nguyen. Nielsen. Pan.>>Aye.>>Aye, Pavley.>>Aye.>>Aye, Roth.>>Aye.>>Aye, Runner. Stone.>>No.>>No, Vidak. Wieckowski.>>Aye.>>Aye, Wolk.>>Aye.>>Wolk, aye.>>Call the absent members.>>Cannella. Fuller. Gaines. Galgiani.>>Aye.>>Aye. Huff. Nguyen. Nielsen. Runner. Vidak.>>No.>>No.>>Ayes 26, nos 7, the resolution is adopted. Moving on to unfinished business. Unfinished business colleagues file item 43. Mr. Secretary, please read.>>Senate concurrent resolution 99 by Senator McGuire, relative to the 28th annual State Scientists Day.>>Senator McGuire.>>Thank you, Madame President. I’ll be quick. SCR99 establishes the 28th annual State Scientists Day. The president is very excited about it this. It is back on concurrence from the assembly and acknowledges the work and many benefits state scientists provide to our state. [UNKNOWN] taken in assembly. Simply we’re adding coauthors. We would respectfully ask for an aye vote.>>Any discussion or debate? Any objections to the use of unanimous roll call? Seeing none, the aye is 39 no 0, the assembly amendments are concurred in. Moving on to the senate third reading. We will be hearing file items 44 through 56. File item 44. Pass. File item 45. Pass. On file, file item 46. Senator Mendoza. Pass on file. File item 47, Senator Fuller, pass. File item 48, Senator McGuire. Pass on file. File item 49. Senator Roth.>>Pass.>>Pass on file. File Item 50, Senator Nguyen? Pass on file. File Item 51, Senator Fuller? File Item 52, Senator Fuller? File Item 53, Senator Liu?>>Pass.>>Pass. File Item 54, Senator Mendoza? File Item 55, Senator Jackson? File Item 56, Senator Moorlach?>>[INAUDIBLE]>>Well, that was easy. Moving on to assembly third reading, file item 60. Dr. Pan.>>Yes.>>Mr Secretary, please read.>>Assembly concurrent resolution 119 by assembly member two relative to physician and anesthesiologist week.>>Senator Pan.>>Thank you, Madam President, colleagues. HDR 119 recognizes quality care physician and anesthesiologists conduct through the state by declaring the week of January 31st through February 6th, 2016, physician and anesthesiologist week. Each year the United States Seniors performing anesthesia accounts for more than 100 million operations. Physician anesthesiologists are held to high requirements of training and must complete between 12,000, and 16,000 hours of training prior to practicing independently. The duties include evaluating a patient’s current health priors, receiving as [UNKNOWN] to ensure the best outcomes, administering anesthesia, monitoring the patient’s health, and pain during surgery in assessing the patients after the procedure is completed for a speedy recovery. I just remind people if you have surgery, the surgeon may do the procedure, the anesthesiologist ensures that you are alive at the end of it. So I hope you can all join me in recognizing our physician anesthesiologists, and the important work that they have performed to ensure all Californians are safe and healthy. I respectfully ask for an aye vote, thank you. Thank you, any discussion or debate? Senator Stone.>>Thank you Madame President. Real briefly, thank you to the Senator from Sacramento for bringing that forward. Anesthesiologists, maybe most people don’t know, are also the most qualified pain control specialists in the country. And so many of you have to go to a pain control specialist by training their anesthesiologist and use surgical and non surgical means of eliminating pain. And for that reason I’m very appreciative of the bill or the resolution, enter an aye vote.>>Thank you. Senator Bates. Any further discussion or debate? Senator Pan, would you like to close?>>Respectfully, we ask for an aye vote, thank you.>>Thank you, is there any objection to the use of the unanimous roll call? Seeing none, Ayes 39, Noes 0. The resolution is adopted. File Item 62 Senator Monning. Pass on file. File item 63. Senator Bell, Mr. Secretary please read.>>Assembly bill 847 by assembly member [UNKNOWN] an act linked to mental health making an appropriation therefore, and declaring the urge throughout to take effect immediately.>>Senator Bell. Thank you Madam President and the members. This bill AB 847 of complete say application to the federal government that must be submitted this year. And it’s an urgency measure for federal funds for the State of California under the Excellence and Mental Health fact. This is an application that will request a 1.9 million dollars, and would not this bill would now appropriate another million dollars from the Mental Health Services act fund. Prop 63 to the state Department of Healthcare Services to develop the application proposal. And the additional million would be needed to apply. What do we get for this, specifically. AB 847 requires the Department of Health Care Services develop a proposal to the United States Secretary of Health and Human Services to be selected as a participating state to receive enhanced federal matching funds to nearly double federal funds to support community mental health alcohol and drug abuse services. With no additional state or county cost. The estimate that we have on this would benefit to state in the neighborhood of $1 billion, that’s right, $1 billion. I’ll say it again, $1 billion. This bill has an urgency, so they can complete the work. And get the application fine tuned so we can have a best chance fo getting the award. The applications are due October of this year. Awards in January of next year. If we can get the bill enacted before the spring recess we should have enough time to get the application completed. In the end, the possible benefit to local mental health programs could be substantial. I urge an aye vote on this measure and after the vote I hope I can request immune transmission back to soon.>>Thank you sir. Any discussion or debate on this measure? Any discussion or debate? Seeing none Mrs. Secretary, please call the roll.>>Allen. I. Anderson. Bates. I. Beall. I. Berryhill. I. Block. I. Cannella. I. De Leon. I. Fuller. I. Gaines. I. Galgiani. I. Glazer. I. Hall. I. Hancock. Aye.>>Aye Hernandez.>>Aye.>>Aye Hertzberg.>>Aye.>>Aye Hill.>>Aye.>>Aye Hueso.>>Aye.>>Aye Huff. Jackson.>>Aye.>>Aye Lara.>>Aye.>>Aye Leno.>>Aye.>>Aye Leyva.>>Aye.>>Aye Liu.>>Aye.>>Aye McGuire.>>Aye.>>Aye Mendoza.>>Aye.>>Aye Mitchell.>>Aye.>>Aye Monning.>>I.>>Moorlach.>>I.>>Morrell.>>I.>>Nguyen.>>I.>>Nielsen.>>I.>>Pan.>>I.>>Pavley.>>I.>>Roth.>>I.>>Runner.>>I.>>Stone.>>I.>>Vidak.>>I.>>Wieckowski.>>I.>>Wolk.>>I. Call the absent member.>>Anderson?>>Aye.>>Aye. Huff.>>[INAUDIBLE]>>Ayes 39, no 0 on the urgency. Ayes 39, no 0. The measure passes.>>Madame President, I request immediate [UNKNOWN] to the assembly.>>The desk will note, Senator. Colleagues we’ll return to motions and resolutions. Senator Runner.>>Thank you Madam President, members. I’d like to adjourn the memory of Shanna Lynn Jones. She was born and raised in Lancaster in my district. She was part of the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation firefighting program, working in fire camp 13. The only all female camp in LA county Inmate firefighters cut containment lines to stop the spread of wild fires, and extinguish hot spots during clean up. Shawna died fighting a ten acre fire in Santa Monica mountains above Malibu, putting her life on the line to keep Californians safe. My thoughts and prayers are with her as we recognize her for her service and her bravery. I have a friend who actually worked a crew that I talked to last night. He treated those prisoners as firefighters. As the firefighters will do with the full memorial for Shawna. He actually said. They were working toward a better life, and they had to apply for this job. They had to do a training program. They had to hike many miles which I couldn’t do. So fortunately the fire fighters are giving her a full firefighter funeral. And I think that’s a good thing. So thank you very much for adjourning her memory.>>Thank you. Senator Jackson?>>Yes, I too want to rise in memorial to this young woman. Who was serving as a firefighter and was Intended to get out. She was supposed to be released April 10. So in just about a month, she would have completed her sentence for drug-related charges, and violation of probation. Really trying to turn her life around. And when we think of CDCR Firefighters. We generally think of our young men who are fighting first. But there were also and are also young women. Who put their lives on the line. And I think what is important though, the important lesson here in addition to the fact that this young woman was out there fighting a fire. Was the desire to turn her life around and that the opportunities that this program actually provides for both young men and women in particular who had drug-related problems. When we asked people to rise to an occasion they, they generally do so. And here was a young woman who fought valiantly to come back into society to be a contributing member, to fight bravely alongside her male counterparts. And was clearing brush, working a fire line near Mulholland Highway, when she was struck by a large boulder that had fallen a hundred feet. And was sadly killed as a result of that. She leaves behind her mother, a younger brother and sister, and I would just ask that in adjourning in her memory, we remember that there are young women who also strive to better themselves, who volunteer putting their lives on the line. And that when we ask all of our young people are, not perhaps all respond, but so many do when we ask more of them, they do respond. And this a lesson, and hopefully her death will not have been in vain, as we look forward to helping these young people find a way to have a meaningful, creative, and participating life. Her death should not be in vain as a result and I too ask that adjourn in the memory of Shawna Lynn Jones.>>Thank you. Senator Pan.>>Thank you madam president, senators. Today I rise to adjourn in memory of Peter D Jeevis who passed away on February 26th, 2016. Mr. Jeevis was a prominent architect and a man of great ability and dedication. He was truly a master builder and a visionary, who over the course of a long career helped provide housing for over 30,000 seniors. He designed many fine commercial buildings and homes. Most recent example is the North Star Living Center in Rancho Cordova. Mr. Jeevis will be long remembered for his devotion to his family. He was a loving husband, father, and [UNKNOWN]. His legacy is continued by his wife, Kit Dylan Jeevis, who is standing in the gallery and his four children and beautiful grandchildren. Mr. Jeevis’ selfless efforts benefited many and he will be greatly missed by those of us in our community. I ask that the senate adjourn in his memory. Thank you.>>Thank you very much. Senator Moorlach.>>Thank you, Madam President. I’d like to adjourn in memory of Jim de Boom. Jim was an elected official from 1983 to 1996, who served on the Newport Mesa Unified School District Board of Trustees. He was very active in the community. He served for many years as the Director of the Orange County YMCA. He then would serve for more than 20 years as the Executive Director of the Newport Mesa Irvine Interfaith Council. He was the Rotary District Governor for our local area from 1997 to 1998 and would be the columnist for the Daily Pilot as the service club columnist. Just a great contributor to our community in the Newport, Mesa area. He was born on October 7, 1941 in St. Louis Park, Minnesota and he passed away this Monday. Was a graduate of George Williams college and got his masters in counseling from the University of Southern California. He and I enjoyed doing the annual daily pilot community and clubs hall of fame luncheon at the American Legion hall every June. With the proceeds going to explorers Orange County and other organizations that he was very involved with. I just want to keep his wife, Barbara and their daughters in our prayers at this time of loss. Thank you very much, Madam President.>>Thank you. The Senate would like to express our condolences to the family members who have joined us today. We ask all the members to please submit the names to the death so they can be properly memorialized in the daily file. Thank you for that. Any further->>Purposes of announcement?>>Please Senator Wolk, proceed.>>Budget sub two, resources, will meet in room 112 immediately upon adjournment.>>Budget sub two, room 112 upon adjournment. Senator Hancock? Budget sub five will convene in room 113 at 11 o’clock.>>Budget sub five, room 113 at 11 AM. Senator Block.>>Budget sub one in 3191 at 11 AM.>>Budget sub one, room 3191, 11 AM. Senator Roth.>>Thank you Madam President. Budget Sub Floor will convene at 11 A.M. in room 2040.>>Budget Sub Four room 2040, 11 A.M. and Budget Sub Three in room 4203 at 11 A.M.. Any further announcements? Seeing none, if there’s no further business, Mr. DeLeon, the desk is clear.>>Thank you very much. Madame President, Colleagues, have a wonderful and productive weekend. We will see each other come Monday at 2 PM. Thank you very much. I’m sorry, let me take that back. Three PM. Three o’clock come Monday.>>Thank you. The senate with stand in recess until 330 at which time the adjournment will be made. Again, we will reconvene on Monday. At 3 PM. Thank you.

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