2016 Mazda3 vs 2016 Honda Civic

the Honda Civic just won our car of the year award but did you know that's not the first time a compact car has been given that prestigious honor that's right Sammy in 2014 the Mazda 3 was our car of the year so we've brought back the former champion to see if it can still hold its own against the newer Honda Civic that's been getting rave reviews as soon as I get into the mazda3 I remember white one-hour Car of the Year award a few years ago it's so much fun to drive it looks great inside and out and has a ton of great technology but for me it really starts with the interior of this car I love the contrasting cream and black leather interior and there's a ton of small details like this red stitching on the steering wheel and handbrake you're right I do really love the interior I love the tactile feel of the switchgear it feels really nice to use although I do think this plastic carbon fiber trim is a little bit tacky and looks a little bit out of place but the Mazda really isn't about that it's about driving right absolutely this car is so much fun to drive and that's really rare in this class I mean Mazda really made the steering excellent and I just really enjoy driving this car down the road but we've got the 2.5 liter four-cylinder engine that makes 184 horsepower and I was expecting a lot out of the Fen j'en and it just didn't deliver it's a little loud it's rough around the edges and paired to the 6-speed automatic transmission I really wasn't that impressed it holds on to gears a little too long but at least this car has a sport mode and paddle shifters so that you can choose your gear and that's something that Pacific just doesn't offer at all so there aren't a lot of huge downsides the Mazda 3 except we did discover that it consumes more fuel than the Honda Civic it makes driving the average around twenty eight point seven mpg while the Honda got thirty six point two mpg which is a huge difference the Mazda is also not as roomy as the Civic the trunk is smaller and it just doesn't have as much technology right well I mean it does have blind spot monitoring and a heads-up display both things that the Civic doesn't offer but then again both cards do have Lane keep assist and front collision warning and all of that comes in at under $26,000 which i think is a pretty good deal but let's jump into the Honda Civic and see how it compares one of the first things you notice when you start driving the Civic is how much more smooth and refined it is over the Mazda 3 I mean it just feels a lot more upscale and it has ton more technology you know it's got stuff like Lane keep assist active cruise control Android auto apple carplay and that awesome lanewatch camera that's also useful I mean I really love the digital gauge cluster and Android auto but what really stands out to me is just how much more roomy or the Civic is I mean it's got a ton more reader legroom and the trunk is just massive compared to the mass des this definitely is one of the most athletic civics we've seen in a long time but it still doesn't feel as sporty as the Mazda 3 does right so the Civic has really nice steering it's predictable and it has a good on center feel and a really nice weight to it but it just can't match up to the Mazda no I don't think so but what about that engine it's got a really good turbo which means it does have a lot more low-end torque and a lot more passing power and even with that turbo this thing has a fuel sippin CVT transmission and usually those things are a bit loud and dull but I didn't really find that at all in the Civic and I think that's a huge bonus I forget that this is a CVT entirely it doesn't even feel like one oh yeah I totally agree with you the package here features the more refined ride of these two cars and the way it handles potholes and bumps in the road is just fantastic it's above average for the whole class after driving these two cars I'm pretty much convinced the Civic is the go-to for me I mean it really does feel fantastic on the road and it feels like a complete package what do you think I do think it's a class above the Mazda 3 which is saying a lot though because the Mazda 3 is still top-notch in my books both of these are great compact cars and they bring a lot to the table I'm really surprised with the Mazda 3 for being so competitive with a brand new car after all these years it's very true Sammy but if driving is what is more important to you you'll be a lot happier with the Mazda 3 sporty or feel but the Civic is a better all-around car and has a lot of value for someone shopping in this segment it is a little bit more expensive than the Mazda 3 but it's better fuel economy more refined ride and more features really helps justify that higher price

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  1. These 2 teenagers are not very knowledgable so this review is soft at best. Then there's the Civic's styling – the teenagers love it but adults – not so much. It looks like the designers spent too much time playing with their Transformer toys.

  2. your emphasized enthusiasm when speaking is over the top. sure you need voice influction and enthusiasm to carry through, but it needs to sound more naturally (and be less ear grating in the case of the female…)

  3. I know a lot of people don't like the look of the new Civic, but I kinda like it. It's a different direction for Honda, even though it follows a similar design philosophy from their other models (which we're not huge fans of), the Civic actually looks pretty decent.

  4. I didn't drive a new Honda before I bought my 2016 mazda, but I did drive a 2015 Civic. The Civic just didn't compare. Mazda is definitely a lot sportier. And I test drove the lower versions, base models, not the models tested for this video. My Mazda is so far getting about 32 mpg or so, and has tons more power and refined handling – as the reviewers here admitted. I was looking for more of a sporty vehicle that could also be a family car. So I got the hatchback version, which has TONS of cargo space. And at about 140-150 horsepower in a 2.0 liter engine – as opposed to the 2.5 liter tested in this video – I was surprised at how much torque this thing had at the low end. And the Honda doesn't allow for manual shifting in its automatic version like the Mazda does, so you have much more control when you need it in the Mazda. I agree though that the stiff shocks make the car feel a bit bumpier, not as smooth as the Honda. But that's exactly what I wanted, lol, as I wanted a sportier feel and the excellent handling that the Mazda has.

  5. This two hipsters and cars don't go together in the same sentence , let alone a video about cars . They should be better of talking about Starbuck's flavors , Apple shit and a borderless world .

  6. The 3rd gen mazda is still looking good after being out for a few years now, but I really look forward to seeing what they can do with a full redesign. I'm sure 4th gen will have a higher power option.

  7. Sounds like they did city with the Mazda and highway with the civic. I've seen several other reviews and the Mazda gets about 33mpg. So I don't think it's as "huge" a difference as they made it seem. Anyways.

  8. Mazda3 all the way. For car enthusiasts anyway. CVTs suck balls. And in germany you can only get the Honda with the 1.5 Turbo. The Mazda has the slick 2l. Also: Same equipment for around 5k less (germany at least)

  9. Idk how the civic won like there's nothing the Honda has the mazda doesn't. Plus the mazda has a thing called blind spot monitoring I'm not sure why they are so excited about a lanewatch camera which is useless compared to blind spot monitoring where it covers both sides. Civic looses due to lack of a feature or two the mazda has. Sure it has slightly more space but it has a cvt and that's about it.

  10. Test drove both. As a Honda owner, Honda gets a lot of the nuances right – they're always good for implementing a lot of clever features and Honda is all about ergonomics. But I didn't feel like it was far and away the better car. Both of the cars represent a solid value in the class. The 3 is, subjectively, the more handsome car and it really spoils you in the style department. The 3 reminds me of a near-lux German car. Both cars handle very well, have great transmissions for what they are, regardless of which variant you get. I personally give the nod to Mazda overall, but I would easily recommend both. There's no clear winner here – these are two great cars.

  11. I had a dilemma couple of months ago about which of these two to get. Ended up with the mazda3, yes the civic overall is better and i was close to pulling the trigger until i heard the awful engine noise when accelerating. The engine noise the mazda is more tolerable, plus the handling and interior remind of a sports car which pretty much did for me.

  12. i have a 2016 Mazda 3 sport gs and it is completely different from what they are saying about that sedan…also mines manual. i like mine a lot and how it isnt packed with technology.

  13. Would really like a 2017 version of this comparison for the hatchbacks, preferably the Mazda3 2.5 Touring vs the Civic EX or Sport, both in auto.

  14. Yeah I got the mazda 3, best decision ever, the cvt transmission was messing with my brain on the civic, and the mazda 3 felt a little more sporty, test drove them for 2 weeks, just love mazda, hooray to Mazda

  15. The 2017 Mazda 3 looks nicer,don't like the civic's taillight,it looks like a "C".maybe it stands for Civic lol

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