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what's up everybody I'm Honda Lauren today we have an amazing video for you we have the 2016 Honda Civic ext vs. the 2016 Chevy Cruze LT and we're going to see how they stack up against one another so let's get it going as always we want to say thank you to her team Burres Honda of Seekonk for letting us pick out the Civic today but we also want to thank our friends I heard chambers Chevy of Danvers for letting us take out the Cruze today both of these cars got a complete overhaul for 2016 they're packed with tech features and an awesome engine let's start off by comparing the exterior features starting off of the outside is the Chevy Cruze so it has a really nice wide mouth grille chrome throughout taking a lot of cues from the Malibu I also really like the sculpted lip down at the bottom it really adds a little bit of a sporty feel to it LED daytime running lights projector beam headlights moving down along the side 16 inch alloy wheels it also has heated body color side mirrors and door pulls has chrome along the windows on the bottom it has an easy entry system with the push button start and a remote engine start the easy key is actually really cool because you have sensors on all four doors which we were really impressed with moving down along the backside I really like the skull Fitness of the back side the circular kind of brick lights it has a backup camera and one thing that I do like about it is the trim level badging starting off at the outside of the Civic now we chose the awesome rally red I think it looks great front end of the Civic is totally rescaled to for the 10th generation you have the chrome spanning the entire way LED daytime running lights projector beam headlights and fog lights moving down along the sides 17 inch glossy black insert rims I love those I think they just really add something to all the cars body color side mirrors and door pulls the mirror on the right side actually has the lane watch I think that gives fun to such an advantage over the competitors it's a camera mounted on the right hand mirror that gives you an entire view of your blind spot it's awesome I use my everyday smart entry system so sensors on the passenger and Driver door with a push button start and remote start moonroof chrome along the top side of the windows the Civic also has a capless fuel system which is really cool alleviates any sort of check engine light or scratches that could dangle when the cap is dangling moving down along the backside awesome sculpted deck lid spoiler LED c-shaped brake lights backup camera everything now let's take a look under the hood under the hood of the 2016 Chevy Cruze LT is a 1.4 liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine which produces 153 horsepower and 177 foot-pounds of torque it has a six-speed automatic transmission which yield 30 city 42 highway and a combined of 35 miles per gallon under the hood of the 2016 Honda Civic ext is a 1.5 liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine which produces 174 horsepower and 162 foot-pounds of torque it has a CVT transmission which yields 31 city 42 highway in a combined of 35 miles per gallon so both cars have really comparable gas mileage and engine power let's go where you really spend most of your time on the inside and check out the interior features so we're behind the wheel the 2016 Honda Civic this is the EXT trim level the sticker price after destination is going to be twenty three thousand thirty five so everything you're going to get is included it's part of the EXT trim level standard the features in here that stand out to me most the first one is going to be the higher education I think it is awesome it's super bright colorful dynamic and responds if you use the buttons on the steering wheel to go through the prompts there's different features such as phone controls music controls there is the maintenance and your turbo meter and current Drive fuel range current miles per gallon so it's really dynamic and awesome and cool to look at so first off that's the best thing second thing that I really really enjoy is going to be the center console it's raised high so it gives you an amazing amount of storage space like an immense amount it goes all the way down you can set ton of things toothbrushes garbage bags croissants amazingness another thing in the Civic that awesome on this trim level is going to be the automatic dual zone climate controls because I don't know about you but whoever I'm in my car with most they're cold I'm hot so I always want to have different temperatures along with that is the heated seats for me living in New England I use those daily sometimes even in the summer early in the morning I'll put them up the next thing is going to be the touch screen display audio system I think it's awesome including the car play you can't beat that it's great XM radio is also with this trim level I am a huge fan of XM radio last thing that is a real plus for me is going to be moonroof I love when it's great weather I open the moonroof you cruise around it's awesome now let's check out the back seats back seat of the Civic is really really spacious but you know if you watch my videos you know how tall I am you don't have small legs so I'm not the best judge but I do have a lot of headroom I have a lot of legroom it's really spacious it's bright you have a great view and you can see the awesome detailing on the upholstery and it's awesome I love it in your pockets for store space let's check out the trunk space here we are in the trunk space in the Civic you have 15.1 cubic feet of cargo space I think it's actually pretty spacious back there and it has the pass-through so you have a 60/40 split you put anything in there now we're going to look at the cruise now we're behind the wheel the 2016 Chevy Cruze this is the LT model and it has the convenience package it's a eleven hundred and fifty dollar extra so at the end of it all after destination fees the Chevy Cruze LT is going to cost twenty three thousand two hundred and five so well a little less than two hundred dollars more like one hundred and seventy dollars more than the Civic so what you get when you get that convenience package is the easy key system the push-button start the remote entry stuff like that the MA okay the the main features in the cruise that I really like I think standout first one is going to be there's chrome accents throughout I really like it it adds like an upscale feel to it on the steering wheel around the air vents on the side doors and the shifter knob I love that I think it's a really nice feel second thing that I think is exceptional in the Chevy is going to be the my Chevy display it's a touchscreen display it's super responsive it changes quickly and it has the car plate and XM radio which I love another thing that I think is really cool about Chevy is going to be the OnStar they give you six months of the premium sort of subscription and then five years of a basic subscription and what you get is turn-by-turn navigation it's really cool and it's like a kind like roadside assistance and crash help stuff like that I think it's really cool very beneficial another thing that you get with the convenience package that I like is going to be the power seat I think that's really nice and it also it's super dynamic so when you pull up on the bar actually gives you like a behind the knee lift it's awesome if it's super super comfortable and last thing that I really liked the design about the Chevy Cruze is gonna be the key isn't that so cool it's kind of like a flat touchpad I love it now let's take a look at the backseat backstage of the chevy cruze it is super spacious it's a little bit the seats it's kind of reminds me of I think when we were in the backseat of the Corolla the seats are really high so you're neat it's a little awkward so it's not as comfortable as the Civic but a lot of space a lot of headroom a lot of legroom and very visual very spacious now take a look at the trunk the trunk on the Chevy Cruze looks huge maybe just cuz it's super long so it's actually a little bit smaller than the Civic it's 13.9 cubic feet so you know smaller but it I don't know has the illusion that it looks bigger and have the fold down seats through the 60/40 split so super spacious so you may have amazing exterior features and you might have awesome tech but when it all boils down to is what it feels like behind the wheel so let's take it out on the road and we can really get a comparison so by the wheel the 2016 Honda Civic and I just love driving them I really like the atmosphere I enjoy being behind the wheel and the feel of it and I think it's super cozy and like I always say like how the center console comes up really high you just feel kind of like cozy and tucked in and really really safe the new turbo engine is just the only way to go if you're going to get one of these civics it's so responsive and quick it's leaps and bounds over the previous generations engine it's totally like a whole a hundred percent different car so remind the wheel the 2016 Chevy Cruze and Brian drove this from Danvers Seekonk and hated it but I actually don't think it's that bad I think it's really comfortable the the engines really responsive I think it has a lot of pickup and it's aesthetically pleasing I like it something that is different for me is this Chevy Cruze has an auto stop an auto engine stop so whenever you get to a stop being stopped for a few seconds the engine actually turns off it's very different for me and then a seamless as I would have hoped it would be sort of like the elite pilot it's a little bit more of a smooth transition so not super favorable and I don't think you can turn it off and that was a comparison video for the 2016 Honda Civic ext and the 2016 Chevy Cruze LT thank you to her team responder Seekonk for letting us take out the Civic today and thank you to our friends at herb chamber Chevy of Danvers for letting us take out the Cruze so I think when it all boils down to it both are great compact sedan options affordable packed with features but say at the end of a 72 month long which would you rather have sitting in your driveway might be the Civic for me don't forget to like our video and subscribe to our channel we have videos coming all the time I'm Honda Laura and I'll see you next time

38 thoughts on “2016 Honda Civic vs. 2016 Chevy Cruze Comparison | Herb Chambers Honda

  1. This is unfair comparison. The Honda civic won NA car of the year 😂. And it holds its value more than a chevy.

  2. just wait for 7 to 10 years and see which one is getting rusted first !! and I'm assuming probably the Chevy Cruz will be falling apart in about 8 years the sing of rust will be obvious. the same goes for GM Trucks as well !!

  3. Chevrolet company must be kick off from earth to another galaxy
    Because that company made my dream like trash………
    I hate Chevy.

  4. You Didn't Say The Chevy Cruze Back Seats Fold Down So You Can Sleep Half Way In The Trunk. I Put A Cushon From A Coleman Popup Camper In My 2012 ECO CHEVY CRUZE I Slept In My Car really Good 12 Nights No 50.00 To 250.00 A Night Motels

  5. I love the interior of the Honda. I own a Cruze similar to this. The Honda definitely has some pros over the Cruze but man do I love driving the Cruze and the styling. It’s simply such an amazing car. A year later and I’m still keeping it looking new. Not to mention the drive is so damn smooth!!

  6. I owned a 2012 Cruze and it was BAD….REALLY BAD. It turned me off to GM, after owning 4 of them, will never own another…I don't care what the new Cruze is like. Bought a 2017 Honda Civic EX-T, 2,700 miles currently…it's too early to say it's reliable but loving the handling, braking, MPG, and acceleration with the turbo. Shift it into "S" mode and it feels dangerous almost. Happy with my Honda, goodbye Chevy!

  7. Cruze is way more beautiful than Civic and I like the Auto stop mode its beat the Civic cause of that's because it's a real plus on gas saving and auto stop is the new shit.

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