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what's up Honda fans I am Honda Laura on March 15th 2016 Honda released the Civic Coupe and nine days later this one showed up on our lot so we are going to take a look at it and do our review so let's get it going a special shout-out to her chambers Honduras econ thank you for letting us take out the new civic coupe today beautiful scenery here brought to you by the skin rejuvenation elite Spa in Rehoboth massachusetts if you're interested in some of their info link below when Honda first released the Civic Coupe Concept I was totally pumped but you know as with many concepts they don't really look like that in production when they come out and to my surprise pleasant surprise the second OOP look just like that it has that awesome arc taillight bar so cool let's take a look at all those other exterior features starting off this is the LX p model it is the trim level situated between the LX and the ext and it has an MSRP of 20000 850 starting off at the top the front end is the nice new aggressive 10th generation it has chrome grille spinning the whip it has LED daytime running lights on ultra models and this one has projector beam halogen headlights coming around the side 16 inch alloy wheels are available on LX and the LX P and then you get 17 s and you jump up a little bit more body colored side mirrors and door poles I love that I hate black matte pulse there is chrome along the window sill this one has a moonroof on the LX p LX p jumping up from the Alex also gives you the smart entry system and the push to start coming down along the side you'll see all those beautiful sophisticated lines it's so much more elegant than the ninth generation and along the back my favorite part is the arc tail light bar with those si brake light bars and their LED bars so how can it get any cooler than that let's take a look under the hood under the hood of this 2016 civic coupe the LX p model which again is situated between the LX and the ext model has a 2-liter four-cylinder Ivy Tech engine which produces 158 horsepower it has a CVT transmission and that yields 30 city 41 highway in a combined of 34 miles per gallon so just pick up one trim level is about fourteen hundred and fifty dollars that will bring you to the ext model which along with all of the extra tech features the display audio system the car play Android auto you will also get the 1.5 liter turbo engine with the CVT transmission so not only we will get 16 more horsepower but you'll get a super fun driving experience in my opinion I think that's a little bit worth it but let's take a look at the interior features starting off up front on the LX P model you do get that TFT digital gauge cluster but the steering wheel it's new its redesigned it's so comfortable I love it I love the layout because I like the 3 I don't like the 4 I think that the the Accords and the old pilots and the Odysseys had I like this 3 3-point steering wheel the buttons are new located I didn't like how you pull forward I love that these are right here you push them for your Bluetooth you have the audio controls and the cruise controls the lxp model also has automatic headlights I love that I think that's a really beneficial thing the fuel system is catalyst which i think is really cool it's a nice high-end feature you don't have to have any worries of any check engine lights on or the cap dangling and scratching the side of your car I think that's a really cool upscale feature that they did moving to the center console I love the new design center console they put the econ button from over to the left down here so now you use your right hand to activate it I think that's much more much more designed well you also have the electronic parking brake right up at the front here I like to that it's higher up so when you get in the Civic you kind of feel like tucked in and you have a little space and you have a nice big center console here and you're kind of like tucked in the center console is humongous it's gigantic is cupholders in here there's a huge wheel that goes all the way down you can fit six Big Macs an adult coloring book and a 24 pack of trash bags in here totally comfortably moving to the tech aspect of the Civic Coupe the LX P model the LX and the LX p models have the 5 inch LCD audio screen for 160 watt sound system it is a little lacking but you do get all the same connectivity so bluetooth streaming a USB connectivity so you can't do any sort of streaming that you want you have the FM and the AM radio and if you notice there is no CD anymore also on the five inch LCD you get back up camera standard I love the back up camera I think it's super super useful I use mine every day it's very very specious up here in the front seat it's very light airy visible it's super comfortable like I said before I feel pumped in and really comfy comfy comfy let's you go to the back seats alright so holy there is a ton of space back here I mean like I said before I'm only five three and a half so you know I'm not the greatest gauge for legroom because I have little legs but damn there's a ton of fit back here and there's cupholders and you can see the really cool two-tone seats a little bit I feel like it's super bright you can see everything I have a lot of headroom I mean I am short but I do have a lot of headroom it's super clean here look at it look at how much space there is it's very very comfortable let's take off the trunk space damn Daniel look at all that cargo space look at all that cargo space there's 12 cubic feet of cargo space back here look at all that I could put a ton of shopping bags in there I can put a suitcase back put two suitcases back there I can put a bunch of things back that I could probably put and open up the 60/40 split with the seats and I could probably put a paddleboard in there with the paddle and the board inner life jacket and my dog's life jacket and make a day out of it and a picnic basket uh-huh let's take it on the road and see how awesome it looks out there so we're driving on these backcountry roads this is very close to the dealership so we've driven these roads many many times in many different cars and I have to say that this car is a great ride on these bumpy hilly roads it's really quiet really soft and the CVT is perfect for this car driving the tenth generation sedan Civic it was easy to say that the coupe is going to be awesome as well they both have the same pretty much driving impressions quiet smooth just really fun to drive quick even if you go for like an LX LX p model it's still great value you get all kinds of stuff they look great and it's fun to drive listen to that CVT oh yeah I do really like this car totally drive one if I didn't live in New England with snow and not really great at driving in the snow so that was our review for the 2016 Honda Civic Coupe lxp model you saw how awesome it was outside inside how much fun and what's the dress and how good-looking it is it can't get any better than that I think that they are just perfect so thank you to her chambers Honda of Seekonk for letting us take it out thank you to the elite skin rejuvenation spot for letting us use your beautiful location I'm on to Laura and I will see you next time hey hey that was a review Oh Heather you yeah this is the coop

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  1. I hated living in MA for 8 years, finally back in S. FL πŸ™‚ the snowy Christmas was the only good thing about NE

  2. I love my 16 LXP Coupe. I still drool a bit looking at the 17 and 18s, but that doesn't mean I'm not smiling like a fool every time I get in my car.

    Maybe in a year or two I'll trade up for a 19 accord or civic.

  3. Hi Laura ,, really your a very clear explanations melted my heart ,,,,anyway A hearty Greetings from Kurdistan- northern iraq

  4. Do you also have dent above back passenger doors of the car ? Because in Turkey there are so many FC5 owners faced this problem and Honda Turkey does not accept that the problem is themselves etc. What about Honda Civic Sedans in U.S. ???

  5. I really love the way you demonstrate the car, Honda Laura! I don't have to move to Massachusetts to see the TV commercials; I can watch them on YouTube! The world needs more people like you!

  6. love this Amazing Women, she is always full of energy, and funny. lol I gotta say short girls are the best Laura. πŸ™‚

  7. How on earth does one clean the inside of the back window with such a steep angle? It looks like a liftback. Should have just made it a liftback.

  8. Hi Honda Laura, would you know why in Indonesia or Malaysia not exactly which asian country Honda labels their turbo asa Vtec engine?

  9. I just wish Honda would make an LX-P version on the sedan because I like that it has smart entry with push button start and moonroof without the touchscreen and display on EX and higher models. Good review though!!!

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