2016 Honda Civic 1.5 Liter Turbo 0-60 MPH Test Video

24 thoughts on “2016 Honda Civic 1.5 Liter Turbo 0-60 MPH Test Video

  1. Will not buy a CVT arhat fake shifts.
    They’re slower and less economical.
    CVT was designed to get rid of shifts completely, so simulating shifts completely and utterly voids the reason to get a CVT.
    If manufacturers could just be smart enough to put a simple goddamn button to enable or disable, I would actually consider, but until then, HELL no.

  2. A stock 2015 mustang v6 on sport do around 6 sec but 7 sec for a small engine Honda, ain’t bad at all…

  3. Ummm… you are supposed to start counting when you step on the pedal, not when it starts to lag-accelerate…

  4. I guess no one else timed it, but these numbers are 10-10.5 seconds not the stated ~7. The transition from idle to highest revs for that gear starts earlier than I guess they started timing.

  5. I see some very ignorant comments about this car. First of all, the civic has always come as two main types; the 4 door and the coup. What is shown here is the coup, more specifically called the Civic EX-T with a CVT. The EX-Ts can either come stock with a CVT or a manual. It's the 4 door sedans that only come as CVT. Also people fail to understand what CVTs are built for. They're not built for speed, they're built to get the best efficiency for the amount of power you want to put down. Sport mode is plenty fast. I don't need anything to have a 0-60 faster than 7 secs.

  6. We shouldn't expect a 35mpg car to get to 60 in 5.xx secs. This is actually pretty fast for it's fuel economy

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