2016 / 2017 Honda Civic Turbo & Touring Review and Road Test | DETAILED in 4K UHD!!

if you're a regular subscriber here at Alex and autos you're probably wondering why we're taking a look at the 2016 Honda Civic again the reason is that I've received a ton of emails and comments and questions asking about the 1.5 liter turbocharged engine that's under the hood of the ext EXL and this top-end Touring trim and of course a heap of emails especially about this top-end Touring trim that we decided to give it another look because my video review of the Civic with the 2-liter four-cylinder engine is so new this video will be a little bit different and it's going to focus primarily on this top-end Touring trim obviously the biggest difference up front for the Touring model are these full LED headlamps that you're seeing right here they do have the turn signal on that side on so you can see what that looks like as well at first glance these headlamps do look an awful lot like the Acura Jul style LED headlamps that we see in the ILX the TLX cetera however these are actually LED reflectors and there are multiple LEDs in a line all the way across multiple different little reflector modules that is a little bit different than we see in the acura lineup but the exterior look is somewhat similar the Touring model gets fog lamps but these are not LEDs they are just regular old halogen bulbs to the left of that on this video you will see a little blank out right there and that's because we also have the radar adaptive cruise control system that's also not unique to the Touring model because you can now get radar adaptive cruise control even on the base LX trim for this generation Civic they have gone for more of a four-door coupe style to the side profile that does limit rear seat Headroom just a little bit you'll notice that the roofline does drop towards the rear it also means we have a very small trunk lid back here because they've tried to push this as far back as possible I can see a little bit of audi a7 and a little bit of Volvo s60 in this design the rear end is perhaps the biggest departure for this Civic versus previous generations you can see that we have these very stylized tail lamps that do wrap over from the trunk all the way onto the body right here and then curve back in towards the trunk itself even in this top and touring model we don't have visible exhaust tips right here under the bumper cover but we do have a very small spoiler on top of the trunk lid as I said the big reason for looking at the Civic again is right here under the hood because instead of the standard 2-liter four-cylinder engine that produces 158 horsepower and 138 pound-feet of torque we get this all-new 1.5 litre turbocharged engine this produces 174 horsepower and 162 pound-feet of torque now unlike the 2-liter engine this is only mated to the CVT at this time or continuously variable transmission although Honda does imply that they may offer a manual transmission with this engine at a later date the big deal with this engine is not just that we get more power and more torque but the torque especially is much more usable than in that base 2 liter engine turbochargers really help broaden the torque band on an engine and that's definitely what we see going on here this is significantly faster than that base 2 liter 4-cylinder engine fuel economy is actually not that bad either in fact the lowest fuel economy in the Civic is actually going to be with the base engine and the six-speed manual transmission that comes in at 31 miles per gallon combined the 1.5 liter turbocharged engines 35 miles per gallon combined is essentially the same as the EPA score for the 2-liter four-cylinder engine however in real world driving you may get a little bit lower with this particular engine depending on how heavy your foot is like other Honda models I've always found the seats in the Civic quite comfortable but there is a little bit of a problem in this particular vehicle and that is that we don't have an adjustable lumbar support even in this top and touring trim however the Touring trim does give you a power passenger seat but the range of motion is more limited than we find over here on the driver as with the regular Civic the seat does move a decent amount rearward and we do have a tilt telescopic steering column with a large range of motion that does make it easier for taller or shorter drivers to find an ideal driving position that said however you may find some of the competition's seats to be more comfortable especially because they are offering two way adjustable lumbar support in things like the Elantra or the Kia Forte if you get those top-end trims the only real change in the back for the touring model is the inclusion of outboard heated rear seats you will find the control right here between the front seats in the center console that means that the seat bottom cushion is still a little bit close to the ground for adults but it is going to be more comfortable for children however for my height you'll notice I really don't have any thigh support going on here however because the seat bottom cushion is closer to the ground even though we do have this sexy side profile I do have an adequate amount of headroom our model does have the sunroof and my head is just barely brushing the ceiling as we see in the regular Civic cargo capacity is excellent back here you can even put 24-inch roller bags in this upright position and still close the trunk lid on the inside we have two-way adjustable headrests for the driver and front-passenger and we also have height adjustable seat belts we don't see quite as many changes on the inside of the Civic for the touring trim as we do see in some of the upper level trims of the competition we do have these unique leather seats over here we still have to adjust double headrests and height adjustable seat belts although the leather seats are perforated in the Touring model they're not ventilated like we do see in some of the competition these are just heated seats on the front and the outboard seats in the rear are also heated the Touring model gets the up level audio system so we do have a center channel speaker in the dashboard that's why we have that little grate right there right above the two large central air vents below that we have the touchscreen infotainment system that we also saw in that last Civic review that I posted the main thing to know of course with the Touring trim is that everything that is optional on the lower end trims becomes standard on this trim so of course we do have Android auto and apple carplay support as you can see right there in addition to that we also have the integrated navigation system that's accessed by this clicking navigation right there on that particular menu you can see this is that Garmin style integrated navigation software also standard is to zone automatic climate control get this climate button right here to see the climate readouts on the display above where we have all these physical buttons below we have a storage cubby right here it is quite deep and there is a small pass-through right behind there to the compartment actually below the centre console where you'll find the USB input as you can see you can easily fit a smartphone right there inside that area there's even some cable management help control your cable tangle we have a traditional console shifter right here with drive down sport below that and then lo all the way to the back the center console sports a different design than we see in the competition we have a center armrest right here that slides forward and backward and then the outboard portions this are also soft touch there's nothing hard to bang your elbow on although it does feel a little bit odd with this seam right here now this lid also opens you have to slide it all the way to the back in order to find this little lever right there that opens and you have a storage area underneath the storage area is a little interesting as well because we can fit a wallet or something like that on the small tray and the small tray actually slides forward and backward it does come completely out as well you'll also find a cup holder right here that slides forward and backward it's also completely removable from the vehicle Honda's new partial LCD instrument cluster is definitely more fitting with the upscale image that this ture model is trying to project we have this large seven-inch LCD right in the middle of this that gives you most of the gauge readouts that screen is controlled via these buttons right over here on the steering wheel we use this button to change the page then you can use this joystick right here to select options or interact with men use the LCD instrument cluster is dominated by this large tech oven of course we have a digital speedometer right there in the middle we have infotainment information available right in the middle or we can change pages and see things like our cell phone integration you'll also find fuel economy information we have trip a and trip be displayed right there along with the instant fuel economy we have a turbo gauge to show you what boost you're generating from the turbo and of course we have a navigation display because our model does have the built-in navigation on the right side of the display you'll notice we have a little icon right here showing us the status of our radar adaptive cruise control system as well as our lane keeping assistance system on the left side of the steering wheel we again have that multifunction joystick arrangement this controls not just that multifunction display but also the infotainment system in the center of the dashboard that page change button I showed you earlier dedicated phone hang up and pickup button this is also used as a back button in the infotainment display and a voice command button this volume button is actually kind of interesting right here because it's not just a toggle where we can go up or down it's also a touch slider so you can actually slide your finger right along those bumps and raise the volume up or down on the right side of the steering wheel we have the controls for the radar adaptive cruise control system turn it on and off with the main button you can set the speed increase or decrease you can change the following distance with this button right here and you can enable or disable the lane keeping assistance system with that little steering button the steering wheel itself is a three spoke design we have this large spoke right down there at the bottom it's a round steer wheel but it does have large sport grips right up top the important thing to remember about the turbocharged Civic out on the road is that this is kind of a unicorn in this segment this is a turbocharged vehicle with a continuously variable transmission the key takeaway here however is that this is not a Civic Si it's not even trying to be a luxury Civic Si this is just sort of a different kind of civic in terms of acceleration this is very different than the regular Civic we ran from 0 to 60 in 6 point six seconds which is very fast for this segment in fact that's only a hair slower than the last civic SI that we tested first a civic SI would require you to be very dedicated on the manual transmission this is going to give you six point six seconds every time this is a full one point five seconds faster than the last Kia Forte e.x we tested it's right about the same speed zero to sixty as the brand new Kia Forte sx five door but that five door is a hatchback it's not quite the same thing as this regular old Civic sedan the fastest zero to 60 time is due to the very broad torque curve we get thanks to the turbocharger and of course thanks to the CVT because especially if you put this in low mode and you just floor it hangs out right there at around 6000 rpm where it's producing the maximum oomph generally in cars with small engines and continuously variable transmissions when you're hill climbing the engine is hanging out at a high rpm quite frequently that's not going on with this small turbocharged engine however because we get an awful lot more low-end torque so thanks to the turbocharger this vehicle can actually crank out more torque at lower rpms that means you get a little bit less droning in the cabin because the Turing model doesn't really get wider tires in the average civic braking distances are very similar at 119 feet 62 0 that's still very very good for this category and definitely stops shorter than most of the other entries out there handling in the Civic is absolutely excellent and the additional hundred fifty pounds or so between the base LX model this top-end Touring trim really doesn't seem to dull that at all in fact out here on these winding California mountain roads I thought this vehicle had wider tires than it actually does we really only have 215 with tires there although the Civic of course uses electric power steering we get a little bit more feedback from the steering rack than you find in your average entry in this segment the handling field crown still goes to the Mazda 3 because we get even more feedback from the front wheels that we find in the Civic but this does very well for this segment even though most versions of the Civic way under 3000 pounds the ride is still quite good for a car like this the suspension is very well designed and soaks up bumps even in the corners and the suspension never feels unsettled because the suspension is largely unchanged between the last model that we tested and this touring model even the ride out here on these rough gravel roads is still very well composed this is definitely not like a civic SI for instance which is an awful lot stiffer previous generations of the Honda Civic haven't been as quiet as some of the competition in terms of overall cabin noise but that has improved for this generation I do have to say however that this turbocharged engine is not quite as smooth sounding as the larger 2-liter naturally aspirated engine we also get a very slight hint of turbocharger noise inside the cabin although my ear finds the noises the turbochargers make very pleasant I do have to knock this down to Abby because we do get a little bit more cabin noise although the EPA says that the combined fuel economy figures for the regular Civic and the turbocharged Civic are essentially identical if you get the continuously variable transmission in real world driving this is likely going to be a little bit lower and that's just something that we see in most turbocharged vehicles out there turbochargers of course give you more power and more torque but doing so requires more fuel so there's no free lunch here just because this has a smaller displacement the naturally aspirated engine if you're going to use all of that power you're going to be consuming more fuel now that said we have still been averaging 32 miles per gallon in this turbocharged Civic and that is significantly better than you're going to get in the larger engines in the competition thanks to the continuously variable transmission this even gets better fuel economy than the Mazda 3 with its 2.5 liter engine even though we're actually getting better performance in this than you do in the Mazda if you've watched my channel for any length of time then you know that I am generally a fan of continuously variable transmissions and turbocharged engines the two technologies definitely give you improved acceleration and improved fuel economy but they may feel a little bit unusual if you're used to a traditional steped automatic in addition to having a little bit of turbo lag it also takes a little bit more time for this drivetrain to shift from a high ratio to a low ratio to help improve that acceleration however once that happens this actually feels perhaps a little bit more like an electric car because you just sort of get this wave of acceleration that just continues and continues thanks not only to the turbocharger but also to the continuously variable transmission now this particular CVT is programmed to imitate transmission shifts depending on the mode that you're in so if you just leave it in Drive any floor or you have it in sport mode it's going to try and shift like a regular automatic transmission but that actually reduces your 0 to 60 times you'll actually get about a 110 or 2/10 of a second improvement if you put it in low and have the transmission just hang out there at about 6,000 rpm maximum boost from the turbocharger that's going to be the fastest way to 60 with the 2016 civic touring Honda is marching to a slightly different drummer than many of the competitors because this comes in at just twenty six thousand five hundred dollars for the top and trim and there are no options on the touring model you just select your color and that's all that you can select it kind of an unusual twist that means this is significantly less expensive than a number of the competitors with the 1.5 liter turbocharged engine under the hood that number of competitors is also quite small the reason for that is that the touring is not just about the luxury features we see on the inside it's also about the performance that we see under the hood 0 to 60 in six point six seconds is only a hair behind the last generation Honda Civic Si and significantly ahead of what we see in something like the brand new 2017 Elantra because it does not get an engine upgrade for its top and limited trim let's start out our comparisons with the Mazda 3 it's going to be about three thousand dollars more expensive than this top-end Civic Touring now I do have to admit that I find the Mazda 3 s interior a little bit more comfortable it's also a little bit more pleasing to my eye in terms of style but the price difference is quite large the Mazda 3 is also not going to get the same kind of fuel economy that we see out of this vehicle if you do get that larger engine in that top and three and it's also going to be slower zero to sixty is about a full second slower than this Civic that we've tested right here you can really thank the CVT and the turbocharger that we find in this for that massive difference in performance admittedly CBTs are not as engaging as the six-speed automatic transmission that we do see in the Mazda however a full second difference 0 to 60 is pretty large and I would take this engine transmission over the one we see there in the Mazda simply because of that large difference in performance some of that large price difference between the Mazda 3 and the Civic can be seen in the way that the options are packaged over here in the Civic and of course over there in the Mazda on the Honda side the touring comes just one way basically everything that's optional on all the other civic models is standard on this particular vehicle and then we get a few extra things that are on this touring model only you also need to keep in mind that Honda has been very aggressive with their active safety systems which they're now calling Honda sensing that bundles a whole bunch of their active safety systems including radar adaptive cruise control and their collision mitigating braking system in even based models of the Civic that means you can actually get a Civic for around twenty thousand dollars with radar adaptive cruise control you just can't find that in any of the competition by putting Honda sensing even on the base model of civic Honda has really driven the price tag of that package very very low that's part of the difference we see between this and the Mazda the rest of the difference can be seen in some of the options that we do see in the Mazda that are not available in this vehicle now the Mazda uses HID headlamps not LED headlamps but they do steer in the corner so that does take up some of that difference in addition you can find Mazdas I loop regenerative braking system in the Mazda 3 which gives you a very very tiny bump in terms of your fuel economy Mazda also offers you a very tiny heads-up display that's positioned right behind the driver steering wheel however I would personally take the Civic's LCD instrument cluster over that heads-up display because I didn't find it too useful on the flip side of things the Mazda 3 is going to be more engaging than the Civic I really like the way the Civic steered and I really like the way it handled and felt out on the road but the Mazda 3 is that next step up I haven't been able to spend very much time inside the 2017 Hyundai Elantra and we don't have a full video review on that car up yet however it's priced very similarly to this Honda Civic touring the big differences would be that the Hyundai Elantra goes a little bit further in terms of interior comforts than we see in this particular model you can get things like ventilated seats you have the adjustable driver's side lumbar support making the seats a little bit more comfortable for me however we get significantly less power under the hood because when you step up into that top and a launch or model they do nothing to the engine so we get the same engine basically same transmission that we see in the lower end models and therefore this is going to be significantly faster you'll find a few more gadgets and gizmos inside the cabin of the Hyundai it's also going to be a little bit quieter out on the road than this Civic right here however the Civic is going to be significantly faster it's going to feel better out on the road it's also going to handle a hair better than that Elantra the current Kia Forte is getting a little bit old but they do have a top-end e.x model and you can load it up to features that are very similar to what we see over here on a Civic in terms of price tag the Civic and the Forte are very similarly although you may find greater dealer discounts over there on the Kia side because we do expect it to be refreshed somewhat soon some of the big differences between the forte in this top and Civic are what you could call luxury options we get the apple carplay and android auto system inside this cabin we don't see that yet in the forte the forte has power folding sideview mirrors this one has LED headlamps the forte does however have one thing that I really like that we don't find in the Civic and that would be that two-way adjustable driver's side lumbar support on the downside for the Forte it doesn't handle as well as the Civic it doesn't feel as engaging out on the road and the interior definitely is looking a little bit old compared to this model right here the Civic also has a very very functional trunk that we don't see to the same extent in the Kia in addition the Civic gives us a more practical cargo area in the back than we find in the Kia and significantly better fuel economy now for perhaps the trickiest question that I have been asked is the 2016 civic touring a discount Acura ILX in some ways the answer is yes but in some ways the answer is no you see although the Acura ILX is based off of a Honda Civic it's actually based off of the last generation Civic even though it was refreshed right here in 2016 as well in all likelihood you can actually thank the Acura ILX for the very reasonable price tag that we see on this top and civic touring because the ILX starts at twenty-seven thousand nine hundred dollars that's not too far from this top end twenty six thousand five hundred dollar price tag on first glance the Civic touring and the ILX may look very very similar because especially of this multi LED headlamp array we see on the Civic however under the hood they are very very different this uses a 1.5 liter turbocharged engine and a continuously variable transmission and the ILX uses a naturally aspirated four-cylinder engine that's actually a little bit more closely related to what we see in the Acura TLX it also uses an 8-speed dual-clutch transmission not a CVT like we see here the comparison between the Civic and the ILX is very much the same as comparing basically every mass-market entry to a luxury vehicle you're going to pay more for the features that we see inside this Honda Civic over there in the Acura ILX so if you want the radar adaptive cruise control the navigation etc in that LX you'll pay more than you will in this Civic right here obviously the big difference between the ILX and the Civic is going to be the ILX is a luxury vehicle so it's going to have a luxury car dealer experience it's going to have a luxury car warranty experience which is going to be longer than we find over here on the Civic it also is going to drive a little bit different because Honda and Acura have tuned the vehicles quite differently the ILX definitely has a more sporting nature you could actually get wider tires on it and the vehicle in general just feels more engaging with the driver that 8-speed dual-clutch transmission is one of my absolute favorite transmissions at the moment it is lightning fast it's almost as fast as ZF 8-speed automatic transmission and the vehicle overall just feels sort of like a luxury version of a Honda Civic Si this does not have that same sort of engaging feel it has a CVT it has an awful lot of power it's definitely quick at six point six seconds zero to 60 but the ILX is actually a little bit faster and the engagement feel is not quite the same this definitely is good for the mass-market compact sedan category it compares very well with things like the Hyundai Elantra the Ford Focus etc but that ilex is just a different kind of animal the real question of course will be is the acura with the price difference because it does start over $1,500 more expensive than this model right here and it will continue on up to about $8,000 more than a comparably equipped Civic even though we do get more power and a longer warranty out of the acura whether or not it's worth it is really going to be a personal decision in my mind the toughest competitor for the Civic Touring is actually right on the Honda lot it would be the honda accord EXL at just over $28,000 it is not that much more expensive than a civic Touring but you get considerably more car for that $2,000 the Accord has a significantly larger trunk a significantly larger backseat a significantly more comfortable driver's seat as well the Civic and the Accord are styled very similarly to one another in this latest generation of the two sedans however the Accord definitely looks a little bit more grown-up on the inside and on the outside although the EXL would not get you navigation for that price it will give you apple carplay and android auto so you can bring your own navigation because personally I didn't use the navigation system in this vehicle during the week although I did use car play an awful lot although the Accord has a little bit more power under its hood it's also a little bit heavier and it doesn't have a turbo charger therefore it has a slightly less advantageous torque curve that's really what's going on with the zero to sixty time in this vehicle as I said earlier that advantageous torque curve is the main reason that the zero to sixty time in this vehicle is so much different than what we find over there in the Accord because the court is really quite light for a midsize sedan it's only about two hundred and fifty pounds heavier than the Civic that we've been driving here my bottom line with 2016 Civic touring is that this is definitely my pick in this compact sedan category I would take this over the Mazda 3 I would also take this over the brand-new Hyundai Elantra Touring and the current generation Kia Forte I value the performance and the fuel economy in the engaging driving field that we see in this vehicle especially over most of the competition however I have to say that if my money were on the line and I wasn't specifically looking for a vehicle this size I would actually take the Honda Accord instead of the Honda Civic as I said before I think the Accord is the toughest competitor for the Honda Civic and it's sitting right there on the same dealer lot as this car things taking time to check out this video again I'm Alex dykes be sure and check out that full review on the 2016 Honda Accord with its base engine you'll find that on my channel as well go ahead and click down there on those related videos hit that subscribe button if you haven't already done so be sure and comment on this video tell me what you liked and didn't like about the 2016 Honda Civic touring and I'll see you next week

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  1. Civics and crv with 1.5 turbo have huge issue with oil dilution. Dealers pretend like its not a big deal at all or do much to fix. Research before you buy.

  2. Hi Alex, Can you please review 2019 Civic Touring. It may handle batter with 235/40 18 tires but wanted to know if ride quality is highly compromised or not? And also if overall performance is better

  3. Bought this car 2 years ago in college. Sold it after graduation and got an $51k BMW 330xi. 6 months in I still miss my civic.

  4. Excellent review. You are the first reviewer I have seen that describes the synergistic mating of a CVT with a small displacement turbo engine. Up until this review, I had ruled out CVT. Now I am considering it.


  5. CVT-haters — a good driver can drive any damn transmission and make it fun. If you're feeling rubber bands in your CVTs, then there's a real rubber band behind the wheel. 😉

  6. I just picked up a used TLX but I kind of wish I went with this touring Civic instead. Maybe a trade is in my future.

  7. Turbos are fun and all, but very hard on the engine, and the turbo itself has a big price tag when it fails. Reg aspirated, non turbo cars will still be on the road, when these are done.

  8. I've owned the EX-t version of this car for almost 2 years now. I use it to commute to work daily and I've had absolutely zero problem with it so far! However, my cousin who has the Touring model did suffer one infotainment malfunction but Honda took care of that with some software updates and it hasn't come back since.

  9. Been driving the new 2017 civic touring for a full day now. The Honda sense is nice, but totally unnecessary. In the end, I disabled all mine. Don’t need it. I’m disappointed it doesn’t come with sport shift, while the corolla comes standard in their sport model. Performance is ok, it I’m coming from a turbo charged Kia Optima.

    The touring model looks so much better than their lower model versions. I swear they look like a cross between an Acura and a Mercedes for the touring model. The wheels make a big difference and the bold lines with the led headlamps add the aggressive look that makes people turn heads. I’ve gotten several comments from random people already on my touring model. Yes, they’re attention grabbers. I live in SoCal so people here take notice. Went to target and as soon as I got out, a couple commented how smoking nice it looks. Can’t wait to get the windows tinted. It’ll look even better than it already is. Wow!! Got home and neighbors took notice. Came over and checked it out. All say it’s a sweet looking car. One of their teenage sons want one for a graduation gift hahahahahahaha. I’m still playing with it and there are quite a few settings to play with. The civic sits low so that’s something I need to get use to. The remote start was totally unnecessary, but came with the car. I’ll never use it. A lot of features. Most, a little too much. I mainly got the touring model for the looks. That’s it.

  10. Great looking compact. I’m reading up on this because I’m scheduled to get a new car this upcoming weekend. And the civic touring may be the one I get.

  11. I had adjustable lumbar support in my 1987 Dodge Daytona. It should be a standard feature, especially on a high end trim.

  12. really love this new civic touring sadly i cannot afford the monthly cost though i think i will start saving my money

  13. I've got a base model 5-series and this is cheaper and nicer than my car. Considering switching over really badly since my first car was a Civic and this is a beast of its own.

  14. I am thinking Touring or EX-L which one I can find under 20k. I did see one EX-L under it today but maybe in a few months their will have some Touring for under 20k with under 20k miles I will trade in my Mercedes C300 for 12k and pay 8k for the touring or ex-l.

  15. I must say that your videos are addicting.. I have yet to find any other reviews to be so organized as yours. You certainty do not lack information on any of your videos. Well done.

  16. Another great review, Alex. I'm glad you mentioned the turbo using more gas than the naturally aspirated. I've owned two turbos, and agree they burn more whenever you put your foot in it. They're OK with a light foot, but that defeats the purpose of buying a turbo-charged engine. Personally, I'd rather get a car with a V6 for the power or one with a I-4 for the economy.

  17. Actually the ride can be better and really depends on where you drive. The cabin noise is not that bad when you have normal sound levels of music.

  18. I would purchase a Civic EX-L with Honda Sensing. Saves $1,800 over the Touring and you have more trunk space due to the lack of specialty rear speakers that take up some trunk space in the Touring. You are short a navigation system, but I would just use my phone or a cheap portable navigation system.

  19. If only Honda would offer awd in these cars… That would be the ideal car for those living in the snowy areas

  20. your review is great Alex….
    I am from Australia and I want to buy civic rs but I don't understand why they give only 127 kw power here in Australia…will it really effect the acceleration ?

  21. I test drove the Civic Touring before purchasing my '16 Accord V6 EXL sedan, and I have to admit that the Touring was very impressive. It's a nice car with all the features (minus Homelink). I would have purchased the Civic Touring, but I'm still not sold on the CVT. A car has to have a traditional automatic or manual, or else I'm not going to buy it.

  22. Question for you Alex. Thinking about leasing the new Civic and wondering if you had a choice between EX with Honda Sensing option or EX-T, which one would you choose? it's really hard to find the EX-T with Sensing so these are my options right now and getting a phenomenal deal on either one.

  23. THANK YOU for showing the LED lights and turning signals!! I've watched dozens of videos looking to see how they did the signals and NO other videos showed that! And I also LOVE this color of the car so I'm also glad you chose this one! 🙂

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