2016 / 2017 Honda Civic Coupe Review and Road Test | DETAILED in 4K UHD!

Honda has been very aggressive with the Civic lineup and they've promised us three different body styles this is the second one to come to America we already have the sedan now we have the coupe we also expect a hatchback in addition to Civic Si and civic our performance trims the Civic Coupe is a little bit surprising because this segment has shrunk drastically over the last decade or so and there are now only two real entries because of course the Scion tC is gone because the Scion brand itself is gone as well and it's not just the compact mainstream two-door segment that seems to be shrinking there just seem to be fewer coupes overall these days right now there is just the civic coupe and the forte koup that directly compete with one another I suppose you could call the Hyundai Veloster competition except that the Veloster is sort of a funky three door vehicle with a hatch it's not a true coupe so on the passenger side there's actually a third door and then of course it has a hatchback rather than a more traditional coupe trunk up front we have a design it's very similar to both the Honda Civic Sedan and actually the Honda Accord sedan for 2016 and 2017 as well our model is the top and trim the two ring level and that means we do have full LED headlamps up front they don't turn on the corners but they do have a fairly wide beam pattern we also have regular halogen fog lights below that is very large chrome bold grill right here the other thing you'll find very well hidden in the front end of the Civic Coupe is a radar sensor because just like the Civic sedan you can get radar adaptive cruise control even in very low-end trims of the civic coupe Honda is really aggressively pushing their Honda sensing package which includes radar adaptive cruise control lane keeping assistance collision mitigating braking assistance as well as road departure mitigation and you can get that even on very basic trims of their latest vehicles the Civic Coupe is 176 point nine inches long that makes this six inches shorter than the regular Civic sedan you'll also notice that they've changed the profile just a little bit they've done a little bit more than just lopped the rear doors off of the Civic sedan this is a full 10 inches longer than the Hyundai Veloster again the Hyundai Veloster is not quite the same thing as the forte koup or the Civic Coupe as we see with most two-door vehicles the front door becomes an awful lot longer than the four-door version of the sieve and you'll notice right back here we have a quite long rear window that's because Honda actually continues to give us a decent amount of rear legroom even though the overall dimensions the vehicle are more compact than the 4-door the sort of radioactive Kermit the Frog color of this particular model really highlights what's going on with these tail lamps we have the bulk of the tail end module right over here on the body of the vehicle this where you find the brake lamp modules on either side turn signal lights and the backup lights in this module right over here and then this portion is actually just a light pipe for the parking light and it gives the vehicle a very distinctive look from the rear now this is not used for the center mounted brake light that's actually above there behind the glass you should expect to see higher performance versions of the Civic in the very near future but at this moment there are only two engines available under this hood the same engines that we find in the 4-door version of the Civic things start out with a 2-liter four-cylinder engine producing 158 horsepower in 138 pound-feet of torque that engine is mated to either your choice of a 6-speed manual transmission or a continuously variable transmission then we have this engine right here it's the same 1.5 liter turbocharged engine that's optional in the Civic Sedan it produces 174 horsepower and 162 pound-feet of torque for the moment this engine is made it only to a continuously variable transmission but there are a lot of rumors about honda mating this – a six-speed manual at some point in the future if fuel economy is a prime concern of yours then you should stick with the CVT because the manual transmission in the base 2-liter engine will give you the lowest fuel economy at 31 miles per gallon combined this turbocharged engine with the CVT will give you the best at 35 miles per gallon combined if you're counting that's 10 miles per gallon better than a comparable Forte Koup the general front seat design was my only major complaint about the Civic Sedan and that applies to the Civic Coupe as well we don't have a powered seat even in our top end model we also don't have power adjustable lumbar support however we do have a tilt telescopic steering column with a very large range of motion taller drivers are likely to notice that this front seat does not move as far rearward as some vehicles out there for me in my ideal driving position at 6 feet tall I would really only be moving it about an inch further forward that's absolute for this rearward position getting in and out of the rear seats is easier on the passenger side because the driver's seat and the pastor seat don't move in the same manner this side has a foot lever here to make escape from the rear compartment a little bit easier and when the seat is in this position it slides forward and backward and the back portion articulates as well on the driver's side that doesn't happen you just pull the handle tilt the seat all the way forward with the recline lever or you actually have to slide it forward and backward to manually with the bar under the front of the seat although getting in and out of this back seat is a little bit trickier than some of the other coupes on the market we have an extraordinary amount of legroom back here because of the overall length of the civic these days with this front seat adjusted for me at 6 feet tall I have about 3 inches of legroom left on the downside however I don't have much Headroom my head is actually touching the glass rear window in the vehicle in order to put my back against the back seat I would have to my head to one side improving practicality we do have a fifth seatbelt this fifth person would have to be pretty small because I really couldn't sit back here for any length of time as you'd expect from Honda things are pretty practical when it comes to cargo loading we have a 60/40 split folding rear seat back a very large trunk pass-through we actually have cupholders and juice box holders back here as well although the coupe is going to be a lot harder on your back when it comes to child seats than the four-door sedan we have a very similar amount of room in the backseat that means I was able to fit one rearward-facing child seat right here in the middle position between the two front seats comfortably adjusted for me at 6 feet tall as I said before Honda didn't just take the sedan and remove two doors they really changed the structure and the shape of the vehicle it's very obvious when you take a look at this trunk lid that's somewhere between a trunk and a very small hatch it means that we actually have a larger cargo opening than you find in the Civic Sedan we're actually most compact stands in this category actual trunk volume comes in at 12.1 cubic feet thanks to the large opening and the generously sized trunk I'm going to give this 9 out of 10 points we do lose one point because there's no helper handle to help you close the trunk lid on the inside or on the outside that leaves you to either paw on the fabric on the inside or on the painted portion of the metal the interior is largely the same as the Civic Sedan so we have a pretty standard sized moon roof right there and our top end trim fixed height seatbelts two-way adjustable headrests and because we are in the top-end term we have perforated leather seats these are heated but they're not ventilated in our model the design of the front doors is again very similar to the sedan although you can see these doors are considerably longer we have a great deal of soft touch plastics that we don't find in some of the other newer entries in this segment so we find soft touch upper soft at center section there and a soft touch armrest very large storage cubby right here just behind the speaker grille moving over to the dashboard we find soft touch injection molded plastics on either side of this metallic trim and then we find a glove compartment that's quite large for this segment it's a bin style is very easily able to put a large tablet computer inside moving over to the center of the dashboard we have a center channel speaker because we are on the top and trim right above these two large air vents and of course this seven-inch touchscreen infotainment and navigation system this does support apple carplay and android auto and this is another thing that Honda has been pushing into lower end trims just like the Honda sensing system I mentioned earlier in addition to supporting apple carplay and android auto we also have Pandora app integration if you'd rather not use car player Android auto for that bluetooth integration of course USB inputs and Sirius XM satellite radio below that we have a two zone automatic climate control system and that does integrate some of the features right here into this touch screen if you want to know more about this particular infotainment system there is a complete review on my channel go ahead and click that banner at the bottom of your screen you'll be taken right on over to that continuing down from that we have a storage cubby where you can easily put things like a smartphone that's an iPhone 6 for size reference and you'll notice I have a USB cable coming out of a little hole right back there in the back of that storage cubby that's because underneath that storage cubby is where you'll find the USB input and a 12-volt power outlet there's actually another storage cubby right down here behind this area where you could put larger and bulkier items like small tablet computers as with the Civic Sedan the coop use is a very traditional console gearshifter drive is all the way down here that we have a sport mode and a low mode of course with the continuously variable transmission you can consider this low and lower we have an auto brake hold system which keeps pressure on the brakes of the stoplight so you don't have to keep your foot on the pedal an electric parking brake and an econ mode button over here on the right between the front seats we have a center console it's a little bit different than you've seen other vehicles out there because these two side pieces don't move and their level with this armrest right here the RMS slides forward and backward and it also lifts up and out of the way we have a small storage tray right here that can be completely removed from the vehicle and we have two large cupholders that can also be completely removed from the vehicle you can actually use that to pull them out right there and these are all sitting inside this very deep storage compartment at the very front of the storage compartment we have one additional USB port that operates in the system very much like the USB port that's behind the infotainment system however this one you cannot use for apple carplay or Android auto you'd have to plug it into the other USB port for that this one is just a music and charging interface like the sedan the copias is a partial LCD instrument cluster so this is all an LCD right here in the center the technology the speedometer the extra gauges and the trip computer information that's all on the LCD along with the transmission indicator the Eco indicator and over there on the right side of this LCD the radar adaptive cruise control and Lane Keeping assistance monitor information that's all part of the LCD then on either side of that we get more traditional analog gauges we have an engine temperature gauge over here on the left side and a fuel gauge on the right the display is controlled via two different buttons we have a button right here that switches between the various displays of the screen for instance turbo pressure infotainment phone information etc and then we use this little knob right up here to change the brightness of the screen and switch between trip computer a and trip computer B our model has a 3 spoke steering wheel with sport grips right up top and it's leather wrapped as well because we have the radar adaptive cruise control package you'll find distance as well as lane-keeping assistance enable/disable button over here with the cruise control buttons then on the left side of the steering wheel we find a dedicated phone hang up pickup and voice command button then again we have the button that switches between the various displays that multi-information screen we have an enter button that allows you to select what you've chosen there you can also change your input with this same up and down arrow and that display you can choose between am/fm Sirius XM iPod etc and then you can do track forward backward or station up/down and then we have a volume touch slider which is kind of an interesting thing so you can click up or click down or you can actually just brush your finger right along it to slide the volume up down the Kia Forte Koup is significantly more powerful than the turbocharged Civic Coupe so you would think that it would be faster than this but you would actually be wrong the Civic managed to beat the dealer provided Kia Forte Koup that we tested zero to sixty by one tenth of a second this one ran from zero to 60 in six point six seconds and no not everyone is a CVT fan but there are some definite advantage the prime advantage of course is that this CVT can keep the engine at the optimal range for acceleration which really helps keep the turbo boost on the overall torque curve that we get from this engine also seems to be a factor in this fast zero to 60 time I suspect that if the rumors are true and we eventually see a manual transmission connected to this 1.5 liter turbocharged engine that the zero to 60 times are going to be a little bit slower than a comparable manual transmission Forte Koup the CVT really does affect 0-60 performance in that positive of a way when it comes to breaking we ran from 60 to zero in 121 feet which is fairly average for the compact segment sedan or coupe alike keep in mind this is just about as heavy as the regular Civic and we don't have tires that are any wider these are still 215 with tires on this model and we do see 225 with tires over there on the Kia as a result the dealer provided Forte Koup that we tested stopped a little bit shorter it was right around 118 feet 60 to 0 as we saw recently with the Civic sedan handling is absolutely excellent in the Civic Coupe this has a very Germanic feel to the steering rack as well the steering feel is not as communicative as something like a Mazda 3 but it's the closest in this segment in comparison the steering the Forte Koup feels over boosted and artificial now the Forte Koup actually holds the road just a little bit better than the Civic largely because it has wider tires very similar curb weight very similar weight balance and this again does have those 215 with tires which are just a little bit narrower than I would like the excellent handling ability we see in the Civic Coupe is partially thanks to the very firm suspension that we have in this vehicle the firmness of the suspension is especially noticeable out here on gravel roads for this feels much more like the previous generation Civic Si than the previous generation Civic Coupe in my mind suspension is not exactly bone jarring or tooth rattling but it is definitely firm Kevin oiz come in at 72 decibels at 50 miles an hour which means this is just about as quiet out on the road as the comparable Civic Sedan keep in mind that we are in the top-end touring trim and the tires do change from one model to the other over a week in about 500 miles of mix driving we have been averaging an excellent 34 miles per gallon that's one mile per gallon less than the EPA says we should get however it's pretty easy in this turbocharged model to have just a little bit too much fun and really drop your fuel economy scores down that's the one thing you should know about turbocharged engines like this if you drive it gently you will definitely get the EPA score or above it however you start driving this car really hard it's going to consume fuel like a much larger engine that's really what the turbocharger is doing for you it's allowing you to put more air and therefore more fuel into the engine at the same time of course that's going to lower your fuel economy ratings however this is significantly better than the Forte Koup or even the Hyundai Veloster this gets 34 miles per gallon the Kia Forte Koup gets around 24 miles per gallon in the real world driving cycle that's a significant difference between the two perhaps the thing that impressed me most about the Civic Coupe really is its Germanic feel out on the road this feels an awful lot more like a Volkswagen GTI in many ways than a traditional Civic Coupe the pricing and trim levels are very similar coupe to sedan in the Civic lineup however it does cost you a little extra to get those two doors removed the sedan starts at 18,000 640 but the coupe starts at 19,000 50 for the 2016 model year we do expect to see the 2017 model year pricing stay very close to this it's likely going to be a hair more expensive however the important thing to know about the coupe is that you cannot get Honda sensing in the LX trim like you can get in the sedan very interestingly enough for the compact sedan segment Honda is allowing you to add Honda sensing to basically any Civic sedan including the base LX trim that makes it one of the least expensive vehicles available in America with their entire suite of safety systems radar adaptive cruise control pre-collision braking lane keeping assistance lane departure mitigation etc for some reason on the coupe side it is not available in any of the trims except for the Touring trim in which it becomes standard but you take a look at the pricing chart on the side of your screen other things that are important to know are that adding a CVT to the base model is actually a very inexpensive thing to do it only costs 800 dollars in the industry average seems to be between a thousand and twelve hundred dollars in order to add an automatic transmission if you hop on up to the LX P model that makes the continuously variable transmission standard if you move on up to the ext then the 1.5 liter turbocharged engine become standard and the only way you can get the turbo at this point in time is with the automatic transmission if you're comparing coupe to sedan then you'll notice that the value on the coupe actually gets a little bit better as you climb up the model ladder because the turbocharged of the civic coupe costs only $100 more than the turbocharged sedan and the time to get up to the top and to ring model the coupe is actually a little bit less expensive than the sedan before we move on over to comparisons I should mention the upcoming Civic Si it is probably one of the worst kept rumors over at Honda they of course won't agree that there is a civic SI coupe coming but we all know that there will be one soon the big thing with the Civic Si coupe is that there is no natural competition we do have competition in the form of the Kia Forte Koup for the regular civic coupe and the turbocharged Civic Coupe but there is no Kia Forte Koup that would compete directly with that Civic Si really isn't anything from anybody else in this segment either and that brings us right on over to the Kia Forte Koup again the only real competitor in this particular segment the Forte Koup is just about the same size as the Honda Civic and performance levels are very similar one engine to the other the Forte Koup starts out about $800 more expensive however the Forte does have a longer powertrain warranty and that effectively cancels that $800 out and they become just about the same price when you compare like vehicle for like vehicle the key thing here is that the Honda Civic Coupe comes standard with the manual transmission the Forte Koup comes standard with an automatic and that isn't the base engine things actually are a little bit twisted when you take a look at the turbocharged version of the kia and the turbocharged version of the Honda because the turbocharged version of the Honda comes only with an automatic transmission turbocharged version of the kia starts out with a manual transmission and then you have to option your way up into a six-speed automatic transmission as you might expect the forte koup with the 6-speed manual transmission is the most engaging to drive but the fastest vehicle 0 to 60 will actually be those with the automatic transmissions when comparing the turbocharged models the Honda Civic turbo will set you back $1,600 more than the 4 tape but again remember the Forte has that manual transmission standard so if you want the automatic transmission it ends up becoming only $600 more than the kia the last thing to keep in mind when comparing specifications is that there is really no Kia parallel to the touring model that we've been driving so the Forte does not get HID headlamps or LED headlamps or radar adaptive cruise control lane keeping assistance etc when it comes to interior refinement I'm going to give the award to the Civic Coupe I think the interior is just a little bit more modern a little bit more pleasing and a little bit more upscale than we see over there in the kia keep in mind of course that kia is going to be releasing a new interior with their refreshed coupe coming up in about the next year or so when it comes to driving dynamics the Forte is going to be a little bit more traditional with its 6-speed manual transmission or that 6-speed automatic transmission however it's not really going to get you from 0 to 60 or around a corner any faster than in the Honda Civic the Honda Civic has skinnier tires but I think it has a better design suspension that's really obvious because the Forte Koup just doesn't pull away from the Civic Coupe when you're chasing one after the other on a mountain highway even though again that Forte Koup has more power under the hood the ride in the HOD is a little bit firmer than we see over there in the kia all of the steering is slightly more communicative however both steering racks are fairly numb in this particular segment where the Civic really winds however is in fuel economy and again you can thank that new engine and a continuously variable transmission we were averaging over 35 miles per gallon during a week of very mixed driving and that is absolutely excellent it's also at least ten miles per gallon better than you'll find over there in the Kia the only other vehicle that sort of fits in this segment is the Hyundai Veloster it is a decent amount smaller than the Civic Coupe however because it's a subcompact coupe not a compact coupe it's also not a true coupe because it does have those three doors and the hatchback the velociter starts about $1,000 less than the Civic Coupe and it ends at twenty two thousand six hundred dollars which is definitely below what we see in the top and trim the Veloster is kind of an interesting option because even though it's smaller than the other options in this particular segment you can get it with a 201 horsepower turbocharged engine and a 7-speed dual-clutch transmission that's the excellent dual clutch transmission that's essentially shared with the Sonata eco and the Kia Optima eco in my opinion the Veloster is the best handling option in this particular segment it also is the most engaging whether you get the manual transmission or the six-speed or these 7-speed dual-clutch transmissions for some reason there are actually two different dual clutches in the Veloster the base engine gets the six-speed the turbocharged engine gets the 7-speed any way you slice it the DCT shifts much faster than the automatic transmission that we find over there in the kia forte definitely changes ratios faster than the CVT we find in the Honda Civic on the downside the Veloster is considerably smaller on the inside it's very obvious when you take a look at the back seats and the cargo area that the civic is just a more practical vehicle all-around practicality has long been a civic strong suit and that is as true for the coop as it is for the sedan even though it's a little tricky to get in the back seats of the Civic Coupe it's no trickier than any other two-door vehicle out there and once you're in the back seats you'll find more room in those back seats than a variety of luxury coupes that I could mention the overall size and shape of the civics trunk is also very practical in this segment and you can fit just about as much luggage back there as you can in your average compact sedan and then of course we have the value you can get a fully loaded Civic Coupe with the LED headlamps radar adaptive cruise control pre-collision braking lane keeping assistance all that sort of stuff for just over $26,000 or you could get ext for just over twenty-two thousand dollars it wouldn't get you the LED headlamps or the Honda sensing package but it is going to give you apple carplay Android auto dual zone automatic climate control it's going to feel an awful lot more premium than you might think twenty two thousand dollars would a vehicle that delivers excellent fuel economy and excellent performance is always a winner in my book but a vehicle that can do both of those with excellent value really wins and that's exactly what we see in the EXT and to some extent the two ring trim of the Civic as well if my money were on the line that you X T would be my top pick and the two ring would be my second pick I think my third pick would actually be the Hyundai Veloster thanks taking the time to check out this video again I'm Alex dykes this has been the Honda Civic Coupe be sure and stay tuned because I'm going to try and get my hands on the Civic Si whenever that happens the Civic R and of course the all-new and very tasty Civic hatchback so be sure to hit that subscribe button down there check out those related videos find me over at facebook.com slash Alex and autos and I'll see you next week

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  2. I’ll take the 2.0 L Manual because it’s far more reliable than the CVT tranny. Honda’s CVT’s suck shit. Go with their manuals. As for the Turbocharged engine, it’s having problems recently with the fuel leaking into the oil because of premature piston wear and causing the oil to dilate, which destroys the engine. Also the manual is more fun so why wouldn’t you get it. (CVT’s are also extremely weak in general compared to automatic and manual geared transmissions, seeing as a tranny is one of the most important components of a car I’d like it to actually get shit done.)

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  7. the Honda Civic has been running the 1.8 engine for years….I don't understand why Honda didn't convert the 1.8 to a 1.8 T ? instead of going for the Honda Fit 1.5….cost maybe?? I think adding a Turbo to the 1.8 would do that engine a lotta good…

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