2013 University Commencement – California State University, Fresno

>>Good morning. I am Arthur Montejano President of the Associated Students Incorporated. Welcome to the 102nd Commencement Ceremony. Today students from 39 countries will graduate. Their homeland flags are shown behind me. At this time I ask that you stand to honor America as the Fresno State Air Force ROTC presents the colors and remain standing for the singing of the National Anthem by graduating music major Aaron Burdick.>>Oh say can you see by the dawn’s early light What so proudly we hailed at the twilight’s last gleaming; Whose broad stripes and bright stars, through the perilous fight, O’er the ramparts we watched were so gallantly streaming? And the rocket’s red glare, the bombs bursting in air, Gave proof through the night that our flag was still there: Oh, say does that star-spangled banner yet wave O’er the land of the free and the home of the brave? [Cheers and Applause]>>Please be seated. Good morning and welcome to the 102nd Commencement of California State University Fresno. [Cheers and Applause]>>I am John Welty President of the university. We welcome all of you who have earned degrees today as well as Alumni, distinguished faculty and very importantly family and friends who have supported our new graduates throughout their academic careers. For those that have written their last tuition check congratulations. This is a special Commencement. I am graduating with you this morning. That assures that you will actually graduate. As many that you know this is the last time I have the privilege of presiding over the most important day of every academic year. I will never forget all 22 times I have celebrated this passage of Fresno State’s best and brightest from the campus into the community. Another fond memory is the warm welcome I received from students, faculty and staff on campus and the entire community. We have worked together since 1991 to help Fresno State grow in every way imaginable, enrollment, new programs, faculty, research, private funding and engagement with our community. We’re building and updating classrooms and other facilities including the new poultry research unit and Gibson Farm Market and we’re making plans for other construction to match our growth. We’ve tried most importantly to grow each student’s Fresno State experience. We welcome others and offer opportunities for our opportunities to study abroad so everyone gains an invaluable perspective. We are inspired by our Alumni who have won Oscars, Emmys, Pulitzer Prizes and other prestigious and awards and to our diversity and by our neediest neighbors and how we make our region better. We are a hub of discovery including Blue Tech Valley which is finding ways to squeeze every drop of water into the greatest productivity and available for all. Our physics faculty and students are part of an international team investigating the universe’ origin. In Biology we’re involved in promising and cutting edge cancer research. Soon we will have a new research center for agriculture, initialing and science and mathematics and we are encouraging high school students to come learn in those disciplines. Fresno State trains the most valley educators and wins awards for K-12 school improve classroom achievement and preparation for higher education. Fresno State is a catalyst for turning innovation entrepreneurial ideas into businesses and offering higher paying jobs in our economy. Your university is a driving force throughout the region and expanding and improving health care services and delivery to meet the changing demands. Fresno State provides research, facilitates policy development and trains students for careers in health care. Recent gifts to our communicative disorders and deaf studies program will enable Fresno State to be one of the leaders in that discipline too. Beginning in the 103rd year we can say that Fresno State is a special place dedicated to discovery, distinction and diversity. For the graduates today it’s a culmination of years of hard work, study and sacrifice and personnel growth. You have earned that cap and gown, symbols of your achievement and symbols of the new responsibility to be part of Fresno State’s rich tradition working with others wherever the journey takes you. As I am grateful for the past 22 years as President of Fresno State and I hope you continue to participate in the life of your university. Visit the campus and support the Alumni association in creating new opportunities for others to follow in your footsteps. You have accomplished much already and I challenge you to represent Fresno State with distinction as you go forward with confidence to make a difference for the rest of us. Congratulations to the class of 2013. [Cheers and Applause] We are very fortunate this morning to have with us the Chairman of the California State University Board of Trustees and it’s my great honor to welcome Trustee Linscheid, Chair of the board to address you at this time. [Cheers and Applause]>>Good morning everyone. It’s my pleasure to be here to welcome you to Fresno State’s 102nd Commencement confirm. This morning we salute the graduating seniors and graduate degree recipients as well as the faculty and families and friends who supported the graduates throughout their academic careers. Today is a milestone not only for the graduates but also for the Fresno State President John Welty. The Board of Trustees thank you for your tireless dedication to Fresno State and the California State University system. On behalf of the Trustees our best wishes to you President Welty and congratulations to the Class of 2013. [Applause] I didn’t introduce you yet.>>I’m ready.>>I would like now to introduce my fellow Trustee Fresno’s Trustee Peter Mehas.>>Good morning. I was honored to participate in the awarding of a doctoral degree to Gallaudet University President Alan Hurwitz at an honors convocation held on the Fresno State campus on May 10. Dr. Hurwitz was unable to attend today’s ceremony because he is presiding over Gallaudet’s Commencement ceremonies this week. These degrees are awarded in recognition of excellence and extraordinary achievement in significant areas of human endeavor within which are embodied the objectives and ideals of California State University. These honorary degrees meritorious and outstanding service to the California State University collectively or to its campuses individually, to the State of California, to the United States, or to humanity at large. They recognize men and women whose lives have been significant achievements should serve as examples of the California State University’s aspiration for its very diverse student body. On May 10, 2013 we honored Alan Hurwitz. Dr. Hurwitz was thea tenth President of Gallaudet and has the distinction of being the first born deaf president in Gallaudet’s history. Under legislation signed on April 8, 1864 by President Lincoln Gallaudet became the first institution for instruction of the deaf to the grant collegiate degrees. Alan Hurwitz is considered the international leader and Dr. Hurwitz stands at its center. Today he is engaged in building a bridge between our university and Gallaudet. Dr. Hurwitz is considered the unifying positive figure in Gallaudet times. He has reached out to organizations and schools and hearing and deaf communities to form powerful allies for the community as a whole. He is a significant deaf community leader in the way he includes all deaf people but also hearing people in his vision. At the further range he brings together separate elements among deaf people to create a larger deaf community with similar goals and dreams. Fresno State and the CSU Board of Trustees was honored to confer the degree of humane letters on Alan Hurwitz. I would like to direct you should attention to the video board for a brief video clip by Dr. Hurwitz.>>I would like to end by a quote they found inspiring from news anchor Tom Brokaw. He says “You are educated. Your certification is in your degree and you may think of it as a ticket to the good life. Let me ask you to think of this with an alternative view. Think of it as your ticket to change the world.” Thank you. [Applause]>>It marks the beginning of your careers. At the same time this morning we are marking the end of a number of faculty administrators who are retiring and who are being honored by the conferral of Emerita status. I’d like to draw your attention to the video board where the individual names of the Emerita faculty will appear. In addition faculty are honored at various ceremonies and a luncheon. For those that have joined us please stand so that we can recognize you for your years of dedication and service to California State University Fresno. [Applause] Our best wishes to you. Thank you so much for joining us. [Applause] At this time I ask that you join me in a brief moment of silence to remember the following faculty members who passed this academic year. Jacquelyn Church from the Counselor Education and Rehabilitation Department and James Wright from the Information Systems and Decision Sciences Department. We also remember two staff members that passed away this year. Russell Perry from Information Technology Services and James Crossbuck from Traffic Operations. Please join me in a moment of silence. Thank you.>>Good morning. I am Dr. Bill Covino Provost and Vice President for academic affairs. Today this graduating class joins 79,631 Alumni of Fresno State whose degrees have been conferred by President John Welty. During more than two decades at Fresno State President Welty has transformed this institution into one of the well known and respected universities anywhere. He has always put students first, supporting and maintaining the high quality of our academic programs to assure that your degree represents the knowledge and skills that you will need to be an active and well informed citizen and to enjoy career success. He’s built cutting edge facilities and drawn the best faculty in the country to Fresno State to be your professors. He has at all points exemplified grace, good well, good humor, good sense, and the humility and respect for diverse perspectives that make the fabric of the university strong. President Welty it has been an honor for all of us and for all who preceded us over the last two decades to learn from your example. Please accept your best wishes, hearty congratulations and deep, deep thanks. [Applause]>>And now it is a great honor for me to introduce the recipients of this year’s Provost’s Awards. Each of these faculty members has far surpassed the standard of excellence expected of all faculty and I am pleased and proud to ask them to stand. Henry Delcore, Professor of Anthropology is being acknowledged for for inspiring contributions in faculty service. Shane Moreman, Associate Professor of Communication is being acknowledged for exemplary graduating teaching and monitoring. Yoshiko Takahashi, Assistant Professor of Criminology is being acknowledged for outstanding achievement in the assessment of student learning. In addition to these recognitions the promising new faculty award recognizes faculty who have launched significant careers and earned distinction during their first years on campus. It gives me pleasure to introduce four new faculty to you and ask them to stand when their name is announced. Carmen Caprau, Assistant Professor of Mathematics, Linda Hauser, Assistant Professor of Educational Reserch and Administration, Hasan Johnson, Assistant Professor of Africana Studies, and Kevin Kuswa, Assistant Professor of Communication. My congratulations to each of you. While on each of these areas is crucial to the central work of the university none is as critical as teaching. And therefore we have established the award for overall license in teaching. I would like to ask this year’s award recipient Honora Chapman, Professor of Classics and Humanities, to join me at the podium. [Applause] Dr. Honora Chapman professor of the classics and humanities and Director of the Smittcamp Honors College has been at Fresno State since 2002. She is a internationally recognized expert on the Jewish historian Josephus and the 1st Century A.D., a period that saw the birth of Christianity. She is published widely on these topics and presented at numerous international conferences. Her grasp of subject matter inspires admiration from her students and methods of engaging young minds foster genuine intellectual curiosity and a strong desire to learn more. She has learned this is an environment where everyone is encouraged to express their ideas and she equips students with tools to explore and analyze both their own ideas and ideas of others. I am pleased to present professor Honora Chapman as the recipient for Provost’s Awards for excellence in teaching.>>Thank you Dr. Covino. Class of 2013 — yeah, that’s you. Today on the threshold of your future you have stepped back in time. Look around. All of us are decked out in caps and gowns from the middle ages. Look at this. This is basically what the men wore in 1088 when they came together at the University of Bologna to form the first university in Italy so they would feel quite at home but they would be amazed at the diversity of the genders, and the backgrounds and the disciplines that all of you graduates represent because all they studied was Roman law. Now the university may claim to be the Alma Mater of all higher learning but I would like to focus now on your Alma Mater. It’s not just the song that we will all sing together at the end of this ceremony. Your Alma Mater literally in Latin is your nourishing mother. Fresno State is the mother who nourished your mind with a vast array of ideas and discoveries and it is nourished your hearts and encouraged you to give back to the community the way that President Welty has these past 22 years. Your Alma Mater supports the most productive agricultural region, not just in the United States, but in the entire world, and you should be proud of how we nourish the world. [Applause] But because I’m a mom I am going to tell you to eat your fruits and vegetables too. Graduates don’t forget, but seriously I would like to send you forth today with some sage various from frankly the most influential teacher in recorded history. He was a Jewish Rabbi in Nazareth and Shakespeare speaks about this and has a mom say to the son “love all. Trust a few. Do wrong to none.” That is Shakespeare. Maya Angelou has a different take and love leaps walls to get at its at its destination. These use these skills to spread the love and advocate for people with less power than you do with your education. No matter where your family came from everyone in the in the valley has needed helped and be that mother. Your Alma Mater will be proud of you just like your mom. Like all of the parents here and I am extremely proud one this morning as well, your Alma Mater is so happy for you. Everything that you have accomplished here and everything you’re dreaming about doing in the future. I hope that you have a wonderful day but more importantly I hope that you have a life filled with hope and love. Congratulations graduates. [Applause] Mr. President 166 Undergraduate students completed degree requirements with the Latin designation summa cum laude noted on their diplomas and have a grade point average of 3.9 or better in all work taken at California State University. However the individuals I will now ask to stand have accomplished the even more remarkable feat of having compiled a 4.0 GPA or straight A for all their Baccalaureate studies. Will the following students stand and remain standing as I read all of your names. Neama Alamri, Ibraheem Irfan Ali, Julia Plein Amar, Tiffani Lynn Boone, Christine Frances Cameron, Elaine Becker Clemings, Joseph Brandon Coelho, Breauna C. DeMatto, Heather Lynn Donat, Cosette M. Faivre, Jemuel Saco Gascon, Devon Brooke Goossen, Walid Ali Hamud, Carli Anne Harian, Audra Nicole Iness, Valentine Kovtun, Lucas Adam Kreuger, Matthew William Lopez, Kenneth John Monreal, Grace Rosalind Nemy, Rayanne Nguyen, Giovanni Winny Patricia, Lisa Marie Pierotte, Dalton Eric Runberg, Diane Mika Runge, Slonne Marie Stevens, Natasha Adnan Tayar, Andreas Torsvik, Varun Varahamurthy Kelsi Danielle Willems, Ye Hong Sean Wong.. Congratulations on your 4.0 GPA. You may be seated. [Applause] The Smittcamp Honors College serves as an umbrella for three type was honors programs on campus: University president’s scholars, school /college honorees and department honorees. Initially funded through a generous gift from Earl and Muriel Smittcamp and their family the honors college accepted focus 14th class this year. The president’s scholarship is the largest individual undergraduate scholarship awarded by the university and also provides two years of funding for two graduate students. All of the president’s scholars serve as ambassadors for the university and have represented the university in many ways throughout their academic careers. They perform hundreds of hours of service and the president’s scholars are identified by a green sash worn over their robes. I would now like to recognize our honors college president’s scholars. Please stand as I call your name. Cecilia Agraz, Alexandria Aiello, Neama Alamri, Daniel Andresen, Shelby Art, Christine Cameron, William Chapman, Alysse Clark, Kayla Clark, Elaine Clemings, Breauna DeMatto, Rachel Dennler, Aldi Dodds, Heather Donat, Jeremy Eggman, Erin Emmett, Elizabeth Essepian, Cosette Faivre, Selemawit Ghebrendrias, April Green, bar eight bar eight Chelsie Grossman, Walid Hamud, Katelyn Haynes, Chantz Imholz, Audra Iness, Victoria Jackson, Allison Kosch, Lindsey Lewis, Diana Lopez, Curtis MacNeill, Danielle Manghera, Nathan Miller, Kenneth Monreal, Kaitlin Morgan, Dane Oliver, Leigh Perreault, Marielle Petricevich, Colton Pfister, Hannah Reilly, Larissa Rojas, Hannah Ruble, Heather Scharmann, Nicole Smeltzer, Alyssa Smith, Joline Smith, Daniel Sternweis, Natasha Tayar, Nicholas Vizenor, Jordan Yost. congratulations to all of you. [Applause] You may be seated. We are now ready to begin recognition of graduates.>>Mr. President, approximately 4,070 have completed the requirements for the Baccalaureate degree during the 2012-2013 academic year and have been approved by the faculty for graduation. As I invite the Dean of each college and school to present their Baccalaureate candidates, and their undergraduate and graduate Dean’s metal recipients I wish to ask the family and friends of each candidate to participate in the recognition of these students by standing when the candidates are asked to stand. Thus, everyone involved in each of our graduates’ successes will be acknowledged. Will the Dean of each of the colleges and schools now come forward to present the candidates.>>Good morning. I am Charles Boyer Dean of the Jordan College of Agricultural Sciences and Technology. Will Lindsey Lewis and Joy Hollingsworth please step forward. — my people. Will Lindsey Lewis and Joy Hollingsworth please step forward. [Applause] Lindsey will you join me first. Lindsey is graduating with a degree in agriculture education teacher preparation employees she has been on the president’s or Dean’s list every semester at Fresno State. She has received numerous awards including a scholarship and Smittcamp Honors College and Lockheed Martin Leadership Association Scholarship. Upon graduation she will join Foster Farms and managing a poultry facility. She has served as historian of the poultry society and Chair for the annual farm clean up day and instrumental in the where is the food without the farmer, an educational event held on campus. Her academic advisor describes her as a excellent student and fine person and has all the skills necessary to be successful in the future. It’s with great pride that I congratulate the Jordan College of Agricultural Sciences and Technology Ms. Lindsey Lewis. Congratulations. Joy, will you please join me: Joy completed her Bachelor’s Degree in communication at university of Davis in 2006. She joined Fresno State in 2011 and completed her Bachelor of Science in plant sciences. Upon graduation she will join the University of California extension service where she will be researching the production of biofuel crops to ensure a steady energy future for the United States. Her thesis was on developing soil and water conserving cropping systems for the San Joaquin Valley. She has presented this information at state and national conferences and including the California weed sciences society where her presentations were recognized with first and second place awards. She has given workshop presentations to farmers at the 2011 and 2012 Cotton Field Days and Twilight Field Tours held at the UC’s West Side Reserch and Extension Center in Five Points She has published abstracts for each of the presentations and working on manuscripts and she has been recognized with the UC Bill and Jame Fischer. This is a state wide competition and a scholarship is often awarded to California State University students. The Jordan College of Agricultural Sciences and Technology is proud to recognize Joy Hollingsworth as the recipient of the graduate Dean’s Medalists for 2012-2013. Congratulations. [Applause] Will the faculty of the Jordan College of Agricultural Sciences and Technology please stand. Will the candidates for the Bachelor’s Degree in the Jordan College of Agricultural Sciences and Technology as well as their family and friends please stand. [Applause] Mr. President on behalf of the faculty of the of the Jordan College of Agricultural Sciences and Technology I present our candidates to you. You may be seated. [Applause]>>I am Vida Samiian Dean of the College of Arts and Humanities Will Shelby Art and Jennifer Zenovich please step forward. Shelby please join me. Shelby Art is a Smittcamp honors scholar who will graduate Summa Cum Laude with a Bachelor of Arts in theater arts. She performed with a student run experimental theater company, acted in nine of the productions and directed her own play entitled Undergrad. Her role in one of the productions sharing the stage with a live snake earned her recognition and a nomination at the American college theater festival. Shelby has participated on numerous productions as lead actor, director, choreographer costume and set designer and for young audiences touring production of the bully plays. She’s worked in the community theater and coordinating multiple community service projects. Shelby’s goal is complete a MFA in theater acting and directing and eventually teach at the university level but now she auditioned and was awarded a full time position with Missoula Children’s Theatre, a touring company that will take theater to young audiences around the country. I present to you the undergraduate Dean’s Medalists for College of Arts and Humanities, Shelby Art, congratulations. [Applause] Jennifer Zenovich is our graduate medalist completing her Master of Arts in communication with distinction and is headed for a Ph.D program in communication at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst with a full scholarship. Jennifer has pursued academic and research opportunities that nurtured her interests in communication theory, feminism and globalization . In 2011 she was awarded an academic year Fulbright research grant to Montenegro to study Montenigrin women’s post communist gendered experiences. Jennifer completed the year and developed an ambitious research agenda with a paper under review by text and performance quarterly co-authored with her faculty mentor, Dr. Shane Moreman. she has presented at eight national and international conferences and was awarded a research grant at the Woodrow Wilson Center for international scholars in Washington, D.C.. Jennifer aims to complete her Ph.D and pursue a career in academia or international relations. I present to you the graduate Dean’s Medalists for the College of Arts and Humanities, Jennifer Zenovich. Congratulations. [Applause] Will the faculty of the College of Arts and Humanities please stand. Will the candidates for the Bachelor’s Degree in the College of Arts and Humanities, their family and friends please stand Mr. President, — Mr. President, on behalf of the faculty of the College of Arts and Humanities I present to you our candidates. Now you can applaud. [Applause] You may be seated. I am Andrew Hoff, Dean of the college of Health and Human Services. [Applause] Will Ms. Kristin Rowden and Ms. Taylor Harris please step forward. Kristin please join me. She completed her Bachelor’s Degree in nursing this semester. [Applause] Her contribution to the field of nursing is already visible providing strong leadership skills she has mentored nursing students and demonstrated an interest in teaching. She plans to complete her master’s degree in nursing and teach nursing students in the future. In 2012 Kristen was accepted into the Fresno Veteran’s Administration Hospital’s VALOR Nurse Externship Program. This is a highly competitive and respected program which provides an opportunity for outstanding students to develop competencies in clinical nursing. Kristen’s university and community service includes mentoring and tutoring, organizing and selling newspapers for the annual “Kids Day” event and coordinating a student team for the Multiple Sclerosis Walk. While in the nursing program her desire to educate others was evident when she created a blood pressure screening tool in English and Spanish to educate the public. She has a passion for her profession and first for knowledge and passing that on to others. She is respected by her fellow students and is the person that her cohort peers seek out for assistance. She will make a significant contribution to the field of nursing, her community and beyond much I look forward to witnessing her influence and impact .
I present to you the undergraduate Dean’s Medalists for Health and Human Services, Ms. Kristin Rowden. [Applause] Will Taylor join me? Taylor graduated with distinction in December 2012 with a Bachelor’s of Art in speech language pathology. For her graduate project Taylor created a professional set of video modules demonstrating speech pathology treatment procedures. The videos are now archived online and will be utilized for many years in the speech pathology program at Fresno State. Taylor received several awards and was the recipient of the 2012 California Speech-Language-Hearing Association’s district five award for outstanding student and she also received the 2012 CSHA’s 2012 Judith Porter Memorial scholarship and Alumni chapter scholarship from the Department of Communicative Disorders and Deaf Studies. Taylor was involved in a number of community organizations where her advocacy for children is apparent. She plans to continue teaching and working as a speech language pathologist in schools and maintain her work in local hospitals and intends to pursue a Ph.D in speech language pathology and open a private practice for low income clients. She was selected a Health and Human Services medalist and planned to continue her career and the respect she has gotten from the faculty and the department. I present to you the graduate Dean’s Medalists for the Health and Human Services, Taylor Harris. [Applause] Will the faculty for the Health and Human Services please stand. Will the candidates for the Bachelor’s Degree in the Health and Human Services, their family and friends please stand. [Cheers and Applause] Mr. President, on behalf of the faculty of the of the Health and Human Services I present our candidates to you. You may be seated.>>Good morning. I am Robert Harper Dean of the Craig School of Business. Will Jesse Lownsbury and Elizabeth Jonasson please step forward. Jesse please join me. After transferring from Reedley College Jesse Lownsbury is completing his Bachelor of Science in Business Administration here at Fresno State and part of the program he is investigating how personality and job status relate to content posted to Social Media sites. In addition to working full time and excelling in his studies Jesse contributed to his community and head umpire for the Sunnyside Little League assisting youngsters in their life and love of baseball. His immediate plans is to study for the CPA exam after graduation and have two of the four parts completed before starting with PricewaterhouseCoopers in September. I am pleased to present you the undergraduate Dean’s Medalists for Craig School of Business, Jesse Lownsbury. Elizabeth Jonasson completed her MBA last fall. She has the phenomenal opportunity to live in many parts of the world. While a student in Mexico City she attended Fresno State as an exemplary student and moved here and is an integral part of our communities. For or efforts for the city of Fresno project manager for the 2010 census she was awarded the rising star award by the central California Hispanic Chamber of Commerce. Elizabeth is devoted to improving the economy and quality of life in our valley. I am pleased present to you the graduate Dean’s Medalists for the Craig School of Business Elizabeth Jonasson. Will the faculty from the Craig School of Business please stand. Will the candidates for the Bachelor’s Degree in the Craig School of Business, their family and friends please stand. [Cheers and Applause] Mr. President, on behalf of the faculty of the Craig School of Business I present our candidates to you. You may be seated.>>Good morning. I am Susan Elrod Dean of the College of Science and Mathematics. Will Arturo Gasgo and Nalong Mekdara please step forward and join me on the podium. Arturo please join me here. Arturo Gasga is graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in chemistry. For the past three years he’s worked with Dr. Melissa Golden on inorganic chemistry research. He has one an award from the American chemical society on his work titled “H-NMR Studies of Bis(O-ethyl-L-cysteinato)nickel( II). There will be a quiz later graduates. This year he worked on a different project for developing imaging agents for the neurotoxin BMAA which is involved in ALS, Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s Disease. Arturo works hard to support himself in school and gives back to the university and the community. He works both as a scribe at the emergency room at St. Agnes Medical Center and as a chemistry tutor at the Health Careers Opportunity Program. He came to the United States from a poor neighborhood from Mexico at 15 and learned English rapidly while going to high school. He is the first in his family to obtain a college degree. [Applause] His goal is it to become a physician and return to the central valley and serve for the under served in the Latino community as a bilingual primary care doctor. Arturo represents everything that makes Fresno State special and impactful. Please join me in congratulating again Mr. Arturo Gasga, the undergraduate Dean’s Medalists for the College of Science and Mathematics. [Applause] Will Nalong Mekdara please step forward. Nalong Mekdara received his Bachelor of Science from the department of Biology in summer of 2012 with his thesis “The Effects of an Environmental Neurotoxin L-BMAA on the Locomotory Behavior of Drosophila melanogaster.” The system serves an important model for understanding the diseases such as Lou Gehrig’s Disease and Parkinsons and is a first college graduate as well and exemplifies and shows what happens when someone has the opportunities at Fresno State. His goal is enter a Ph.D program and become a professor in the biological sciences. And works for the department already and technician for Constellation wine. And finds time to volunteer at stone soup and provided lectures on dental hygiene. Nalong is a remarkable young man and finding success in teaching and not forgetting those that neat help. Please join me in congratulating Nalong Mekdara the graduate Dean’s Medalists for the College of Science and Mathematics. Thank you. Will the faculty of the College of Science and Mathematics please stand. Now will the candidates for the Bachelor’s Degree in the College of Science and Mathematics, and their family and friends please stand. [Cheers and Applause] Mr. President, on behalf of the faculty of the of the College of Science and Mathematics I present our candidates to you. You can applaud again now. [Applause] Thank you. You may be seated.>>Good morning. I am Paul Beare Dean of the Kremen School of Education and Human Development. The Kremen School of Education and Human Development concentrates on graduate and post Baccalaureate education in the preparation of students for service in teaching and counseling careers. A undergraduate degree is awarded in liberal studies an interdisciplinary major for students seeking a multiple subject teaching credential. Will Diana Lopez and Celeste Naik please step forward. Oops wrong way. There you go. Diana Lopez like many of our students was raised in a home where her parents were immigrants that didn’t have opportunities for education. She now has the gift of being bilingual and it was a challenge but graduated from Clovis high school as valedictorian and passed 18 AP tests. Diana had the opportunity to choose Stanford, UC Berkeley, or Columbia but instead entered the Smittcamp Honors College because her goal is to stay this Fresno and make a difference here. She embodies the future of our region and the benefit that our university provides the valley. At Fresno State Diana has been an active mentor both at the university and local schools. She’s directed service projects, tutored across grade levels at her elementary school that she attended and volunteered for multiple philanthropic events. Her exemplary scholarship has been recognized to four Honor Societies and is graduating with a perfect 4.0 GPA. Dr. Honora Chapman, who you heard from earlier, the director of the Smittcamp Honors College wrote that Diana has a real passion for helping children who face long odds due to poverty. She can connect with them. In the fall Diana accepted a residency program and prepare teachers with emphasis in mathematics and science and instruction with grades four through eight. I am extremely proud to introduce Diana Lopez the Kremen School of Education and Human Development undergraduate Dean’s Medalists for 2013. [Applause] Celeste — like Diana Celeste Naik has chosen a life dedicated to serving others and has been recognized by numerous societies by her 4.0 GPA and is a member of Chi Sigma lota and served as the president for the past two years. In January 2013 Celeste was named as one of 10 Chi Sigma lota leadership fellows in the nation, an honor typically reserved for doctoral students. Celeste’s desire to work with teens and their families have started initiatives and facilitates two groups at Fresno family counseling for teen parents and mothers. She served on the Fresno collaborative and just getting her degree she is focused and recognized for her work with teens and mothers and their families and hopes to get a Ph.D in counseling so she can have a broader effect on the discipline but will continue to serve teens and mothers and families in the community: I am very proud to have named Celeste Naik as the Kremen School of Education and Human Development Dean’s Medalists for 2013. Will the faculty of Kremen School of Education and Human Development please stand. [Applause] Will the candidates for the Bachelor’s Degree in the Kremen School of Education and Human Development, their family and friends please stand. Mr. President, I present to you the candidates from the Kremen School of Education and Human Development. You may be seated. [Applause] Mr. President, I would also like to call attention to the fact that many candidates here today have completed the requirement for teaching credentials. Worked on a credential program is addition to work in major fields and provide students with the necessary preparation which they will apply in fulfilling their roles in the public schools. I congratulate them on their accomplishments. [Applause]>>I am Luz Gonzalez Dean of the College of Social Sciences. Will Heather Donat and Megan Rose Bailey please step forward Heather completed a BA degree in history with a perfect 4.0 GPA. Yes thank you. She is a president’s scholar in the Smittcamp Honors College. While at Fresno State she earned memberships in the National Society of Collegiate Scholars, Associated Students, Incorporated Student Court, and Phi Alpha Theta, a national history Honor Society. For Theta she was instrumental in increasing membership and organizing activities to promote history study. Her three years of service on the student court including leadership rules as Chief, Vice Chief and Chief Justice. Her community service included her work with the Bulldog pantry, community food bank and Fresno county history day. She is most proud of the work with the Central California War Veteran’s Oral History Project. The love of teaching is in Heather’s DNA. Her mother is an elementary school teacher and her maternal grandmother was the Dean of Nursing at of the Southern California. She enrolled with the goal of becoming a high school teacher and while in the department she fell in love with the history aspect of history. While enrolled in a writing course she presented a at a conference on U.S./Fidel Castro relations. The satisfaction of reporting her own findings and drawing her own conclusions separate from everyone else was the catalyst to pursue a teaching credential and graduate work. Heather says this is about her experience with us. It has been a privilege to learn from so many dedicated professors. I am grateful for the opportunity to work and serve in the College of Social Sciences. I present to you the undergraduate Dean’s Medalists for the College of Social Sciences Heather Donat. [Applause] Will Megan Rose Bailey please step forward. Megan attended Desert Christian High School in Lancaster before enrolling at Fresno State. While at Fresno State she completed a Bachelor of Science in Biology and a Bachelor of Science in art. Today she graduates with a master of arts degree in international relations from the department of political science. Just recently Megan noticed us that she is the recipient of a National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship. The fellowship will fully fund her doctoral program in public policy at Harvard University this fall. Thank you. Megan shared with me is was the Smittcamp Honors College that was instrumental in helping her achieve her goals. Through high school she participated in sports and developed chronic pain. Without a diagnosis she was reluctant to start college. Of all of the programs she was accepted to it was only the Smittcamp Honors College was the only program that agreed to defer her scholarship for a year and for that she is sincerely grateful. Megan is a stellar graduate student. She leaves Fresno State with a strong research agenda and a promising publication record. In addition to other publications her thesis, the environmental efficacy of the European Union Emissions Trading System has been submitted to the Journal of Energy Policy. Megan took advantage of every educational opportunity while enrolled at Fresno State. She worked with the Center of Creativity and the Arts, served as a research assistant in the department of economics and published an article with Associate Provost Lynnette Zelenzy while Dr. Zelenzy was the Chair of the Psychology department. Megan also volunteered to tutor in boy two men and girls two women peer health innovator for Fresno State and the Fresno recycling club. I present to you the graduate Dean’s Medalists for the College of Social Sciences Megan Rose Bailey. Will the faculty for College of Social Sciences please stand. Will the candidates of the Bachelor’s Degree of the College of Social Sciences, their family and friends please stand. [Cheers and Applause] Mr. President, on behalf of the faculty of the of the college of College of Social Sciences I present to you our candidates to you. [Applause] You may be seated.>>Good morning. I am Ram Nunna, Dean of the Lyles College of Engineering. Will Michael Adam and Jared Maddox please step forward Michael please join me. Michael Adam is graduating with a B.S. degree in computer engineering along with a minor in math in just four years. Michael is a recipient of the 4-year Husband-Boeing Honors Scholarship and Lyles College of Engineering honors program. His professional leadership and accomplishments during the four years have been exemplary and impacted thousands of students in our region. Perhaps the most influential contribution Michael has made is the work in Central Valley Robotics. Michael serves as the director of extra-curricular, the organization that runs one of the largest first robotics competitions in the U.S. with over seven participants each year each year. First’s vision is transform a culture by creating world and young people dream about being leaders and Michael works with dozens of like minded volunteers to organize the regional competition and well respected by everyone who comes into contact with him. The work is helping lay the foundation for new scientists and engineers in the region. Because of his academic excellence and contributions and students to excel in science and engineering and his potential to excel in the future Michael Adam office selected as 2013 Lyles College of Engineering undergraduate Dean’s Medalists. Congratulations. Will Jared Maddox step forward and Jared Maddox graduated with a degree in Civil Engineering with a 4.0 GPA. Just a year earlier he graduated with a B.S. degree in Civil Engineering and minor in mathematics with 3.95 GPA. For his graduate work Jared focused on the validating the feasibility of applying prestressing advanced fibrous composite with the application on the stiffness and local capacity of the system. In simple words his works focused on coming up with effective means for restoring and strengthening the nation’s aging infrastructure especially bridges. Jared is currently a practicing engineer at a local firm. His plan is pursue the professional licensure. He plans on pursuing for the studies in structure engineering. He currently serves as a part time instructor in the Civil Engineering program and working with faculty to make significant course improvements. Jared was an active student and serves as Vice President of the engineer engineer and applied mathematics member of American concrete institute and steel construction. He was on the Dean’s list and president’s list for seven consecutive semesters and was a two time recipient of the Charles Buckley Engineering Scholarship. It’s my pleasure to present to you the grad Dean’s Medalists for Lyles College of Engineering for Jared Maddox. Will the faculty of the Lyles College of Engineering please stand. Will the candidates for the Bachelor’s Degree in the Lyles College of Engineering, their family and friends please stand. [Applause] Mr. President, on behalf of the faculty of the of the Lyles College of Engineering I went our candidates to you. You maybe seated.>>Good morning. I am Carolyn Coon, Assistant Vice President for Student Affairs and Dean of Students associate Vice President for student affairs and Dean of students. Will my colleagues please stand. Will Tamar Karkazian and Arthur Montejano please step forward Tamar will you please join me. Tamar Karkazian a Fresno native has been an active student at Fresno State for the past four years. She has been involved with the Craig School of Business, the student involvement office, and the Armenian Studies Program. As a business major she is grating with a degree in Business Administration with a sports marketing option. She is in the Craig School of Business honors program and complete her undergraduate thesis about marketing to college baseball fans. Tamar founded and head of the first American marketing association chapter at Fresno State. [Applause] Ms. Karkazian has been involved with the student involvement office since her second year at Fresno State and currently the student direct for the campus programming board. And during the past three years she has been working to increase school spirit and created several new traditions that she hopes will continue and show the pride that we have for our university. Within the Armenian Studies Program Tamar has an active role in both the Armenian Students organization, and Hye Sharzhoom, the ethnic supplement to the collegian and been editor for three terms. Tamar appreciates the great faculty and wanted a way for students to recognize them and born was the idea of Fresno State talks, a three part lecture series based on the values of discovery, distinction and diversity. This program has been a success and truly does reflect how students respect and honor our faculty. It is a pleasure and honor to present the undergraduate Dean’s Medalists for the division of student affairs Tamar Karkazian Arthur Montejano was raised in Dos Palos and graduated from San Joaquin Memorial High School in Fresno and after attending the University of California Santa Cruz as a freshman Arthur completed his general education at Merced College where he played water polo and a member of the varsity team and as captain lead the blue devils and serves as the Associated Students of Merced college Vice President and recognized by the college in 2008. At Fresno State he served as president of Delta Sigma Phi fraternity and leader and alumnus and peer consultant for the leadership council. He graduated from Fresno State and was the outstanding undergraduate student leader that same year. He is being awarded a master in arts in Kinesiology with a Sport Psychology and serves as president of Associated Students Incorporated. His plans include pursuing a joint JD Ph.D program in Sport Psychology and Pedagogy. He will continue to serve as the head coach for the Atwater Stingrays Swim Team while reading, writing, hiking, camping, coaching, swimming and spending time with his dog Lancelot. It is a pleasure and honor to present the Dean’s Medalists for the division of student affairs Arthur Montejano. [Applause] You may be seated.>>At this time I wish to mention a group of students who are also part of our ceremony this morning. Special majors are designed by individual students to meet specific career goals not offered by any one department. Today we have students who are graduating with special majors in the following areas: Archaeological Illustration; Behavioral Neuroscience; Cognitive Science; Community Benefit Administration and Professional Writing; community Benefit Administration and Youth and Family Services; Community Benefit Administration Organization; community Physical Health Resiliency; Criminal Justice Reform and Public Policy; Engineering and Computer Studies; Entrepreneurial Leisure and Therapy; Food Operations Management; Liberal Arts; Nonprofit Administration and Public Policy Advocacy; Pre-Physical Therapy; and, Special Event Marketing and Design will the candidates for the Bachelor’s Degree with special majors, their family and friends please stand. [Applause] Mr. President, I present our candidates to you. Thank you. You may be seated. All right. Here we go. Let’s make it official. Will all the Baccalaureate candidates please stand to receive their degree. [Cheers and Applause] Will the family and friends of the Baccalaureate degree candidates please rise as well. [Cheers and Applause] Mr. President, the candidates for Baccalaureate degrees as recommended by the faculty of their colleges and schools have been presented by the academic Deans. I ask that you now confer the appropriate degrees on those who have met all of the requirements for graduation.>>Will trustees Linscheid and Mehas please join me. By the power invested in me by the chancellor of the California State University and I present the Baccalaureate degrees in these exercises and admitting to all of the rights and privileges pertaining thereto. You may move your tassels to the left and congratulations. [Applause]>>I am Sharon Brown-Welty, Dean of the Division of Graduate Studies. Graduate degrees signify the completion of a period of advanced study and research. The candidates are recommended by their departments and schools and have met the requirements of the division of graduate studies and the Trustees of the California State University. Although all are not present today approximately 850 students have completed graduate studies this year. [Applause] Will the candidates for the master’s degree and their family and friends please rise. Mr. President, it is my privilege to present you to the candidates for the degrees of Master of Arts, Master of Biotechnology, Master of Business Administration, Master of Fine Arts, Master of Public Administration, Master of Public Health, Master of Physical Therapy, Master of Science, Master of Social Work, and the Educational Specialist these candidates received their hoods during their college and school ceremonies held yesterday. I now ask that you confer upon them the degree for which they have qualified.>>Will Trustees Linscheid and Mehas please join me. Upon the recommendation of the graduate faculties, the Dean of the division of graduate studies and the Provost and Vice President for academic affairs and on the authority invested in me by the Chancellor and the Board of Trustees of the California State University I hereby confer upon you the graduate degree appropriate to your field of learning and with all of the greatest pleasure admit you to all of the rights and privileges pertaining thereto. Congratulations. [Applause] you maybe seated. The silver university graduate medal is the highest honor given to a graduating master’s student of the university in recognition of extraordinary scholarship, leadership, and service during the student’s graduate career. Each of the Dean’s Graduate Medal recipients is eligible to receipt of the award. You have been introduced to each of the Dean’s Graduate Medal recipients. Among the nine students one has been selected to receive the university graduate medal. This year’s university graduate medal recipient is Jennifer Zenovich. [Applause] As you have heard from the Dean Jennifer is completing her Bachelor of Arts in communication with distinction and headed for a Ph.D program in communication at University of Massachusetts, Amherst with a full scholarship. “Jennifer is a scholar who is serious about her contributions in academia and things that nurture her interest in these fields and collecting data from the time abroad at various countries and gave her a perspective on being a scholar. What she stands to produce out of her research will benefit not only future scholars in communication in gender studies the scope is wide enough to benefit the people that she lived with in the year she was in Montenegro. Please help me in congratulating Jennifer Zenovich. [Applause]>>I am speechless and I’m a communication major. Of course I want to thank my family and my mentor Shane but I want to say thank you President Welty. I am humbled, I am honored and inspired to continue to do the work that I started off at this journey at Fresno State and I want to say congratulations Class of 2013. We did it. [Applause]>>Today we will be recognizing graduates from two doctoral programs, the doctoral program in educational leadership at Fresno State and Joint Doctorate in Physical Therapy. Today we are celebrating over 20 years of offering the doctoral level work at Fresno State. Will the educational leadership doctoral faculty and students prepare for the awarding of the degrees. Mr. President, this is our fourth year in hooding and awarding degrees to students from our independent doctoral program in educational leadership. I ask Trustees Linscheid and Mehas and our Provost and Vice President of Academic affairs Dr. Covino to join you as we present our educational leadership doctoral candidates. Today we recognize 18 graduates. The candidates will be congratulated by President Welty and the Trustees and the Provost, Dr. Covino and their chairs. Our first candidate hood.>>Hood Jaime Arvizu (hooded by Dr. David Andrews) Megan Bennett (hooded by Dr. Donald Wise) Paden Burgess (hooded by Dr. Linda Hauser) Michelle Kerr (hooded by Dr. Linda Hauser) Laura Gonzalez (hooded by Dr. Kenneth Magdaleno) Angelica Reynose (hooded by Dr. Kenneth Magdaleno) Deanna Cardoza (hooded by Dr. Susan Tracz) Marcelline Guthrie (hooded by Dr. Susan Tracz) Kimberli Law (hooded by Dr. Debra Harris) Perla Soria (hooded by Dr. Debra Harris) Darleen Murray (hooded by Dr. Juan Carlos Gonzalez) Janine Nkosi (hooded by Dr. Juan Carlos Gonzalez). [Cheers and Applause] Christopher Vieira (hooded by Dr. Glenn Devoodg) Sherie Burgess (hooded by Dr. Jim Marshall). Okay. [Applause]>>Marc Barrie (hooded by Dr. Sharon Brown-Welty) Cynthia Teniente-Matson (hooded by Dr. Sharon Brown-Welty) Cruz Sanchez (hooded by Dr. Sharon Brown-Welty) and Michael White (hooded by Dr. Sharon Brown-Welty). [Applause] Mr. President, on behalf of the faculty at this university it’s a pleasure to present you with the candidates for doctoral degree. Thank you. [Applause] Will the physical therapy and faculty and students prepare for the awarding of the doctoral degree. Mr. President, this is the sixth year we have awarded degrees at California State University Fresno. This is a joint program with the California State University San Francisco. Candidates received medallions yesterday and hooded today by the dissertation Chair. Today we recognize 14 students from that program. Jessica Benson (hooded by Dr. Jenna Sawdon-Bea) Nicole Sandino (hooded by Dr. Jenna Sawdon-Bea) Chelsea Rojo (hooded by Dr. Jenna Sawdon-Bea) Benjamin Crose (hooded by Dr. Jenna Sawdon-Bea) Martha Torres (hooded by Dr. Gary Lentell) Amanda Lopez (hooded by Dr. Gary Lentell) Allison Olaivar (hooded by Dr. Cheryl Hickey) Kristina Ross (hooded by Dr. Cheryl Hickey) Lisa French (hooded by Dr. Cheryl Hickey) Paul Nguyen (hooded by Dr. Cheryl Hickey) Jennifer Roos (hooded by Dr. Jan Duttarer) Ellie Trask (hooded by Dr. Leslie Zarrinkhameh) Glenn Miracle (hooded by Dr. Leslie Zarrinkhameh) Vanessa Farrer (hooded by Dr. Peggy Trueblood) Mr. President, I now ask that you confer upon all doctoral candidates the degree to which they have earned.>>On the recommendation of the faculty for the doctoral program in educational leadership and the faculty of the joint doctoral program in physical therapy California State University Fresno and the California State University San Francisco and on the authority vested in me by the Chancellor and Trustees of the California State University and the president and regents of the University of California I confer upon you the degree of doctoral of education and physical therapy and admit to all of the rights and privileged pertaining thereto. Congratulations to all of you. [Cheers and Applause] You may be seated.>>Good morning. I am Clyde Ford, a proud two time graduate of Fresno State. As the president of the Fresno State Alumni association I have the very distinct honor and pleasure to be the first to greet you graduates as official alumni of this great institution. [Cheers and Applause] As you move to a new passage in your life you will always remember your experiences at Fresno State. The education you have received here has prepared you for exciting opportunities and unknown adventures. As Alumni are you challenged with the task of showing your Bulldog pride. By doing this you promote your Alma Mater and ensure the value of your Fresno State degree. I challenge you all to give back. Give back your time and come back to campus to serve on a committee, volunteer, and give your dollars to promote a spirit of philanthropy. At the Fresno State Alumni association we want to tell the word how great you are so we ask that you stay connected with us your Alumni association will always be your connection back to campus. On behalf of the Fresno State Alumni association Board of Directors, members, and staff and friends we offer our congratulations to Fresno State 102nd graduating class, the Class of 2013. [Cheers and Applause] On behalf of more than 200,000 Alumni worldwide I welcome you as members of the Fresno State Alumni association and congratulate each one of you on your achievements. You are proud Bulldogs for life. Now one question — you don’t have to raise your hand. You can answer. Are there any dogs in the house that are Alumni?>>As you have seen we seek to recognize excellence in a number of ways at California State University Fresno. You have been introduced to the winners of the Dean’s Medalists from the eat undergraduate colleges and schools and the medalists from the division of student affairs. The Dean’s medal recognizes academic and leadership quality as well as contributions to the life and the community at large. From among the nine winners at the university one person has been selected by the committee to receive the president’s medal. This selection is both a difficult and rewarding task and represents a truly significant achievement because the competition is so keen. I am pleased to announce the winner of the president’s medal for 2013 is Arturo Gasga. [Cheers and Applause] You have heard from Dean Alrod about Arturo’s humble background coming from Mexico at 15 and his work as a scribe at St. Agnus and for the health opportunities program. What you didn’t hear at the time of his approval in the United States he only knew three words of English and this was at age 15 “yes, no, and taxi.” He arrived in the second semester of sophomore year of high school and in order to prepare himself for the chosen field of study completed four levels of English language development in one semester. In college he discovered a passion for chemistry and was introduced to research. Through his journey he has overcome many obstacles but persevered in proving himself as a student and an individual. He stated “My experiences with encouraged me to search and utilize resources and in a field that Latinos are under represented.” One of the faculty wrote “given his humble beginnings he is a wonderful role model for our opportunities, many the first to go to college and many from disadvantaged backgrounds and enter the university life perplexed and intimidated by a culture and not sure how to navigate the culture. He made available all of these things and a success for all students. Arturo Fresno State is proud of you. [Cheers and Applause]>>I just want to say thank you, the science of college and math, the chemistry and the professors and who are always with me and the Latino center. [speaking Spanish] And congratulations to everybody.>>Well, we made it. That’s okay. One more. As graduates are you now representatives of California State University Fresno. While you’re with us you expanded knowledge and engaged in meaningful discourse with professors and peers. Regardless how you began your education here, a freshman out of high school or a mature adult you have gained in sharing these years with us and we have benefited from your presence. We ask that you become responsible Alumni. Conduct yourself honorably, maintain high ethical standards and give back a measure of good to the community that has supported you. As a citizen graduate and now Alumni of the California State University I encourage you to support its mission and encourage others to follow you. You will soon learn the real benefits of earning a degree from the California State University as you go into the work force. Continue to support the CSU by helping those in need and let them know how to get to college. Show them the road ahead and how earning a college degree can be the most important step toward a brighter future. Finally as a graduate of Fresno State be an ambassadors for the California State University system. Let your friends and legislators and looking know how they can open keep the door open for others. This will help the students coming behind you and the value of your degree continues to grow. My best wishes and congratulations to all of you. [Cheers and Applause] Please stand for the singing of the Alma Mater. After the Alma Mater may I ask the audience to be seated and remain in your seats until the president’s party and the faculty have exited arena. After the faculty have exited we ask that guests sitting at the lower levels exit up the stairs and graduating will exit the arena by going up the stairs and outside the arena to meet their guests. Leading us in the singing of the Alma Mater is Guy Emmanuel Barnes, a graduating student in music. (fresno State Alma Mater). [Cheers and Applause]

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