2005-2014 Mustang BMR Tubular K-Member – Standard Motor Mounts – Red Review

Hey, guys. I’m Alex from americanmuscle.com, and today
I’m bringing my detailed review and breakdown of the BMRK Member for Stock Motor Mounts
in red for the year 2005 through 2014 Mustang. This review is gonna cover a few things like
who this is gonna appeal to, the construction and materials that went into this kit, what
you should expect to be spending, and then we’re gonna take a quick look at the installation. We’re gonna be looking at an easy two out
of three wrenches on the difficulty meter, but about three to four hours worth of labor
and I’ll have a little bit more on that for you later. So the BMRK Member that I have in front of
you today is definitely going to be for the die-hard drag racer out there as this is not
a bolt-on modification by any stretch of the imagination. And this is going to lighten up your front
end drastically as well as make it considerably easier to get either a blower or a set of
long tubes installed on your Mustang down the road. So like I just said, in terms of giving your
Mustang a little bit of a diet, this kit right here is going to shave about 15 to 20 pounds
out of your front end. Additionally, it’s actually gonna be that
much more stronger than your OE components. Not only that, by reducing that weight up
front, you’re gonna be creating a more equal weight distribution which in turn is gonna
help you get off the line that much more effectively. So the guys over at BMR have definitely become
a household name not only here in American Muscle but out there on the forums or any
social media sites. These guys make an incredibly well-built part
that’s made right here in the U.S. They test these parts regularly to ensure
that you’re gonna be getting the most out of your Mustang. So in terms of the construction and materials,
it’s evident right out of the box this is an incredibly well-built kit, just like I
had said previously. This is what I’ve personally come to expect
from the team down at BMR. Taking a closer look, we’re gonna see that
they’re gonna have this manufactured at a one, one and a half and one and a quarter
inch steel. Which again is not only going to be lighter,
but it’s going to be that much more tough than what you’re going to be finding on your
car. Now additionally, if you’re looking to take
this a step further in terms of lightening up your front end, you could pair this with
some of BMR’s components, which again, are not only going to be lighter, but they’re
gonna work hand in hand to make your driving experience that much more memorable as well
as getting you off the line that much faster. In terms of the pricing here guys, you should
expect to be spending about $500 bucks for this kit, which in my opinion is definitely
pretty affordable in comparison to some of the other options out there. You could easily tip the scale to the north
of about $700 bucks. Again, for what you’re getting here, this
is gonna be a U.S. designed and built part, which has been tested over and over again
by the team at BMR. It’s gonna create better weight distribution
as you’re gonna be shedding 15 to 20 pounds up front. And if you’re gonna pair this with their A-Arms,
you’re gonna be even shedding more weight. Additionally, if you’re gonna be looking to
install a set of long tubes or maybe a blower down the road, this is gonna give you the
ability to work freely and not be in a tight, cramped space. Switching gears to the installation portion
of the video, just like I had said up top, you’re easily looking at a two out of three
wrenches in the difficulty meter, and about three to four hours to get this onto your
car. So looking ahead, some things I’d make sure
to have on site here, it’s definitely gonna be an impact gun if you can find one, a few
sockets, a couple of wrenches and a slew of patience. I might even take this a step further and
get a second set of hands here to help you install this as again, it’s gonna be a little
bit more on the labor intensive side. But this is something that honestly, any novice
wrencher can get away with, as you’re gonna have some incredibly detailed instructions
from BMR as well as a slew of our support that can be found online. To start, you’re gonna need to pull your wheels
and tires off in order to access your tie rod ends. Once those are removed, you’re gonna need
to get into your ball joints and then pull them from the spindle. After this, remove the bolt from your steering
rod, then pull the covers underneath your steering rack. Then pull the K-member brace and then disconnect
the electronic steering rack. So after this, you’re then gonna need to pull
your mounts and then you’re gonna need to get your jack in place underneath them to
essentially drop them down. Now, while it’s much easier said than done,
once everything’s out, simply throw BMR’s K-Member back in. Bolt everything up and you’re good to go. I know it’s a quick glance at what’s gonna
be entailed to get this installed guys, but again, you’re looking at a pretty solid two
out of three on the difficulty meter and easily and three to four-hour job to get this on. All right guys, so just to wrap things up
here, some final thoughts. If you’re the ’05 through ’14 Mustang owner
and you’re finding yourself at the track more often than not, you’re looking to create a
little bit more equal weight distribution, shed some weight out of your front end as
well as making it a little bit easier to install a blower or a set of long tubes down the road. I would definitely suggest checking this out
for your car. That’s my quick review and breakdown for the
BMR K-Member for Standard Motor Mounts in red for the year 2005 through 2014 Mustang. Available right here at americanmuscle.com.

5 thoughts on “2005-2014 Mustang BMR Tubular K-Member – Standard Motor Mounts – Red Review

  1. Wouldn't that also help with overall handling because of the weight reduction and distribution? I am more of track or road course guy than dragster.

  2. its great but i wont buy it simply because of the poly bushings, theyre too small and harsh for no reason. if it had rubber bushings id get it in a heartbeat.

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