2005-2014 Mustang BMR Tubular K-Member – Lowered Motor Mounts Review & Install

This is a BMR Tubular K-Member with lowered
motor mounts in hammertone for the 2005 to 2014 Mustang. This K-Member has 1/2 inch lower integrated
motor mounts. It’s lighter than the stock K-Member, and
it’ll open up room and clearance both on the topside and the underside. So under the hood, and for things like long
tubes or turbo setups.This is a direct bolt-on upgrade that requires no modifications. But this will take some time to get on the
car, about a half a day or so. And because of that, it’ll be a two out of
three wrenches in the difficulty meter. The first thing I’ll talk about is that this
is lighter than the factory K-Member. It’s 18 pounds lighter, to be exact. And that’s great news for those of you out
there that are trying to cut weight. Any weight savings can add up if you’re really
cutting pounds. But even if you aren’t worried too much about
weight, you still have the big benefit of extra room with this K-Member. You have that extra room in two places here. The fact that this has integrated motor mounts
that are lower than the stock motor mounts gives you more clearance under the hood. So that’s the top of the motor to the hood
clearance which is great news for all of you top mounted or root style blower guys out
there. You also have extra room underneath. So if you’re looking for more room for a set
of long tubes or you’re thinking about a turbo setup this K-Member will give you some more
clearance there, too. This K-member’s gonna come with everything
you need to get installed. To be exact, you’re looking at the K-Member
itself, upper and lower motor mount plates, motor mount bushings, and all of your hardware,
which consists of bolts and washers. This is a direct bolt-on item that isn’t gonna
require any cutting, drilling, welding, or modifying to get on the car. That’s always a plus. You can literally just swap your factory K-Member
with this one and not have to spend any time modifying. This will fit all 2005 to 2014 Mustangs that
have BMR or the stock A-arm spindle installed. And, lastly, this comes with poly motor mount
bushings. If you don’t want the poly bushings or you
find that they aren’t stiff enough for you, you can always upgrade to a set of BMR solid
aluminum motor mount bushings. Just keep in mind that these are an upgrade,
and they aren’t gonna have any flex like the poly bushings do. But the solid mount bushings will stop the
deflection that you normally get with the poly bushings and not let the engine or the
driveline move. At least not from the motor mounts, anyway. As far as price goes you can expect to spend
just a little bit over $500 for this. You do have the other color option of red
if you wanted, which costs the same. And one thing I will say is that BMR is known
as an industry leader when it comes to part like this, so I don’t think that you can ever
go wrong by picking up a BMR component. When it comes to the install, it’s a fairly
easy install. But it is time-consuming. It’ll take about four hours. And I’ll go over the install at a top level
so you can decide if this is something that you want to tackle yourself or not. You’ll need some basic tools like an impact
gun, socket set, wrench set, and a jack and jack stands or a lift to get the job done. And, of course, a second set of hands can
really help you out here and help you get the job done faster. You’ll pull your front wheel so you can get
to the tie rod ends and get them removed. You’ll then disconnect the ball joint from
the spindle. After that, remove the bolt from the steering
rod and pull the covers under the steering rack. Then pull the K-Member brace and disconnect
the electric steering rack. Next, pull and remove the mounts and get your
jack in place as you can drop everything down. Once everything’s out you’ll swap in your
new K-Member. Lower everything back down, and get everything
bolted back up. Now, this is a top-level overview that should
give you an idea of what the install looks like. That’s gonna wrap things up for the BMR Tubular
K-Member with lowered motor mounts in hammertone for the 2005 to 2014 Mustang. You can always check it out more online right
here at americanmuscle.com.

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  1. hi I need to know if its possible to modify and fit a bolt on suspension package like QA1 including the K member from mustang to fit it into another car called Vauxhall Victor FE. What might the necessary modifications to be done. If you need some pics or details please mail me [email protected] Both cars have double wishbone coil over shock independent suspension systems.

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