2 church members, gunman killed in West Freeway Church shooting

20 thoughts on “2 church members, gunman killed in West Freeway Church shooting

  1. The devil is seeking those whom he can devour. Those killed today at that congregation were in Christ and because they were in Christ, they will forever reside in heaven. If you are outside of Christ and want to be saved from your sin, read what the Bible says to do in Acts 2:38.

  2. This was not a Mass Shooting.

    It might have turned into one. But because we have a 2nd Amendment protecting our right to keep and bear arms and thanks to Texas removing churches from their Gun Free Zone law, private citizens were there today, armed, to ensure it did not become a Mass Shooting.

    Throughout most of American history, churches allowed parishioners to bring their personal firearms to church. It was perfectly natural. Only in recent history have firearms been expressly prohibited—and more church shootings has been the result. Today, we hopefully witnessed the end of an era of churches being ripe targets for those with evil in their hearts.

    Sanity, once again, prevails.

  3. Isis just executed more christians in a "christmas" video …. and now this ! There's so much hatred against Christians that goes unrecognized… If you spend time in any social media ( twitter, fb, YT ), Anti-Christian hate is epidemic … especially among atheist groups ! You'll literally hear vile hateful comments that only psychopaths would say… So these hate crimes are no surprise because some actually acts on what they hear and see in these toxic environments!. There need to be tougher laws just like anti-semitism focused on protecting Christian population. Online trolls think they can get away with attacking Christians because they hv a larger population, but more sympathetic towards other religious groups as they are considered as "minority" groups … but in reality, these churchgoers are a minority ! Regardless these are domestic terror attacks fueled with anti-chritian hate … it should be dealt with better laws…online and offline both ! #Christianophia is real ! Enough is Enough !

  4. Still can't get over the fact that the town was called 'White settlement.' I guess "white Jesus" didn't show up to save the "white settlers" today. This is the recompense revisited upon the descendants of those in Texas that murdered the indigenous people, stole their land, and also enslaved God's TRUE chosen people. The chickens came home to "roost."

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