1917 – Official Trailer [HD]

Blake. Pick a man. Bring your kit. I hoped today might
be a good day. Hope is a dangerous thing. You have a brother in
the second battalion. Yes, sir. They’re walking into a trap. Your orders are to
deliver a message, calling off tomorrow
morning’s attack. If you fail, it will be a massacre. Let’s talk about
this for a minute. Why? We’ve got orders to cross here. That is the German front line. HOLD FAST! If we’re not clever about this, no one will get to your brother. I will. There is only one way this ends. Last man standing. We need to keep moving. Come on! We can’t possibly make
it that way, man. You bloody insane? If you don’t
get there in time, we will lose 1,600 men. Your brother among them. Good luck.

100 thoughts on “1917 – Official Trailer [HD]

  1. So two things you may pick up from the trailer but isn’t outwardly stated:

    It’s in real time over 2 hours

    It’s shot with no cuts, in one shot

    And still Mendes produces something that looks like this

    The man’s a genius

  2. Saving Private Ryan: 1917 would have been a better title. Give credit where credit is due, don’t just rip off a movie’s plot and change the year.

  3. I never realized how much i loved my siblings until this trailer. They annoy me and I've often thought, if we weren't related i wouldn't even be friends with them. But when he said 16hundred, i was ok with those stakes, but my "brother among them" i think my feet would grow wings

  4. The song is wayfaring stranger. It’s a cover by Felix Erskine that has yet to be released. You’re welcome I want my likes lol

  5. I cannot wait to see this masterpiece in December. World War has gotten more attention over these past couple years and it's great to see more films being made about this overshadowed war.

  6. For those who keep bringing up video games…this was a real war, with profoundly high stakes, and world transforming implications, where many died, many suffered, many fought bravely…this generation needs to think on those things and learn from and appreciate the past and not act like this was just a video game…

  7. They run out of remakes, now they’ll go through historical events cuz they can’t think of original stories :/

  8. If ur not aware. This movie is filmed all in one take! So crazy! Can’t wait! So much practice and hard work had to go into this!

  9. Stop making "historically accurate" war movies!! BUT> keep making more Nazi Zombie war movies!!! THANK YOU KINDLY

  10. I'm interested in seeing how Roger Deakins approached the One Take in this film, compared to that guy Cuaron & Inarritu always use as DP

  11. hvorfor gjør ikke regissører som Spielberg eller Mendes en film om koreakrigen? Nolan?Det er mange filmer om verdenskrigene, men det er knapt noen filmer om Koreakrigen.🇺🇸🇬🇧🇰🇷 VS. 🇨🇳🇰🇵🇷🇺. Jun 25, 1950 – Jul 27, 1953

  12. For a war movie to succeed you should make it as realistic as possible not that heroic with a sniper killing someone moving with a headshot one mile away

  13. Joker is the last big film that will make big at the Oscars 2020
    Then comes

    The Irishman
    Knives Out
    Marriage Story……


    1917 ✊💕🔥

  14. Im glad they made it about brothers and not about some 2019 plot about saving the one guy with boobs that thinks hes a girl.

  15. So it's a cross between the movies Gallipoli and Saving Private Ryan? But with Doctor Strange avoiding saying the word 'Penguin'?

  16. This All now India do in Kashmir
    Modi Terrorist Modi Terrorist
    Modi Terrorist Modi Terrorist
    Modi Terrorist Modi Terrorist

  17. The wars almost over so do the americans show up in this bullshit movie? I hope not because they did fuck all as usual. ..
    CEF. BEF. ANZAC and some frenchies only please.

  18. Finally, my kind of movies. This is the hype I've been waiting for. Definitely gonna watch it on theater.

    Edit : Now i can't get BF theme outta my head. Help.

  19. I would love to know why there isn't any french soldiers in this film. The battles where there were British soldiers, there were also french soldiers, like during the battle of the Somme

  20. I wanna know what the back ground music is. “I am going there to see my partner, I am going there know more to more.”

  21. A war that was started by the satanic new world order after they purposely sank the titanic to get rid of 5 people who opposed the federal reserve. Do some research people. Everyrhing that has ever been taught to us is a lie.

  22. For once a movie about a world war that’s realistic, this already looks like it will sit up top with some of the best war movies tbh

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