16. Human Sexual Behavior II

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  1. That is amazingly ignorant and nonfactual. Ancient greeks were arguably very accepting and uninhibited in terms of sexuality and sexual orientation. Their socioeconomic system allowed a large number of people to live without having to do manual labour, leading to hedonistic tendencies, including sex in the form of orgies, polygamy, prostitution etc. They also evidently praised and admired the male(and female) -naked- body. Homosexuality was not considered inherently wrong, unlike elsewhere.

  2. Sexuality in general was not repressed and it was embraced and nurtured. Through their myths, relegion, festivals, art, literature and sports.

  3. I didn't say that that heterosexuality was considered 'wrong' at that time, if that's what my post seemed to suggest. Thanks for the clarification. Now (6 months later) I think that in Greece there wasn't the concept of sexual orientation homo/hetero that we have today, correct me if I'm wrong. Does that mean that bisexuality was common at that time? In that case, could that mean that a culture that embraces any sexuality generates bisexuality? (i.e. culture might influence sexual orientation)

  4. Bisexuality and homosexuality were only recorded so often and via different mediums (paintings, literature, satire), because sexuality in general was embraced and different sexual orientations were not looked down upon/ridiculed. Homoerotism was still the less frequent sexual orientation, prompting many instances of satire just like anything less common and peculiar at the time. You can experience the same phenomenon now

  5. In socioeconomic systems where freedom of expressing oneself is a constitutional right, your observations would be similar, if not the same.
    Regarding pedophillia in Ancient Greece, something similar is the cause for the horrid misconceptions. Just because they recorded the instances of pedophillia and didnt hide them like some cultures -even nowadays- do, doesnt mean that the instances of pedophillia were more frequent or that their culture was enabling pedophillia.

  6. If you take the time to rewatch Mr. Sapolsky's lectures, you will soon see that culture has little to do with sexual orientation and the former influencing the latter to any considerable degree is rather unlikely.

    A culture that embraces any sexuality enables the different sexualy oriented people to speak out, not feel ashamed and demonstrate sexual behavior. Thusly, creating the common misconception that they were created by the societal factors and the social dynamics of that region.

  7. weaving jacquard loom = patterns, intricate intrinsic random intricacies, subtleties, complexities = emerging of layers = sister literature … 

  8. Sapolsky is an instructor without peer, but…  I believe he's off when he buys into the myth of the "chastity belt."  These contraptions were voluntarily worn by women to prevent rape (predominantly when traveling).  A woman would be doomed to death by infection if she could not access its removal and cleaning after short durations.  

  9. people who were males prenatally who then were raised female:  isn't it their adoption of an identity (female) which causes them to unconsciously act out the identity (female).  This is a bit more of a refined view than the "social cueing".

  10. I like the good doctor, but man, his vocal intonation pattern is maddeningly irritating.  IT's too predictable for the human ear to bear.


  12. Dr. Sapolsky is an absolutely perfect looking college professor!!…Oh, and he is an excellent lecturer as well 🙂

  13. If I were to attend Stanford, I would take EVERY course instructed by Dr. Sapolsky. He creates such an interest in what he is about to say, where you gladly join him in his journey through his lecture.

  14. 1:03:30 There is a pretty big mistake about testicular feminization sindrome,which should be more precisely called androgen insensitivity syndrome (AIS) that is incoherent with everything said before about transgender individuals:
    as stated before transgender individuals actually have the brain of what they feel like (or more similar to it), so they identify with that gender even though they were raised as the opposite one, which is proof that social conditioning and phenotype as male/female is not enough to make a child "feel" as male/female .

    Now he is saying that AIS XY (female phenotype, male cromosomes) people identify as female because of social conditioning even though they have a fully masculinized brain.

    This makes no sense, the actual reason they, in the majority of cases, especially in complete androgen insensitivity syndrome (CAIS) identify as female is that their brain is actually female, as proven by a recent article, and the reason is that whereas in rats only estrogen converted locally in the brain from testosterone plays a role in the masculization process, in humans androgen receptors play a key role (testosterone plays a direct role).

    for more details see
    source: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC2706155/

  15. I had a certain understanding of evolution that I carried along for a long time and I used to always argue with and the picture was of a uniform linear model. advantageous traits simply would keep evolving rapidly through the selection of more magnified and amplified version of genes replacing the weaker ones. but the realm of social evolutionary biology is much much more complex than that. I wish I can have the honor of thanking doctor sapolsky personally as this course was one of most enjoyable experiences I had on youtube, and it truly changed the way that I view the world. Thank you doctor sapolsky. Abdulkader from syria

  16. 24:53 "Can you image that money was being spent on that – your research dollars – instead of strafing people in Kandahar province or something." If only more dollars were allocated that way… :'(

  17. This is yet another outstanding lecture. Societies vary in the degree to which men use power to control women's agency. There have been regimes (e.g., Taliban) that are obsessed with doing so. Wouldn't concealed ovulation increase male guarding and paternal investment? If he doesn't know when she's ovulating in a pair bonding species he's got to hang around. Copious menstrual discharge is a signal of non-pregnancy. I'd think both of these have more to do with the domestication of males (giving them incentives from fooling around). Who knows?

  18. So i just learned that this human pheromone theory is basically a myth, completely unsupported by evidence. No study has identified a human pheromone or reception mechanism. No study has shown that female humans synchronize ovulation.

    And this seems to be a theme with professor Sapolsky, he repeatedly cites studies that could be true but have never been repeated (i.e., are not science) and sometimes cites studies that are widely rejected in the scientific community for methodological criticisms.

    He tends to overstate the confidence scientist have in a study when it aligns with his beliefs, while he is very dismissive of studies which are much more widely accepted. In the modern 'publish or perish' academic environment, publishing a study with controversial results can be the difference between a researcher getting their foot in the door with a reputable scientific research institution or taking a job as a potato chip seasoning engineer. There's just too much incentive for confirmation bias to draw any confident conclusions from some of these studies.

    Make sure you read these studies for yourself, before you repeat what the professor says. He's very good with the primatology and neuroscience, but some of the stuff he says about humans definitely should not be taught as fact.

  19. so great that out there are people which carry on studying human behaviour, sexual dimorphism, gender differences etc.
    With current, dominating pc/sjw dogma, most of universities are persecuted just like all those medieval geniuses – Galileo, Angelo, Da Vinci etc – are persecuted by church state.

  20. 23:00 For the second rise in female sexual receptivity, does this take into account if a female does not keep count of when her period is about to come/when she last had her period? (without the mindset of "my period is about to come now I can have sex more safely")

  21. Yes, I googled it. (on the farm), Mrs. Coolidge was taken to a large enclosure with a henhouse, filled to capacity with hens and little chicks, but she could see only one rooster. When she remarked about it, the farmer boasted of his “prize” rooster – one able to “service” the entire lot. She queried, “Just how many times a day does this prize rooster ‘copulate’?” When told that rooster could mate perhaps 35-40 times a day, Mrs. Coolidge twinkled to her host, “You must be sure to tell that to President Coolidge when he passes this way.”
    Sure enough a half hour later, the President and his escorts passed that same henhouse, and was given Mrs. Coolidge’s “message.” Coolidge nodded, and was his usual silent self, until they were about to leave the area.
    “Hmmmm. Thirty or forty times a day,” he twanged. “Same hen?” “Oh no,” said the farmer, “he services them all.” Coolidge didn’t miss a beat. “You be sure to tell that to Mrs. Coolidge,” he added. (From Presidential History Blog)

  22. Does anyone know any research about the attractiveness of a large jaw and a high forehead? Or something like that?

  23. "Males attempt control of female sexuality. Bad. Females hide their ovulation and trick males into having offspring. Brilliant." These lectures were great but I'd really love to hear the facts without the professor's feminist social justice opinions.

  24. straffing people is not biology is it? Or is that about aggression, …You get hard when the VC are out in the open and You have a rifle on them" Vietnam War Veteran"

  25. Chastity belts are largely a historical myth. You wouldn't be able to keep yourself clean wearing them for a few days, let alone 6 years.

  26. Coming from someone that spent more than 10 years at various secondary and university educational institutions (studying completely different fields) . . .

    This guy is a brilliant lecturer.

  27. chastity belts were not really used and there is not any evidence for the use of them…….thats an urban childs book legend^^

  28. Around the 103:00 mark about social conditioning playing a large role in someone's sense of gender brings up two questions that I would like to see addressed:

    1. What if, as mentioned earlier, it's an organization-activation effect? As in the testicular feminized males have the male brain organization but no testosterone to activate the pathways?
    2. What about all the inter-sexed or poorly endowed male babies that were "converted" to women at birth and strongly identified as male despite being told they were a girl and having girl genitals their entire life?

  29. why do SSRIs lower libido in women and give men E.D.? As if a person with Major Depression needs a reason to be Depressed about.

  30. I don’t see what you guys see. He talks too fast and never changes his tone, so as to stress particular points. Good content, hard to listen to for an hour and 40.

  31. 1:29:46 WRONG, see Sex at Dawn for numerous examples of human foraging cultures that do not commit male-male violence over female sexuality. Overall a very interesting lecture, but the field has advanced considerably in the last decade. Sex at Dawn refutes the standard model of humanity evolutionary psychology, which this lecture is firmly based on

  32. i am addicted to science and this professor like my best friend, these type of people i love to hangout around and learn , for me he is the best Doctor and i kinda teach and explain for people the same way he uses

  33. hey!! film the charts on the board! dont always need a close up on him!! but… either way.. thanks!! appreciate the vids!!

  34. i don't understand why it might be false to think we are motivated by the proximal effects of sex (hedonic pleasure) into fulfilling its distal effects (procreation). or is this a 'chicken & egg' sort of question?

  35. 29:46 "So does testosterone actually have a causal role in increasing the likelihood of male sexual behavior?"
    Yes, it does. And it does do so massively:

    "Testosterone is critical for sexual desire, function, and arousal in men.[20][21] Aromatization of testosterone into the estrogen estradiol appears to be partially responsible for the effects of testosterone on sexual desire and function in men.[22][23][24] 5α-Reduction of testosterone into the more potent androgen dihydrotestosterone (DHT) may have a small contribution to the effects of testosterone on sexual desire and function in men.[25] Based on animal research, metabolites of DHT including the neurosteroids and weak estrogens 3α-androstanediol and 3β-androstanediol may be involved in sexual function in men.[26][27][28]"

    Then, Sapolsky tries to make us believe that – contrary to ALL other hormones – it would not play a role whether we see 10% or 200% of normal testosterone levels.

    "But those brain regions are not really all that concerned with the exact level of testosterone."
    Sorry, but the claim that it would not matter if you have 10% or 200% of normal testosterone levels is utterly, utterly wrong.
    Actually even little differences seem to matter A LOT:

    "Men experience sexual dysfunction at testosterone levels of below 300 ng/dL, with men that have levels of testosterone of approximately 200 ng/dL often experiencing such problems.[29] Complete loss of testicular testosterone production resulting in testosterone levels within the castrate range (95% decrease, to 15 ng/dL on average) with surgical or medical castration causes profound sexual dysfunction in men.[30][31] Combined marked suppression of testicular testosterone production resulting in testosterone levels of just above the castrate/female range (70 to 80% decrease, to 100 ng/dL on average) and marked androgen receptor antagonism with high-dosage cyproterone acetate monotherapy causes profound sexual dysfunction in men.[30][32] Treatment of men with medical castration and add-back of multiple dosages of testosterone to restore testosterone levels (to a range of about 200 to 900 ng/dL) showed that testosterone dose-dependently restored sexual desire and erectile function in men.[33]"

    Seriously, I do not understand why Sapolsky tries so hard to talk down the massive importance of testosterone in men's sexuality.
    Testosterone is absolutely necessary to have any sexual behavior in men. It is even more important than having a sexual partner, such as a woman, as men with high levels in testosterone don't need a partner to engage in sexual behavior.

    What would cause/amplify sexual behavior in men even more than testosterone?
    Good luck in finding that, because all scientists have failed to do that so far.

  36. 1:30:33 The info about male testicle size is wrong:
    The testes of human males are not halfway in between but much, much closer to monogamous than to polygamous species.

    "In sum, the evidence from relative testis size and sperm midpiece size consistently indicates that men are not biologically adapted for promiscuous mating accompanied by sperm competition."


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  39. This series of lectures is just breathtaking. The clear structure, the recent information, so easy to follow, that I'm unable to stop watching.

    57:00 onwards is hilarious. "Made the people jump off buildings"…. "Half the people quit and went to business school" – nice to see that other fields also aren't considering economics as real science xD

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