15 Examples of Japanese Etiquette That Will Drive You Crazy

Fifteen examples of Japanese etiquette that will drive you crazy Have you ever dreamt of visiting Japan Seriously, who hasn’t it is famous for its high speed trains colorful cherry blossoms and kimonos yummy sushi and incredible etiquette rules Apparently there is a ceremony and a set of rules for even the most routine things in the Land of the Rising Sun We’ve put together some mind-blowing rules of courtesy from Japan breaking them would seriously Offend your Japanese friends or colleagues from money envelopes to the degrees of bowing make sure not to miss any of these Number 15 addressing people To address people by name is not enough in Japan our usual miss and mister last names won’t work either And even the respectful title sean is only the tip of the iceberg there are actually more appropriate suffixes for addressing or referring to different people Kun a less formal honorific than the neutral Sun it approximately means friend Chun a diminutive suffix people mostly use for children female family members lovers and close friends sama the most respectful version Lord honorable It was used to refer to Lords and deities nowadays. It’s sometimes used to express sarcasm We love this one because who doesn’t love sarcasm Senpai is for addressing elder colleagues or schoolmates Kohai is the opposite of senpai? Sensei this one you probably know it is used for addressing teachers doctors scientists politicians and other authority figures she for formal writing Imagine mixing them up and referring to your Japanese boss with Chung Drama drama Exchanging business cards When was the last time you gave someone am a sheet oh you have never ever okay, may She is nothing bad or offensive. It is what a business card is called in Japanese You just hand it out and safe. It was a pleasure meeting you right not in Japan Exchanging business cards is a whole ritual. Here’s what you need to do Make sure your cards front side is facing your counterpart offer it with both hands If your rank is lower than your partner’s Hold the card lower than they do if you were given a business card put it on a card holder and take a few seconds To look at it. Don’t forget to bow if you haven’t got a card holder. It’s a disaster It’s a far cry from what we have just putting business cards in our pocket Giving praise Imagine you are working at or with the Japanese company one of your colleagues has done something outstanding His or her ideas just helped the company make Millions or maybe he or she worked day and night to finish that important project and meet the deadline Would you say they did great in front of everyone else click like if so? Well you could do that but the person you described as a bright mind and a very loyal professional would feel embarrassed The Japanese believe that you can easily break a single arrow But not ten in a bundle in other words group solidarity is much more important than Individual success to them so if you want to give praise to someone say their team did a great job Number 12 punctuality Timekeeping means so much to the Japanese they are surrounded by clocks every Park store and even many of the Billboards have clocks in them when a train is one minute late the railway company will make an announcement with their sincere Apologies the driver of a bullet high-speed train is not expected to stay more than fifteen seconds off schedule So don’t be surprised if you have a meeting a real or an online one scheduled with your Japanese colleagues And they start messaging you asking if everything is all right with you when you are one minute late Imagine what it torture it must be for a Japanese person in let’s say Italy where life is more Relaxed and a few minutes could mean a couple of hours In an elevator It turns out that even here there are informal but clear rules if you are the first to enter an empty elevator you become the Elevator captain and you should stand close to the control panel you’ll need to hold the door open until everyone has entered the elevator Repeat so for each floor at which the elevator stops You must also be the last to leave and you need to do everything very quickly if you are a tourist in Japan try not To be the first to enter an elevator unless you really want to be the captain the position is not paid though And you don’t even get a cool captain’s hat Number ten Subway’s On the subway there are some restrictive rules the Japanese are expected to follow Talking is not allowed on the phone as well, and it’s impolite to stare at others It’s not customary to give up your seat for old people even if they can barely stand There are special seats marked with the sign for them as well as for disabled people and pregnant woman You can’t take those seats if you don’t belong to those categories Touching in Japan it’s rude to look people in the eyes let alone touch them This country is not very large so every Japanese person respects the personal space of others if you visit Japan Don’t touch people Kissing in public will also give you quite a few angry looks before 1945 it even was considered a violation of public order Number 8 keeping it clean The Japanese are obsessed with punctuality and cleanliness taxi drivers wear white gloves Face masks protect people from germs there are mouthwash fountains in public places to keep your breath fresh There are moist towels at every restaurant to keep your hands clean without touching any taps if you visit a Japanese home Prepare to take your shoes off before you enter you will get slippers instead Don’t be surprised to get an extra pair of slippers to put on before you go to the bathroom You will take them off again as you come back to your seat And if you see a tatami which is kind of like a mat remember there are no slippers for it at all You can only step on it with your socks or with bare feet Seven eating outside There are lots of fun foods You will definitely want to try in Japan from bento boxes which can come in a super fancy design – ramen and whatnot at the Atty stalls One thing to remember here is that you can’t bring your own food or drinks to the stall which makes sense? And you can’t occupy your table for too long as there are other people waiting the same rule works in parks and public spaces Yes, it is considered bad manners to sit in one place slowly enjoying your meal or life in general There is a good chance others want your spot on a busy day More than that there are some public open spaces where eating and drinking is forbidden altogether Eating while walking is also not a thing Because Akai Ichi dosa which means one thing at a time If you still want to try to eat while walking be prepared to carry your trash around before you find a trash can this is a rather difficult task in Japan a lot of tourists fail at it and just litter all over the place which is a no-no for the Japanese understandable, right Alcoholic drinks When the Japanese drink the social hierarchy Totally breaks down and they drink really heavily a local professor can drink with his students and they will then drag him home an exemplary clerk who vows to his business partner during the day can get drunk at a Karaoke bar and vomit on his suit, and this is normal Interestingly enough when they also burr up they will behave just as if nothing happened In Japan what happens in a boozy session stays in a boozy session? One four five money The Japanese have a strange attitude toward money for some reason. They are embarrassed to show it in public Therefore money envelopes decorated in a traditional manner are very popular here, and if you haven’t got such an envelope you’ll have to wrap the money in a piece of paper before giving it to anyone of course don’t need to do so at Supermarkets, but you still have to consider this rule You can’t hand your money to the cashier Only put it in the cash tray and it’s all for the sake of the protection of personal space The art of sitting properly To sit by folding one’s legs underneath one size is called size’ and the Japanese sit on the floor only in this way They feel comfortable sitting sizes style as if in an armchair But if you are not accustomed to it your feet become numb within a couple of minutes If you are a tourist or a senior and spread out your legs will certainly get away with it and no one will say anything But it would be unimaginably Inappropriate for a Japanese person to sit this way Number three gifts in Japan the culture of giving gifts is very strong and there are two special gift-giving seasons each year o coogan and summer and all ceiba and winter in Many countries it is customary to open a gift at once in Japan to sign up greed and impatience besides what if the gift giver is embarrassed about their modest gift and Notices a shade of discontent coming over your face like a wind and the reeds by the way Do you think flowers are a good gift click like itself? You have to be very careful if you want to give someone flowers in Japan lilies lotus blossoms camellias and any white flowers in general are reserved for funerals Potted plants will not be appreciated because of superstitions Anything in a set of four is believed to bring bad luck and number nine is considered unlucky as well So many things to remember not to embarrass yourself Number two bowing The art of bowing is so important in this country that children learn it at an early age imagine This there are many different ways to bow in Japan standing sitting and female and male variants here are some of them The greeting valve at Shaku of 15 degrees is for people of equal business or social ring The respectful bow ka of 30 degrees is about for a teacher or a boss The deeply reverent found site Caray a forty-five degrees should be used if you apologize or see the Emperor The begging for your life bow is probably only used nowadays. If you have done something really terrible Of course foreigners are not expected to bow but the Japanese will be pleased if you return a bow Number one taking leave in Japan a customer or business partner is almost a god and is treated with incredible respect When they leave the whole company follows them to the door or elevator and keeps bowing until the doors are closed It’s very inconvenient if this happens in a business center with several such delegations crowding at elevators at the same time Besides foreign customers can be embarrassed the Japanese of the new generation believe that this is a little bit too much and often Ignore this ritual who knows what’s going to happen to the traditional Japanese etiquette in the coming centuries? Which of these etiquette rules sound like the craziest to you or maybe there are some you wouldn’t mind following yourself Share your thoughts in the comment section Hit the like button and subscribe to our Channel there are more fun videos on the way

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  1. craziest would be the bowing part when the boss leaves…I've seen one in our country and all of us we're just passing by in our own way. I thought they might feel awkward coz even if they are the new owners/partners we did not care.

  2. As an ALT living in Japan for a year now, this is like 80% true 20% BS

    If you know nothing about Japan and Japanese culture. Definitely follow this videos advice….. It's safer to be over prepared than under prepared

    Time is definitely a thing. DON'T BE LATE.

    As a note, they completely understand their customs are very different and difficult for foreigners.

    Trash cans are definitely hard to find. You must hold your team with you until you find a trash can (they are usually on train and Subway platforms)

    I had my money to the cashiers all the time. But maybe that's just the area I live in.

  3. Wish I had watched this before I went to Japan. I wore slippers on the reed mat and almost ended the world with the horror. My bad. Also, I was not aware that you don't whip out a wallet and pull out bills (or coins).

  4. I love public mouth washes ❤️❤️❤️ so many people with bad breath here in the US and I have hard time even telling them

  5. Going to Tokyo this spring for the second time. Amazing city and country who have everything. And dont take this video to serious when they usually are realy friendly in every way. ☺

  6. Once my friend tried to enter a restaurant and he was not allowed to enter it said only Japanese.
    It is unbelievable that they still stick to cultural differences.
    Disappointed me

  7. Having been in martial arts I do know some of the rules and protocols in Japan are from the Samurai period, adapted and modified gradually but still based on those principles, walking into a proper dojo w shoes can get you hit w a shinai (bamboo sword) or bokken (oak vers of the Samurai katana sword. While not as common today some martial arts schools /orgs maintain such rules and you better know them before walking where you shouldn't. And clean socks, if you're gonna wear socks make sure they are clean, or buy a lotta socks. And under no circumstances ever touch a sword wo permission, don't even get within 20 ft of it, huge breach in behavior.

  8. America people should follow some of these etiquette, Americans are very rude and should know good etiquette. We as Americans don’t know personally space, we like to stand close one onther in line, touch each when the touch is not wanted. Also I like they can’t sit at a table forever when other customers are waiting to sit. Also a another good is don’t stair at people, as Americans they love to stair at other people because there parents did not tell them to don’t stair it not nice. Or people have no etiquette.

  9. That episode on Family Guy, where Stewie and Brian visit an alternative USA taken over by Japan…now that is the "Japanese" culture I'm going to pretend is mainstream.

  10. Nothing feels like crazy just bcoz I live in Tokyo it’s very common… I m been here for 6 months … You must be habitual for time being… I agree some people think this is crazy…lol

  11. A jamaican could never survive in Japan cause we have no remorse for time and wouldn't even bother following the rules

  12. My company sold hardware/software to a Japanese firm. When the unit kept crashing due to a software bug that we didn't catch, they called and basically APOLOGIZED for not using the equipment properly, could we maybe help them? ie; to help us save face for selling them a buggy product, they pretended it was their fault for not using it right and apologized for buying a defective product.

  13. If one of my Japanese friend says that why don't you bow to other Japanese mates…. My reply would be I only bow to my Almighty God and parents.

  14. Ohh it's not allowed to eat or drink while walking, but I think running while eating is allowed, I saw a lot of Shoujo anime and manga protagonist doing this… 😂😂😂
    Touching and staring is not allowed? But headpat is okay… 😂😂😂

  15. You don't take of your shoes in my house, you're washing the floor.. Best Regards, from a Norwegian

  16. Anyone who watches animes can make a much better video than this. Also so many of the facts here are like totally wrong.

  17. You Americans are so primitive, ignorant and presumptuous that one really starts to think that God only knows as to which planet do you live on? Planet of the Apes? Look at the Title: 15 Examples of Japanese Etiquette That Will Drive You Crazy … Excuse me, who the *&)& are you to judge? You don't like it, stay home. … Just because in your ignorant view they do not look normal … does not mean they are not …you were born yesterday. These people have been practising theirs for eons. Get some education and also some sense. You have extremely bizarre and insulting behaviour and attitude. Look into them first …shame on you …
    12:17 … Which of the ….
    None! They are extremely normal and respectful. Most Asians are like that. It is almost the same on the Indian Subcontinent, Iran and among Arabs / Jews. Just because you have made rudeness your criterion doe not mean the world is going to follow. Keep your legs and dogshit full shoes away … and learn to use your fork properly. It is the left hand that feeds the mouth. ..and I have no wish to learn about your phobias … or your amoral details after a few drinks nor do I want to inform you about mine …

  18. That one moment when senpai isn't for your crush ;-;

    This is clickbait (I saw the other comments, and I have a Japanese friend '-')

  19. Looking like I'm never going to Japan! Because I didn't like any of these, and chances are, I wouldn't remember any of these things!

  20. I'm not even from Japan or have any Japanese in me, yet I will do most of these myself, bowing, sitting, and a few of the others I do naturally everyday, and would also sometimes cringe when and if others don't, I think this shows how much I belong in Japan now!

  21. Here's the opinion of some one who's been to Japan but has only got input the bull bull for Gaijins only, the reality is way different

  22. ………any etiquette concerning whales and dolphins? Perhaps not slaughtering them might be good etiquette.

  23. Sama is an honorific for those who have earned your deepest of respects. Eg. Mother, Father, uncle, auntie, Grandpa,Grandma, the head of a company, and the current Royalty of Japan.

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