15 Awkward Families You Won't Believe Actually Exist!

growing up you'd think the only weird family is your own although the following will soon change your mind on that we take a look through 15 awkward and unusual families you won't believe exist number 15 Kulkarni's family they stand out wherever they go and now India's tallest family is hoping to set a new world record with their combined height Luka Karnas family from the city of Pune in the east of the country tower above their neighbors Sharad Kulkarni stands at 7 foot 1 inches and his wife's and yacht is 6 foot 2 while their daughters murga and Sonya are both over 6 foot with the family's combined height a staggering 26 foot number 14 Marshall family meet the Marshall girls the family who've had more boob jobs than any other in Britain mum Chantelle and four of her daughters are all swelling with pride and joy after a series of operations and now they want the youngest sister Brittany age 14 to go under the knife in total the busty five 'some have had nearly 3 litres of silicone put in their breasts in 13 different operations the only female in the family with natural boobs is school girl Brittany but mother Chantelle is of course already encouraging her to go for an enlargement once she turns 18 number 13 Duggar family 19 Kids and Counting is an American reality TV show that aired on the cable channel TLC for seven years the show featured the Duggar family parents Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar and then 19 children nine girls and 10 boys all of whose names begin with the letter J during the life of the show two children were born three children were married and six grandchildren were born number 12 Athena family Kelly Athena's obsession with scavenging for all of her food in bins and skips is driving her husband up the wall Kelly Athena from Phoenix Arizona has been dumpster diving for the past 4 years since then she salvaged close to 125,000 dollars worth of food from bins even serving a meal made from supermarket spoils to her friends at a dinner party number 11 grandmother and grandson a 72 year old grandmother is to have children with her grandson pearl Carter and Phil Bailey 26 years old have paid a surrogate mother 20,000 pounds to have mr. Bailey's child which the couple plan to bring up together despite their 46 year age difference not to mention their relationship to each other number 10 incest family a man was arrested after people learned about his incestuous relationship with his young daughter Kilian Moyo 65 of Zimbabwe is a traditional healer from the bezu village in the oom Xing Wan district he's accused of marrying his fourteen-year-old daughter the teenager gave birth to two kids who were conceived by her father number nine Hedren family hollywood actress Tippi Hedren has revealed her embarrassment and regret that she let a fully grown lion live with her and her family in the 1970s saying they were stupid beyond belief to let the beast play with her daughter Melanie Griffith aged just 13 at the time number 8 Shauna's family they have a combined weight of almost 1,200 pounds and claim the equivalent of $30,000 in taxpayer-funded benefits on the basis they are in their words too fat to work and asked why they simply don't go on a diet the jobless Shawna family insist we don't have the time to go on a diet the family turn on the television as soon as they get up and very often gets so tired from watching TV they all have to take a nap they've since received their own TV show on account of their laziness number 7 pod Copiah family they were dubbed a family of monsters who set off on missions of murder like they were going to the office for a day's work dentist roman pod cop EF and wife in sa tardy ever were in fact a ruthless pack of killers who robbed and murdered their way through a region of russia in a six-year reign of terror they even wrote their 13-year old and a stage here into the spree during which they shot dead and butchered at least 30 victims number six Howard family a mother sold her three teenage daughters for sex for as little as twenty dollars an anonymous tip led Osceola County deputies to Paul Howard age 50 suspected of operating a family-run prostitution business and pin bring out her daughter's age 16 17 and 18 she was arrested in an undercover sting and charged with child abuse when she had her daughter's approached them for sexual favors number five nor family Teresa nor born in 1946 is an American woman convicted of torturing and murdering two of her six children while using the others to facilitate and cover up her crimes she's currently serving two consecutive life sentences at the California Institution for Women in Chino California Teresa had also murdered her first husband although she was found not guilty as she claimed it was self-defense number four Seymour family Stephanie Seymour shocked and set off one or two incest alarms when she made out with their son definitely more touchy feely than most mother-son relationships Stephanie Seymour and her son definitely raised more than a few eyebrows after a set of beach photographs from their vacation in st. Barts hit the Internet the somewhat famous supermodel could be seen sharing a kiss with her 17 year old son Peter Brant but Brant said the situation was blown way out of proportion number three gray family led by grandfather John Joe gray the clan of a dozen or so men women and children have been waging war against both local sheriff's and federal agencies for 11 years the family have been living on 47 acres behind a fence without running water or electricity but with plenty of guns challenging authorities to arrest the patriarch for a third degree felony warrant issued more than a decade ago number two sale family in 1948 a woman put her four children up for sale but surely people couldn't sell their children in the United States even in the late 1940s family members accused the mother of being paid to stage the photo which may have been part of the story but unfortunately she was dead serious about selling her own children within two years of this photo all of the children as well as the baby she was carrying at the time was sold off two different homes just a few years ago the scattered siblings tried to find each other number one Fritzl family if you didn't already know the Fritzl case emerged in April 2008 when a 42 year old woman Elizabeth Fritzl born in 1966 told police in Austria that she'd been held captive twenty four years in a concealed corridor part of the basement area of the large family house by her father Josef Fritzl had physically assaulted sexually abused and raped her numerous times during her imprisonment the abuse by her father resulted in the birth of seven children four of whom joined their mother in captivity

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  1. 1:19 they need surgery on those ugly legs.. leave the beautiful girl alone she's fine the way she is

  2. Unfortunately this video degenerated into a list of families who were involved in criminal activities. That was enough to put it in the dislike column for me.

  3. #15
    Imagine dating one of the daughters
    And you meet her parents and practically shit yourself when her dad is 7 FEET TALL!!!

  4. Some of the boob family could benefit by doing something with their nasty wrinkly legs. Looks like an old elephant! Gross! Lmao

  5. So sick of this family …If they put more effort into losing weight instead on going on all these Reality shows…Mabey they would be a lot healthier…

  6. What strikes me are the FAT people. They can get their benefits: but ONLY after some stipulations. 5 Days a week, there is a 30-min regimen. The WHOLE family is BEATEN for 5 minutes w/belts. They are then put through exercises that take 15 min. We give then rest for 5 min. Then, they are thrown OUT of their dwellings and made to run for 5 minutes. If they walk ANYTIME during this 5 minutes, they are beaten until they get up and continue running. If this/or some family can't put up with this they MUST work or be done away with!

  7. Anytime racist white people blindly bitch about black people being on welfare, I’ll just direct them to 3:14.

  8. This is why I support the death penalty. There will always be at least 1 person who comes out of the woodwork who deserves it.

  9. The Duggar family, didn’t one of the sons prowl around at night fingering his sisters while they slept? A good Christian family keeps it in the family, that’s family values that is

  10. Those Duggars are worse than most people realize. Reason being? Every additional kid you have DILUTES the QUALITY of attention you can give to your children. That, combined with the fact that they rely on the older kids to help raise the younger ones. The older kids didn't sign on for that bullshit!!!

  11. These quotes are literally stolen from news sources, the “set off one or two incest alarms when she…” is directly taken from “the cut” from their article on the Stephanie Seymour/son debacle, written in 2014. This channel has done this before. The least they can do is create some original content that’s actually original, instead of plagiarizing hard-working journalists

  12. You can have a lion if you remove the class and teeth not that it will help from it pouncing on you 😈

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