12 weeks Cane Corso Socialization Before Fully Vaccinated

hey what's up we're sitting inside the van and that's what we have been doing as far as we can go for socialization here is Vinci because he's not your father fascinated I don't let him get on the ground he just goes out with me sit at the back of the van like this with a gate open and watch what's outside we are still sitting in the same position just at the back of the van but he's getting his third visitation like in ten minutes just wanna get in there so after week he will be able to get on his own foot walk around in the park play go to the beach socializing and do some more training we have been doing this for months heaven we can't wait to get out and run around drivin G go to school pick up the kids together the children pet you and all that that'll be great

2 thoughts on “12 weeks Cane Corso Socialization Before Fully Vaccinated

  1. My cane Corso mastiff puppy is at this point as well. I take her in the car and let her see the sights just to get used to everything that is new to her. I am looking forward to being able to take her out in public and walk around after her third vaccination.

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