12 Actors Who Treat Fellow Cast Members Like Trash

We all like to imagine that our favorite actors
and actresses are great people in real life. Sure, they might play a jerk onscreen once
in awhile, but that’s just acting, right? It’s what they do. Well, with great fame comes great entitlement,
and some of Hollywood’s finest are just plain nasty at times. Each of these actors have earned a bad rep
for the way they behave between takes, be it talking down to craft services, warring
with co-stars, or fighting with directors. Maybe they were all just having a bad day
… over and over again. “Again and again, and again and again and
again.” “Ahhhh!” Here are a few of the big-name actors people
hate working with. Val Kilmer At this point, Val Kilmer’s reputation precedes
him. As far as acting jerks go, Val Kilmer is right
at the top of the list. Starting all the way back in 1995 with Batman
Forever, Kilmer has been known for his attitude when the cameras aren’t rolling. After production, director Joel Schumacher
said in an interview that Val Kilmer was “childish and impossible.” But his words were hardly that last we’d hear
of Kilmer’s tough ‘tude. After The Island of Dr. Moreau hit theaters
the very next year, director John Frankenheimer famously said, quote: “I will never climb Mount Everest, and I will
never work with Val Kilmer again.” End quote. Meanwhile, one of the movie’s actors, Neil
Young, had this to say about his antics: “He was just kind of being a bit rude and
abrasive. Um, he…that was his character though, so
fair go. Maybe that was the way he prepared to be an
a–hole, to, you know, act like one off camera.” Noticing a pattern here? Alec Baldwin There’s no doubting that Alec Baldwin is an
outspoken man. Whether he’s being accused of fighting paparazzi,
shouting homophobic slurs, or calling his own daughter names in a leaked voicemail,
his private life has a way of being shoved into the limelight on a regular basis. As a number of his co-stars have said, that’s
just who he is. Shia LaBeouf, who’s had no shortage of conflicts
all his own — more on that in a minute — famously left the Broadway show Orphans in 2013 because
the two actors had clashed so often at rehearsals. And on 30 Rock, his co-star Cheyenne Jackson
had one thing to say about Baldwin. Quote: “What I learned from him was really
good comedic timing and don’t get in his light.” End quote. Shia LaBeouf For a guy who got his start playing the adorable
lead in Disney’s Even Stevens, Shia LaBeouf sure has shed any presumption of innocence
in the years since. LaBeouf made his way to the big screen in
a big way shortly after the show ended, with major blockbusters like Constantine, I, Robot,
and, of course, the Transformers franchise, which kicked his career straight into the
stratosphere. After he reached such great heights, though,
things changed very quickly — and bizarrely. Shia started taking more avant garde roles
and staged a bunch of strange publicity stunts, like wearing a paper bag that said “I am not
famous anymore” and filming himself watching all of his own movies in a row. Clearly, he wanted the world to take him seriously,
but his penchant for weird antics and over-the-top method acting has begun to rub people the
wrong way. He’s even gotten into fist fights with at
least two of his co-stars — with Tom Hardy on the set of 2012’s Lawless and again after
punching Brad Pitt on 2014’s war epic Fury. In both cases, his co-stars let it slide where
the public was concerned. “Because Shia’s got this weird little left
uppercut you’ve gotta stay away from him, you gotta watch that one.” But the production on Lawless also saw LaBeouf
guzzling actual bottles of moonshine to get into character and carving his name into Mia
Wasikowska’s dressing room door. LaBeouf might not want to be famous anymore,
but he’s quickly becoming infamous. “What does that mean? Infamous?” “Oh ho, Dusty. ‘Infamous’ is, is when you’re MORE than
famous.” Hmmm…not quite. But that reminds us… Chevy Chase His character history might read like a who’s
who in likeable goofs, but Chevy Chase has something of a reputation as one of the meanest
men in show biz. That rep has followed him all the way from
his rock star beginnings on Saturday Night Live in the ’70s up to his recent recurring
gig on Community. Highlights from his worst moments include
getting into a fist fight with Bill Murray and suggesting that former SNL co-star Terry
Sweeney, who was openly gay, do a weekly segment where he would get weighed — to see if he
had contracted AIDS yet. “Oh sorry. Hi fellas.” It certainly seems like Chevy Chase has a
penchant for rubbing people the wrong way. He even came clean about it in 2012, when
he said, quote: “Nobody prepares you for what happens when you get famous, and I didn’t
handle it well.” End quote. That may be the understatement of the decade. Mandy Patinkin He might not quite be a household name, but
you probably know his work from his unforgettable role in 1987’s The Princess Bride. “Hello. My name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die.” More recently, you may have seen him in CBS’s
Criminal Minds and the Golden Globe-winning Showtime series Homeland. With so much success in film and television,
people probably suspect that Mandy Patinkin is a pretty nice guy. But by his own admission, he can be extremely
difficult to work with. Before nearly destroying his television career
in 2007 by suddenly walking away from Criminal Minds and never coming back, Patinkin was
already behaving like a stuck-up starlet. In a 2013 interview with the New York Times,
he came clean with his sordid past on the set. Talking about the hospital drama Chicago Hope,
Patinkin said, quote: “I never let directors talk to me, because I was so spoiled … I
was saying, ‘Don’t talk to me, I don’t want your opinion.’ I behaved abominably.” End quote. Hey, at least he can admit it. Mike Myers It’s almost a cliche now that comedians often
have darker sides. And Mike Myers isn’t immune to the pressures
of being a full-time funnyman. Between Wayne’s World, Austin Powers, and
The Love Guru, Myers’ whole brand is over-the-top, outrageously colorful characters, most of
whom he’s meticulously crafted himself. “Throw me a frickin’ bone here.” He’s been called a perfectionist on his good
days, and on his worst he’s been dubbed “emotionally needy” and “difficult.” That characterization comes directly from
Penelope Spheeris, who directed Mike Myers in 1992’s Wayne’s World. Spheeris also told the story of how Mike Myers
stormed off the set once because the caterers didn’t provide margarine for his bagel. “You kiss your mother with that mouth?” Gwyneth Paltrow It’s easy enough for the internet to hate
Gwyneth Paltrow, who’s managed to outrage non-millionaire parents everywhere with her
lifestyle blog “Goop” and has an unfortunate tendency to come across as aloof and entitled. As we hear all so often, Paltrow is just one
of those everyday moms, the kind who allegedly refuses to touch “other people’s shower water”
at her gym and won’t use toilet paper if the roll is already unwrapped. So yeah, her apparently uptight mannerisms
have earned her a starring role as a punching bag for celebrity gossip. But she’s also difficult to work with for
other A-listers, too. According to reports from the set of 2010’s
Iron Man 2, Paltrow made it a point to avoid her co-star Scarlett Johansson during the
whole production and then got angry when she was upstaged by Johansson during the promotional
work for the film. Of course, one of her press representatives
denied those claims, so it’s possible that the story was simply another piece of trumped-up
gossip. But when it comes to Madame Goop, who can
tell? Katherine Heigl Few people have become the target of tabloid
fodder as completely as Katherine Heigl. In 2008, she publicly bashed her comedy breakout
film Knocked Up as “sexist,” and she also famously declined to be considered for the
Emmys because she thought the Grey’s Anatomy writers didn’t give her enough “juicy, dramatic
material” to deserve a nomination. The series’ creator, Shonda Rhimes, said afterward
of the situation: “Yeah, on some level it stung and on some
level I was not surprised.” “You weren’t.” “No.” “Okay. “When people say who they are, believe them.” Rhimes reportedly declined an offer for Heigl
to return to the show after her character’s departure. Patrick Dempsey Katherine Heigl wasn’t the only real-life
pill on the set of Grey’s, either. Patrick Dempsey, better known as “McDreamy”
was also apparently suspended once for acting “like a diva” on set and was killed off on
the show not long after that. Dempsey had reportedly clashed with Shonda
Rhimes. While he later denied that there was anything
but goodwill between him and the cast, that story has since been hard to shake. Bruce Willis You may remember the time Kevin Smith described
Bruce Willis as “f—ing soul crushing” to work with, after teaming with him for 2010’s
Cop Out. According to Smith, Bruce Willis was pretty
much his hero … until he actually worked with the guy. Meanwhile, Tears of the Sun director Antoine
Fuqua called Bruce Willis a major “pain in the ass” to work with, and Sylvester Stallone
seemed to have similar issues with Bruce Willis during the Expendables series. He dropped Willis for Harrison Ford in Expendables
3, and immediately after announcing the switch, he tweeted a vague, possible stab at Willis
that read, quote: “greedy and lazy … a sure formula for career failure.” End quote. Teri Hatcher Desperate Housewives was as dramatic behind
the scenes as it was for at-home audiences. The hot ABC show had trouble from the start,
and actress Teri Hatcher, who played Susan, apparently took the brunt of the criticism
from her cast mates, who felt she acted like a diva. Hatcher’s co-star Nicollette Sheridan went
so far as to call her the “meanest woman in the world.” After the final episode of Desperate Housewives,
Hatcher reportedly stated, quote: “I will never disclose the true and complicated journey
of us all.” End quote. It’s probably just as well. Some questions are probably best left unanswered. Steven Seagal This action star was basically born to raise
hell. And while he’s no longer headlining big-budget
features, Steven Seagal is still churning out low-budget films left and right, even
though he’s developed a reputation for not being the best dude around. Steven Seagal has been hit with countless
allegations of sexual assault, among other charges, over the years, including one by
Under Siege 2 auditioner Jenny McCarthy, who said in an interview that Seagal told her
to take off her dress during a private audition, despite the absence of nudity in the film. Yuck. He’s also been known to flex some of his silver-screened
might on his male co-stars when the cameras weren’t rolling. John Leguizamo reportedly claimed that Seagal
elbowed him up against a wall with maximum conviction on the set of 1996’s Executive
Decision, simply because Leguizamo laughed at something Seagal said, thinking it was
a joke — when it wasn’t. “And he came up, and he…he Tae Kwon Do’d
my ass against a brick wall. He went ptffhhh! He’s six foot five and caught me off guard,
knocked all the air out of me. I was like ‘hhhhhhuuu.’” Thanks for watching! Click the Looper icon to subscribe to our
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  1. I have no idea whatsoever why Manny P. has such an enormous ego. He may be a better actor than I give him credit for being, but he has very little box office draw with the public. Very sad to be both washed up & a never was.

  2. The less talent, the bigger the ego. REAL stars don't need to be arrogant or needy. Genuine stars are generous to everyone on and off set. Their talent speaks for them.

  3. Sociopaths are for self only. They will intimidate others to make themselves feel more important. Often they are so full of self-importance that they expect others to bow and scrape before them. Some manipulate and con others into believing they are down-to-earth genuine people. Be careful of them. They lack empathy.

  4. My wife and her friends were at a restaurant in NYC celebrating a birthday. Mike Myers was in the restaurant. When it came time for the bill they were told Myers paid for it and wished the Birthday girl a happy birthday. He had already left the restaurant. So he can’t be all bad

  5. Good idea, put these entitled P's/OS in a cage and let them fist each other until they shred their colons, then put them on the streets and see how long they last with this kind of attitude. Although, generally, I'm sure they're really nice people.

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    But he's no neurologist…and I'll bet that Goopy Paltrow uses other peoples vaginal eggs. What a douche!

  7. omg – not a surprise- Kilmer, Baldwin ( the supreme jerk & as far as I am concerned the nastiest pig among all of them) Shia is simply a dick…Mandy- talented an an ahole indeed…and lastly, I like Katherine when I worked with her- but just one opinion.

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  9. I knew Chevy Chase had that reputation dating back to his SNL days. I was surprised about Bruce Willis. At least Mandy Patinkin came clean and admitted he was wrong. Steven Seagal always came across to me as a jerk.

  10. More than likely, Chevy and Bill were probably punchng it out because they couldn't decide which one was more arrogant and obnoxious.

  11. I can teach that Shia punk some manners. I would love to get my hands on some of these hollywood punks fake people pretending to be some one they are not or something they are not. PUNKS !

  12. I was an extra in this movie with Paltrow, and they grabbed me and had me walking down a corridor just her and I passing each other. Being just an extra, I was really nervous, and before the take, she spotted this and smiled a reassuring smile to me from across the room. She seemed very nice. I think like everyone, people have their off moments or off days. The difference is that the world remember it forever.

  13. Consider yourself lucky if you only have to watch actors on screen.
    I have no desire to hang out with them sio it doesn't really matter to me if they are assholes in real life. But I do feel sorry for the people who have to deal with them every day.

    On the other hand, if you're famous and people you meet constantly look up to you and treat you like they'll do anything just to meet you? Yes, that has to mess with your head sooner or later.

  14. I was surprised and very disappointed to hear that Chevy Chase was a difficult actor!
    Gwenith Paltrow, pffft! Ugly bitc*! Didn't like her before knowing, SURE don't like her now!
    Patrick Dempsey! Please say that isn't true! No, no, no! I'm now so broken hearted!

  15. Good actors one and all, that's questionable. Shit heads in real life, totally true. Some still have jobs while other don't thank goodness. Regardless, their on screen nice person personas does not redeem them from their off screen asshole behavior.

  16. Funny but then the list goes on and on and suddenly I want to go find those actors that are great to work with. I feel sorry for the cast and crew and those actors that are great to work with. I can laugh I don't have to work with them.

  17. What do they all have in common you may ask?? They're all liberals, the group of people that think they levitate above the rest of us…

  18. I have no filter either. People have to earn respect; it's not a given. I don't care about your position in the business where that is concerned either 😬.

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    One of these days he'll come up against his match and no amount of his Karate Kid persona or abilities will prevent him from receiving a World Class Ass Whooping!
    And I, for one, would absolutely LOVE to be a fly on the wall with a digital camera to film the event.
    Talk about a PUNK, Stevie Boi!

  20. You know who is the nicest guy on this planet? and he's a very good actor!! Jim caviezel the guy who played as Jesus, he is the most down-to-earth guy, I love him, I could say Jesus is part of him he's part of Jesus for real…

  21. There was always something about Shiloh I did not like sometimes you can look at them and you can tell that they're evil just check out people's eyes !👀👈

  22. Whose Really surprised that Hollyweird has an attitude towards us? They are better than us so why not??? Sarcasm can be fun!!!

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  25. but who is to blame not them…the very people who employ them are to blame.if they go off on a tantrum like they are important better than the ordinary joe…then make them the ordinary joe simple.and name and shame them

  26. Some of them are trash. American actors are so poorly trained. I can see why older actors despise them. At least British actors go to acting academies. Americans are just good looking celebs.

  27. You say things about Mike Meyers but then give him credit for creating great characters while you show him as Dr. Evil. Dr. Evil was a stolen impersonation of Lorne Michaels that Dana Carvey created and Meyers stole.

  28. I was asked to assist the musicians at a Mandy Patinkin concert/Q and A when he came to town. I had never experienced anyone so full of themselves as he was. He gladly spoke of how talented and famous he was. It was sickening, especially as the venue is one of the best music schools in the United States. I hear, though, that he figured it out and turned his act around. Good for him. Yo-Yo Ma, James Galway, Chris Daughtry VERY easy to work with.

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