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– I hope for her sake
it's a joke photo, (chuckles) because that's embarrassing. – I don't know who she was
trying to impress, but she didn't impress nobody
with this. ♪ (upbeat intro) ♪ – (FBE) So, I hope you brought
some paint today, because we're catching
social media liars red-handed. – Oh! That's exciting.
We're the social media police now. – It's time to expose
these snakes. – (FBE) We're gonna show you
a series of photos in which people have been exposed
for living hilariously fake existences online
and see just how far people go to get likes.
– Wow. Okay. This is gonna be good to see
terrible people get what they deserve. – That's basically everyone nowadays
who's a social media influencer. There's a chance
that they're not even real. – I would definitely say
that Instagram is where the most liars live. People edit their photos
like it's nobody's business. – The platforms
have become so populated that if you wanna stand out
from all the other people using that platform,
you have to do something weird and quirky and different. – Ha! Okay, "After a week
of hard work, I finally have a six pack!"
Yes! All right. "Skin is off color due to hard work
put in daily. It hurts, but it's worth it." – "Hope I can keep it
and color heals up soon." Okay, that's so fake.
Oh my god. (chuckles) The comment,
"You have no belly button." Ha! They really caught him.
– It takes more than a week to get that in the first place.
Second thing, you're not– people obviously know you're lying,
so why keep up the image if you're gonna lie?
– It's not even centered. It doesn't even look
realistic at all! – The rest of your body
does not match up to your six pack.
His arms are all, like… limp! And then the rest
is "boom," you know? – Come on, dude.
What's the point? Just saying stuff like this
is just frustrating. – "Hey there. How are you?"
"Are you seriously going to try to catfish me
with pictures of Jenny of BLACKPINK?" – No. Who got time for that?
Get the [bleep] out of my face! Oh my god!
– That's such a thing, catfishing and using
other people's profiles. That is honestly really scary to me.
– It just shows how pathetic it is, because really, you're gonna go
with some really huge pop star? Just by doing this,
you're lowering your chances. – When they see you in real life,
and you don't look like Jenny of BLACKPINK, then what?!
Then what are you gonna do? Be like, "Oh, I had
plastic surgery this last week"? – Well, obviously,
once you guys meet, you're not gonna know
who it is. You're not Sarah
from Houston, who's 24. You're Mark,
who's 45 from California. – "Just got back from Colorado.
Had an amazing trip and shredded the mountains every day. Attempted my first
egg flip (pictured). Didn't land it,
but the pic my buddy took still looks amazing.
Can't wait to go back." – "Pitted… so pitted," bro.
(chuckles) "Oh, [bleep].
Where in Colorado were you?" – "That photo is from a 2012 calendar
and is literally the first photo on a Google Image search.
So full of [bleep]." – That picture looks like
the guy's gonna land it, 'cause he's actually good
at snowboarding. – He finds it on Google!
Bro, that's genius. Your friends just went like,
"Bro, why you lying to us?" – Just the effort you put in
is just so low. So many people have seen that,
so if you really try to lie about stuff like this,
you deserve to get exposed. – "Inconsiderate youths
occupying the disabled seat while an elderly woman
is standing right in front of them on the DLR." "What about the empty seat
right behind you?" (chuckles)
– I don't know what to think of that, because I also think that sometimes
you don't see the whole thing, you know? Like,
there could be a dog on that seat. We can't see it.
– She got so mad at the two people sitting in her spot,
she doesn't even wanna move to her right or left
and sit on the other seat. – A lot of people have seen this.
She's gonna get all the hate, not them. So, again,
has it coming. – The things people will do
for attention is– it's just– it goes too far
to a point where it's like, what world are we living in?
Why do these people try so HARD? – Is your point to prove
that all young people are dumb? What do you want me
to do about it? Do you want me to retweet?
Do you want money? What do you want? – "Face?"
Literally shows the Google search on it.
And it says, "Face pics?" "I sent it."
"Send another." "Why? Don't have time for this."
"One that doesn't show 'Latino selfie' on the search bar."
(chuckles) – He didn't crop it,
or she didn't crop it. – He didn't have the nerve
to edit out the search bar at the top. – "Don't have time for this."
Are you trying to flirt with them or are you trying
to be an ass? – We need to hold a commercial
and be like, "Please call 1-800-HELP-THESE-PEOPLE
and donate, I don't know, anything,
for these people out there that are catfishing."
– I'm Latino, so that kind of makes me feel a little complimented
that they're out there trying to find pictures
of guys like me. I'm like, people have used me
as their catfishing pictures? (camera shutter clicking) – "I never knew how poor
my family was while I was growing up until I started dating a guy
from the suburbs. Depressing, but enlightening." – "Let's see, food on the table,
a huge yard, a bike, swing set, birthday parties,
air conditioning, heat, toys. Must have been rough."
– Oh, that's her mom! DAMNNN!
– "I wasn't saying we were impoverished." (chuckles)
"We had much less money than you did when you were growing up
and you know that." "Also, one more inappropriate comment,
and I will block you on Facebook." This kid is so ungrateful!
– Your mom follows you on Facebook, and you didn't have the decency
to at least, I don't know, block her and then post that
or something!? – When you post stuff like this,
you have basically the entire world to see it, so you have
a much greater chance of being exposed for your lies
and stuff like that. – Oh my gosh!
I've seen this before. You can see that
her butt is made bigger and the wall is not straight.
– That's literally Lindsay Lohan. You literally have
these millions of followers. If you and me can notice
some small thing like that, don't you think everyone's
gonna notice it, honey? – I don't know who she was
trying to impress, but she didn't impress nobody
with this. (chuckles) – Her butt wasn't big enough
for her, so she decided to curve the wall
and make it bigger. – Hollywood and celebrities
are so fake. Like… okay. She's warping her butt?
What else is new?! – Instead of really focusing
on how people look at you physically, how about the things you say
and the way you act or maybe, I don't know,
produce music or stuff like that? – Oh, I've seen this one, too.
I love that! I think it's kind of funny.
And I feel like it looks like she's doing it as a joke.
– I hope for her sake it's a joke photo, (chuckles)
because that's embarrassing. – I'm hoping she's doing it
as a joke instead of the person
taking the picture on the right
is trying to expose them. – This one's funny.
I like this one. – I just love the second picture,
'cause it's her knees. – It doesn't even look realistic here. Oh my gosh.
That is so funny, though. – "Gotta love morphine.
At hospital." "I wish I was you."
– "Hey, what's going on? I just spoke to your mom,
and she said you're only on a saline drip,
because you had a"– (chuckles)
"…because you had a runny poo."
So, that guy, if he's the telling the truth
at the bottom, not only exposed him
for his lies, also embarrassed him.
– That's just plain out lying. – Why would you even wanna brag
about morphine? – He literally is like,
"Oh my gosh! Like, I love morphine."
No! Don't! That's not even a joke.
– Do you want people to think that you are,
I don't know, extremely injured or ill,
make everyone worried about you? Or you're trying to gloat
that you are using morphine? Like, is that cool? Is that supposed to be cool
that you're taking drugs? – Is this a kid,
or is this a grown-ass man? At the end of the day,
it all makes sense. He's a piece of [bleep].
He has runny poop. – "Just ran into Harry Styles
at the Tigers game and he gave me 100 bucks
to get him two beers. And I took the money
and left." – (chuckles) Harry Styles.
(squeals) "I wasn't at the Tigers game.
Cool story, though." (laughs) Ah! I would just be so happy
that Harry Styles responded to me. – Let's assume it's true.
"Cool story, bro." Let's assume it's not true.
"Cool story, bro." – Why are you bragging
that you just stole $100 from Harry Styles?
First of all, his fan base is gonna kick your ass.
– Harry Styles clapped back real quick and was like, "…What?"
– Wouldn't you want the lie to make yourself look
like a better person? This is just making you look
like more of a dick. I don't get it. (chuckles) – (FBE) Be honest,
have you ever been caught lying? – I've never lied on the internet.
It's just stupid. You're gonna called out
no matter what. Why? Why you gotta lie?
It just makes you look bad. – What they're doing
is just so wrong and just so fake that they deserve every little piece
of getting called out. – The people posting
have social media as an outlet. You have your profile picture
and you have your name, right? But after that, anything you say
doesn't have to be true. If you're on social media
and you're lying, Harry Styles and I,
we're coming for you. – Thanks for watching
the truth set us free on the React Channel.
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– Bye, guys. – Hey, guys! Sabrina here,
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  2. If you "want to stand out" on a "social media platform" your priorities are screwed up. How about getting a degree and a job?

  3. Watched this after watching the "Savage Texts" video. Those are examples of people faking it to get more Likes online.

  4. When Ahanita said that Harry’s fandom was going to destroy him it was true One Direction fandoms went crazy 😆

  5. Yet, I bet you the girls in this video definitely use the social media services about as much as these addicts. Photo altering is one thing, but if you still use the service, well… the ROOT issue still isn't being addressed.

  6. Jayka comments LOL, yet tries hard to look like a hooker on instagram. I guess cali parents think this is okay.

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