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We worked a little bit harder on this episode Which is 10 life changing beauty hacks by WIshtrend staff members So who’s gonna come out? What are they gonna share? If you’re curious, you have to watch until the end Hello Wishtrenders and welcome to WishtrendTV We’re back with another episode of DO & DON’T If you haven’t seen our previous DO&DON’T video on whiteheads, make sure to go check that out right here Today’s DO&DON’T is little bit different mainly because We’re gonna be celebrating our 10th episode We’re already on our 10th episode guys Time really does fly Thank you guys so much for loving this series And you guys are the reason why everyone here at Wishtrend works so hard to create better content for you That is why we worked a little bit harder on this episode Which is 10 life changing beauty hacks by Wishtrend staff members So that means as you guessed there are going to be 10 guests In this episode So, who’s gonna come out? What are they gonna share? If you’re curious, you have to watch until the end DO: 5 Wish staff members’ life changing beauty hack do’s Hey guys, it’s Wendy here back on WishtrendTV and I know it’s been a while And I know I’ve read your comments and I know a lot of you guys missed me But don’t worry I’m still on Wishtrend And I’m currently working on the editorial section of Wishtrend So if you guys want to find me on Wishtrend, please visit wishtrend.com And find out Glam we have bunch of beauty tips skincare tips on there So please check that out and let’s move on to my beauty tips Some of you guys might know That I’m quite addicted to scent and really sensitive about smell and scent So my friends actually call me ‘scent pervert’ So one of my beauty tips that I wanted to share with you guys Is how to keep your scent of perfume to last longer and it actually does So, how you do this? This is a tip that I’ve been doing for like over 5 years right now And it really helped me a lot to keep me feel pleasant throughout the day All you have to do, all you need is a vaseline Or an unscented version of a lotion So all you have to do is just apply the lotion On to the part wherever you want to spray your perfume And then apply it Kind of like you normally do you know how you’d apply a lotion But it has to be unscented because you don’t want to mix that Scent of a lotion with perfume and then all you have to do is Spray that perfume on to the area that you put your lotion on And then apply just how you’d normally do That’s it for the tip and to be honest I actually just like shower Shower with perfume Because I love perfume and I love to smell nice So that was my beauty tip hope you guys enjoyed it And if you did, let me know if you guys tried it in the comments below Hello everyone my name is Eunice and I’m a producer and a main host of WishtrendTV Today I wanted to share my healthy yummy delicious and easy and quick to make breakfast with you guys So all you need is a little mixer You can use milk but actually I’m going to use black bean soy milk This is yummy and I’m just gonna wing it As always Maybe put about that much or a little bit more Cuz you know I want a big breakfast I’m a heavy eater and then I’m gonna pop in my favourite banana You could put any fruit you want to in here But I find bananas the most yummiest And I feel like it’s very filling so it’s perfect as a breakfast smoothie And then I’m gonna pop in these You can use fresh sweet potatoes But I don’t have any and sometimes I’m so busy in the morning time Like I don’t have time to cook it and bring it to work So these are little snacks This is basically just dried up sweet potatoes They’re very delicious umhmm very chewy. A few in there And this is really good for constipation This helped me a lot with constipation So for those of you who are dealing with constipation This is a great way to go Okay I’m just gonna put about that much Very filling and very easy So I could stop here if I want to but Sometimes in the morning I want something a little bit more yummy So I LOVE LOVE LOVE putting peanut butter in here You guys can definitely skip this stuff if you want to lose weight or on a diet Or want to keep it a little bit more healthy But I love a big chunk of peanut butter I’m gonna close this top This is going to be perfect I sometimes share with my coworkers too because it’s such a big serving This is gonna make you really full and get you ready for the whole day And it’s gonna get crazy and noisy now I knew that Oh my gosh my mouth is getting watery And because I do have a big chunk of sweet potatoes in there you want to do it for a little bit longer Ok I think that’s it Do you want a sip? wow wow look at this oh god oh my gosh can I get a taste Oh my god it’s so good it’s so bomb And if the bananas are riper It’s more sweeter too so it’s just perfect and you don’t have to miss your breakfast even if you’re super busy So Wishtrenders out there, don’t miss breakfast! DON’T: 5 Wish staff members’ life changing beauty hacks Hey guys I’m Kasper and I’m one of the hosts on WishtrendTV So today I’m gonna give you guys a personal beauty tip It has changed makeup application for me forever My secret is – tada Using concealer instead of a foundation So a lot of you guys ask me unni how do I have flawless skin? and you know how do you apply makeup? You use cushion compact? foundation? BB cream? On some days, on even video shoots like this I only use concealer Using a wet sponge and a concealer, gives you the perfect amount of coverage and a dewy finish Without looking really dry and cakey And also you can apply it only on the areas you need For me personally I apply concealer on the top of my cheekbones where I have some discoloration And on the rest just blend it out using a wet sponge Try this and let me know what you think this has been my personal beauty tip Hi my name is Gina and I work at Wishcompany Today’s tip is one that use a brush and a wet wipe and essence to make sure that You hair stays healthy while you brush it and to make sure that your hair doesn’t get stuck in the brush So what I do is take a wet wipe And stretch it out So that it will fit on the brush paddle And then put essence on it so that when you brush it keeps your hair healthy I will show you how So this is what it looks like and after you brush your hair like this, just take this sheet off So that your hair comes along with it And just do this every week And you’re done So let’s give a round of applause to all of our wish staff members And their life-changing beauty hack And we really hope that these hacks can help you guys out in the future And it’s gonna have 4 Japanese women review green tea products of Korea So make sure you’re on the lookout for that Thank you guys so much for watching and remember you’re beautiful just as you are See you next time! 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  1. Great vid! Everybody at Wish is sooo frikkin gorge!💗 Like do they only hire pretty? Not gonna lie every tip was super awesome! Scrub plus lotion–brilliant! Shoutout to Bob tho cuz I get migraines and supposed to stretch and those neck stretches look awesome, I'm so doing them!

  2. It's nice to see the Wishtrend staff members get together and tell us their flawless beauty tips!
    By the way Eunice had me laughing when she was making that amazing smoothie 😂👌🏼

  3. I loved the lip over lining tip and OMG I love kaspers new dark hair look!!!! 💖💖💖💖 I can't wait to see more content!!!!! I love seeing everyone and their own personal tips 😍😍😍😍😍😍

  4. The hair essence one sounds genius. Aside from it being a good way to apply nutrition to your hair, it would also be easier to get all the hair and dirt that usually gets stuck in the brush

  5. I think Bob's tip is really important. A lot of people overlook stretching and how it can actually improve bloodflow which in turns helps with the skin!

  6. My favourite was Wendy unnies (scent pervert) because I can smell easily and I'm going to a party today so I'm for sure using Wendy unnies Do
    Also Kasper looks nice in black hair

  7. Hyesoo's tips on overdrawing lips was honestly the only video I've seen on YouTube that made them look natural and not like a Drag Queen. Hat off to Hyesoo! ❤️

  8. I just love Eunice! Her whole relaxed, fun vibe speaks to me. Keep bringing us the great videos Wishtrend team 😘

  9. I really like Hyesoo and Bob's hacks!!
    I think it is useful and I wanna try it~
    Eunice's tips is also interesting but my blender is broke so I can't make something like that for breakfast:"))

  10. I loved all of these hacks! Very nice video. My favorite hacks are the first one with the perfume and the one with the overlined lips! Great Video!

  11. Is it just me or does anyone think that Hyesoo looks like Min Hyo Rin? She's so beautiful and calm 😍 All these tips are wonderful and I think Kasper's and Gina's tips are really worth to try for myself. Thanks!

  12. this video is like for real real beginners in beauty stuff. nothing unique. use a lip pen to get fuller lips (u don't say that), use this product to get rid of ur acne and scars, + most of these ''hacks'' is everywhere on instagram.

  13. Why are you all having black hair? Don’t get me wrong, you all look great with this colour, but I was curious if it’s a new trend in Korea or are you trying to keep it for a while like this in order to regenerate it. Thanks! 😊

  14. Do anyone have good suggestions of products for body air removal? Anything besides Nair. I'm not a hairy guy i just want to be hairless on my upper and lower body.

  15. Hello wishtrend family! I am a really big fan of you and your products. I have one question since I usually buy a lot of products from klairs and wishtrend. If I buy something from your official site that says free shipping on it, that means that I can buy this product alone with free shipping? Can I include more products with this specific product and still get a free shipping? I would really appreciate an answere 😙😚

  16. this channel is so underrated! i love watching your videos even if i dont need tips on the specific video i still watch them 🙂

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