10 hours of accepting Donations (osrs edition)

so last year I've done 10 hours of accepting runescape donations in the runescape 3 everything was donated to the well of goodwill at the end of the video and this time it's the same except it's on old school but everything will be donated to the wall of goodwill as well it's like a charity for every 1 million donated to the well $1 goes to the charity and as of making this video it's around 20 thousand dollars worth of items donated already so I wasn't the only one who was raising the money there was also island folks that saw the same his name he actually got 15 billion gold but I think he was accepting for over 20 hours or so so he did a little bit longer than me anyway there been there's been just a lot of clips that I could have shown I actually had so many added that the video length was around half an hour so I figured okay I really need to just cut out most of them obviously gonna keep top ten donations so keep waiting for that is going to happen soon but also wanted to add you know the ones that did not make like this one but they can look at that it's 1,000 Easter eggs that he's giving as well 1000s that eggs in total 68 mil I think it was combined with everything now this guy's this guy's fake just just saying he's not going to give anything but I figured it was a pretty good Bank how much is this like six bill of something I mean look at this it's just so nice like 20 million there's dangerous Tunick Robin Hood hat and a me playing fashion escape Third Age amulet I thought that was at a cane but that's a spider in a stick that's not at gain 1 million said him 207 had to really speed up this one though because again too many Clips anyway let's get to this this is number 10 no this is actually numbered 11 spot so this is not even number 10 I still wanted to include him because look over he 100 D'Argo's it kind of looks like runescape 3 when you think about this you know in runescape 3 oh I have like a thousand abyssal WIPs a house endowed beause you know obviously is gonna be a runescape 3 but in this case $100 both yes thank you very much 123 million from look over here now this guy is pro base he gave cash but he was putting the cash very slowly I had to speed this up really a lot and in total I don't think I'll be showing all the trades from this guy but in total he gave 127 million you know I don't want to talk too much about this guy because he did something but the money goes to charity so either the charity gets the money or they don't so I figured whatever number 9 the loner spectral spirit shield it doesn't seem like it's much but this is not the only trade that he did 56 million this is the second one the only AGS in the entire stream that i received even though i received like five solid amon göth swords in total i don't know what's up with that but in total 156 million from the loner okay number eight is i am busy so quickly we're going to include this 20 million today that i almost lost because it wasn't that much you know not as much to get into top 10 so be careful you know trading low amounts i may not save that but i did this time i did so he did another trade of 68 miller thing and now another trade with 100 million as well in total 194 million from I am building and that's going to be his last trade and he is number eight in the list so this one is a little different okay this guy first of all he traded 200 million to the wrong guy a fake a friend not me similar name but not mine and he lost 200 million this was a collection from a lot of Lithuanian from Lithuanian community I am Lithuanian by the way so some people gave one mil to mil 5 ml 10 ml and this guy collected all of that so that 200 million is not from a single person but it's from Lithuanian community now this guy you can see also gives 200 million and he is number 6 because he gave a little bit more than 200 million it's 200 million 490 K which is more than exactly 200 million so that makes him to go to number 6 in this spot thank you very much for that 200 mil okay so we have five left Doon doe is number five with Third Age mage top and legs which is something that I was waiting for majority of my stream until I was donated something else so 211 million so a lot of to hundreds recently that happened fashion scape though I love this I love that tiny elliptic in hat that I was wearing look at me look at me awesome awesome looking so match his number fought with this was literally the last donation that I took I was actually started looking at the bank you know this is what I got donated and this guy said hey I want to do one more last donation and he's number four with 222 million that is by the way what abyssal dagger that weird one there's coins there's armadyl there's Bandos primordial eternal pegasion boosters so much so much best in slot items you could say I love I love getting donated items like when he gets items instead of gold like gold is fine don't get me wrong but when you get items I think it's a little bit more impressive to see like like this yeah this is will X row number three he's donating like Sodom and God sought there's Bandos there's DFS Tassie's malediction odium it kind of feels a little bit more impressive than just plain 154 mil but again I'm not saying anything are the people who donated 200 million that is absolutely fine though don't it just me you know I guess yeah I don't know what I was going with this but yeah 154 million but that's not all he's gonna do like five more traits I'm gonna speed them up really quickly because it's a lot of trades and if you want to see the items you can pause but in total there's going to be two hundred and twenty-nine million from well some days are going to be low like eight million but overall lots of trades lots of items there is even a Sammy ha stay in there 229 mil numbered two-foot mouth look at that it's only like what six items and that's 104 to 1 million it's because of black gene chompers 63 million coming from black gene chompers I think these guys were competing number one spot and number two spot I know the number one guy said I want to be number one not not sure about foot mount though but this is the second trait from the same guy 140 ml there's oh I thought that was a GS okay that's a s GS cos I got only one a GS from the other guy there's the third age kite shield as well I'm sure this is going to be the last straight from him so in total 453 million was donated that was not the last okay so 453 million from Foot mouth which is number two on the list the last trade 118 million just plain cash it is amazing like it's almost half a billion don't from just one guy you know I really hope that foot mouth is a steak head or something like a flipping items maybe and he has plenty of money and he is not quitting or anything because that would suck but yeah 453 mil beautiful amount and now lumbered one spot goes to satan or satin but I'm gonna call him Satan I guess he just gives a lot of tentacles I think over the close to 400 connect and tentacles were donated by this guy I don't know what's up with him I think what he thought that I'm going to destroy all of them which was my initial plan to destroy as many items as I can however you you couldn't destroy noted items so you had to take unnoted full inventory of Kraken tentacles and destroyed one by one you couldn't even use it on the well but you had to like open the interface and destroy it one by one too much work I mean I'm talking about like if you combine that with 100 and bows with all the gods swords to so much destroying so anyway Third Age this guy gave like the most Third Age items ever lots of amulets I probably did not see it yet but that's the spectral spirit shield this was the third by the way of of this dream in total oh this is the third one okay this is the third one it came I think only two yes two shields two spirit shield came from this guy and three were donated in total again some more tentacles some boots I think these are eternal boots the damage he had those are eternal 78 million a lot of trades were coming from this guy there's a again a Third Age guy chill just like I said most Third Age items came from this guy and a funny thing about Third Age kite shield is that it was going for 60 million in grand exchange 6-0 but if you donate it to the well it accepts it as 110 million so it was really good Oh need kind shields third age kite shields a Bissel bludgeon dome that one was you cannot donate that one – well I had to sell it the well only accepts white listed items unfortunately more third age we did this guy gave me a third age full third age range and then another legs okay again 65 100 ml three DFS's three Robin Hood has a Bissell whip I mean come on it's just it looks so nice it kind of looks like a private server you know just standing accepting all of that stuff it's it's crazy more Third Age 200 million this time in total combined he really wanted to get that number one spot in total he donated over 1 billion 1 billion and 22 million to be exact from one guy and he takes number one spot in 10 hours I guess of accepting the nation's in this video but really everyone who donated deserves like it's it's not me who did all this you know it's because I didn't I just accepted the nation's and people even if you give like 2 million that's still two million two dollars goes to the charity by the way the number one guy Satan showed me 12 million platinum tokens I think which are worth 12 billion gold if you sell them so the guy's a rich you know that's the thing I would love to see I don't want to see people to give away their banks unless they're actually quitting but if you're still playing and you give away like the whole Bank you know you may actually quit the game because of that like you have nothing left but if you have like 12 billion all right one bill that is too much you know but it's cool if you give one bill data school so thanks to everyone who participated in this event hey look at that that's me it's me live streaming anyway if you look at the very top of the bank near the word fake it says total bank worth five billion it's kind of hard to see but it says five bill I had to take it from the livestream because I don't have high quality video of five bill I have a video of 4.7 bill but not five bill but yes 10 hours of accepting the nation's five billion were donated in total and come on look at this it feels like a private said of it like okay I if you tell your friend that that's my bank bro like nobody would believe it you know but yeah look at that there's a six DFS's to bando stassi's nine amulets of beauty over 100 dark post oh man oh that that's also a few D ornament kit that I did not notice that was ten million three hundred sixty three crank and tentacles that's the one that I was talking about man verax just loads and loads of items I had to sell everything which I don't mind obviously but took me like one hour and a half to sell everything because some people get some items I could not sell like somebody gave me 2 million kademan Todd and I cannot sell it even the foot 1gp no 8 Robin Hood hats yeah just missed it I was scrolling really fast at this point so sorry for that you if you need you can pause you can go back and pause if you really want to see like the whole bank 200 snakeskin which was only 4 million I mean come on what the hell 4 million for all the snakeskin doesn't make any sense thank you so Laura this is what I started donating and this is how you don't need so you click donate you click yes that's why it's so shit this was really fucking bad because you can only donate one item at the time even if you have multiple helmets Third Age helmets you can only donate one at the time you open the interface again select third age range top and then I'm going to click yes and you will be donating that to the well that is slow I had to do that for all the Kraken tentacles all the Bissell whips well it's just 9 so I don't mind is that 15 amulet of fury that is 15 it's not 9 like I said you kind of fell nice destroying all of these items not gonna lie like it it's worth so much it's some people just dream about having these items and I had the opportunity to temporarily have them and then destroy them by the way in here I picked up a GS and spectral from the ground that is um that is something that I dropped on the floor and in the stream I said drop party come and take them from the floor that was a joke and I quickly picked them up afterwards just to troll the people on the stream but yeah on the stream itself I donated a 4.7 no 4.8 billion and 200 million will left because I had to go to sleep because I was really tired at the time and I had a lot of junk items to sell it would have taken me at least one hour to sell now here comes the problem it took me a very long time to edit this video if you look in here it's just so much you can see I had to make the top 10 donators I made a lot of mistakes I had to correct them go back to the videos I had 10 hours of footage to go through or you cannot see this properly basically it's just a lot of clips and you know what happened I I still had some money left that's the thing I was buying this tridents in the GE hour because they're so good because only 200k but if you donate them to the well they go for 1.2 million so charity gets way more money so I was like while I'm editing I'm gonna keep buying these dragons in the grand exchange yeah guess fucking what the well is closed you cannot donate money anymore it says the well is only accepting the nations between Friday 26th and Monday 29th today is Monday I still have the money that is not mine that was supposed to go to charity all of this the it says it's 139 it's more like 170 mil because I paid way more for these these were overpriced Eva were like 500k for one so what I'm gonna do now is nothing I'm gonna keep this money well no I'm gonna put this money in gran exchange I'm gonna put an offer forward le just gonna do that now gonna keep the tridents and next year when they're gonna reopen the well I'm going to donate everything to the well if the well will be closed like if they don't want to do this anymore I will be donating 160 dollars from my paypal to special effect charity which was this charity that Jagex was raising money for and I will be dropping all of these items it was my honest mistake okay this was not supposed to be in a video but some people who donated PayPal donations they thought that when I said top 10 donations will be in a video they thought PayPal donations will be in a video so they donated PayPal for the purpose well I guess to support me as well that without probably was the main one but also to be in the top ten and then I said no this is the runescape only but then I felt bad like okay what the fuck am i doing so gonna show the top 10 donations however keep in mind that I appreciate every single donation that I get like I got donated $3,000 almost in one stream even though it shows two days but that's because midnight you know it splits the day it was one stream only $3,000 in one day that will last me for good six months but I would say like more like eight months how does this even happen like I appreciate evenly the two dollar donations like in total 773 donations I don't play runescape anymore but I enjoy what you do for the community and I think you need this more than I do Alex thanks Alex or random viewer seventy-seventh well I guess Alex is what I should call you 120 dollars from I am NOT Bob Rose here friend like yourself okay this was it at all message but you know I I it's all for for the laughs for us candy which is my top donated of all time with seven hundred dollars in total $500 single donation as well not in this stream though $181 in this stream hey Davi does I saw that you were hosting another donation spree I don't have anything on old school but at least I can give you this keep up the good work thank you for us candy skipper okay so skipper and falsi we're competing with each other you could say two hundred forty two dollars and 271 which is the highest I guess of this diem again thank you to everyone who donated at one time I think we had almost two hours of constant donations coming in that was the craziest thing that I've seen non-stop the nation's I could see queued up like ten donations just queued up waiting to be shown on the screen anyway thank you for watching this video hope you enjoyed it and I will see you in my next one bye

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  1. sorry A Friendm but you now scamm a lot people.. i dont know how you can doo that.. on mine channel never scam ppl

  2. Sometimes I just hope someome donates even just a goblin mail or something
    People seem so selfish compared to back when this game was "new"…

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