10 Horrible Realities Of A Post Apocalyptic Society

Many people love watching shows or movies
set in some sort of post-apocalyptic universe, and consider the lifestyle to be very glamorous. However, the truth is that reality in a post-apocalyptic
universe would certainly not be the fun and games free-for-all that so many people imagine
it to be. The most fun parts of life you see in the
post-apocalyptic movies would either be non-existent, or just the happiest moments of what is otherwise
a long, hard slog through life. In today’s article, we will go over ways
that life after the apocalypse might not be as fun as many would like to believe. 10. Horses Would Almost Certainly Be Eaten, Not
Used As Mounts In a lot of post-apocalyptic media, you see
people using horses as mounts, but this is really just all kinds of silly. While it makes sense in a medieval fantasy
universe, those who are already used to technology and are starving are unlikely to be using
a horse — something that requires so much food to keep alive — as a mount when they
could eat it instead. Now, back in the day part of the reason they
used horses for mounts was because they needed something, but nowadays we have things like
bikes. And, when it comes to multi-gear bikes, we
now have bikes that, with comparatively little effort, could potentially take someone hundreds
of miles. In terms of the caloric costs in a society
struggling to find food, it just wouldn’t be logical for horses to be anything other
than meat. Bikes, and other similar transport, would
quickly become the norm as fuel and food both became scarce. 9. Travel Would Become A Rarity, Only Done As
Truly Needed Now, while we would have mountain bikes for
long travel, and they are relatively sturdy, they offer very little in terms of protection
from the elements, and the truth is that in general, unless trying to migrate like in
the old days for better land, there would be little reason at all to do any real travel. If people were living in an area where they
even had a decent amount of resources it would be extremely risky to move. Even in an area with few resources, if there
was just enough to survive, it would be hard to save up enough for a long journey, especially
if you aren’t sure other areas are in much better shape. Travel would almost certainly be cut to most
people never going more than a few miles in any direction, and we would all likely become
very well acquainted — very quickly — with all of our closest neighbors (and probably
come to rely on each other, as we would need to make do with the products and services
around us). Unfortunately, not only buying online, but
even ordering products from afar would simply cease to be, due to the fact that most travel
would be greatly curtailed unless absolutely necessary. 8. Shampoo, Conditioner And Other Products Would
Probably Not Be Available In post-apocalyptic media, you see beautiful
people who have often been out in the woods for weeks, months, or even longer. They do not have access to a beauty supply
store, a beauty parlor, or even a Walgreens, but they manage to look perfectly made up,
like they just came out of makeup at a Hollywood studio. (Because… they have.) And while it would likely be harder for us
to connect with the main characters if they looked grunged up and disgusting, the fact
of the matter is that they probably kind of would. You can only wash your clothes so well in
a stream without soap, and in most post-apocalyptic situations, getting yourself and your clothes
fully cleaned (if you are lucky) is about as far as you are going to get. Focusing on cosmetics is going to come later
in the more prosperous villages, after a lot of people have settled down, and even then
it’d be unlikely to reach the level that it once did any time soon (if ever). Furthermore, no matter how advanced a village,
those who spend most of their time out in the woods are simply not going to look like
Hollywood supermodels. 7. The Remaining Anti-Vaxxers Would Have Potential
To Do Incredible Damage Today, anti-vaxxers are already doing serious
damage, bringing diseases like measles roaring back in developed countries like the United
States. However, in a society were there was much
less regulation, and much less vaccine availability, it would be much easier for anti-vaxxers to
poison the well, or get away with mixing their children with others when they have infectious
diseases. In fact, this was part of the reason disease
used to spread so quickly. Before organizations like the CDC, or constant
mass communication and increased literacy, not only were things like vaccinations rare,
but medical ignorance in general was a big problem. Now, many today are learning medical ignorance
by believing the wrong information they read online, and even some in the medical field
are being infected. In a scenario where a lot of humans got cut
off from each other, and a lot of laws broke down, many fewer people would have vaccines
available and a lot of others would feel less pressure to get their kids vaccinated, or
potentially fall to scientific ignorance. The results could be dire, and wipe out a
huge amount of a population that has already lost infrastructure, communication, and knowledge
due to other apocalyptic reasons. 6. Pollution Would Be A Greater Problem Than
Perhaps Ever Before Right now pollution and climate change are
a big problem, but in the event of some kind of disaster, whether through climate change
or something else, it could end up (at least on a local scale) an even bigger immediate
problem for the average community of survivors. Regulation would mostly be up to local communities,
and some would be better than others, but nearby communities could pollute in their
own ways that might affect their neighbors, and aside from war, it could be very hard
to get them to cooperate. On top of that, most people would probably
be more worried about survival at all costs at first, so likely a lot of sacrifices in
terms of pollution would be made. Now, it could be argued that going back in
time people would have had a similar problem in any non-industrialized society without
proper states and laws governing dumping waste and other such things, but it could be an
even bigger problem, because in many post-apocalyptic societies, people would not have more than
a patchwork of waste dumping cooperation with their nearby neighbors. But they would also have a situation where
many people had a knowledge of industry that those in the past didn’t. So, many people would be piecing together
industrial equipment, utilizing dangerous chemicals, and using whatever they could to
get by, with far less environmental safety or knowledge. In short, apart from the massive scale of
industry we have now, the problem on a local scale could end up far worse. 5. We Would Have To Spend Time Talking To People
Who Don’t Agree With Us On the internet, we have gotten used to the
high of always finding people who agree with us, and always finding people who share our
hobbies. However, in a post-apocalyptic society, we
would have to make do with people who are local to us, and this would make it much harder
to find that easy affirmation. On the whole, you are going to have a lot
more trouble finding people who simply pat you on the back for every opinion you have. And you are also going to find it a lot harder
to find those who share your more esoteric hobbies. Online, you can always find at least a few
oddballs who share your weirdest quirks and interests, but if society and all of that
mass communication breaks down, then you are once again going to find yourself being that
weird geeky person. In truth there are many geeky interests that
are still kind of niche, but people feel cool and accepted because you can always find a
few people to talk to about them. But without the connectedness of the modern
age, all of that is going to quickly go away. 4. A Minor Injury Or Other Bruise Or Cut Could
Easily Lead To Your Death One of the first things that would go away
is proper access to medical care, and even often basic medical supplies. This makes a very difficult situation for
those glamorous survivors you see in a lot of movies, who often look very rugged and
scuffed up, like they have been through the wringer. The sad fact is that without proper medical
care (which most survivors in post-apocalyptic movies and TV shows don’t have), those bruised
and scuffed up people will probably soon develop a blood infection from their cuts and bruises,
and then die a very miserable and easily avoidable death. And as for anything much worse than that,
you better hope you are lucky and only end up crippled for life in some form, instead
of simply succumbing to your injuries. Those who are crippled would also likely struggle
to fit into society at all, and in harsher groups with less resources, may not end up
finding a place at all. When you are trying to rebuild society, it
can be difficult to justify spending too many resources on the weak. 3. People Would Start Having Massive Amounts
Of Children Again, And They Would Die In order to shore up human numbers, and also
to ensure that at least a few survive, people would likely start having massive amounts
of children again like they used to. Unfortunately, this would also lead us back
to a time period when children were used greatly for labor from a young age, and were often
considered more of a resource than anything else. After all, if times are tough and food is
hard to come by, then anyone who eats food had better be helping produce it as well. This means children would be more focused
on work than getting an education, and parents could expect, with less healthcare, that most
of their children wouldn’t survive to adulthood and may be afraid to get too attached in the
first place. This means children would grow up not feeling
as much affection and attachment to their parents, but this may be well and good enough,
as their parents probably wouldn’t live very long lives either. Now, this doesn’t mean parent and child
relationships would be loveless, but things would definitely be much more grim. 2. Raids Would Probably Be Common, And Life Would
Be Violent And Unpleasant In a post-apocalyptic society, raids would
be something people would have to regularly worry about. Whether from individuals, mini-armies from
entire small cities, or just little raiding bands, any community or anyone who put down
roots would have to constantly be worried about what kind of people might simply try
to run up and take what they have. You would have to constantly be on alert,
and with all the modern weapons still around, you can almost never be too prepared for what
your enemies might use in order to take everything you have or even obliterate you from the face
of the Earth. Bigger communities with their own militias
would probably fare better, but small farms or families isolated from others would almost
be sitting ducks, and probably constantly find themselves under attack. Unless you are willing to be part of a big
cooperative with a lot of protection, the more attention you attract with your nice
buildings and beautiful lands, the more likely someone is going to just straight up steal
it from you. 1. It May Sound Fun To Individuals, But They
Would Have It The Very Worst Of All Many young men like the idea of a future where
we still have a lot of our knowledge, but society has busted down and things are now
going south. It’s sort of a feeling of independence,
like they can get their chance to live out of all their wildest power fantasies, and
with no rules at all to stop them as a cherry on the sundae. However, they would find a society full of
patchwork new rules and communities, where they would either follow those rules while
around each community or find themselves quickly unwelcome. And if they tried to just raid and impose
their will on others, they would often find themselves against fierce resistance and hunted
down. If they ever needed medical or other help,
most survivors would find themselves needing assistance, and would either need to break
down and be a part of society for a bit, or would already be an enemy of society and find
that no one really wants to help them (without at least punishing them first). The bigger, more organized societies would
prosper, and those that were alone, except for a few rare survival experts who didn’t
mind staying away from others and living entirely as hermits, would not live long, and would
likely have an unpleasant existence in the new, post-apocalyptic world.

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  1. I have horses for riding ( why walk when you can ride?), draft for wagons ( transport of supplies and people), and draft of implements for agriculture. Eating my horses would be the final option. Pulling a wagon to transport supplies and people offers a guarantee of barter and profit.

  2. The polution problem would probably be cut dramatically considering the population would be diminished.
    The other thing that would be drastically different, along with the treatment of children…women would be treated much the same, expected to do a lot of housework & would likely be treated poorly, forced to be very submissive to a husband, as they would not have the option to Be 'single & independent' as the world would be a very scary place & unforgiving place for a girl who didn't have a man to protect themselves.

  3. Back in the1970's doctors in Los Angels went on strike to protest the high cost of malpractice insurance.
    Well, the doctors did go on strike and the death rate actually plummeted. The TV news reporters were flabbergasted when the facts came in. So, I kinda have my doubts that people are going to die in droves just because they can't run to the doctor's office whenever they feel like.

  4. Before medical resources improved our life expectancy significantly, some cultures didn’t name babies until they were at least a year old; as most young babies died easily, and it wouldn’t do to get too attached.

  5. Geees….that certainly was depressing. Well, I better start drinking heavily and soon.😕😕😖😖☹☹🍺🍻🥂🥃🍸🍹🍷Anybody got any beer….wine….Capt and coke……rubbing alcohol….anything??? Just saying.

  6. In a post apocalyptic world the vast majority of survivors would be cannibals as humans are the easiest animal to kill.

  7. Its not that long ago that terror swept the Land…. Europe & the US. I was born in 1955. So, just in my own life:
    1: I was a preemie & couldn't tolerate cows' milk & my Mom didn't make enough. Additionally, I had asthma.
    Now, I wasn't a tiny, tiny preemie needing a special hospital, etc w a NIC U, etc. I weighed 5 lbs @ birth & lost it down to 4.5 lbs. Now, they measure these tiny infants in ounces! They'd not be viable. Poor souls.
    2: Polio was gone, except here & there. I had Infantile Paralysis @ 2.
    3: Measles (not Roseola in this case.) I had it twice & am still careful to avoid children who might have it. That was still very scary while I was pregnant with our sons.
    4: Chicken pox. It was miserable to have & miserable trying to keep our sons from scratching & cooling their high fevers.
    5: Every year, as a child, I'd suddenly spike a temp. By the time I complained, it was 101*F. It just kept going up, resulting in antibiotics & oxygen tents which were cold & clammy.
    6: Our first child was breech. I think a knowledgeable midwife could have turned him, but, otherwise, we would have died.
    Those are mostly just childhood illnesses & the joys of childbirth. 😉
    (I had Measles the second time in USAF Basic Training. 6 days in hospital.)

  8. It probably depends on the character of the dissaster that would destroy the modern society. An unstoppable plague would certainly be "better" than, say, a return of Snowball Earth (like in Snowpiercer), since the climate would remain unchanged and people could grow their own food or hunt.

  9. With the collapse of society (already happening), government (already happening), and infrastructure people would band together in tribes. They would look for a cross section of skills (carpentry, medical, farming, Hunting, ETC. Firearms would be used for protection and food (firearms possession is being discouraged by all the liberal idiots available). The video didn't mention these things due to either a lack of research or ignorance. Urban area's would have it the hardest, which is why the Obama administration advocated moving to urban or suburban area's. People are easier to control when congested. All this is not something to forward to, but with society going down, down, down, many people seem concerned.

  10. Raids wouldn't necessarily be common. If you look at your previous observations, you'll notice that lots of people or dying of disease and minor injuries leading to gangrene. If population density gets low enough (think stone age) then people are more concerned with PVE rather than PVP.

  11. Post apocalyptic world I would assume a Mass kill off of the population so the local warehouse would have enough supplies for generation's to come. As far as best before dates if your starving I bet it would taste great (most modern canned food shelf life would be unlimited).

  12. Why would someone who's taken their vaccines have to worry about those who haven't?
    Wouldn't the vaccine protect you from their disease?
    And would you even be able to get a vaccine in the apocalypse?
    I'm just asking?

  13. It's obvious based on what he is saying that we are currently living in a post-post apocalyptic civilisation. Makes you wonder what really went before.

  14. You need to read the studies where some Dr's and such now see vaccinated people as carriers in the same way that those who wear bullet proof vests carry stopped bullets in their vests. They surmise that vaccines do not stop one from catching a virus but merely mitigate the effects thereof. They believe that vaccinated people are responsible for the outbreak of out of area diseases in developing countries.

  15. I'll just put this out there so take it for what its worth. Stay away from hospitals. If you need medical supplies check out your local animal clinics they are full medicine, and other supplies that can be safely used on people.

  16. Nothing new under the sun. Down-to-earth info for those who haven't thought this through. But.. It's going to be worse than what you show and this assumes any humans survive into this nightmare. I think we will go extinct rather soon.. I guess this scenario may be the middle and end of that "event". I wonder what, if anything, will survive long enough to evolve. The Earth travels on, for awhile at least. Sad (maybe) that humans have to go. Sigh.

  17. I remember the post- hurricain life here in Florida. No power for two weeks, no drinkable water for days. Stores were closed. There was no food or medicine to be had. I didn't store up properly and got real thin. Couldn't even get a cup of coffee.

    There were fights in gas lines. ATMs weren't working.And that was during the preparation. And this was a two week event. Civilization won't come back after a war.

  18. simple. post apocalypse, hunt, raid & slaughter any camps, settlements within ten miles of your own. fewer neighbours, fewer conflicts, pollutants, more resources for your own Pack. maybe spare some of the neighbouring tribes young to raise amongst your own & swell your tribe's numbers, improving numerical advantage in future raids. keep your own territory localised. external sanitised territories to be maintained as a patrolled "no man's land". increase this NML as you can but keep to your Pack den/base. getting greedy will draw attention to yourself & risk others raiding you. big free land, small Pack/den = harder to find. antivaxxers to be hunted & slaughtered to the last man woman & child whenever possible by ALL Packs & tribes. make a festival of it. trading & alliances possible under the guise of AV hunts

  19. That part about people having more children would have hit home to my great grandmother. She bore six childrean and only two lived to see their own grandchildren.

  20. When the "civilized world" collapses, if you don't have basic survival skills, just save yourself the headache and off yourself. If you DO have basic survival skills… you already know what to do, so I'm not going to go into it.

  21. Managing a day without food, water or power … lets face it in a civilized nation maybe 10% would survive…an optimistic estimate.

  22. A lot of food for thought. But I decided long ago (probably after watching 1983s The Day After) that I didn't want to be around post-apoc anyway.

  23. Would it be pimp if ride looked delicious? Could be a sign of wealth if you show you don’t need to eat your transportation. Personally I would take a nibble.

  24. "People wouldn't keep horses because food is already scarce"?

    But horses don't need to eat "people food" like oats, they can live off of plants we can't digest anyway.

  25. Not sure I agree on the pollution thing. It would depend on what kind of apocalypse you are talking about. But if say, all the coal powered power stations stop working and the garbage trucks stop running and people run out of fuel, well, people would move out to the countryside to survive in relatively small groups once the supermarkets were emptied of food and other resources. So overall pollution should actually drop quite a bit. Not sure I agree that lots of children would die either. Plenty can be done with a basic knowledge of hygiene and common sense, a bit of herb medical knowledge doesn't go astray either. In an agricultural society children are actually an asset to a family. Look at the Amish, most of them don't even have medical insurance I'm told and they mostly do just fine.

  26. Why doesn't anyone ever mention all the world's nuclear reactors melting down with no one to run them and making the world uninhabitable with all the fall out?

  27. This is a very strange 'city think' take on the subject. Country people know how to work, survive, build and prioritize community, and actually love one onother (agreeing to disagree and not majoring on minors). I think only small rural villages would survive. And yes, with horses.

  28. #10 is basically wrong. Horses would be incredibly valuable for the mobility and well….horsepower they offer. Some would be eaten yes, but that would highly situational. Any organized group with any sort of intelligent leadership, would protect their horses. I bike everywhere, and I am here to tell you, bikes are nowhere near as durable as TT thinks. They still require parts, oil, and especially tires, chains etc. Once clean, flat, paved streets go away, your bikes durability will go away with it. Bikes are far less resource intense than oil-powered vehicles true, but, horses still beats bikes.
    Weak, disorganized hungry people, will probably eat horses, yes, I agree with that. But, any kind of organized community? No way. Only way a horse would be eaten in a well-lead community was if it suffered an accident or was too old to work or be used as a mount.

  29. Interesting presentation. However bikes? With no technological infrastructure, to create and repair the rubber tyre and inner tube it wont last very long if at all. You are historically correct in the sense that the horse was originally hunted purely for food until somebody saw there value for conquering others. It is this conquering of others that makes the horse as a mount viable because with it you can seize the land and enslave people to produce the food to feed you and the highly valued mount. You can let your slaves be malnourished as you can always find more through conquering and raiding. This is what happened historically and thus is a plausible scenario.

  30. #10 Bycicles…..but what are people gonna do when a bycicle breaks and there are no more “pneumatics” left (because nobody is “harvesting” rubber to make them, or there’ nobody who knows how to repair it)? Bycicles will be completely useless then….whereas a well-fed and well-cared horse – who can live on grass alone – can carry a man around and live for around 20-22 years – and once he dies he can be eaten, whereas you cannot eat a bycicle when he becomes unusable. LOL

  31. Medicines or the lack thereof will not be the main problem. It will be the lack of food and possibly water-first and foremost. Only the toughest and most resourceful 8:14 will be able to successfully raise their children.

  32. enjoy yur humor,thanku!
    i disagree withu on virus'.
    the "vaccinated" are carriers,just once removed,by making it past the initial injection of that virus (s).
    making them carriers of virus [which u never can rid yourself of/compile into immulogical responses such as aids,cancer,etc.,that deplete a otherwise would be a normal immune system.]
    therefore leaving the unvaxed stronger,basically-physiologically,
    while those vaxed will succumb2 illness rather easy as theyve already been overloaded and had deterious affects began before the cataclysm happened.
    while most people r not aware,many viruses are passed on or dna changes can take place within a mother's womb enhancing the unborn child with the appropriate dna "selection",from not so far back,as weve only been vaxing for less than a hundred years.
    we,unvaxxed will actually change the trend of each generation becoming weaker;)food for thought!


  34. I wouldn’t like to ride a bike in a zombie 🧟‍♀️ apocalypse, mind you better than walking, the climate change caused by people Is a lie by the way it’s a globalist ploy to suit agenda and gain extra tax

  35. recheck your facts please, In my adult life I have not taken a vaccination, been hurt to the point of needing stitches I never got, and more, avoided antibiotics when ever possible, yet I am still healthy and strong at the over 50 mark. The Post Apocalyptic scenario really makes or breaks your point.

  36. fear kills the sex drive, so if food is scarce , well not to sure about you but getting funky with it,,,,, nawww

  37. Horse wouldn't be eaten, they can graze and forage for food, they would be used to pull plows, and wagons. I think society would go back to being more agrarian. I think a post apocalyptic world would just revert back to like the wild west. I would live near the ocean and have a surf an turf type lifestyle.

  38. Without any means to maintain the cooling systems in nuclear power plants, they would all go into meltdown. Nuclear war or not, the world would be completely irradiated.

  39. I think the number 1 Horrible Reality of a Post Apocalyptic Society will be no more Internal Combustion Engine slaves available. All the industrial societal progress of the last 200 years was based on the exponential availability of ICE motors using fossil fuels.

  40. 8:11 okay, comment section pact. If an apocalyptic event like this does happen, and we start having tons of kids, who among us would spend every scrap of spare time giving them the best home education we could? Don't let literacy and numeracy die. If you agree to this, comment "Aye".

  41. They say cities without utilities and food shipments would be eating people in 2 weeks. Every see a store before a hurricane?

  42. Not sure you are correct about the horse. It does not require feeding, grass will still grow as long as the land is not desert they can feed themselves, the issue would be contaminated waster source.

  43. Unless it was a gradual collapse, something that took years rather than say a massive plague, EMP, or war, most of the population is going to die from lack of potable water, starvation, and from their fellow humans rather quickly. Some estimates have the the population of the US being between 5 and 15% of pre-collapse within three months. Most of those people will be dead within a few miles of where they lived, so the areas with animals – horses, cows, pigs, chickens, etc., would likely be spared the worst and those animals would survive…at least at first.

  44. I laughed about the anti vax comments. By the time that would be an issue most people would be dead due to being glued to electronics all day. disease could not kill us faster then we would die of boredom lol

  45. people always talk about storing up huge ammounts of food and water, but I always ask " where are you guys going to hide all the poop." 🤣🤣🤣

  46. Watch 'Survivors' (BBC 1975) – most, if not all, episodes are on YouTube. It's totally convincing, in that a depressingly large proportion of those left are utterly horrible. Worth watching though, just for the lovely Lucy Fleming.

  47. Number 5 is hardly a "horrible reality". I'm old enough to remember pre-internet society and it was not bad at all. In fact, today I think we know too much about each other. When you didn't know a person's politics or weird viewpoints, it was easier to be civil to one another.

  48. Welp heres my respnse that no one asked for nor cares about.

    10: A societal collapse wouldn't effect the world evenly. Some areas would be hi harder than others, and while yes bicycles are cheap and effective modes of transport, they have their limits. Draft animals can carry/pull far more weight than a bicycle can, and it only be a matter pf time before surviving horse populations are either re-domesticated or traded across the land.
    9: True enough, although it wouldn't be long before warlords start carving out their own kingdoms and territory, and trade begins to appear again. A generation or two at most.
    8: Soaps can be made from animal, plant, and even human, sources. It'll be more valuable, but not non-existent.
    7: Fair enough.
    6: Fair enough, although many areas would also be allowed the chance to recover from human activity.
    5: The horror!
    4: True.
    3: True
    2: True

  49. Horses are better suited for "travel" in any post apocalyptic world as they can traverse areas that are inaccessible to bicycles and they are used as mounts for warfare as the height gives greater sight to the battle. Ever try to shoot a weapon from a bicycle? BWAHAHAHA!

  50. These videos would be so much better if I didn’t have to look at this knob the whole time. Also this guy should get someone else to speak, his voice makes me fall asleep.

  51. Weird choice of Katniss – Panem is in a post-apocalyptic world that has rebuilt and just treats its lower classes like absolute dirt. The Capital and some of the other districts are modern far beyond what we have today, and Katniss was heavily made up and cleaned up by professional stylists for her TV appearances before the Games.

  52. As a hopeful Post-apocalyptic writer I will take some of these to heart. Especially the cripple element. That would make it really interesting imo

  53. Could you do a video on the 10 best crops to grow post apocalypse?
    I saw a fascinating calculation on lettuce yield per square metre a while back, where, due to it's fast growth rate, it actually appeared to outperform almost, if not all other crops in terms of calories per hectare per year. Would be interesting to know what crops would work well in different settings & particularly if all other needs like water were removed from the calculations, so in a nuclear bunker/space station/Mars or whatever where plants could be stacked as well, I think the results could be really surprising

  54. No, no , no.. Horses would not become food. We would still have cows for that. Horses do live off the land too you know, we wouldn't have to worry too much about extra food for them at all. Horses have far too much of a use for transportation to be used for food, they can reproduce… machines can't.

    Okay… I was going to comment on everything on the list but… it's far easier to just say this: It seems the quality of these videos has taken a major nose-dive for a while now. They are not researched or thought out very well at all any more so…. yeah, I am glad I just browsed this channel and never subscribed to it.

  55. Donkeys and camels would be much, much better than horses.  They can live on scrub and little water and still carry a large load.  Horses are for speed.

  56. Many vaccines have already been proven to actually cause diseases. Take small pox for example. The breakout of it at Disneyland/world were of vaccinated children…. And if vaccines work, why are the vaccinated afraid of the unvaccinated? If their vaccines work… Sure you can trust the government, just ask an Indian .. (CDC)

  57. why dont you talk about GMO in food and water killing people, and drug overdose forced by pharmaceutical companies? and force apocalypse

  58. Everyone left would be on the same level,bottom of the food chain. We would all equally suck including the Rich Elites. Not such a bad thing!

  59. When modern people think “post-apocalyptic” they usually think of a modern society crushed by a nuclear war or weird bio-engineered plague, but any student of history would know that in a lot of ways, we’ve actually been there before.

    Compared to the Roman Empire in, say, 200 AD, medieval Western Europe of 400 AD was pretty dang post-apocalyptic. Society took a HUGE step down in a very short time after the fall of the Empire, and A LOT of ancient knowledge was lost that we still may not have completely re-discovered.

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