10 Great Easter Eggs in Movies

Story and characters play the largest part
of how much a viewer enjoys a movie, but Easter Eggs only add to the fun. Giving viewers something
else to watch out for while watching a movie, the best nods or trivia can even warrant mediocre
films a second viewing to catch them all. Here are Screen Rant�s 10 Great Easter Eggs
in Movies. On Her Majesty�s Secret Service The Bond franchise isn�t known for its continuity,
passing from one star actor to the next, but On Her Majesty�s Secret Service is one of
the few exceptions. In George Lazenby�s first and only appearance as 007, Bond rescues
a femme fatale from evil henchmen in the movie�s opening sequence. When the woman then flees
instead of staying with Bond, Lazenby quips that �This never happened to the other fellow,�
making reference to Sean Connery, star of the first five films that Lazenby replaced. The Departed Based on its title, you�d expect plenty
of bloodshed in Martin Scorsese�s Boston crime drama. But eagle eyed viewers could
actually predict who was going to make it out alive. Throughout the film, the letter
�X� is used to foreshadow an upcoming death. The characters played by Leonardo DiCaprio,
Matt Damon and Jack Nicholson are all hit with �the X� by the end of the film, but
Mark Wahlberg�s character never is � leaving him alive to bring the film�s story to a
close. Pulp Fiction In Quentin Tarantino�s tale of connected
short stories, Vincent Vega and Mia Wallace share a memorable chat about Mia�s acting
career. Specifically, a TV pilot titled Fox Force Five, starring a team of five badass
ladies specializing in different fields. Fast forward to Kill Bill, and Mia�s descriptions
fit the film�s Deadly Viper Assassination Squad surprisingly well. Since Kill Bill takes
place in Tarantino�s shared universe, it could be Mia Wallace � not actress Uma Thurman
– playing The Bride. How�s that for a mind-bender? Fight Club In this famous twist ending, Ed Norton�s
Narrator escapes his mundane existence by creating an alternate personality named Tyler
Durden, who�s everything he�s not. But the film might also reveal how he came up
with Durden�s look to begin with. The movie includes a brief shot of a movie theater marquee
advertising Seven Years in Tibet, which also starred actor Brad Pitt. While nobody says
it outright, the implication is that the Narrator may have modeled Durden after the actor. Every
modern movie fan wishes to live a life like the movie star � he just made it happen. The Social Network Directors are often known to make references
to their earlier films, and David Fincher did just that with his tale of Facebook founder
Mark Zuckerberg. During the film, Mark �cheats� on his art exam by building a fake Facebook
profile to get students� opinions on various pieces of art. What name does Mark use? None
other than Tyler Durden. Apparently, Tyler�s imaginary life is so luxurious that even soon-to-be
billionaires wish to be him. Either that, or Zuckerberg is a fan of Fincher�s thriller. Predator 2 Shared movie universe are all the rage in
Hollywood these days, but Fox beat Marvel and DC to the punch with this cool reference
to Alien in Predator 2. On the Predator�s ship, a trophy room decorated with the skulls
of the killer�s past game is shown. One of the most prominent is that of a xenomorph
� the title villains of the Alien franchise. This nod confirmed that both franchises took
place in the same cinematic world, teasing fans with the possibility of a crossover film
one day. This Easter egg may be more memorable than some of the Alien/Predator crossovers
to come, but it�s still a fun one to watch out for. Toy Story Pixar is known for its at-times adult humor
or references, but throughout the Toy Story trilogy, there are numerous references made
to one of cinema�s most terrifying films: Stanley Kubrick�s The Shining. The carpet
in infamous bully Sid�s house is identical to that of the Overlook Hotel, and everything
from license plates to online chat user names in Toy Story 3 feature the number �237,�
a nod to the horrifying contents of Room 237 in the same hotel. The toys have been put
through some terrible situations, so these Easter eggs are either fun nods to Kubrick
or subtle foreshadowing for older moviegoers. The Phantom Menace One of the funniest moments in Steven Spielberg�s
classic ET: The Extra-terrestrial is when the loveable alien recognizes a young trick-or-treater
in a Yoda costume as a sign from �home.� Director George Lucas returned the favor in
Episode 1: The Phantom Menace, placing creatures that strongly resemble ET in one of the Republic�s
Senate sequences. Only visible for a brief moment, it�s a sign that ET really IS from
the galaxy far, far away. We can only imagine what went through his mind watching Elliot
show off his Star Wars toy collection, having seen the galactic conflict firsthand. Close Encounters of the Third Kind The alien visitors of Close Encounters wish
to make peaceful communication with human beings, and that apparently extends to consuming
our pop culture. As the two species communicate via light and sound in the film�s finale,
part of the musical medley the alien ship plays is taken from the theme of Jaws, which
was also a Steven Spielberg/John Williams collaboration. The movie and score were so
popular, it must have extended beyond the stars, which might explain why the aliens
were so interested in taking Roy Neary along with them, given his resemblance to Jaws star
Richard Dreyfus� Fight Club A running theme in Fight Club is its satire
on consumerism and how mankind has become overrun by corporations, constantly buying
things that they don�t need. As a way of hammering this home, David Fincher decided
to include a Starbucks coffee cup in nearly every scene of the finished film, a little
in-joke he included for showcasing too much of a good thing. It was commentary on how
we as a society purchase the same things without thinking twice and illustrated the monotony
of everyday life. Starbucks was even aware of this and read the script, meaning the coffee
giant is able to poke some fun at themselves. Sometimes. Those are our favorite movie Easter eggs.
Are there any we missed? Let us know in the comments below and be sure to subscribe to
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100 thoughts on “10 Great Easter Eggs in Movies

  1. Fight Club: during the scene concerning the telephone booth call to Tyler, there's a sticker on the phone itself saying "No incoming calls allowed", thus making Tyler's call back to the booth impossible.

  2. there is actually a story et is a jedi he used the force to let the bike fly and this is why et recognizes yoda

  3. I love it toward the end when they ask "are there any we missed?" No, you have presented all Easter eggs in movie history!

  4. In the (first & best) Blues Brothers movie, the Bluesmobile's license plate number BDR-529 is a reference to the motorcycle club that Dan Aykroyd belonged to… Black Diamond Riders. And 529 was the house number of the clubhouse. Don't recall the street name, but I believe that it was in Toronto Canada.
    Also "Troopers Daniels and Mount" are a sort of "Thank You" to Universal Studio's money men who finally green lighted John Landis' first major film "Animal House". Watch the extras on the "Double Secret Probation" version of the DVD of Animal House and you'll see and interview with Mr. Daniels and Mr. Mount… (And no mention of the Blues Brothers, of course!)

  5. wait Mark walvins(?) character was played in Transformers 4 Rise of the Dark Spark…
    so that means next The Depardent movie theres gonna be Optimus Prime

  6. I know one easter egg in scott pilgrim vs the world, when scott follows the girl down the hall, the great fairy theme from legend of zelda can be heard 🙂

  7. Never seen fight club but from watching about 4 of your videos I now want to watch it because it seems like you include it on all your videos. Thank you!

  8. Hey Screen Rant, I just found an Easter Egg in the Departed that I am pretty sure nobody else has noticed! I haven't mentioned it to any other site yet, you guys are the first. Right after Queenan dies from being thrown of a roof, Matt Damon's character is sitting in his dark office. Behind him on the wall is a small poster that reads "ITS OK TO RAT ON A RAT"

  9. My fav easter egg is the time machine from the movie The Time Machine in the movie gremlins. You can see it during the inventor con

  10. In the nick cage gone in sixty seconds when they were at the impound lot, at the security desk there was a Gone in Sixty Seconds poster in the background

  11. EASTER EGG: POINT BREAK: at about 1 hour in, Johnny Utah said he followed Bodhi (Patrick Swayze's character) to a diner called "Patrick's Road House) which was filmed 2 years before point break.

  12. 2:08 so you mean blurry face cause he's everything Tyler is not if you know what I'm talking about you are an amazing human being

  13. in the movie arthur chirstmas when arthur was in the girls room you can see the mean characters in chop sockey chooks

  14. Dr. Malcolm in Jurassic Park referencing that life finds a way even if all the dinosaurs are female –> on the plane to Isla Nublar Dr. Grant does not have a male end to buckle his seat belt so he ties two female ends to make the belt "work".

  15. another great Easter egg comes courtesy of Pirates of the Caribbean. the scene in Dead Man's Chest where Davy Jones is playing the organ, he's not playing Hans Zimmer's the Davy Jones organ solo, which is the organ music played throughout the scene, but J.S. Bach's Toccata and Fugue in D minor (BWV 565). this is a great tribute to the greatest organ work ever written.

  16. in captain america winter soldier when cap pulls out his list of albums and songs, one of them was star wars theme song and star trek

  17. In Captain America 2011 when they present the flying car when they remove the wheels the thing that makes it fly says "Stark"

  18. In the move I am legend starring Will smith in the main role, in one scene there is a picture of the Superman vs Batman logo. Aka Easter egg 🙂

  19. The George lazenby quote was a bad joke about Cinderella. It's relatively well documented. People might want it to be something else, but it isn't. Don't get mad about it. (It's because he ends up holding the single slipper, and like I said; it's a bad joke)

  20. Particular favourite has to be Nick Fury's tombstone in Captain America: Winter Soldier. It has the beginning of the famous af fictitious bible quote that Samuel L. Jackson says towards the beginning of Pulp Fiction (Ezekiel 25:17). Subtle head nod

  21. The dark brotherhood symbol is shown in a nightmare on elm street when Jonny dep is sucked into his bed

  22. I did love the Alien reference in Predator 2 when I was a kid, but Xenomorphs have exoskeletons so don't have bone skulls….

  23. fuuuu*k off, maaan, with your Fin spoiler, put a Fin spoiler alert sign there when U plan to ruin movies for others, shi*t, man.

  24. I always did figure "James Bond" as a codename. I mean, it would be pretty damn stupid that a secret service agent goes around giving his actual name to just about every criminal organization out there.

  25. The Dark Knight has a subtle throwback to Bale's role in American Psycho, the chainsaw drop scene. Batman waits to drop onto Scarecrow as he descends the spiral garage ramp, which is strikingly similar to Him waiting for the right moment to drop the chainsaw on the hooker in American Psycho.

  26. not sure why, but 2014 Godzilla references Back to the future by calling one of the town/ train station or hospital "Lone Pine" which is the reference. It comes when Godzilla arrives in San Francisco to fight the motu. Is there an answer to why this is?

  27. You forgot to mention that Martin Sheen also got an "X" during the departed (as he is falling to his death, you see x's taped to a building) Also, since the security camera in Toy Story 2 says OVERLOOK H(otel)237, it's a safe bet the writers/director were paying homage to The Shining/Kubrick.

  28. in Close Encounters of the third kind when you see the mothership, you can see r2-d2 hanging on the ship.

  29. To add to Fight Club, when Brad Pitt gets in Jared Leto's face saying "we'd all be movie stars and rock gods but we're not…"
    Always made me chuckle.

  30. when Marty mcfly hits a pine tree with his car the mall name becomes lone pine mall when it used to be twin pines mall

  31. the Starbucks thing was not a commentary on consumerism. They asked for a product placement so Starbucks gave them like 10,000 cups and the use one in every scene.

  32. Probably seems a little old now, but I haven't seen anyone mention that Groot in Guardians of the Galaxy giving a child a flower seems to be an homage to either Minecraft, or the original reference Laputa, Castle in the Sky by Studio Ghibli

  33. I desire to be a filmmaker one day. Easter Eggs will definitely be part of my films. There's an Old French Filmmaker from the 50s called Francois Truffaut and on many of his movies, especially the ones that were of himself, he appeared as an extra on at least one scene.

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