1.4.7 Culture Models

now we are going to see three different models related to safety culture two of them are going to be for the nuclear industry and the first one is for aviation the first one is the International Atomic Energy Agency culture model that defines a strong safety culture as the assembly of characteristics and attitudes in an organization and individuals which establish that as an overriding priority protection and safety Suton receive the attention warranted by their significance and that is going to be defining in different levels for example we can see that safety is a clearly recognized value so it's going to have the highest priority in documentation communications decision-making because safety is a pelham primary consideration in the allocation of resources the strategic business importance of tasty should be reflected in the business plan individuals are convinced that safety and production go hand in hand a proactive and long term approach to safety issues use sound in all the decision-making and a safety conscious behavior is socially accepted and supported also there should be a strong leadership for safety and it should be clear so senior management is clearly commitment with committed sorry with safety or to safety commitment to safety is is evident at all levels of management there will be always a visible leadership so in that involvement leadership skills are systematically developed so we can develop them go to reinforce safety also there should be an clear accountability for safety and should have many things like an appropriate relationship with the regulatory body that is going to ensure that accountability roles and responsibilities should be or are clearly defined and they should be clearly understood there is a high level of compliance with both regulations and procedures management should delegate the responsibility with appropriate authority to enable clear accountabilities to be established also safety should be interested in all the activities when we are speaking of nuclear industry or other industries where safety is important we should have or take into account all those fields like trusts should terminate permit the organization consideration of all types of safety including industrial safety and environmental safety and security is evident the quality of documentation and procedures should be good enough to protect people and environment the quality of processes from planning review is good etc so we have a set of things that are issues that if we comply with them should go everything what also we have impo impo Carano has a model that has three different levels the first one is the individual commitment to safety the second one is management commitment to surface safety finally management of systems so in individual commitment to safety we can see personal accountability a questioning attitude because we have to trust but we have to have also that question in at you and affect the safety communications management commitment to safety suit include leadership leadership for safety values and actions also in the decision-making and always been respectful working or trying to have a respectful work environment and management systems will have a continued and continuous learning problem in identification of resolutions not to work under degraded conditions environment for raising concerns we found been panis and work processes finally we can see a safety culture model for aviation that will always have tinium learning and reporting as we say before without being punished communications and trust responsibilities involvement and commitment you

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