1/26 “Christus vivit” through the eyes of young people: Julian Paparella from Canada (ChV, 22-33)

My name is Julian, I’m standing in the Newman Centre
in Montreal, Canada. Here every day students from around the world come to find friends and grow in their faith in a community where
they feel that they belong and are at home. I was a student here myself accompanied by other people
in my discovery of God, of His love for me, and in my growth as a missionary
disciple of Jesus. Today I work here helping other young people, accompanying them through
their challenges in life and helping them deepen their life of prayer and their knowledge of God. We young people need to be accompanied, we can also accompany our fellow young people. Like the disciples on the road to Emmaus, Jesus comes to accompany us and He does so through adults
who care about us, who walk with us on the journey of life, but also through our fellow young people,>who are trusted and encouraged to walk with us. In accompanying and being accompanied, Jesus is alive!

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