1/13 – Introduction to Relationship Psychology

hi I'm Roman world MA and this course is called relationship psychology in this course I will be sharing with you three key principles that will help you to strengthen optimize and maximize your marital relationships this course is based on my ebook that I had written a few years ago and I decided to make it into a video format because I thought this is very important for many young couples who have recently gotten added so I think this will be very useful for people who are about to get married people who are already in a married relationship or people who are at the stages of about to getting divorce or something so in any stage in any progress of your marital life this video post will be extremely extremely helpful to you and also I will share with you what exactly made me write this book how I am qualified to write on my writer relationships because I have seen that people tell me oh and you are not married so how can you write your views on marital relationship problems then I will share with you all the things in detail what motivated me to write this book and why I am making you Danny Kors on this book as well so stick with me and thank you for enrolling yourself in this course and one thing that I would like to promise you is that the moment you finish doing this course you will be blown away by seeing instant results in your marital life okay like the name sees that it's a relationship psychologic okay so it is not like I will be giving you very technical and very like academic kind of information no that's not my thing well my style of teaching is very simple okay I gave only what will produce result so I won't give you a ton of volume of information okay about vomit information on you so that at the end of the course you feel that you have gained a lot of information and then you get paralyzed by analyzing so much information so I would want you to take the minimum knowledge not information knowledge and start to apply these things in your life so that at the end of the course you start seeing actual results you will see results only when you are able to take action on the things that I'm teaching you so I have tried to avoid very technical and academic kind of things and I have tried to give as many personal life examples and and at an analogy is that you can see in your life around people so it is very practical 100% practical theories also if you would like to buy this book in addition to this course like a reference for yourself the links are always listed in the resource section so check this book out and also thank you for enrolling in this course I will see you in the next clips

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