0-290 km/h : new Honda Civic Type R 2015 – Acceleration Top Speed

31 thoughts on “0-290 km/h : new Honda Civic Type R 2015 – Acceleration Top Speed

  1. That's 290 km/h with 0-100 in 6 seconds and 0-200 in almost 20 seconds. 0-250 must be less than 35 seconds, if continued from 244 km/h. 100-200 must be approximately 13 seconds.

  2. For those asking, I'm guessing +R mode was not activated as the ride hardens up and it was not safe to do a top speed Run in that mode

  3. fr I feel like the car enthusiast is not having a say on the cars anymore😢. Where did all the jdm sports cars go, all we got rn is nsx, gtr, new supra, 86, z, infiniti, lexus, & miata. Thats like 1/2 of what jdm used to be, there was a tad bit more, & hella more competitive in my opinion.

  4. Wtf honda😐, its supose to rev higher & weigh way fuckin less & look a little sexier than that shit😑, i like it but it looks like they were tryng to follow a trend instead of set 1 or do what enthusiast loved back in the 90s & 00s. But hey atleast we got a type r though right😁.

  5. Anyone interested in the oil temperature gauge , from 100 C raise to 126 C(260 F ) when top speed! and the computer show it is far from overheat zone , interesting to see how hot does Honda design the engine to run? From Honda's website, it only has to water to oil cooler, the coolant temp is dead at 92, that mean the cooler can't cool the oil anymore. This represent the similar situation at track day as well, this just a 2 minutes run, track day run 20 minutes+ . I assume the engine is design to run very hot with no problem at all.

  6. thumbs up for 290 km/h
    lol for the downhill part
    thumbs down for check engine light, so… no thumbs for you I guess 🙂

  7. uncle just bought one but he's gonna get a milltek exhaust and a big turbo and a couple other things which should put it around 400bhp

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