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I hope that you love yourself and know that I love you and that's why I come here and hang out with you please message me on its agreement like tell me a little more about it and you know if you feel like it so let's send all the love to Melissa today y'all in her mom so Jason is obviously home again using camp I had to postpone our Ohio trip okay perfect thank you to listen I had to postpone our trip to Ohio because I lost my ID and my debit card so unfortunately we'll be going next Friday and he is very sad but handling it very well I know right and of course you never want to tell your child like I know we've been counting down the days but we can't go today but he handled it really well I haven't found them yet I need to like go out and just do another complete search on my car but I need to have an extra backup ID anyway that I've called the hotel and asked them if I could I have another bank account that I could use and like send money from one account to the other but they said I couldn't check in with Almighty so there's that but anyway so we're making the best of it and we're gonna have a family weekend starting with this freaking pancake party right now drink your water girl and we'll make a huge difference in how you feel trust me I get dehydrated very easily because of my problems with my adrenals because of the stress that I went under then I was under I'm kind of cylinder umm and so especially if you're living like a stress life you've got to stay hydrated and this is one of the ways that I like amp up my hydration it's um I know I was like please I'm a freaking super sorry you don't recognize me it's ridiculous um but this is a mineral hydrator I've been doing better the water and I drink it before I eat anything – yes girl um but so this is gonna help you hydrate on a cellular level two things one don't gulp your water because your body actually can't absorb it enough your body actually can't absorb it um perfect girl so sip your water a tablespoon or two at a time right so there's that and then so that your cells actually bring in the water you need to make sure that you are not mineral deficient Eric Eric is an official hashtag team loved member that means that he contributes to the broadcast that means it's kind of because of him that you're here so say thank you Eric hi Carl did you hear that Eric jenkins said thank you okay so this is a good brand and it's reasonably priced you can find it on amazon this is a really good brand so half a teaspoon electrolyte concentrate add half a teaspoon of electrolyte concentrate to 32 ounces of water or 12 drops per 8 ounces so this is sixteen and sixteen point nine ounces so i do about twenty four drops but we're just gonna we're gonna call that $24 okay at a 3d printed pancake a while back what thank you eight and i still don't understand the 3d printing stuff I fell down I still don't um essential oil class one going down this weekend and a1 going down next week so if you want to get in on those click the link in the bio and reach me on Instagram and say I want to learn about how to use essential oils turkey kill you it can kill you lots of things can kill you okay so here's what we're gonna do mister Napster is in the hizz-ouse welcome to all the way from NYC this is the big mix that were using and take party and game party what if there's a song about pancakes oh okay okay I get it called pancake he says you say pancake pate and and of course we call them panty cakes what oh this is the pancake mix that we're gonna use and let me get some eggs and some measuring cups which I should have had it for you before you get here we go eggs free-range organic eggs happy egg company is a very good choice it's available for you do you find that at Whole Foods you can actually get this almost anywhere now Walmart Kroger and you can get it on Amazon just so you know and you know whether you're paying a good amount or not thirteen to fifteen dollars and it's four pounds you're welcome there gluten free that doesn't mean you can eat I would have people who would think that like because something's organic or gluten free it means you can like eat as much as you want free-range eggs is always letting those eggs roll first yeah let them be free free the eggs are you how oft knows he's got the nose thing I'm going on plus is poor let me see if I can scoot y'all back enough to where you can actually see what the flick I'm doing we might complain any cakes yeah okay first off I don't you guys I have not been able to get on Instagram to post the pics of it so you seen it first here they're so shaven lost a tooth and oh my gosh I forgot to click do not disturb I have to restart the broadcast you guys because people are gonna be calling my life is so busy on this phone he has the phone I usually broadcast on and I forgot to click do not disturb so I will be right back with the rest if I'm thinking honey this is one of my teachings that he have his graduation picture I guess you guys

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