詩 私は『日本国憲法』を破壊する者たちを決して許さない!1/2

me Good evening everyone is YY News Yamazaki Today is 4th of October in 2019 It’s Monday, but today is a national holiday, but I’m not If the government decides, you want to start broadcasting today because you are doing it according to the calendar regardless of holidays Today is Monday of the second week. It’s early in Japan time. It’s rare at 9:17 on the night of Japan time. You can start broadcasting early So today ’s yy news live is 2867 times As usual, it ’s centralized It is a one-way broadcast using TwitCast TV media, and both sound and video are currently distributed without problems. This is the main theme of today It ’s poetry as if it ’s up in the comments. If last Friday, then I must never forgive those who destroy the Japanese Constitution It ’s a poem titled Poetry I delivered a blog with a main theme of poetry that says if my peace is destroyed, but this time the Constitution of Japan Those that destroy this that I will never forgive That’s the main thing today As usual Main theme of YY news live So the theme last Friday It ’s a cover for youtube. If my peace is broken, it ’s a symbol of peace. That ’s why I made this kind of cover, and there are 309 TwitCasts on youtube. It ’s a total of 738 people and 1,047 people. I’ll upload this sentence for the time being. Well, youtube together with the current cast 1,047 people And today’s image, but the first one is this street life because there is no address in Koto Ward in Tokyo, Koto Ward It ’s terrible that you did n’t put the people in the shelter. You don’t have an address so you live on the street It ’s the other way around, but most of us are vulnerable to typhoons and disasters. It is the local government’s top priority that people on the work street must be accommodated in shelters. It ’s your responsibility, so this is Taito Ward in Tokyo. The 6th Ward Office Says By After all, it was the head of Taito Ward who was unable to discriminate against anyone and put them in the evacuation center. The mayor thinks that he is on the front and the idea of ​​this mayor seems to be so Yukio Hattori This is a ridiculous Liberal Party Looking at the history, after graduating from Nihon University School of Law, worked for Bridgestone Tire Tokyo Sales and also Yamada If you serve as a secretary of the House of Representatives Hisamoto, it is the Taito Ward machine 4 or 20 years have passed since then, and the Tokyo Metropolitan Congress has been divided into 40 members for 5 years and 20 years. Because the predecessor’s mayor died, he was elected as a candidate for the Taito Ward Director’s election held in March 2015 and this is the second time now Well 4 years That ’s right, since March, I ’ve been working in March for 44 years. This LDP politician is ah 20 years as a city council member and 20 years as a city council member 20 years +
Taito, Taito 4 and 44 years Japanese politician The life which makes a living by what is called a tax I have been living for 44 years It seems that the person who says is taking over the ward administration in Taito Ward, so there is only such a response I don’t feel it At a
This mayor In contrast to the fact that it is the mayor of Setagaya, I will do 1 As for Mr. Hosaka’s response, he told the homeless people who lived in the riverbed in advance about the shelter. This is the difference What is this difference? In short, the post-war Japan has always been said by the US Liberal Democratic Party for more than 70 years. It ’s been more than 20 years since the cult religious Komeito coalition Naturally, Japanese politics has been dominated with two exceptions, so the central politics is dominated by the LDP. 1680 local governments It ’s the top, and if the government ’s top Liberal Democratic Party is in control, it ’s like this. Anyone who has been ruined by the LDP rule for more than 70 years That ’s why you can only do this. Very high against the most vulnerable to this catastrophe The Liberal Democratic Party is already clear that the difference in attitude has come out clearly I have to overthrow my own government If we do n’t make that decision, we ’ll actually be killed. From the third to the third, this is a problem I’m saying that I’m bullying a 20-year-old teacher at a private school in Higashi-Suma, Kobe Organized violence, organized crime It ’s a power crime. So-called suspects The name and face photo of the main criminal are Japanese media and I ’m not going to give it out because they ’re civil servants and teachers. If this is the case, the same bullying that has been done in a private company will do so for more than a year. Daegu as an assault case But in that case, the four suspects will naturally When the real name comes out and the face photo comes out It’s normal, but it’s normal for civilians. Japan is a civil servant, especially a politician. For all civil servants such as national civil servants and local public professors, they Their crimes are exempted from immunity or Compared to civilian cases I can only give very light punishment And if your real name is rarely announced I do n’t have many face photos, so I ’m a net journalist. Dare to know the real names and face photos of the four suspects I would like to do something like this when I announced it. It ’s the first 4 people because it ’s right now According to the media report, it is like a female teacher teacher in her 40s. This woman is Hasegawa Masayo and Yu Female Teacher Three men in their thirties were underneath that she was so powerful that she was called the empress. It ’s like having repeated bullying violence and violence. And the most violent thing underneath is the Hitomi character called Hitomi Takashi Suddenly I ca n’t read this part of club activities. Hitomi is not Hitomi but Hitomi Takashi is the most vicious in this twenties It ’s a very violent person who is riding on the roof of a male teacher ’s new car and violating him. And somehow on the face There is a blur This is the second man in his 30’s called Yusuke Shibata Like this This is such a person, the third male teacher in his 30s, this is Hidekazu Sashida Nashi Shideda Hidekaz and And this is more So these four people The bullying violent act that exceeded the limit Rather, the person who accepted and allowed me to be the principal of this elementary school until this April. Shibamoto profit This is the former principal He’s bad, he pulled out this empress teacher Masao Hasegawa from another school, this is Kobe It seems to be a form Kobe Western style So today’s principal in Kobe is in my school. There seems to be a Kobe method of taking a favorite teacher who went there This former principal Has pulled out the emperor Masayo Hasegawa And he was there until April of this year, and now he is an active principal who is the principal of Takatsubashi Elementary School in Kobe City. Probably not doing the same thing so-called Say that you will bully yourself thoroughly in school You were in fear politics, right? That ’s why this ridiculous teacher like these four people was rampaging And that ’s why it ’s April of this year. That the school principal advanced from the table etc. Um, she came out to the press conference It’s a factory called 2 on Miki Japan Smelly Mikiti is probably too scary She couldn’t say anything English This is 4 people + Violence school The domination of teaching tools Shibamoto who was a master of Kyoto It means that That’s why there are 12 people today 60000 That ’s bad. Title only It’s raining when I want a jasper that I don’t have an address The residents of Taito-ku should be recalled immediately by the voters. And what is the basis for this? It is Article 15. You have the right to select a civil servant and exempt it from citizens. Na We have the right to exempt civil servants, but the successive LDP administrations are to make the provisions of Article 15, Paragraph 1 of this Constitution realizable Of course, no law is made. So this is the first high item of Article 15 of the Constitution If it ends with a mere subject That’s right That there are no penal provisions, and then the necessary legislation thing I said It ’s probably the biggest weakness of the Japanese Constitution. 8 This tone It ’s called the cherry tree A history of never sleeping With the taxes of the citizens of his people for 44 years Says that he has enjoyed a rich life It ’s the same as the Shinzo Abe family, right? I like a lot of those guys, only once or for a short time Don’t actually work, become a politician right away A lot of people have been living for decades to enjoy the privilege of having a rich life with the national tax you know It is that And in contrast to this, in advance to the homeless people living in the main riverbed of the home Because a large typhoon is coming, we prepared two or two shelters, so I was told in advance that we should evacuate the living body. The reason is that Nobuhito Kosaka, who is ecological, is right away. This is the LDP You ’ve come to the limit of one-party dictatorship or one-party dictatorship If you don’t allow any more, you should be at this stage And the Japanese media is an example Which Higashisuma Elementary School in Kobe I ’m talking about a terrible bullying, but it ’s just organized violence. Against the weak against the weak Four people with umbrella as power It ’s been over a year of repeating ridiculous things, and eco men in their 20s are no longer the limit That refusal of school refusal to refuse school attendance You are mentally and physically unstable and you can’t come to school. As I said, the former coach was the principal of this elementary school until April of this year. It ’s a ridiculous power of Shibamoto, and it ’s doing well now. On the other hand, a female principal named Kamisake cannot do anything with fear. If you don’t report to the school board, That ’s exactly what fascism is all about. Even if terrible violence or terrible threat If no one can criticize it or not publicize it or take the necessary action This is the Japanese Emperor Fascism before the war. Abe, especially since the Abe Heart Administration, Just like this It ’s not bullying between students and children, but it ’s just the power of the adults among the adults, A situation similar to the pre-war Emperor Fascism that when it hurts, the surroundings will not say anything anymore All over Japan It’s a terrible thing that has happened, so that’s why I write poetry that I’ll be fighting alone. No, it ’s more than a year Even though they were bullied, beaten, and threatened The male teacher looks just like the Japanese Constitution itself after the Senior Managing Director of the Japanese Constitution. The Japan Conference headed by Shinzo Abe who was beaten and the shrine headquarters Yasukuni gear or Aria special meeting or toto song fascist emperor system Have been attacked by fundamentalists Yeah ignored In a state of criticism and destruction If you keep going this way, it ’s a very good situation. The Japanese Constitution itself is dubious with 4th place male song in 20’s, so today’s main theme is that I will never allow those who destroy the Japanese Constitution Declaration to say hitting alone If you sue in the middle That is supposed to be That is the empress’s Hasegawa From the end of August Tadashi Hasegawa 4 a What does this mean for elementary school teachers and what is stomal? Japanese education Or the criteria for choosing a teacher or that teacher For educational activities The school board is almost nothing I don’t think it’s okay to see students and teachers What are you doing? I don’t need it That means a Oh, this is Kosaka’s thickness and the Japanese media 6 The real name of a suspected power criminal That means you don’t report anything on your face photo. But dare me behind these four people and the deer eater
The former principal of the mastermind and then Genki I will announce the real names and face photos of all factories and the current principal I mean, it ’s still the media I think it’s a game This is 4 people And behind that was making such a circumstance rule Good condition I was head of another elementary school until April of this year. That’s why there is a Kobe city ec to Chiba city elementary school 9 Parents should be a problem. You should pursue what you did at the previous elementary school. And before he became the principal in April this year, he seems to have been promoted in a fight. I can’t do anything in horror politics. It ’s such a cute consultation. Well this was today’s image 8 Comments from everyone Junichi Tsuchiyama is afraid of Ocha Baku and Conti Thank you so much ym village tea delivery From Mr. Ishimori Yasuhiko Yamazaki 4 y by news live Mr. Ishimori Thank you for the tea delivery. Before eliminating because the address is indefinite If you have to make a shelter to protect the homeless when it is not a disaster, there is no difference in personality. It ’s your job to create a homeless society. 9 little Official It’s 52 cards with care, so it’s 2 coins on 3 And for the first time, Mr. Kim first got me up To those who see it, Yamasaki’s Cass said that the salt treatment comment was prohibited from drinking after a group vandalism The purpose of Cass is to spread and share information If you agree, thank you for sharing and sharing via twitter Satsuki, the village today is the main neko, I say I can never forgive those who destroy the Constitution of Japan For example, during delivery 2
That’s right Then, before today’s broadcast, smoldering Ukraine The greedy businessman is an overseas article that does not appear in the father and son team media It ’s October 13th, so it ’s amazing that the blog ’s caller is every Sunday. It ’s a campaign for a crippled store attacking downtown store. The betrayal of the Kurdish who doesn’t take care is an American article and an overseas article that does not appear in the media This is a Saturday article about it Yeah Utto kiln continue child has two performances for Aki san yes So that Oh, so that ’s what we ’re saying today. Secretary-General is ah Compared to the expectation at the emergency board meeting at the party headquarters opened at the emergency board meeting of the emergency LDP in response to this typhoon No. He said he felt it was still in place and still the damage was widespread. What is this Probably more than 100 people died and hundreds of thousands of people At last, the kingdom of the river If the flooding day looks good I don’t know the whole situation yet What is the overall picture at this stage? Everybody else said that it was better than expected Oh, the LDP is already completely rotten, right? Take full power Our only thing is to defeat the Abe Accident Fashion Administration as soon as possible because it has no ability, no form, no rot. It ’s an obligation, it ’s a right and an obligation. 8 Sasan, Sanzaki, Yamasaki, Jiro Honzawa, Futaba Honza Thank you very much for your head falling down. I need it The media does not sound horse information again That means a Second floor I’m telling the LDP Secretary-General like this second son What is the current administration, and the Nikkei Nikkei newspaper’s 4 surveys have 59% support 53% at bride bath You can see that it ’s completely forged. It was Hosaka-san’s response, but there are newspaper articles every day. According to the Setagaya Ward Disaster Countermeasures Section, the ward distributes flyers in advance to homeless people living on the riverbed of the Tamagawa River that flows along the border with Kanagawa Prefecture. Typhoon and chick 6
Notify me of the above information and this time homeless The singer was good at the evacuation center, but there were no users. It is correspondence It ’s a decent normal response. -Four
Hachiko A little This time, even homeless people didn’t use it Today ’s word and today ’s attention, but this is that a Protest statement from the Relief Communication Center on October 10 Last Thursday at Tokyo District Court Wouldn’t it be possible to permit a run by showing the 12th December lecture of last year on the decision of the first trial? It’s a good email In short, last December 12th, a case in which two Hong Kong citizens were charged at the Yasukuni Shrine for invasion of a building That ’s the decision of the first trial. In-house with two defendants, Goto Shungo Well, it ’s a rumored woman. You were sentenced to guilty I found this at Yasukuni Shrine Yuu will protest against the so-called Nanjing Massacre What is this placard? Protesting at Guon Shunmi and in front of me, I’m shooting this on my smartphone. And there are two people in charge of that shooting It’s abnormal because you were arrested for the invasion of a building. It’s been detained for a long time since December of the arrest year. It is a fine sin day with such a genus approach 2nd and 2nd class cats It ’s a dart that shows a 3-year-old car I don’t want to allow anyone like this to Yasukuni Shrine. This is It is this Abe administration’s attitude to execute it faithfully It is called Koichi Nozawa, the 7th minute court in Tokyo area I’m going to give a picture of this judge’s face This is Boccabo-chan ’s on the canal He ’s still young and he became a Tokyo District Court judge in April. a Before that, Matsumoto from Naganokai I was a branch judge, that It ’s not a ruling I decided that it was possible to guess that it would die if auto was provided for this month and made it to the user, but what is this? Well this is Well, in Nagano Prefecture Azumika First of all, there are specialties in 3 cities. The child at 8:00 who was in a nursing home for the elderly in September was a snack. A woman in the circulation lattice who had released it because it stuffed in the throat and eventually died from suffocation when eating while supporting a donut 55 You were charged with negligence and death for business. And I was fought with all my heart So-called 450,000 people from all over the country Those who want to get guilty of being unfair and unfaithful gathered nationwide but nevertheless this Say nether If the bancho on the mocchan side provides a donut, New death You could have died Judgment and guilty of prosecution after all It seems to have been restrained the same day because of the fine of 200,000 yen as requested. So, how bad this judgment is, for example, is that newspaper knight often in winter There is an accident where the elderly die by eating something in ozone I always get up Then, every time, every time the elderly died, the family in the process there Former arrested and charged as a criminal Is n’t that what you mean? The 85-year-old woman usually eats a meal with care even though she is expected to eat summer and die from ejaculation so Ordinary barbecue It ’s not like that but it ’s a so-called donut. If you give it as a guy, No problem to digest properly If you are a caregiver or a caregiver on the premise that you have finished eating, you are in touch. That’s why you don’t have to be on a monthly basis because you have to watch not only this person but several people at the same time. This happened woman was in the donut Because the donuts were packed in the concentration, so that in the end it was gone The police prosecutor responded to the negligence and death as a result of business. I arrested her and prosecuted her for a trial like this That is not true Then, so-called housewives of each family who die by clogging dozens of throats every year and clogging their throats Are you going to arrest and indict people in the bar family? I mean Duncan is Ozawa on the young side I made this unfair judgment and went on a war to be promoted to a Tokyo District Court judge in April this year and This easy lecture The good incident has changed from the previous judge. And this judge who came from Matsumoto has changed since April this year. This to intentionally induce such a ruling This guy in Tokyo and the district court judge Prosperous and protesting good case I was in charge of the trial from the middle like this The Supreme Court ’s Secretary-General is responsible for all the decisions. Of course he will get ahead because he has issued a ruling according to the Secretary General. Because Today’s What was the attention information? It is … is not it Above all, this building In general, anyone can enter Yasukuni Shrine Among them, just doing protests like this makes the building illegal and arrested for being a best friend, and it has been nearly one year. That’s what happened and was convicted in this trial. It seems to have a probation It ’s completely showing Whether you are a foreigner or a Japanese, you must not protest in Yasukuni Shrine Of hot water Abe administration So-called So the Tokyo District Court a is today Hot spot When it is impossible to calculate In addition to the mold now Well It ’s more than today ’s order Protest statement That’s why Yasukuni Shrine is already cheeky for the Abe administration. It ’s Tokyo ’s intention to punish those who take the breath. That the Tokyo District Court judge faithfully issued the judgment That ’s why you ’re going to advance. Yeah, that’s right, whether it’s a teacher or a judge Whether it ’s a dog ear, a politician, or police It ’s completely rotten. And Kyodo News has made this decision an article. So in this article I haven’t written a word about long-term detention As my pillar Yamazaki After this autumn Lectures Nanjing Massacre Lecture with 4 mechanisms Photo I agree Issued this judgment as an image from If the location car is 7 minutes, Koichi Right At his Moving profit It’s a Daiei store because it was promoted too much to the presiding judge of the same district court. Taking curry The same guy dub The next advancement is the Tokyo High Court shy bunker I ’m the presiding judge. And the Supreme Secretariat Want to go to a key is a little bit like this Naha District Court, starting with Tokyo District Justice Hanji people 78 years old feel long zone Family justice Yokohama Hanji Sapporo District Court The judge is quite long and Tokyo District Justice And the Nagano District Court Judge Matsumoto Branch and Tokyo District Court This is a thing. Matsumoto: Actually there was a disparity And to If you decide what the intention of the Supreme Secretariat is in line with Tokyo ’s intentions, Tokyo will really prosper Birth To be royal The Secretary-General of the Supreme Court did a ridiculous thing to make a judgment in line with their will. And even the Sapporo High Court just said Then, if you go to Sapporo High Court, you will go back to Tokyo District Court and feel like Nishimatsumoto City in Nagano City. It ’s probably downgraded and probably rushed They 2 I finally gave such a decision to the Secretariat It ’s like this that you ’ve been able to prosper to the head of the Tokyo District Court. That means a And this 8 Mr. Yasuzumi from Nagano Prefecture Of example in About the snack death case Well, there are newspaper articles Oh, what am I doing now? Accidents are happening every day and are similar to guilty of nursing care That’s right Get up like a self every day It is an article that if you are asked to negligently lethal on business one by one, there will be no hands That’s right and then Jimuro 13 This is a warning to Japan Today is the 34th time, the third child is the essence of change So what I read today is the business opportunity of unification between the north and south and the city. I read here about 2 pages The business chances of the unification of North and South Korea and the unification of North Korea and South Korea will happen in the not-too-distant future, and the second US-American intelligence staircase that was held in 2019 ended again with a farewell Some people think that North Korea has been closed, but the change takes some time to visit with sound It is true that there are several hurdles to realize the unification of the North and South only if it is delayed. But this point is nothing of North Korea and Korea ムン日支出削減の余地が相当あるはずだから問題ないと不破得て朝鮮半島の周辺にはいうか豊かな国が揃っているため他国からの 投資も相当見込めるとネックとなるのはアメリカの存在だと私は外部環境が整えば北朝鮮はすぐにでも解放さ れとみているがアメリカが韓国に駐留させている3万人の軍隊を引き上げるたくないと考えるなら相応の時間がかかるだろう この場合は段階的な経済開放の方が現実的だと 経済開放が実現すれば真っ先に反響が置けるのはツーリズムだと70年間も閉ざされていた国がどのような場所なのか 多くの人々は興味を持っているとひとたび北朝鮮が解放されれば 世界中から人々が押し寄せてくるだろう北朝鮮と韓国が統一されると外国からの投資を呼び込めるだけでなく国内の投資も 活発になる北朝鮮に頭をしをする資金力を備える韓国の財閥はさらに勢いを増し韓国の人々は北朝鮮に北朝鮮の人々は韓国に強く今日も興味を持っているから国内旅行 も非常に坂ミーナと私はこうした未来を見据え大韓航空の株式受かったという 日本の経済を復活させるにはインバウンドに頼るほかないが韓国は国内消費にも期待することができる この点は両国の大きい大きな差だと24歳の日本人が日本で成功するのは難しいかもしれないが 南北統一を後を見据えて韓国で起業すればかなりのお金持ちになれる可能性があるきた朝鮮半島の不動産も目あまりが見込める資産だと私はほんの短い間だがソウルで 土地を買おうと考えていたとこの街を2つに分けて流れる漢江の北側が南がよりも随分 近場ひっかったからだと漢江の北側には戦争の懸念があるとそして多くの人々は北朝鮮と韓国の間戦争が起きれ ばきたを生で 北朝鮮が進行してくるかもしれないと恐れているだから漢江の北側の年は極端に安くなってい ますとところが朝鮮半島の間夫と遠いマンボク統一が実現すれば北側の地下を下げている大きな理由が消滅そうすると北側の土地が高騰することは誰の 目にも明らかだ持っています 私は不動産投資家ではないので土地の購入は諦めたか可能であれば母の北側の安い土地を買いだけ買っておくべきだとこの子それだけで嫌に なるほどお金持ちになれるんだから日本や中国が現状のままでいれば5年後のアジアで最も幸福な国ナムは朝鮮半島の統一 国家だと私は見ているとさらに先の未来を考えると人口の面7から中国に分解が上がる大出費的に考えると朝鮮半島の葉 絵は既定路線だとというのが彼の味方ですね とか私は彼の味方は間にも楽観的過ぎるという ますけどね思いますけどねというのはカレーの岩 南北北朝鮮と韓国のと5 うぁああああああああああいわゆるドイツ 東西ドイツが統一された家庭 を一つの具体的なモデルとして彼は見てると思うんですけど決定的に違うのは 北朝鮮っていうのはイスラエルと同じような役割をになぁされていると you
ことなんですよね という言葉日立汚染 の背後には日立汚染の役割を 資金面でもには 技術面でもバックアップしている 私の言っているネオコン戦争かとそれからロシアの国砂金マフィアたちが 源としても白影響力を 思ってるイスラエルと同じ立場なんですよね 極東において1曲等のイスラエルの立場として常に軍事的な緊張をあおっそして最終的にはアメリカの軍事支配を 成立させるを言う役割をこの2つの国が に流されてるからそう簡単にですね南北統一が すんなりと東西 ドイツが統一したような 形では決して行かないだろうというまあものすごい暑べき とうとうがあると思うんですねその辺大彼は 全然見てないか知ってても書かないのかあるいはおそらく見てないですよね いう点でまあ彼のジムロジャースの楽観的な 南北統一の プロセスというのはあまりも 楽観的過ぎると彼の希望的観測でしかないんじゃないこと思いますけどね ということで今日読んだところのタイトルだけでもアップしますね 投資家にとっては統一した方が ものすごいメリットがあるわけですよ ようですね 時計しゃん安倍政権が聴取 田臥政権であるとよく分かりますねと靖国神社は東京招魂神社として母川5000戦争に参加した戦没者を最初に纏ったん ですねと明治10年頃に靖国神社クセっ再スタートしてますと 肉弾三勇士目られるように身をていして国のために死ねという神社とですねだから そこを講義の場として 勝手に 自分たちの性器を犯す人間に対しては厳罰に処すとそれは日本人だろうが外国人なのは関係で言うと をいう意思表示をしたんですよねこの東京地裁の判事はね裁判所 about it で今日のメイン体なんですね4私は日本国憲法を破壊する者たちを決して許さないと言う 201009/10/14や混ぜて安いこということですね 私は日本国憲法を破壊するものとは情景しているさないとたとえ一人であっても身をていして4個憲法を破壊するものでと戦い必ず打倒するとた てその戦いの中で死んだとしても私に悔いはないとまずならば二度と戦争の悲劇を繰り返さないためなと なぜならば日本国憲法が破壊されれば日本国憲法が国民に保障している平和が破壊され再び戦争が始まるから で私は日本国憲法を破壊するの質を決して許さないたとえ一人であっても私は身を見本として にゃんこ憲法を破壊する者たちと戦い必ずだとする予定その他か中で here ば二度と独裁の悲劇を繰り返さない ためにためだとなぜならば日本国憲法が破壊されれば日本国憲法が国民保証している 主権在民がなくなり再び独裁国家になるかなと私は日本国憲法を破壊する者たちを決して許さないとたとえ一人であっても私が 見落として日本国憲法を破壊するのたちと戦い必ず打倒するとたとえその戦いの中で死んだとしても私に悔いはないとなぜならば二度と 極貧の悲劇を繰り返さないためになぜならば日本国憲法が破壊者ればにゃんこ憲法は国民に 保証している健康で文化的な生活が破壊され2たり極貧社会になるかなと 私は日本語憲法を破壊する方達を決して許さないたとえ一人であっても私は見落として 45憲法を破壊する者たちと戦い必ずだとするとてその戦いの中で死んだとしても私に悔いはないと混ぜならば二度と国家新国家統制の悲劇を 繰り返しないためになぜなれば日本国憲法が破壊されれば日本国憲法が国民に保障している 個人の自由が奪われ再び統制社会になるかと私は日本国憲法を破壊するもたちを決して許さない たとえ一人であっても私は見落として日本国憲法を破壊する者たちと戦いだとするとてその戦いの中で死んだとしても私に悔いはないとまずなれば二度と を洗脳奴隷の悲劇を繰り返さないために まずはば日本国憲法が破壊されればにゃんこ憲法は国民に保障している個人の基本体陳健がうわぁで再び 洗脳奴隷社会になるからというのが今日の メインテーマの子ですねということで末期の金曜日は 詩を書いたんですね 私の平和ん を破壊するものをは決して許さんですというこで これの続きみたいなのですね金曜日のメインテーマ4 もし私の平和が破壊されたらと いうことでもしも私の平和が破壊されたら怖されて破壊された私は私の平和を破壊したものが誰かを特定して広く公表すると私は私の部屋を破壊した ものに抗議して謝罪と反省と幻聴回復を要求すると私は私の平和を破壊したものが謝罪し反省し原状 回復すれば許す私は私の平和を破壊したまま謝罪も反省の原状回復もしなければ 見落として一人でも闘いと戦うたとえその戦いの中で命を落としたとしても 私にへ悔いはないと もしも私の自由が奪われたら私は私の自由を奪ったものが誰かを特定して広く公表する私は私の自由を奪ったものに抗議して謝罪と反省と原状回復を要求すると私は私の授業 を張ったものが謝罪し反省し原状回復すればゆる 私は自分自分の自由を私は自由を奪ったものが謝罪も反省も原状回復もしなければ見落として一人でも戦うたとえその中で戦いの中で命を落としたとしても私に悔いは ないともしも私の生活が破壊壊された 私は私の生活を壊したものが誰かを特定してヒロ五章すると私は私の生活を破壊した壊したものに抗議して謝罪と反省と原状回復を要求するといいます 私は私の生活を超えたものが謝罪し反省し原状回復すれば許す私は私の生活を壊したものが謝罪も反省も現場開放しなければ私は見落とし 見落として一人でも戦うたとえその戦いの中で命をととしても私肉屋はいっ もしも私の人権が侵されたら私は私の人権を犯した者が誰か特定して広く公表すると私は私の人権を犯した者に抗議し謝罪しと反省と原状回復を要求する私は私の人権 おかしなものが謝罪し反省し原状回復すれば許すわ私は私人 陣形を犯した者が謝罪も反省の原状回復もしなければ私は見落として一人で持って戦ったたとえその戦いの中で命を特殊 ことしても私に悔いはないとこれが先週の金曜日なんですねこれの続きなんですね 私は日本語憲法を破壊する者たちを決して許さないとこれはもう安倍晋三を先頭とする 自己ファッシュと政権の いわゆる市幹部たちと背後で支援し財政援助し戦略し直している 日本会議とか神社本庁とか靖国神社とかtoto の曲ファシスト 天王星原理主義者たち おっ決して許さないと言う ちなみに今回の19号台風は萩 ピスだそうですこれはどういうことなんですかねぇ ちょっと意味がわからないですねー ということで今日もメインテーマのし長いんで 全部は魚アップできないかもしれないですね これがタイトですね 鳥取一人であっても日本として戦うととしての子憲法を破壊するもたちと 戦い必ず打倒するとたとえその戦いの中で命を落としたとしても私に悔いはないとなぜならばと ここですよね緯度と 戦争の冷え月を繰り返さないためにと なぜなれば横憲法が破壊されれば 横日本国憲法が保障している平和が破壊され再び戦争が始まるからだこれが第一 1ですね で最初の産業っていうのは同じですねー 次に変わってくるのがなぜなら分 色と独裁の悲劇を繰り返さないかなと 天皇独裁の悲劇を繰り返さないと思う なぜなれば日本国憲法が破壊されれば日本語憲法は国民に保障している主権在民はなくなり再び 独裁国家になるかなとこれが第2節ですね 第3節最初の産業は同じと で4行目からなぜならば二度と極貧の 悲劇を繰り返さないと思うと戦争が起こればすべてが破壊されますので生活が破壊され ことでなぜならば日本国憲法が破壊されれば日本国憲法はここに報酬している健康で文化的な生活が破壊され再び 極貧社会になるからと そして第4節最初の産業は同じと 破壊するものはい決して許さない一人でも戦うと戦い中で命を落としたとしてもを停止に悔いはないと 次ですねなぜならば二度と 8 国家統制の悲劇を繰り返さないためだと統制社会 再び繰り返さないた人なぜならば日本国憲法が破壊されれば no 国憲法が国民に保障している個人の自由が奪われ 再び統制社会になる 2に始まってますよで第5節 最後の雪ですね6しですか なぜなぜば二度と洗脳ドーラの悲劇を繰り返さないた人 なぜならば日本国憲法が破壊されれば4憲法が国民に保障している 個人に基本的人権が奪われ再び 奴隷社会戦前の日本人というのはまさに天皇制カルト宗教 天皇天皇制のカルト宗教天皇教の洗脳同0だったんですよねー それでアジア太平洋侵略戦争に総動員され5000万人のアジア太平洋諸国民送るしたと 水自分たちも320万の国民が殺されたという第一重気になってるんですよねというのが今日の面と 砂洲県産戦前丸出しの独裁国家になれば ghq の浮き見上げといえ サンフラン6講和条約違反だと ですねえっとさっきー 萩ビスは台湾の名前昔はキャサに台風とかそっちが一般的です萩ピスああそうなんだ はぎが出て行くんですか台風19 それか計算日本人は誰しも伊藤ヒロ日が込めているのをアンさせることによって 8展開された命受信のを事実を知りその結果がごく一部の人々がリーク終わって大多数の日本国民は天皇の赤子という表現で示されるように何も考えずに送りのために死ぬ ように訓練されたという過去を乗り越えなければならないと というのが今日のメインテーマの4でした えっと現在もう1時間以上たってんですよ7710分7716分 なんか小さいましたかよく見えないけど1時間16分27秒 えっと主張されている方が49名8名全体で1502名様コメントが50件ですか はいそれで今日のトピックスですね 韓国朴相が辞任と疑惑抱え就任1カ月は右手日経新聞ですね でも彼はあ覚悟の辞任をする前にですね 韓国検察改革の工程表を出したんですね ですから彼は自分はその行程表を出した役割は線に終わったんだとこれ以上 まあムンジェイン大統領と政府に迷惑はかけられないということで後任に自分が示した 韓国検察の大改革 の工程表に沿って それを強力に実現してもらいたいということでまああの覚悟の自民で方向すればいいんじゃないですか ですねえ最高 最高県と協議の上ですね いわゆる日本の特捜部を3つにしたと全部今まだ10国だったんですけどそれを集約して他は 他は 刑事部と後半部にをやる普通の検察の業務にすると3つだけに中薬するとを すでに大きな勝利を確実にしてるわけですよ 最高幸運の早朝も同意してるんですよね だから公認を今あの選んでいる最中だっておきますけど かなり軌道が軌道に乗るんじゃないですか 最後の検察韓国検察という最後の いわゆる権力集中の巣窟ですよ それに対する総攻撃をすると6んじゃ in 大統領の政権公約の最大の旬のままもの一つじゃないですか それが本格的に開始されるということだと思いますね 一定の速報でしたね 砂洲犬舎大日本帝国の10人人権人権ってバカじゃの なかろうかヒゲの 隊長こと自民党参議院議員後藤も刺したという こんな奴がまだ参議院議員やってるのかっていう完全にあのしめん リコール温度した多いですよねこんな から次にえっと教諭のいじめ50にも上る悪質行為 弁護士が警察に被害届ようやく開けておけfunny がなんか被害取るで出す予定がないとか何くれって けどついにだしたんですね遅いですよね 50もあるとよねー 高いよって言うんだよね q チャット ヒュッテないですよね 8次に この中に50のも暴力行為があると平手打ちされたあから蹴られた首を絞められて呼吸困難になった 関節竿掛けられ痛い痛いといっても止めてくれなかった熱湯の入ったやかんを火顔につけられた コピー用紙の芯でお尻をたたかれあざができたよくまあ今人である種カモン花音っていうか泣き寝入りしてんだろうねぇ カバンに氷を入れたこういう水を入れだねこりか 中身がびしょびしょの n 0になることが数十回余裕んだと犯罪に付 あじゃないや児童に速くするためのポイントに未曾有からされたと それから指導案に落書きされたりした かな買ったばかりの新車にトマトジュースをかけられたと水に8中に水な水をまきをさせたこともあったと 中に水を撒き散らせての黒あんならですね 超に行ったら甘いも買ってくるのが礼儀やろうと言われ勝って帰ったところこんなんで敷かれ様子とするなアート目の前で捨てられた が日常的に名前肉グッズごみなどとつけられ4羽呼ばれた市北条仕事上の子をしましても クズがしゃべりなど た巻かれたいっ ここまでやられて泣き寝入りしている本人もだらしないというか 命壁て抵抗しろえっていうんだよねここまでやられるとなんなんだろうね いうことで次に まあこれがれですね路上生活者台風15号の避難所入れず 台東区住所がないかと住所がないから老女生活して具合や住所があればちゃんとした生活してるわけでしょ ってんだろう猫 それで毎日新本 音も常生活者の8 避難拒否自治体の意識の差が浮き彫りに専門家究極の差別だという間に新聞が 書いてるんですけど自治体の意識が違うんじゃないだろうと 台東区の体質台東区長の自民党の いわゆる議員特権をもう四十数年享受している人間があ 口をやっている台東区だからこそのふざけた内容だということを 許せないという風になんで毎日も自分でか考えており司式者の q 究極の差別だと専門家なんで他人の意見しか彼らは 言えないのがね自分の意見として言えないのかね私のコメントこの毎日新聞の記事のたいと言う 路上生活者のオナニ 避難拒否自治体の意識の差が浮き彫りには間違っていると台東区の 路上性を誰伊藤この路上生活者の避難拒否は40年以上議員特権を享受している自民党 区長の選民式と差別意識が 原因だとそういうふうに タイトルを変えるって言うんですよね 何かあったかもこう第三者時に 理解したような嘘を書くなと 日本のマスコミだなダメなんですよね自分の主張自分達の主張は絶対 勝たないと 記者に言わせると狡いことやってるんだよね そしてに開始 台風被害まずまずで収まったと緊急役員会でとこれ毎日新聞ですね これは何か言うよう基準で途中からは見れないという毎日新聞自分の首を絞めてですね ですかなこれだ環境技術改革に開発に研究に30兆円 安倍首相こいつも完全に頭狂ったねー 正体不明の官民の 環境技術なんとか会議国際会議っていうのに 彼は約束したんですね年間さんを3兆円10年に30丁 日本政府は東芝の槐しますというバカじゃないかと どこからこんなか30兆やることは 今回の大災害台風19号の大災害でローテーされた全国の河川 が大雨があると判断して大変なことになるということに対して毎年山頂や 10年で30丁掛けて被害をゼロにするようにしますというのが天やることでしょう 正体不明のこんな環境技術開発に30兆もかけるというのも完全に狂ってるよねこれですね 財源は結局特別会計でしょう彼の得意な そのために毎年経団連は u 型断面になるよ もう一つの17%次は必要だとかなんてっているこれ連動したでしょうね 蛸の正体不明の環境技術国際会議のバックっていうのは大企業がバックでいて政府から3兆円 出させてそれを自分たちの利益にするということでしょ その時にさんハザードマップは役立たずと非難所が 水没の恐れ久留米 夜間に際し何西日本しハザードマップ自体がいい加減だということですかねぇ 安倍政権は日本は豊かな国という幻想にすがっていると豊かな女って要するに自分があ いわゆる一般会計100兆円そして特別会計に100円300兆円自由に使えると 言うとんでもないことを彼は実行してるんだよ 今までの自民党の師匠っていうのはやりたくても やんなかったんですよね でも編めば自分のやりたいことを やってるんですよでそのそれを止めるせだと手立てがないと 自分が独裁的な権力を握っていることをよく知ってんだよね 今日の重要情報安倍首相が今日になってやってる感アピールもと typhoon 襲来中の休養に批判殺到とたち立川談四楼はより早期がないとリーて何です 12インチは 校庭にや五尺0ということでq してたんですね

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  1. 今の憲法で、日本及び日本人を守れるのですか?

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