【Xandu】Disgrace of Society【Happy Halloween!】

I bought Spring off the side of the road
I’ll get happiness and spare change I sold Spring on the side of the road
Tomorrow is now sunny and cheap Like a bitch buttering up a billionaire
Praying to a god who became a joke Praying to a god who’s face you don’t even know
“Please grant me the utmost fortune” The poor
And pitiful
Idiotic actions The flourishing
Human relations The circulating
Erotic minds I don’t care if it’s a fake dream Or even a lie, just fill me up Isn’t it beautiful?
My miniature garden It rains on its own Here here, non-empathetic ladies and gentlemen Come gather, you don’t have to pay a fee He who resides here is an incompetent fool Also a XXX’s lowly beggar Kill it kill it Cut off both ears and kill it Kill it kill it K I L L I T ! ! The poor
And pitiful
Idiotic actions The flourishing
Pain and resentment The circulating
Affection The emotions felt one day Everyone today has forgotten it Isn’t it beautiful?
My miniature garden The city sleeping like a lid has been closed

100 thoughts on “【Xandu】Disgrace of Society【Happy Halloween!】

  1. If I tried to sing anything like that I would actually die. I'd maybe be able to sing the "actual singing"(according to my parents) but not the death metal singing.

  2. I like it. The vocals are lit and the music is top-notch. And it reminds me of Aggretsuko. And it spooked my kitty on the first note and made her do a backflip so that was funny. But my puppy wagged her tail so she's a badass.

  3. One thing I dont understand in your description you write something about translation into english but you sing the original language also why do you put this part in your description XD

  4. Heya xandu. Y aye can't access 2 yar twitter dis week? It even say yar account don't exist.R ya privacing yar twitter account?

  5. Edgy or not, this song has something amazing and "chill".
    I really like powerful songs with good rhythm and extreme screams be it un the beginning, middle or end of the song.
    This. Is one of them.
    This is the first song I listen from you and I just like it, really, you do a crear job at those covers dude!
    I wanted to try and sing-along but I couldn't find the lyrics nor romanization more than a English subs. Where can I find em lyrics?
    Else than that, very goodo!

  6. Oh just read again the description, lol I am blind.
    So this is kinda a way to sing it in full English I see.
    Yet is there a romaji ver?

  7. 外国人が歌ってるBlessingの動画から
    来たんやけど え?一緒の人???

  8. This sounds great!!

    Do you possibly have a lyric sheat of this floating around still. I would like to make a cover of it

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