THE CHANCE ON THE VERGE T: Hello, dear friends! Today in the ALLATRA TV studio we welcome
the esteemed Igor Mikhailovich Danilov… IM: Hello! T: …and Zhanna. Zh: Hello! T: Friends, today we’d like
to talk on the topic of… IM: May I? The thing is that after one of our programmes,
which we filmed together with Zhanna and Tatiana, there were a lot of
requests asking me when we are going to make a programme
together and Zhanna is present, to ask her to blink. Well, we have enthusiasts… Zhanna, at the request of our
friends, blink, please! No, not like that. Blink… Thanks! I hope you are satisfied. You did ask… Sorry, let’s continue! T: I would like to talk today about
the topic of the value of Life. This is a particularly relevant topic in view
of what is happening right now with climate, in view of what has been
happening with climate recently. We observe that all over the world,
simultaneously in different corners, climatic events are happening. We are now talking about the fact that there is heat, abnormal heat in some places. In some places… I mean Europe right
now: and Paris, and Germany, and Spain… In some places,
it’s the opposite… IM: Well yes, in some places they
are declaring a state of emergency. Even New York (one of the
largest cities) has declared it. T: Absolutely right. Six hundred and fifty locations
and settlements on this planet, at least as of today, are declaring a state of emergency due to
IM: Due to climatic… climatic conditions. Moreover, what we see is that the same
city hall of Paris, in regards to this, is talking about that they
are creating a climate academy in order to inform people about the events that are happening, about
the climatic situation for confirmation… IM: And here it is interesting. They are creating an Academy …
think about it, an entire Academy in order to inform people. Well, today information is
not being conveyed to people and everyone knows about that. And especially, on ALLATRA TV,
we particularly know this, because our participants are
all over the world. And there is a programme about
climate, “Climate Control” and so on. And a lot of information,
which is silenced in the press, comes from eyewitnesses
who live there. We perfectly understand, and I think in the
previous programme we exactly raised the fact that the media hush things
up so as not to spread panic… well, a consumer-based order it is.
And many people are now asking the question,
“What to do?” Guys, and what to do? Well,
there is a very simple way out: let’s all together,
at least on the platform of ALLATRA TV, actually make a civilian television,
a television common to all humankind, where in that very
programme on climate, we will be able to talk about this
to each other openly and honestly. After all, if a person has been
informed, he has already been forearmed. Isn’t that so? T: You said that
correctly right now, yes… Zh: Yes, I wanted to point out that
it seems like earthlings simply don’t understand what can happen
in the near future, that… (IM: Of course they
don’t understand) all these disasters, their scale, are not taken into account
IM: Not taken into account. For example, what happened in California: in
two days literally three powerful earthquakes. But the most important thing is it’s very unfortunate, that three
hundred and fifty million people simply might suffer. It’s just people,
who can become spiritually free, people, who can become angels, they might suffer from
cataclysms only because there is no unity,
life is not valued, and what is happening
is not taken seriously. Meaning, then what?
What… What a sad outcome there might be, that instead of three hundred
and fifty million angels there might be three hundred and
fifty million subpersonalities. IM: You see, Zhanna, well, earthlings, as you say,
are too immersed in selfishness. This three-dimensional life is
much more important for them than their future spiritual life. After all, over the course of (we raised
this issue in the previous programme) six thousand years,
people have simply been zombified. That’s why people are too…
too fixated on earthly life, and don’t see or
know another one. Yes, everyone feels, yes, everyone understands. But the momentary life for them is much
more important than what will be later on. I understand that it is different on Nibiru,
Nibiru (originally pronounced “Nubiru” in Russian) but here on Earth,
unfortunately, it is so. Zh: People think that
they will get saved. IM: They think that someone will
come, will save them, will do something, that God will have mercy
on them (these are those who believe). And those who do not
believe, they even think… again, when they listen to what
the paid rhapsodes are saying, telling them stories like: “it has
happened already more than once”, that “everything will be fine”, that
“the weather will play around for a bit – and climate will go back to normal.” They do not understand that
catastrophe, which is actually coming. And they don’t understand for what purpose
we have actually raised this issue, let’s say, God knows when and for so many years
we are trying to explain this all to people. For what and for whom
have we created ALLATRA?! For what and for whom are we
wasting our time, our funds?! They start saying about us
“well, ALLATRA – I’m sorry I’ll be blunt –
ALLATRA is a sect” and so on, “this isn’t good, this is bad”. They scare people “they
will take away your homes”, “a totalitarian sect” and so on. We have already talked about the
fact that ALLATRA isn’t a sect and we don’t need
anything from anyone. I’ll repeat “we are outside of
religion, outside of politics and we don’t give a
damn about any of it (I’m sorry I’ll be blunt),
about this earthly vanity. Why? Because a little
more time will pass when humanity will not
be able to do anything, but will get what
it has deserved. And then, I’m sorry, no politics,
no religion will save you. I’m not scaring
you, absolutely not. It is simple
sensible estimation. Whoever doubts this – look up
statistics for 10 years and look what is really happening with
climate, what is going on. And now extrapolate this
progression onto tomorrow and you will see that it won’t be in a hundred
and fifty years or in a hundred years but the vast majority of people
living now will face it. And it is true. That’s why we’ve been ringing
the bells for so many years and have been
trying to reach you. A simple question: have we
been mistaken about anything we have talked about,
God knows when? If we have been mistaken about
anything, and we were wrong about that very California
and many other things, it means we aren’t right,
it means we are exaggerating. We aren’t trying to
scare you in any way. We are just saying that
something can still be done. I understand that some
people looking at us will listen to
their consciousness which will tell them
exactly the opposite of what we are trying
to convey to you, that we have a vested interest. Explain to yourselves,
what vested interest we can have in you. Simple. We don’t need an electorate,
we don’t need your money, we spend our money to deliver
this information to you. What else might
we need from you? Just answer this question, and then
think about whether we are a sect or not, whether we want to entrap you, to draw you into some kind of
Movement or something else. The people in the Movement are the
ones who feel Life, who want to live. These are good people, who really strive
to create a future for their children, a future for humankind. They do everything in their power to the
extent of their abilities and capacities. And this is true. What do we need from you? Just one thing – that you become human and
Live, if you want to Live. And that’s all. To give you a chance,
a chance to Live. And you shouldn’t rely on
anyone, believe me. Neither on some French academies
that will tell you something, nor some scientists, that they will
stop storms with nuclear bombs, as we spoke about in the previous
programme. This is nonsense. No modern weapon (even one
with the most potential) is capable of stopping a climatic catastrophe
that is bearing down on humanity. What will happen then? There will be a disaster. If humanity irreversibly
crosses this line… I will put it simply, mothers will be
killing their children, and children – their mothers. Do you think this won’t happen? It’s one thing when you’re sitting on a
sofa or in the kitchen, doesn’t matter where, a table is set,
you have plenty to eat, you have water, you
are warm and cozy, you are safe, and you don’t care that it’s
minus eight degrees in Brazil. Minus nine. Even minus nine already. You don’t care a
whit about that. You don’t care that
icebergs are melting: “So, it will flood a little. Well, I don’t live on
the ocean coast anyway”, right? Especially if you don’t live
there, my friend. Well, you will care, believe
me, when it happens, and you won’t be able to change anything When the masses, billions of people
move from one side to the other in search of food and water, then no money will
help you, nothing. All electronic savings
will disappear in a moment. Just like that, one flare
on the Sun – and that’s it, and all the electronic
money will just disappear, it will cease to exist. You won’t be able to buy anything
with paper money anywhere, and you won’t satisfy your
hunger with gold, sorry, and you won’t quench your
thirst with diamonds. What then, my friends? To survive like everyone else? And where will everyone go? What can one hope for? That Anunnaki from
Nibiru will help you? They will be the first
to disappear from here as soon as they understand that
the situation is irreversible. Then what? Just answer this question
for yourselves honestly. Consciousness tells you “That
will be (T: Someday) someday. But look at… at least (even if you are a total
non-believer, an atheist, etc.), just look at the predictions
regarding this time. After all, people were talking about
what is happening now God knows when. And they talked about
how it would happen. And they talked about
how it would happen. Yes, there are some
shifts in time. It’s hard for people to
orient themselves in time, but they’re talking about
approximately the same time – it’s the time we live in. These are people who lived,
pardon me, hundreds of years ago, and sometimes
thousands of years ago. And we are facing this now,
and we are living in this now. And it’s up to us here
to either stop it or suffer the
consequences, let’s put it that way. Some politicians have
even started talking now that we are on the verge
of climatic challenges. Guys, these are not
challenges — it’s a sentence. It’s just that currently,
thanks to certain efforts, it is at some
kind of cassation, so to speak. However, the sentence
has already been passed. True, the verdict hasn’t
been fully confirmed yet, but what we observe and see in the human community — again,
deception, lies, dirt and the like, banal disrespect, dictatorship of
your consciousness in your heads, only it isn’t yours, guys. Again, “sectarianism,” we “talk
about consciousness all the time,” we “try to instill something
in people, to explain”. Guys, we don’t try to
instill anything in anyone. Believe me, if we wanted
to, we would have done this. But we’re not interested in
either a sect, or religion, we’re not interested
in anything. The only thing we are
interested in, I’ll repeat, is a chance, a chance for you, for your
descendants, a chance for humanity. But we can implement this chance
— to survive and do something — only by joining our
hands, all together. And for a start, at least
for all those who doubt that the consciousness isn’t
yours, I’ll repeat once again, I don’t know, for a
many-thousandth time: just look into your mind, where
your thought emerges from, and try to control
your thoughts — and you’ll understand
that they are not yours. Only do it diligently
and seriously. Try to think about something, to hold on to your thought
for at least five minutes. Try to control emotions
that don’t depend on you, but are imposed on you. This is what we’re
talking about. We speak and tell about
how to defend oneself and how to make it in such a way
that humanity has a chance, so that your children and grandchildren
continue living on this planet, and so that they can survive. Everything is simple. And we’re also telling
you how to survive. But this is your choice. You can listen if you want or you can
turn it off right now if you want. Why would you listen
to a “sectarian… a sectarian masseur,” right? Just that. After all, it’s not a fact
that I’m telling the truth. And in reality, everything
is fine outside: the climate isn’t changing, and you have complete control
over your consciousness. Well, this is really so, right? Why listen to me? Everything is fine and
your future is wonderful, you don’t have to listen because you are being intimidated
all the time from everywhere; you are being exploited. Guys, you have been exploited
for six thousand years. Until that time, you
were not exploited, until that time
people were living. But for the last six thousand
years, despite the attempts, I won’t recite all of them, but they’ve tried to
help you many times. And how did this end? We discussed this in the
previous programme — you have created religions and
for many thousands of years continued to kill each other, continued to fight for
what wasn’t yours. Isn’t that so? Some were fighting to
defend what was theirs – this is at least understandable. But when people were coming and taking
away what didn’t belong to them, how can this be understood? You were killing
morality, humanness; you’ve gone too far
and created weapons that can destroy everyone. You have entrusted
this weapon to people who are immoral, greedy, selfish and have too much pride. Isn’t that right,
a simple question? Or is this also not true? It’s true. You see, you have
touched upon such an issue, which is very relevant today. And indeed, ALLATRA
organization is just as open as people’s understanding
is closed by the system, the understanding of the
fact (IM: Of course) that there is actually
a value of life, and actually in what a
trap from consciousness, from the system (IM: Humanity
is) humanity itself is. That is, only few people stop and think
that an opinion – “my opinion”, “personal opinion”,
“private opinion” – is formulated or formed hardly by a
person himself (IM: Of course, not) and not even by his
life circumstances. Guys, if you think that someone is exploiting you or
you are exploiting someone, then you are wrong. In actual fact, consciousness
exploits both the ones who exploit and the ones who are exploited. Consciousness is, well, you can
call it whatever you want, “the universal mind,” “a single
information field,” or something else. Yes, it helps partly and nothing is possible
without it in this three-dimensionality, but it doesn’t belong to you. And what is bad is that
people don’t know this, that today’s politics… I don’t take politics
as a political structure, by politics I’ve meant something
that is among people, so, it is formed
in such a way that everything moral, everything
human, is denied, they start introducing everything
paradoxical, which destroys consciousness, for supposedly struggle for
some freedom, something else. People are busy with everything in the world, but they are not
really busy with that which is of paramount
importance today. They even try to improve
ecology somehow, to fight against ecology being destroyed. They try, I emphasize. Nobody does it
seriously in fact. Yes. To date, the only thing that the
consumer society could have done, could have created is the society
which lives by these principles: buy and throw
away, buy and throw away again. Wealth.
T: Yes. The only thing… IM: Wealth that gives power to a few people. And people think that
they by becoming… … richer, he will be cooler, that if he buys something
unnecessary to show off, right … … in order to throw
it all away afterwards, to make someone jealous.
Zh: Yes, to throw it all away, to just make someone…, to show off. Absolutely right. We talked
about it in the last programme, we talked, actually we discussed
consumer society issues with Tatiana. I don’t want to go back to that. Those people who are watching
us, they understand us already, but those who haven’t
even seen this programme, do stop lying to yourself and
look at what do you want, what your consciousness dictate
to you, and look at your neighbors, at people around you and you
will understand everything— how inhuman we are indeed, and why, after all, the prophets were right
that humanity is coming to the brink? But the prophets also said that
humanity may have a chance, but for this
humanity must unite. Well, in the last programme,
we also raised the issue that people are ready to unite, but they are ready to
unite on their own terms, to their own advantage. Whereas here there must be unity with a
benefit for everyone here, regardless of
one’s own personal interests. So, answer the question, what is
the greatest interest in your life? To make your neighbors
envy you, or let the whole world
know about you? So, what’s next? Tomorrow you will become a subpersonality
and get nothing out of it, that is, simply
put, you will die. What will you get out of
it, my dear friend? Think, what exactly is
really important to you. What can be more
important than Life? Just a simple question. And you won’t believe it, this is extremely
difficult to convey to people that there is
nothing more valuable than Life. It’s a trivial, simple thing, which is not perceived due to the
fact that your consciousness, guys, is against it, and you obey it. Being in slavery of consciousness
or in the system’s slavery humankind exactly does this
nonsense that is going on today. And the biggest stupidity is that humankind is missing the
opportunities for its own salvation. In general, this goes against
not only good sense, but also against a banal
instinct of life preservation. After all, even animals
save their lives, while humankind stubbornly
digs its own grave. It appears that we have some kind of
a suicidal community of earthlings. Igor Mikhailovich, but still,
this value of life… people remember it. The latest events have
particularly shown this as well: for instance, the 7.1 magnitude earthquake in California, when eyewitnesses’
responses… I mean, when people are saying that
it is at that moment that they understand the frailty
and transience, the dust of this
entire material world. And the only thing they
remember at that moment, while being on the verge,
face to face with death, yes, encountering it, – it’s
the value of their life. Everything else becomes
unnecessary, everything becomes… moves to the background because exactly (IM:
Right, it is pointless), yes, this very moment… If life is lost, everything’s
lost (T: Well, after all…). This is really so. Right. But what’s interesting is that, while looking through that very Twitter feed or
that very Facebook feed, you understand what kind of messages
people write. People are in
despair, so to say, and in confusion, because here and
now they are facing a situation when those pillars of the material
world which they have been building have simply collapsed,
and they don’t know where to go next. Guys, this is exactly what
we are trying to tell you about. For instance, many people say,
“What should we unite for?” For resolving simple issues. Tatiana has just said that people
who indeed already encounter this are at a loss and just don’t
understand what’s next. However, they understand one thing – that
there is nothing more valuable than life. People abandon everything and jump out of
their houses because they are collapsing. A person is lucky if he has jumped
out, but what if he hasn’t? Then everything is
totally pointless. Yet, life doesn’t end there. I mean, habitual life ceases, but exactly that which is
not talked about continues. And, unfortunately, it continues not
in the best conditions on that side. Subpersonality, or hell
as they say in religion, is much worse than here. We are not scaring
anyone, we are informing. And then again, in this case, how does
consciousness work? So, a person jumped
out, he got frightened, he realized that life
is much more valuable. Literally, after a while,
when everything calmed down, and life resumed
almost like before- and consciousness begins to dictate again
the same thing that it dictated before: “Well, this was a one-time thing,
it won’t happen again.” And now, there is a question for experts
who study earthquakes and the like: when something emerges, like what that happened in California, for example,
this is a precursor of what? There are some observations when there are fewer earthquakes,
then they increase, then there is a calmness
(lull), and then there happens what all these experts have been talking
about – a mega-earthquake, but they are afraid of
it and keep silent, and they postpone it to
a distant future. Let them look at the
earthquake map, how this has increased. Because a few years ago, well, a 5.0 magnitude
earthquake was an emergency. It was extremely rare that a
more powerful one occurred. And how much has this upper
limit increased now? It is constantly,
it has become commonplace. They don’t pay attention to this
anymore, do they? It’s just so interesting … It turns out that it’s been
so many years already, and so many programmes, one programme after another,
you correctly say that we are ringing
some kind of bell – and only now these resonances are
already coming from this bell. Just recently… Because the prophecies are coming true, because
people are really getting involved in these events. People themselves are living
through these events, they get frightened, really frightened,
because fear of death, it… It’s the greatest fear. It’s the greatest fear, yes, which simply locks a person up. And people, well, when getting
into these situations… there are already so many
messages we come across, that “I want to act,
I want to help. But how? What should I do? Where should I run to?” Today, in order
to help, people should just unite. We should
indeed join hands and stop dividing people. Consciousness divides. It’s consciousness that dictates to hate
people of, let’s say, a different colour, when their skin differs,
to hate some nationality, to hate someone else; for instance, some people hate reptilians. What wrong have
they done to you? All are human beings. By the way, before I forget, pardon me, I’ll digress, but along with the request
to blink, I was also asked, “Are there many of you
here on planet Earth?” Answer, please. Yes, more than you’d wish, but much fewer than
you’d hope for. That is, basically, people hope
that an extraterrestrial mind, extraterrestrial civilisations
will save them. Again, this search of
a permanent saviour. Forgive us. We’ve just said this in order to
digress a bit from the sad topic. Because, indeed, the more
you begin to think about how to help and, let’s say, the more you strike
the bell or ring the bell – they hear. But you realise how many
deaf people are there. Well, there are resonances, too.
As of today, already at the level of, let’s say,
those supranational companies, these questions are being raised regarding the
fact that yes, there really are happening… This is out of despair. Pardon me, it’s not a
resonance to our ringing, but it’s exactly because they (T:
Too…) are saying that this is so, because it all can
no longer be erased. There’s too much of this. And it already becomes clear to
everyone that “global warming”, like they start saying, “Well, it will lead to
flooding, climate will change. It will rain where
there was no rain. There will be drought where
there was no drought”… Everyone understands that
these are fairy tales. The world is collapsing. And these are no
longer fairy tales when everything is happening
all at the same time. And it’s happening
not only to nature, it’s happening to
people as well. And many now feel that
something is changing. It’s really changing, and it’s
changing not for the better: when consciousness
is aggressive, when it’s difficult for a
person to restrain it, emotions are
overwhelming him, health is disappearing. Сhildren notice this, too… One might think they are young and,
on the contrary, should be healthy… But health is disappearing. When there are many unexplainable things,
physicians get worried a great deal. And this is really
so. And now, let’s imagine… I’ll just explain: migration of
people is already taking place, and let’s imagine
that it will increase. To what extent it will cause tension
along with everything else. And given the
present-day mindsets of hatred and division
from consciousness, which many people support,
actively fighting with this and defending that “we are better, while
those are worse”, something else… They argue about
some banal rubbish. In my understanding, there
is God, and that’s it. And no matter what
people call Him… It’s like the Holy Spirit. It is just there. Everyone calls It in their own way. As we’ve mentioned in
the previous programme, in ancient times It
was called AllatRa – the power of God.
Simply and clearly. So, why argue? Well, you like to call
Him Allah – call Him so, you like to call Him
Jesus – call Him so, you like to call
Him God – just do, while someone likes to call
Him in a different way. But all these are synonyms. Until we stop fighting
over synonyms, until we stop
dividing one another, and until we sit down
and start, pardon me, looking for what unites us, and the only thing that unites
us is an aspiration for Life. And it unites us
all, I emphasize, not just the earthlings, but all the rest as
well, let’s say… And we have many
planets on which there is life. There are lots of them, billions
of them in the Universe. Only people are, let’s say, so egoistic and can think (again,
listening to the same egoists) that “there is life
only on planet Earth”, “it emerged here accidentally, and there
is no life anywhere else.” No, guys, there are
billions of planets with life. In this case, I mean not
just spiritualized life, but also the soul-filled one. Conditions for the existence
of a human being are Soul, consciousness and Personality (and
consciousness is between them). And the point is exactly
in becoming Alive. When consciousness goes away, just a single whole will
remain – Personality and Soul. This is what is called an Angel, this is what can break away from these
seventy-two dimensions completely. That’s exactly the point of
existence of everything alive. Some people raise a question (since
we’ve already touched upon our aliens)… Many people say, “If there
were life anywhere, there would be some contacts.” Guys, the earthlings
have been also contacted so many times. Look, history is again twisting everything. Scientists say what is
beneficial to them. No one explains the
presence of artefacts, no one explains descriptions
that were made in ancient times by people who, excuse me,
lived thousands of years ago, while they described
even modern, much more up-to-date aircraft in which anti-gravity
engines were used, as we can now understand
by these descriptions. But it should also be understood — limitation of
speed of a material object movement in nature. For instance, a signal that comes from
fairly close planets, a simple radio signal can take thousands of years. Why? Because both the speed of light and a radio
signal travel practically at the same speed. And imagine how much energy is needed to
send a signal, well, at least a distance of fifteen thousand light years, what kind of an installation there must be, and how much energy
it must consume. A simple question. And what’s the point of this? It’s questionable whether it
will get to a civilisation which exists, well,
two or three hundred years — this is an average duration of existence
of highly developed civilisations. Of course, there are civilisations, there
have to be more advanced civilisations, but this is… this doesn’t
bring anything good either, the point is not about them. The point is that,
look at the humanity, how long has humanity had the radio
in order to receive this signal? And what if it had come a year
before the radio was invented, and we as humans weren’t
able to hear that signal, then it would have
gone for nothing. And radio signals which we have sent
will travel for an extremely long time. And again, there is attenuation of
those signals due to natural causes, because,
in order to cover such a distance, an extremely powerful
energy source is needed. You’ve noted correctly, Igor Mikhailovich,
how selfish consciousness actually is, and how much it actually thinks … IM:Certainly…
that God owes us something, that we are the only
ones on this planet. And again, these consumer-based patterns.
IM: The consumer-based format. Absolutely. Trading…
IM: Lack of responsibility. A human’s lack of responsibility to himself,
to, let’s say, society, and to God. While on the other hand,
people happily serve whom? The one who’s called the devil; they serve him with great pleasure,
hoping that they will get something. Only when being baptized, they
spit, and as the priest tells them, “That’s it, now renounce the devil.”
“I renounce the devil.” We’ve approached a topic which
is a little bit religious. There is one very important commandment
out of ten, in Christianity, in particular, it’s the commandment
“You shall not kill.” But what does the commandment
“You shall not kill” really mean? Whom or what must
a person not kill? IM: A person mustn’t kill anyone in fact. It’s terrible to kill a person, meaning,
to deprive him of a perspective of life, not only life here, but Life in general. Whereas lies and deceit, which lead
people away from the true spiritual path, are that very murder, let’s say, of an Angel Zh: The spiritual one,
…this is already murder… This is like… hold on, pardon
me, I’ll digress a little… Now in some countries, let’s say,
bans are introduced on abortion, as if it’s a murder of
human life and so forth, and women are forbiddenwomen
are forbidden to have it. And so here a dispute arises:
is abortion permissible or not? It’s a simple question.
For this is also a murder. But when possessing the knowledge,
you understand what exactly dies. Pardon me, this is like a
wart which has grown accidentally. On the eighth day after birth,
a human becomes not just spiritualized, but soul-filled. And so, on the ninth or that same eighth
day, it’s already a murder of an Angel, well, of the one who, let’s say,
has a potential to become one …not of an Angel, of
course, but in perspective. Just like it is now interpreted,
again, from consciousness, “To do an abortion means
to kill a human being.” It’s not a human being yet,
and far from being one. It’s only cell division,
it’s a process. But in perspective — yes,
he can become a human, nobody is saying otherwise. Yet, murder of a potential Angel can
only happen after the ninth day of life, well, or on the eighth day,
when this has already happened. T: You know, I also recall
such words from the Bible that everyone who hates his
brother is a murderer. Once, in one of the programmes,
you’ve described who a real Human is, that to nurture a Human in oneself
means, first of all, to nurture this Angel in oneself,
that is … IM: Well, certainly)… And such an understanding comes regarding which way exactly
hatred towards one’s neighbour murders a person, why it is murderous,
and it’s murderous within oneself too, because you are the source… IM: Well, it’s just… Who hates? Who generates hatred in a person? Consciousness. Therefore,
it controls that person completely. Therefore, he is in slavery
or under the control, well, let’s say, of the system, of the devil … no matter what we call it, but this person isn’t free. If this person isn’t free, if he allows, let’s say, consciousness
to manipulate and to control him, to provoke emotions in him,
to impose hatred or something else, is this person really free?
Is he actually Alive? Does this slave of the system
have a perspective for survival? He has no perspective if
he doesn’t work on himself! But if a person works on himself,
if he controls these processes – he understands: yes, there exists,
no matter what we call this: satan, demons, an information program – guys, it doesn’t matter what
this is called, but it does exist. And it really influences your
Choice, every second. It forces you to get emotional, it forces you to waste time on God knows
what instead of your spiritual work: to sit and watch some
meaningless TV series, to engage in discussing someone… That is, in the literal sense of the word,
if we translate this into perspective and just look at what a
person is doing: he is sitting and digging his grave,
sometimes with a children’s shovel, and sometimes he’s digging
it with a huge shovel T: Yes, he is wasting time. But his whole life,
he is digging a grave for himself. He’s just wasting time. And here’s a simple question: will a person’s hatred towards anyone
let him become Alive, become an Angel? He is killing himself
in the first place, and he’s sending spam to a neighbour.
IM: Of course. After all, by hating someone
and getting emotional to the beast’s dictation,
you yourself become a beast. T: The meaning of these words unfolds
so differently … IM: Of course. when there is
knowledge, right… Well, there is knowledge,
but there is no practice. And so, even knowing this, many people
continue listening to their consciousness which makes them lazy, which tells them that “You’ll do it later,” or it
tells them, “But you already know everything.” And it immediately tells you, “Look, what a scumbag that one
is” or something else, right? Or “You are failing at everything,” and
begins to judge and discuss a person. Who?
Consciousness oppresses. But when a person continues
“buying” negative thoughts T: Doubts as we discussed in the last programme
Zh: Yes, exactly … and implementing doubts Zh: People have ceased…
Meaning, he continues digging his grave with sorrow and grief. Zh: They have ceased to
live by true feelings, but everything has been replaced with emotions …
IM: Of course. because of
what they don’t need at all. You are saying it absolutely
right, people have ceased to Live. Yes, there is just some idividualization
going on, totally imposed, sort of isolation is going on,
every person is on his own (IM: Divided). Division, right, the system is
dividing all this in consciousness. IM: Yes. But at the same time, in addition to the fact
that he’s on his own, consciousness also forces a person to act in such a
way that makes other people jealous … Zh: Right. People want to stand out in the
crowd, to exalt themselves. However, isn’t this a beastly, pack-like feeling
– alpha males, alpha females and the like, when a monkey is trying to become
a leader in a pack of monkeys? Yet, people are not
monkeys, people are free. And exactly when people are developing
spiritually, they understand that they
become equal among everyone. It’s one big family, where everyone
is equal and everything is wonderful. Then there is peace, then there is love,
then there is joy, then there is happiness, then there is Life. While what is happening among
humanity now is a continuous fight, it’s… Zh: For survival…
Like animals. Yet, why like? If a person is soulless, if the
Soul doesn’t predominate, pardon me, over a person’s life,
then he’s a beast indeed. Yet,Yet, is it worth spending time and
effort in order to exist like beasts? And there is another question, excuse me,
I’ll get back to this, is it really worth spending
time and effort on beasts? Well, isn’t that so? Igor Mikhailovich, I would also
like to talk about such a topic, about how consciousness deceives a
person as regards this fear of death. After all, it draws you an image that you are exactly the one who will
be saved in this three-dimensionality. Moreover, it doesn’t matter how many people will
be left in this world — a hundred thousand, two hundred thousand, but you for sure…
IM: After the cataclysms, you mean? T: Yes. IM: And doesn’t
consciousness tell you that even if you survive and are among these
hundred or two hundred thousand people, won’t you envy those
who have already died, while you stay here,
on the ruins of this world? A simple question. What kind of conditions? There is a lot of talk now
about this climate apartheid, I mean about the inequality which exists
here today, about the social inequality, what it leads to,
to what kind of conflicts, when there are people who live,
let’s say, in developing countries, who live in poverty, and when there
are those who save their own lives… Zh: They save their
property, in the first place. T: Right, yes, absolutely right,
Zhannochka. Precisely the property… IM: There are a lot
of such examples. When cataclysms occur, well, and the
agencies that are supposed to save people, they save the
property of the rich. Absolutely, yes. IM: Well, guys, after all,
you are the ones who do this. A simple question,
and a question for those who do this. One can understand this rich man who cares much more about his
property than about people’s lives. Well, he created his wealth
on their lives anyway. He can be understood,
as a beast. But it’s hard to understand
the behaviour of those people who run to save his property and don’t help people at
that ..T: Absolutely, yes. After all, you are humans too, and tomorrow, pardon me,
your children will be under the ruins, while someone will go to save someone
else’s wallet instead of saving them. How will you take this? Guys, this is where human foolishness
and, pardon me, stupidity, is. Maybe,
you need to change something? To change, first and
foremost, within yourselves. A human has no enemies other
than his consciousness, those very demons
that are in his head. And so,
having defeated this demon, having overcome your egoism
imposed on you, my brother, this is… Pridefulness, selfishness
— all this is alien, from the beast. It’s that… I’d say this way, this selfishness,
pridefulness, greed, this… all this inhumanity — these are the doors on
the way to happiness. These are the doors
to your heaven, which are closed
and welded shut. In order to become a human,
these doors need to be removed completely. Whereas,
if you leave them closed or ajar, you won’t advance anywhere, because
having opened one door, but leaving it, you’ll never open the next
one, this is impossible. This is how a person gets caught in the
traps of these closed doors. IM: Certainly. That’s exactly what makes,
once again, those people who are saving someone
else’s property without saving people, hope that this
rich penny-pincher will reward them, or there will be an order
from top management, because one is rich,
the other is rich, well, how else, this is…
he should be helped. And he directs to save someone’s property
instead of saving some people’s lives. And this is the
truth of our days. T: Certainly.
Zh: Yes. We are now speaking even of… We can see that it’s the cynical
attitude towards human life that is imposed on us in
those very mass media, that the value of life of different
people may be different. For example, definitely
there are cases when, first of all, speaking about
climatic disasters, what is said? They talk about destruction of
property, loss of property, about some economic damage, and
only then, somewhere in the end, with the postscript, they talk about the most
important things, how people actually are, what their life is, and what their
destiny is. At that, people’s lives… And who hasn’t noticed
that, isn’t it so? Aren’t you reading this, and
haven’t you noticed, my friends, that in the first place, it’s the
loss which government has sustained, and how much of everything
has been destroyed, and among other
things, human lives… “Insignificant” — that’s exactly
how the system presents this. While what can be more
valuable than human life? A simple question. But that’s what is cultivated, that’s how these patterns are
imposed on people’s consciousness. And it turns out that
there are material values which are much more valuable and
important than human lives. Take a celebrity,
for instance, okay? If it’s an ordinary person,
nobody will recall him, but if a person has
attained some status, the whole world will trumpet
about this one death. If it’s a person who’s
envied by millions, this will be chatted about by millions…
Zh: It’s beneficial to the system. It’s beneficial to the system. Yes. That’s the kind of world we
have, guys. Igor Mikhailovich, this
is also interesting: lately, there have been more and
more articles on the Internet that in one way or another
the budgets of programs aimed at morality are being
cut in different countries… That’s right, but at the same time,
programs that destroy morality in a person, that destroy the common
human component in him, are being sponsored and
supported more and more. While human abnormality is
promoted, and this is imposed. There are no funds for the
good…Zh: But for the bad…, but these funds are found for the bad which
is imposed on people’s consciousness. Guys, who benefits from this? Are these, pardon me,
highly spiritual beings who are doing this? Or such puppets in the
hands of the system? You know, one may get an impression
that it does look that way, because if you look at the way people’s
consciousness is simply being brainwashed, how the masses’ opinion
is being influenced, how special software is introduced, yes, special
one in order to influence public opinion, so that people wouldn’t be able to
make any decisions for themselves, any reasonable human decisions. That is, some deliberately false… IM: …“public
opinion”… public opinion is being formed, which leads to a dead-end, which
is exactly… IM: Well, yes. The issues, which are
inhuman, are being raised, so that people consume more, so that people allocate
more time and attention, because a consumer society
simply doesn’t value a person who loses the
ability to consume, he must work, he must earn money.
IM: He is of no interest, he is unprofitable. Zh: Of no interest. T: He leaves
the matrix. Zh: Leaves the matrix. IM: Yes, right. Zh: He stops funding. IM: You know
what’s good, and we’ve also noted this, that unfortunately, unfortunately for
them, their systems stop working. All these manipulations with
public opinion start failing. There is at least
something good. And people begin to feel
and understand more, because the agony of the system itself
is starting, and this weakens it. And here, of course, the help of truly
spiritual people would be desirable. Just imagine, we have so many
believers in various religions, we have so many religions. And if all of this
really served God, pardon me, guys, I’m
speaking the truth, instead of serving their
interests and themselves, and if all believers
treated God not as a genie who must and is obliged to
fulfil their desires for them, but if these believers were
really striving for Home, imagine how oppressed the
entire system would be now, and how meek the devil would be, and how wonderful
the world would be. And indeed, it would be
possible to rebuild Eden… Zh: Right… IM: …and
to bring paradise back to Earth. Zh: Right. T: And how can people
bring paradise back to Earth? They should begin with
themselves, but do it together. They should overcome their pride and
hold out their hands to their neighbour. Everyone should join hands, well,
not in the literal sense of the word. Just because you go out in the
street and all join hands, but remain animals, the
world will not change. Although it’s already
a step as well, a step towards understanding
that something has to be done. For as long as a person is sitting and
doing nothing – nothing will change. Right, your words from the previous
programme resonate a great deal, regarding the fact that people who have already come into
contact with the spiritual, who already have some knowledge and
skills in spiritual practices, they still lament, “How can we
constantly live in feelings? And what about loving? And what about…”
Well, so much you’ve… IM:This is exactly what
Life is. Zh: Right. IM: Life is Love…Zh: Yes, sure…, it’s…
Yet, how can it be otherwise? Zh: Right. Life is happiness,
it’s that wonderful… It is that Fire which
is called Life. Zh: Right. IM: Because it consists of, it is
woven of Love, it is woven of happiness. And how can it be otherwise? While what do these
people call Life? Pardon me, these oppressed
states, depression… Which ensue after
surges, right? Zh: Why not stay in this state?. IM: And
why do they ensue after surges? Just because, again, at the
beginning of their spiritual path, regardless of their religion, people come, they’ve listened
to a sermon, for example, by a good preacher, a person who is really
striving for God, they’ve got inspired… They feel it all,
they leave inspired. A day, two or three days
pass, and it’s all gone. Why? Same with our friends who are engaged
in spiritual development, right? A surge… T: They don’t maintain it.
Zh: Right. Zh: There is just an understanding… IM:
They spend it on the wrong things. It is gradually spent, yes.

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    The programme is called "THE CHANCE ON THE VERGE".

    The value of life on the verge of events that are changing the world.

    Such questions are being raised as:

    ✓What kind of disaster is approaching humanity?

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    ✓What problems of survival will be faced by the overwhelming majority of the people living today?

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  28. Спасибо!) Сознание под "действовать" предлагает и рисует образы проповедника, который ходит к людям и доказывает, что надо быть хорошими и добрыми. Причём о доброте оно говорит с озлобленным перекошенным лицом. И подобные картинки сознания закрывали от меня долгое время понимание действия, о котором так много говорит уважаемый Игорь Михайлович. Действовать, в первую очередь, нужно внутри себя. Отслеживать образы, мысли, желания, которые управляют нами, если мы подконтрольны сознанию. Да, об этом говорится в каждой передачи, об этом написано в книгах Анастасии Новых. Но сознание не предлагает работать над собой. Оно навязывает, что работать надо над другими: все вокруг плохие, и только я хороший.
    Тяжело даётся работа над собой. И я вижу, как часто являюсь рабом сознания. Слушаю мысли, где "у меня не получается", "я плохая", "Игорь Михайлович так старается, а толку нет" и т.п. Но благодаря передачам научилась отвечать на такие мысли: раз сознание это диктует, значит, у меня получается.
    Контроль своих мыслей каждую секунду – вот задача для меня и для многих людей. И я знаю, что у нас получится. "Лишь вместе во имя Духовной Свободы.."!)

  29. Люди – крайне неблагодарны. Давно послал всё подальше и делаю всё сам для себя. Не мусорю , не пользуюсь магазинами по максимуму, на природе собираю мусор. Много животных подбираю, лечу и отпускаю. Не хочу тратить время на людей, больше пользы если сам тихонько буду делать и не обращать внимание на тех кто смеётся над этим и считает бесполезным.

  30. Здравствуйте Татьяна Жанна и Игорь Михайлович Данилов!!!От всей души вас я обнимаю дай Аллах вам сил !!!Я нахожусь в Южной Кореи!!!Здесь какретно жарко влажность воздуха 89 %!!!Спасибо вам за знание !!!

  31. Хотелось бы услышать Ваше мнение отгипнозе. Это не медитации и афирмации, а другое. Ваше мнение об этом?

  32. говорите , пожалуста громче … мужчину плоховато слышно … звук у меня на 100 включен ..

  33. а где вы участники этого видео проживаете ? кем работаете в реале … есть ли у вас семьи ??? .. к ,сожалению , основная масса людей вас не видит и не слышит .. как они будут объединяться ??? они все такие разные ..и цели у них разные в жизни .., то есть запланированы кем – то … тогда к кому вы обращаетесь .. объединяйтесь ??? ..и для чего объединяться ??? у вас нет конкретики !!! ,,вода всё вода ,,
    внешность ваша, конечно , отличается от общей массы людей …. малой подвижностью и кукольностью … ваши диологи похожи на разговор между друзьями о чём то только вам понятное … тогда в чём цель вашего видео ???

  34. Спасибо Духовному миру!!! Более открыто, ясно и доступно, так как оно и есть на самом деле! Хватит действительно врать себе, слушая свое сознание, смотреть на этот мир через искаженные очки. Все чувствуют, что что-то прои сходит с этим миром, видят маразм вокруг творящийся, мир вещивизма, вызывающего безконечные желания в нашем сознании….сплошная шизофрения….А жизнь настоящая – у нас внутри!!!СПАСИБО!!!

  35. У многих людей посмотревших передачу наверное возник вопрос о том а как же создать это  общественное общечеловеческое телевидение. Хотелось бы поделиться своим пониманием, я думаю что это телевидения уже существует. И это телевидение это АЛЛАТРА ТВ.
    Волонтеры со всего мира, обычные люди связываются с учеными, чтобы узнать их мнение об изменении климата, общаются с очевидцами климатических происшествий, узнают у них как обстоят дела на местах, как люди помогают друг другу. Так же волонтеры мониторят климатическую ситуацию в разных странах и оповещают в новостях о ней каждую неделю. Просто от людей для людей. Ведь все люди на планете это семья и очень важно нам всем понимать что происходит и быть готовыми протянуть руку помощи соседу. А ведь сосед это не только тот кто живёт с тобой на одной лестничной клетке, сосед это каждый человек проживающий вместе с тобой на этой планете.

    И сейчас конечно много делают волонтеры движения АЛЛАТРА ТВ,  но события на столько стремительно развиваются, климат меняется с сумасшедшей скоростью и поэтому участие каждого неравнодушного человека в развитии общечеловеческого гражданского телевидения в разы увеличит эффективность оповещения всех людей на Земле.

    Если вы до этого сомневались получиться или нет, думали, что для того чтобы присоединиться к созидательному процессу нужны специальные знания и умения, могу вас уверить что это не так.

    В нашей команде и учителя и доктора и воспитатели, вобщем  люди самых разнообразных профессий. Мы все разных возрастов, из разных стран, разных национальностей но нас объединяет одно – мы действуем, каждый в меру своих возможностей, но вместе как дружная семья.

    Если у тебя внутри горит стремление присоединится к созидательному процессу и дружной команде АЛЛАТРА ТВ, просто напиши письмо на [email protected]

    Вместе мы можем все!!!

  36. Так, подождите-ка, никто в комментариях не считает странным, что видео начинается с рептилоидов с 1:00 ?? Я один такой?

  37. А что вы можете?
    Что вы можете против Природы Космоса?Земля движется с галактикой и в галактике.Из за этого идут в том числе климатические изменения.А из за этого тектоника влияет на психофизику.И все что худо уже происходит.Мы в пике изменений.А вы репортажами хотите изменить космические циклы?хорош пудрить мозги людям

  38. Спасибо большое за передачу! За Ваше желание нам всем помочь! За Вашу помощь! Благо дарю

  39. I'd like to know who the woman shapeshifter on the guy's left side is? Is she the one who is going to be giving advice to us little humans about our chances of survival against her species? If you put your vid at full screen, res at least 480 & playback speed, you can clearly see her eyes slit at 1:10, 1:12 & 1:20, she doesn't even try to hide it….she is MOCKING ALL OF US WHO ARE HUMAN …. so how much TRUTH do you think she is going to tell us..hhhmmm? Is she telling the truth about being a non-human, about being a silicon-based polymorphic life form or is she simply pulling off another CON..PRETENDING to be a human? I'll bet everyone of your 127K followers are just holding their breath to hear what this creature has to say…the suspense is sooooo intriguing to them.. Well, she doesn't look a bit like you think she does, what you see is not her true appearance….if she showed you what she really looks like, you would run away in horror….You tell her, we're going to figure out the frequencies of their technology & when we do, we're going to let all humans know 7 you won't be able to hide behind it anymore, you'll be exposed for what you are…& we will find you. Your kind has ruled over humanity long enough..

  40. Можно хоть понять ответы на прозвучавшие вопросы.. Что нам нужно сделать,чтобы предотвратить глобальный кризис,? Ведь вы это все создали. Раз мы тут сейчас главные,то дайте нам шанс выйти из этого трудного положения. раз вам на нас не плевать, то дайте знания тем,кто ещё успеет что-то успеть поменять. Судьба не только в ваших руках

  41. Есть люди,которые готовы друга убить,а есть,те кто хочет любить ближнего,и мы разные. Видео конечно улет, такие слова на бумагу блогеру не запишешь,так что просвящаемся. and the snakeas start to sing bmth

  42. Почитал комментарии,большинство и не в курсе.,чего вы хотите , потому что..назад дороги нет

  43. Спасибо Вам, Друзья, за этот непомерный вклад в Духовное развитие Человека!

  44. Каждый из нас может попросить у вселенной безусловную любовь.

  45. Спасибо вам за вашу Любовь! Мы можем только любить в ответ,и делать все ,что от нас зависит!

  46. Да ребята,вы безспорно милы,симпотични, как и многие люди в юности. Я к тому что вы не расказиваете о реальних причинах разних катаклизм. Это как дважди два.Всему причиной является стремительное потерие своей масси нашей землёй.Представить страшно цифри, которые могут опубликовать компетеными учёнными, на сколько легче становится наша земля за одни сутки,посредством сжигания каждым из нас продуктов из углеводорода, топлива, угля, а про природный газ в каждом почти доме. И.Т.Д. Естественно потихонечку земля теряет свою орбиту. Но не хочу пугать, я не спец.

  47. The first lady has the most uncomfortable smile on her face, when the man ask the other lady to blink, so that people could see her strange eyes, and the poor lady looked so embarrassed.

  48. Как это прекрасно, что можно быть вместе с Вами!
    Благодарю Вас Игорь Михайлович! Благодарю Вас ребята! Благодарю весь Духовный мир за всё то бесценное что Вы даёте!!!
    Да будет воля Твоя святая укреплением моим на пути сиём!

  49. Да, знатно Игорь Михайлович и Жанна потроллили систему! Огромная благодарность всему коллективу АллатРа за вашу работу, не смотря на негатив от сознаний многих людей.

  50. Объединиться возможно только вокруг чего то! Например Правды! Хотя бы исторической ну и естественно духовной!!!!

  51. Расскажите что представляет из себя планета,на которой мы живём,вы ведь это знаете.

  52. Объединиться и подчиниться новой мировой религии? Новому миссие и новому порядку) не думаю, что это выход.
    Р.S! Комментарии у вас избирательны)

  53. Посмотрел видео полностью,выключил его и минут через 10 понял,что зарядился такой мощной энергией. Я понял,что то что я слышал и изучал до этого,не имеет смысла

  54. У Жанны моргание змеи?
    Это фотошоп или всё так и есть?
    По комментариям смотрю, этого и не заметил даже никто! Все так глубоко в анабиозе, что не увидели даже

  55. Хитрый жук и дамский подлабузник, прям како и мы…, И мурки знатные!

    Пэдриархат пархат, архонтов на осмеяние!
    Выше носы, куски мяса!

  56. Здравствуйте, Уважаемые Друзья!!! Как это просто и по-человечески сказано!!! Читая комментарии, радуюсь, что всё больше и больше людей просыпаются!!! Игорь Михайлович, Дорогая Душа БЛАГОДАРЮ Вас за то, что Вы Есть!!!

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